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last one is pure troll garbage with no actual fits

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I'm on the right.

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can we see ur gf too, nice fit

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good skinny, pillow-biting, heroin chic

wtc creepers

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She's my friend

Docs mono

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is dat doublelift

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repost, I call this one failwave

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You look like you shouldn't be a real person

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doesn't even look remotely similar

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u look like sky ferreira

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w2c pants?

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levi's commuter cargo that I had tapered

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exactly my thought

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why the fuck has it uploaded twice my bad

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received both these comments a multitude of times

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phone case is 10/10 lol

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i like your hair

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hard to see pants :/

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Windy day

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forgot pic like a pro

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>not recognizing knappsack, knocksack, or whatever his name is

it'd be cool if it was a poncho. but it isn't

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iron your pants

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make me

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Hi raf

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colors are cool but yeah>>9630142
not a poncho unfortunately

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bretty gud

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lmao again

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i love your colors, also nice face and hair

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Fuck off huckle

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Also I hope you're having a good day my man.

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Always baby

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sick pic and sick fit

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is this a joke

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action shot!

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H&M core

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what could look good on me?
Idk how to dress

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yeah I like how hard you tried (seriously) on the photo location, solid fit

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if you were a girl, i literally would

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I really liked your netflix outfit the other day, kind of vaporwave-lite. Slim fitting black clothing seems to suit you. You might also be able to pull off CdG play.

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epsikt brorsan fett snyggt 10/10. bra höfter förresten, käkat mycket östrogen på senaste?

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would what?
yeah, im trying to avoid black for the most part

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Would sex you.
But I would sex you as a guy tbh.

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I think the stripes suit you. You seem to like 90s-core which I think is fine, but I might just be saying that because you're attractive. I think your current look is good.

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I think you're nailing it dude.

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W2c shoes?

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did you just break out of some old timey jail? why are you wearing stripes?

And why are you always making that face? since you seem to be about 15 years old you have plenty of time to improve so don't sweat it.

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its a souvenir from an old timey jail, so u got that right

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I think the picture was taken to document the placement of the structure (in front of me) inside the chamber where we did some experiments. Just realized I was in it, and thats my fit today.. But thanks

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I'm a tall dude, 190 - 200 cm, live in Sweden. Where would I but clothing that doesn't look like shit? Weekday? Cheap monday? Only naming brands from memory because I only buy shit from H&M right now and I really want to change that as the fabric is literally falling apart. Wearing jeans, shirt and a sweater on a regular basis. Basic AF.

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I understand what you were going for w/ the pants but it didn't work

also: green is not a good colour for that fit

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W2c pants?

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our legacy


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Did you taper them yourself or did you have a tailor do it?

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nike flyknit chukka grey

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I want to kill myself as soon as posible-core

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Check out AOCMS. They have some decent stuff. Good quality.

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na, just standard uneducated/chav-core

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say that 2 my face not online fucker see what happens

(I would probably get really embarrassed and wouldn't know how to respond)

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u would look perf in full slp

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this would be so cool in an anime

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why does your height fluctuate so wildly?

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so topman

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what a small face this man has

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sure if ur a pleb

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yeah, because slp isn't pleb

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sry i don't talk to raf fans

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Not bad - feel iffy about shoes, no suggestions

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p clean. not feeling how the jeans fit though. too wavy throughout. not sure if the shoes go with this either. 9/10 if u fix ur pants and get some white sneakers for dat dere palewave fit

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New jeans
>i'm a grill

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only putas wear these babe

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>ess ell pee fags acting all high and mighty


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get the fuck off this board

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>muh slut shaming

who the fukk asked u 4 ur pleb opinion?

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you just can't understand hedi's vision at slp. hedi is a true artist. pleb

>> No.9631175

>taking any advice from 4chan

Thanks "babe", I'm good.

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fuck off you fat piece of shit

>> No.9631188

this is a place for fashion not trash dont post again

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but he's right.

