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So is tucking in your shirt coming back into fashion?

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If it is , fuck that , Ill never do this.

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yeah i do it plenty. if its not a dad core outfit, it looks pretty chill

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It's probably the next rock trend. The lead sing from ought makes it look great.

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yeah um like 4 years ago...

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its been slow to catch on though

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When was it ever out of fashion? Untucked shirts looks really bad in most cases.

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He always looks so cool

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Dylan Rieder does it and the FA kids

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literally who?

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You might be shitposting but for anybody who's actually insecure enough to ask if tucking your shirt in is /fa/ then please start growing your own sense of style

If it looks good tucked in, it looks good tucked in. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Maybe you want to follow some convention for certain conventional shirts, like a well-fitted button down, but otherwise you shouldn't have to ask a bunch of /fa/gs like me on the internet

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In a non formal sense, you can both wear it tucked or untucked. If you're wearing an Oxford shift and loafers for example, it's possible to wear it both ways, although a tuxedo shirt will look silly untucked unless you're going for that SLP look.

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you gotta study up on the Fucking Awesome kiddos
if you wanna feel inadequate in fashion and lifestyle

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have legit tucked in nearly every shirt i've worn for the last 3 years here in aus, catch up nerds

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Idiots I tell you.

We are sharing the board with the same retards who keep asking on how to make the soles become yellow.

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W2C lace bottomed button down

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This. Depending on the aesthetic, tucked in shirts looks more flattering in most cases. That is, if you're at least wearing a suit

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