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w2c fit the 3rd rapist on the right is wearing


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look at how bad her posts are
makes me feel depressed

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yeah shes a fucken retard but the video makes me more angry

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>koishi gets in a relationship
>s&m relationship
>she is the dom
>guy loves it, loves bein cucked :D
>they move in and he realizes she rarely showers, never cleans her teeth etc
>he walks into her bedroom
>food scraps everywhere, smell is almost unbarable, ramen noodles with the soup left over, half drank coffee cups
>boyfriend asks her to clean up
>refuses to and says its apart of the s&m relationship and that she is the dom and he will have to deal with it
>she shits all over his face
>he screams for joy as he masturbates and cums all over the food scraps
>her shit and his cum conbine with the food scraps and week old coffee
>the stench is so foul they die and the whole neighbourhood has to move out
>mfw when i perfectly select the best palewave outfit out cause parents are taking me and my brother to the park
>brother pranks mum and we cant go

i could almost fucking kill him

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>that room

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Koishi is so cute

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this makes me hard tho?

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good morning thrwad

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we gon fuck when???

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ebin thread gaiz. le shopped pictures of le trip grill. simply ebiccccc (((^: le clean up ur room XDD

pathetic but it still makes me laugh.

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fuck off bitch

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oh it's you again. are you gonna show me your panties or not

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woops meant for
please respond by the way ((^:

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i need attention plz and ty

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Thats sad

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u know you love that cake bitch

>pic related. Martin and his beloved cake.


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Woah whats wrong with her cheeks?

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rotten teeth, gingervitis puffed up gums

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it's shopped the original is in here

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classic bulimia face bloat

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i was hopefully until I saw your heads still pretty fucked up

why even bother shopping she has a manjaw anyway

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you realize the more you respond the more satisfaction pigfuck gets right

you're fucking retarded lmao

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itt: baby boys who are intimidated by a woman who posts her life as it is, wears whatever she wants, and has an attitude

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I wonder how it smells

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>posts her life
what life? you mean the filth around her desk area? kek

>wears whatever she wants
garbage mostly. then again i cant see half it most the time because the pictures are so damned blurry

>has an attitude
a pretty fucking rotten one if you ask me


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which is something that Martin knows all about, from personal experience. Right, Marty?

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i made the thread to raise shitskin awareness, i in hindsight i guess it was an act of subliminal genius to use the PCOS hogs pic, dumb bitch will perpetually bump any thread in which shes given any attention.

also entertaining to read meltdowns.

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sieg heil add me on skype :)

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lmao tthirsty bitch be mad nao

wass rong fag? Your weak erections got you down...

If we are to judge who is having meltdowna and who isn't by those Vocaroos being posted I think all these years are pointing to you my friend...

I love self loathing assholes like you, guesS I'm a masochist after all...heh.


man. i am thirsty....fuck.

this edit is kinda creepy, guys. sorry.

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random traffic light blinking outside

ahahaha.....I'm at my wit's end...

how can anyone suffer this much...

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Put your trip back on, egotistical cunt.

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*all the arrows


we don't owe you a thiiiing eh

what...what does that fucking mean...

anyway here's some pleasant music for you guys to listen to:


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make a vocaroo of u screaming and laughing...:)

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when I had a trip on you asked me to drop it but when I don't have a trip you ask me to put a trip on...

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shut the fuck up, you already compromised your anonymity and anyone can spot your posts as much as your room smells.

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its not koishi bro, its the OG PCOS girl, shes more unstable than koishi, shes coming apart at the seams, we're witnessing something special here.

experiencing some nice schadenfreude.

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"experiencing some nice schadenfreude"


oh yeah. sure am.

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Shit man, I can't keep up with these fucking trips anymore.

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what the fuck are you all talking about? is this a new meme or what??

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fuck off ugly jesus

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This one is cute

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You're adorable :3

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yeah_, nah.

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fuck im too drunk 4 this gdby

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mfw the women pigfuck is making fun of now faun over him

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hi pigfuck.

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i m two drink 4 this go waygf
me n da pig are the same kind of shit, being able to relate 2 him=/= fawning ovr him

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That is cringe worthy...

>I have autism.


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so fucking true though

probably because he tells them how shit their lives are rather than sugar coating everything like thirsties

but honestly does nyone on fa/ want to fuck 18 year old NEETS who have no future other than the meager salary earned from running a camsite?