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I remember in high school all the skanky ass mexican girls wore these

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you look like a disgusting slob

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lmfao implying topman isn't trash. u probs shop at zara and h&m and think ur effay

>> No.9631222

i feel like im losing brain cells just communicating to trash laurent fans

>> No.9631237

nice trips btw

>> No.9631243

dude in the background has a nice fit

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>> No.9631257

I'm not even american, and here slutty skanks dress in other types of clothes. Sorry

>> No.9631260

nice dude where to cop shirt?

>> No.9631271

You like guys to look at your ass, 7.5/10, too basic but still brings a fire to my loins

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Fuck i know.

Sperries is preppy casual af,but i like them ):

But il defiantly buy some white CPs or something.

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I'm wearing a long shirt over, which covers my ass entirely.
Besides I'm flat as a board

>> No.9631286

do something with your hair, it looks like pre-op Brianna Wu

>> No.9631289

nah don't get white cps when u have white adrians
i fuxx w the adrians tbh. i prefer the chunkier silhouette

>> No.9631294


next time i c u there imma leng a cunt, promise

>> No.9631304

w2c socks

>> No.9631309 [DELETED] 

hey, don't be postin' my fit bro

>> No.9631310

W2c jeans

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>> No.9631336

har du insta

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this thread a shit so far

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Really unsure about the burgundy nb

>> No.9631515

clean ur mirror
turn flash off
take a new pic

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I need new shorts.
W2c good summer shorts?
31' waist
No idea how long my legs are

>inb4 lose weight you manlet

>> No.9631522

depends on the style u want and price point
shorts that look similar to the ones ur wearing:

>> No.9631524

that's a wacky shirt

>> No.9631528

Nice infinity shirt
Is it good quality

>> No.9631535

I'm looking for /fa/ shorts

>> No.9631543

Norse projects

I dunno dude depends on the cut you want and what you want them to do

>> No.9631551

Smelt like fucking vinnegar and had a hundred stamps on the package. Color sorta faded after first wash, but I think it looks cool that way. Took FOREVER to ship. It's super comfertable though.
Also sorry I didn't combine my responses didn't see this one until too late.

>> No.9631569

Does look cooler faded, I was thinking about getting the MJ one

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Gazelles in my feet

>> No.9631580

>who asked for your opinion
literally you, that's what a waywt thread is for. jesus fuck.

>> No.9631598

lookin like a major dork ayy lmao

>> No.9631604

Lose the coat, its ugly

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do i even bother

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Nah b I love it

>> No.9631641

Nice shoes

its spring, why do you even need it

>> No.9631644

i live in montreal
spring is like -5 C

>> No.9631661

I think a preppy style would suit you better.

>> No.9631666

seconded. go frat core

>> No.9631672

bump for feedback

>> No.9631673

I really like this. Shoes look ok but not optimal.

>> No.9631708

ja men jag har ingenting på det

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being this basic

>> No.9631726

Take a better pic

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w2c jacket?

>> No.9632183


>> No.9632209

had a tailor do it

>> No.9632221

Damn dude looks sick where to cop those SICK khakis dude

>> No.9632229

1/10 bait

>> No.9632241

D o you even know what it means or you just copy paste whatever meme word you seen lately?
How should a girl wear to be "not basic"?

>> No.9632244

fix those cuffs what the fuck

>> No.9632252

joggers are too big in the thighs breh
basic otherwise.

>> No.9632257

leave coat unbuttoned like that

>> No.9632325 [DELETED] 
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posing hard

>> No.9632560

But I dont want to

>> No.9632630



>> No.9632650

cuffs look bad

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Cdg h
Silent saturs

>> No.9632687

W2c that blanket and those socks

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Reposting from other thread. Please critique

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>> No.9632779

w2c sweater

>> No.9632786

You look awesome my man.
W2c everything
If anything get different shoes or maybe some socks.

>> No.9632787

what tshirt is that

>> No.9632790

id like to see it with light wash jeans

>> No.9632840


pretty good, but the sweatpants look short. The fit would be better if they stacked a little. Also, did you tuck the bomber cuffs into the sleeves?

>> No.9632882

What u sayin

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foundation shade doesn't match your neck, plz blend

>> No.9632974

pls come 2 vancouver

>> No.9632976

When will they learn

>> No.9632983

already there

>> No.9632984

are you serious?? timestamp pic please. Do you wanna meet up? pls be real

>> No.9632987
File: 3.45 MB, 3120x4160, CAM00406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for blurry pic, camera cant see me.

>> No.9632988

where are u goin

>> No.9632990

depends, still don't know what you look like despite asking you for a pic...twice

>> No.9632991

Thanks man.
Our Legacy // By Product Now // Lululemon // Pointer
I want to get futures but they're expensive. They would look amazing with this outfit though.
They have some cool vaporwave stuff.
Yeah I wish I could find sweatpants that are long enough. Being 6"5' is hard.
Bomber is Our Legacy, there aren't any cuffs.

>> No.9632993

what pants?

>> No.9632994

what? I don't remember YOU asking me for a pic... if you give me a timestamped pic I'll give you one in return. pretty sure you're just some random anon/shitposter that wants more of my pics to photoshop.

>> No.9632996


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>not wearing only loose thin white cotten Long sleeves

>> No.9633013

tfw random anons trolling me by pretending to be my waifu and getting my hopes up *sigh*

>> No.9633018


>> No.9633022

I'm not giving out my kik (who am I kidding I don't actually have it) to random anons m8. unless you're the qt boy I initially responded to, go away.

>> No.9633025

is /fa/ the new autist safe haven? is r9k full?

>> No.9633029


are you afraid to breathe sometimes coz it might not be trendy

>> No.9633030

go f*ck yourself, pops. the kids are talking here.

>> No.9633036

dude can't jerk off without asking what type of faggot nigger porn is trending on tumblr

>> No.9633044

Why not? Even if it's not him what's the point? You're so scared of doing anything. You should really not be. The world ISNT that bad if you're careful. Im really trying to be nice to you because you're super sweet but you really should grow the fuck up.

>> No.9633048

in one ear and out the other with basement dwellers

you'd accomplish more eating Vietnamese street hooker pussy than trying to help these fucking sheep on 4chan with anything

>> No.9633049

please post non blurry this looks interesting what are you wearing looks like a rick shirt, but when did he do long sleeve double layer

>> No.9633051

New shoes, black socks and black shirt. Keep it all black with that cardi, looks gaudy as is

>> No.9633057

I'll give you my skype if you want it. It's koishi.bar. I was only mad because I want the qt to respond to me but some nerds pretending to be him and pissing me off. Add me if you want (also anyone else who isn't sieg or pigfuck feel free).

go watch your pokemon, old timer.

>> No.9633060

look dude, be real for 5 mins.

nobody wants to chat you up

i mean shit bro, you're not interesting

you get responses here because you're the jason genova of /fa/

>> No.9633065

You be like bobblehead mode activated

>> No.9633066


ur such a loser, he doesn't give a shit about ur desperate ass

ur not funny and you make expensive designer garments look like old soiled cum rags

>> No.9633069

and you think you're interest? You're too old for 4chan dude. Just leave. I cringe every time you post.

>> No.9633072

did I ask for your opinion? frig off nerd. do NOT talk to me.

>> No.9633074

>dat filename

>> No.9633077

>i cringe every time you post


kill yourself soon please

>> No.9633079


i think you're pretty alright koishi

>> No.9633080

hi sieg/snails/pigfuck you forgot your trip.

>> No.9633092

you must be seriously delusional if you think there are only THREE people on this board that pity your existence

>> No.9633096
File: 68 KB, 500x375, 1376662680919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh right I forgot about stalker-kun thanks for reminding me, stalker-kun (^:

>> No.9633100

you've been talking to me on skype for the last 15 mins

>> No.9633107

I don't have you on skype, faggot. don't add me.

>> No.9633113

yes you do

i was literally just talking to you

>> No.9633114


Captcha knoug

>> No.9633115

old man has literally gone full schizo. I pity him even more now.RIP

>> No.9633165
File: 28 KB, 640x480, hm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9633167
File: 358 KB, 494x1000, 43643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't bully.

>> No.9633203

Hoodie is pretty cool. Okay otherwise.

>> No.9633224

looks nice, nothing overly special but still nice

>> No.9633285 [DELETED] 
File: 2.94 MB, 960x640, Subwayhard.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Subway is pretty easy to get A+ / S both hard and normal difficulty.
Abyss is way more atrocious and disgusting. Still got S on it.