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this cant be real

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whoever made this is hilarious

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koishi made it, its not a riddle, someone just had the foresight to record it before she deleted it.

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this chick wants to fuck you so bad

the thirst is real

also i love how /fa/ has autists coming out of the woodwork when other autists get shamed off the board

never a shortage of fucked up NEETs

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eh, I only deleted it because I thought the thread was dead and over. I don't really like the idea of voice recordings, pics and so on being left on the internet forever but I guess it doesn't really matter since literally everyone has my pictures saved *shrugs*.

Go ahead and repost it all you want I honestly don't mind. I like the attention ((^: plus I posted it myself knowing full and well what would happen so you're kind of playing into my hands anyway.

Have a cute gif for your effort tho I love this anniemay. I recommend it btw

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the poor woman, how can you delude yourself this bad, we broke her


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you need to work on your speaking skills buddy

if the body pillows dont out you as a shut in weeb fuck the nasally autism voice definitely will

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d a m a g e c o n t r o l

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she'll post as anon for a bit then go away entirely like all the butthurt loser fucks

just have to wait for another fuckface to start shit posting their personal pics and info

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piece of shit
>sexual deviant

*beep* *beep*


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>heehehe this is what i wanted to happen all along!
everything about you as a person makes me physically sick

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holy fuck if this is real her voice is disgusting

im surprised darryl and the gang haven't hung themselves by now having to listen to her at support group

>> No.9617147

what? I've already told everyone I'm a lolicon, weeaboo, posted pics of my lair, body pillows etc I don't see what your point is...

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jesus christ

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I'll laugh if you end up like Mad Thad "ironically
"joking" about how you look at child porn and then getting sent to the fucking slammer never to be heard of again

>> No.9617154

shit reading comp


this fucking loser probably doesn't know what happens in animes since she can only read half of the subtitles before they're off screen

>> No.9617155

she lives in canada doesn't she?

somebody dox her and report her to the cops for child pornography

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she has a lot of autistic inflections in her voice, the tone, the pauses, the obliviousness.

both of the vocaroos confirm the two girls obvious autism/asperges.

this is why you dont let your children watch anime, its also what happens when women have too much test. same mental issues manifest differently - but with similar negative outcomes - in the males on /fa/ with too much estrogen, so many cases of endocrine disasters on 4chan.

the international kike is waging biological warfare and we're seeing the results firsthand.

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Koishi were you molested as a child or something

That would explain a lot.....

>> No.9617189

opposite, as a child she was undesirable.

women typically are very simple in psych profiles, it's all easily available.....sociological and psychological traits can be inferred within 5 mins of the session infact one of the intro classes i took when i got my minor in psych was adult female profiles

Little Girl Voice is an informal name for a vocal trait in adult women that is caused by psychological trauma before the onset of puberty. Women that are affected speak in a higher sounding, child-like pattern, usually in a manner similar to the age at which they suffered the traumatic event.

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I just love to put my handon that face of yours and just stare into those dead soulless eyes.

What eepiphany shall I "experience" then...

I was wrong. We are much more alike than I thought. Spineless little shits...fated to end up in the gutter.

I'll see you there...someday.

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sounds more like a straightup dude if you ask me

how you know it's a 'woman' ?

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post a pic of you putting a banana in your butt :)

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you think this sounds like a man?

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File: 171 KB, 666x520, http%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2F1875eb796a21f303c46e9dc9c100ec63%2Ftumblr_mrj876kQLA1sabt24o2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you too bud

your textbook "everything relates back to the childhood" psychobabble is not impressing anyone

did you catch that little blip from your therapist btw?

'cuz it sure sounds like it.

they all say that.

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i dont know if its actually a tranny but the pic from that anime forum that is supposedly him pre transition is obviously not him/her.

this is though

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there are 3 siegs in the thread

sieg army

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lol other pic was deleted?

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shut the actual fuck up shitskin

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>shut the actual fuck
>the actual fuck

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don't get me started on you slavshit
surprised you haven't gotten killed in a failed school shooting yet

>> No.9617261

what the actual fuck did you just say to me? this a thousand times this, much?

>> No.9617273

oh yeah I forgot you don't read too well

>> No.9617280


are you stuped or just dum lol?

>> No.9617286


to be honest you're not very good at what you do, what a waste you are
a boring shame

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your dude*

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come on

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