>> No.9633289
File: 83 KB, 364x940, guff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

should I buy stans?

>> No.9633384


>> No.9633396

almost anything else would be better than converses imo, i'm so tired of seeing everyone wearing them.
i guess i'm hardly any better though wearing stans

>> No.9633413

I know. Or then I could just save a bit and buy CP's. how's the fit apart from the shoes?

>> No.9633414
File: 3 KB, 123x90, GreatJob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks anon, you made me legitimately laugh

>> No.9633421

they look very much neuws

>> No.9633428

i wish i was in high school again so i can dress like absolute shit and not risk losing my job

>> No.9633451

>I know. Or then I could just save a bit and buy CP's. how's the fit apart from the shoes?

If you have to "save" for CPs then you shouldn't buy it at all. It's not worthy.

>> No.9633467 [DELETED] 

Well yeah, buying them for full price would sting a bit. 300 euros would be alright.

>> No.9633486

Putting 300 euros aside from a month's salary isn't a problem

>> No.9633519

Sure but it shouldn't be your most luxury item you have. It's just a pair of sneakers and you shouldn't be scary to fuck them up.

>> No.9633531

if you cant afford to do high fashion then don't do it, because most likely you won't be able to put a cohesive fit together and you'll look like a fuccboi

that's the problem with most people who start out in fashion, they get into the brands instead of developing their own style and taste.

don't buy anything for more than $100 if you're just starting out.

>> No.9633552

Nah, I've got a car worth 6000-7000 euros, don't know if it counts as luxury but it's a luxury for me.
The thing kinda is that i've only properly paid attention to my clothing for a relatively short time. Maybe it indeed is a bit soon for expensive stuff like that.

But things like proper skiing equipment incl. clothing and the whole sport in general cost a lot, saying "don't buy anything over 100 usd" is a bit exaggerated. I do own lots of pieces worth more than that

but yeah i just might wait a bit. thanks guys

>> No.9633556

That knit is fucking massive.

>> No.9633557

Nice fit. You must be a bottom.

>> No.9633563

Im a /fit/izen and new to /fa/. Stan? Cps?

>> No.9633567

a lift ticket is more than $100 during peak season

so idk how the fuck you're going to manage to ski for less than $100 on any given weekend

>> No.9633569

You're wearing makeup bruh.

>> No.9633580

Lol Kenny.

>> No.9633607
File: 2.08 MB, 2000x3552, WP_20150330_008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this looked better w/my natural hair color which is dark brown bordering black i'll dye my hair this friday

>> No.9633626

you know that brown->box to blonde/bleach ->dye back to brown

will look absolutely fucking horrid right?

grow it out and chop the bleached shit off down the road for best results

>> No.9633633

i like it. graphic t is ugly tho, plain white would be an improvement

>> No.9633636

i am prepared to pay a barber to do it if that makes a difference
i want to keep my soft locks

>> No.9633643

can we see your friend too

>> No.9633656

nice i like it
dank, your stans look gorgeous, makes me want to get some
>v necks

>> No.9633665

My point exactly. Skis+boots cost +1k and so on

>> No.9633679
File: 477 KB, 532x483, 30 03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9633682


typical kid froma leeds comprehensive

>> No.9633694
File: 25 KB, 580x670, 57_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i need a new webcam lol

miss out on hwo tight this jacket looks

>> No.9633776


You sure do dress like shit for as much as you post.

>> No.9633787

Shoes and shirt are a shit.

>> No.9633817
File: 1.90 MB, 1145x1031, 2adultrats4babyratfetuses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t-there are some seriously good fits today.

First time WAYWT poster, long time lurker. Please rip it to shreds.

>> No.9633822

Can't really see anything but from what I can tell it's ok. I'd really like to see if everything fits you ok.
And maybe a better view of your shoes too.

>> No.9633824

hahha lol dont talk about clothes though do i

>> No.9633829

Wonderful. R u a girl? If girl then would berry.

>> No.9633830



>> No.9633831

I like it and you're a qt
Good fit.
Also kik? Or snapfam?

>> No.9633837

ty. They're fake meme shoes they don't need anymore focus than they have.

>> No.9633842

that wasn't me you were responding to sorry

>> No.9633873

Ugh, that's a lot of blue. Please tell me its just the lighting or something...

>> No.9633881

The color and way you're wearing the jacket make it look dad tier.
Also your shirt collar is shitty get a different one altogether.
Pants are ok and for some reason I think you pull off those disgusting greasy shoes.

>> No.9633887

Best of thread.

>> No.9633914

Gr8 filename is it the name of your band?
Also looks alright, not digging the shoes

>> No.9633929

terrible angle!

>> No.9633932

Shirt is cute as fuck. Jacket is alright, probably. Can't tell on pants. Also do something different with your hair tbvh.

>> No.9633944

nothing is inherently wrong with the black dress peter pan collar thing but i am so tired of it
the jacket kinda needs to go
the shoes are fine! but your hair looks kind of ratty or frizzy but this really isn't a good angle to show your outfit in

>> No.9633948
File: 151 KB, 720x1280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9633950


>> No.9633963

those straps are so skinny, looks like it was designed for women lol

>> No.9633965

w2c pants!!! also hello gorgeous
your posture is kind of bad it makes you look like a zombie apocalypse victim

>> No.9633969

this is good! much love
gr8 pants

>> No.9633981

iron your clothes
if that black: great, nice, good, would have you show me places
if it's not: not impressed

>> No.9633992

the pinnacle of your fits is anything with your america jacket

never forget this

>> No.9634032
File: 3.81 MB, 3000x4000, P1000771-2-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9634064

w2c pants

>> No.9634076

don't forget to practice guitar a little bit today :)

>> No.9634079

Is your name Olivia?

>> No.9634112
File: 2.57 MB, 2448x3264, 57745454545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9634133

most fashionable poster

>> No.9634148

you not only didnt take my advice and burn that sweater but you also decided to wear it with some god awful jacket

>> No.9634153


i dont know who u are

>> No.9634176

didnt this kid posted here like a month ago, showing off his money and cloth?

>> No.9634177

and i dont know who you are, but i still told you to get rid of that sweater a week ago

>> No.9634185


i dont take advice about anonymous poster, i dont give a fuck about ur advice, i dont realy know why are u take the time to judge fits of other

stop talk and post a fit or shut up

>> No.9634212
File: 1.02 MB, 596x1252, waywt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a year-old whyred shirt, they don't have it anymore.

New day, new pic. Awful lighting though

>> No.9634225

your hair looks shit like you don't have the money to take care of it

just because you wear dark clothes together does not make it look good

trying to combine preppy top + workwear/military coat + awful sneakers

let's not even talk about the photo's aesthetics

the best thing about this is the low-grade wood flooring

1/10 try again after lurking more

>> No.9634226

whoa easy there, muhammad

>> No.9634238

fucking dumb racist

>> No.9634239
File: 3.95 MB, 4288x2848, foto_no_exif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i improve, /fa/

>> No.9634249

show a better angle so we can properly see the fit

>> No.9634258

we need a new thread this one is nearing image limit

>> No.9634324

Then why post here?

>> No.9634378
File: 53 KB, 640x480, Snapshot_20100528_21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks. im wearing a mudhoney shirt too like this one but blak

>> No.9634388

black pants

>> No.9634440


i fucking love this t-shirt, esp the white version.

>> No.9634611

drop trip

>> No.9634626

w2c jacket?

>> No.9634651

didnt this faggot got a pair of geos
lmao dweeb buyer remorse

>> No.9634656


>> No.9634699

Stans are Adidas Stan Smiths
Cps are Common Project Achilles Low
protip lurk more for a bit

>> No.9634739

looks dope but woulda sized the jacket up

>> No.9634766

ser nice ut. fattar ej de svenska postarna som hatar på andra svenskar här

>> No.9635011

kek cunt, if ur mad at that u must be the puta from highschool

>> No.9635016

'slut shaming'
cry baby, go suck a dick for a buck or two will ya?

>> No.9635023


>> No.9635032

are you addicted to heroin or something?

>> No.9635095
File: 41 KB, 500x378, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey dumb shit isn't this your girlfriend?

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