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Why don't you shoot up heroin?

Stop being fucking cowards. Its the only way to be truly /fa/.

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look at all those bubbles
that guy's gonna be fucked

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I could be wrong but maybe it's because he pulled back on the plunger to register blood?

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this makes me feel uneasy

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Why anon?

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heroin is only cool if you wear slp

if you wear slp youre a clueless tasteless fag

they go hand in hand

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Because I'd rather spend my money on sick cops and cocaine.

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becuase idk w2c, i need to go out more

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I'm too poor ;_;

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sorry im not keen on shooting street heroin
if i could cop pharmaceutical grade shit i would
dilaudid is close enough for me

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I am afraid of needles


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So you'd rather shoot up pills? Hope you use micron filters.

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i snort the pills u nerd
copped some iv dilaudid once tho best opiate ive ever had
wish i could cop some still

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lel it only lasts for a couple hours

at least i can enjoy my high for a whole night

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>shooting street heroin that could be cut with literally anything
not for me sry m8 it just takes one bad batch

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>potentially fatal, expensive, life-ruining drugs are cool
Grow up.

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>I can be a long time heroin user
you will always up the dosage no matter what

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how easy would it be to deliberately OD and kill yourself your first time doing heroin?

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ez if you get good stuff

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I do shoot up heroin and it's not /fa/ it's not fucking cool I wish kids would stop glorifying drugs

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like, dosage? price ballpark?

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thinking about it.....i wanna look cool.

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not sure dosage on heroin
pretty sure 80mg oxycontin is dangerous with no opiate tolerance

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Tbh I don't think you'll OD even if you shoot up a bag of fire dope. You'll just get superbly fucked up. I'd say 2 bags of strong shit would be enough to OD. Always test your shit by doing a small amount first.

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And you will. Your pupils get pin sized. Looks really cool if you have blue/green eyes.

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>test your shit by doing a small amount first.
how does that work anyway, like shoot some up in front of the dude you're buying from or something?

i'd definitely go for pills over heroin but i haven't had any success in getting enough to kill myself with through prescriptions. i've considered the whole deep web shit but it's all so confusing, and i'm broke and jobless anyway. i've vaguely considered stealing but i'm way too timid and clumsy to pull that off and it goes way against how i was raised and all that shit.

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is IV just shooting it?

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one of my old family friends has been living off home grown opium for up to 30 years now and he's pretty normal

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have hazel eyes. look good with large pupils tho.
the pay off make me look cooler than the drugs i do now...rather pass out and be covered in blood than be wide awake and all shriveled up save for a dripping nose.
and weight loss is always a plus.

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>how does that work anyway, like shoot some up in front of the dude you're buying from or something?

You can, if he uses ask if he'll shoot you up. I highly recommend not IVing at all. Don't do it for your first couple times of using heroin. Smoking or snorting is far safer and you can start small and smoke/snort more if you aren't high enough.

Are you suicidal or something?

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is this not how blah died

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That's like the pizza guy who been eating pizza for 30 years and living
If you start now, when you are 20 something you will go crazy on that stuff and fuckin die
It's like the first time you discovered anime and torrents, you went mad and started downloading everything you can

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yeah, my bad, should've been a little more clear. like, i deliberately want to take enough to kill myself. i've never done heroin before so i basically want to take enough to get me high, put me to sleep, and kill me, painlessly. heroin wasn't my first choice but it's so hard for me to get painkillers since i'm bad at lying that i figure i might as well look at other options. my main problem is that i have literally no money at my disposal and no job, so i'm hoping that i could scrape together enough money to buy whatever dose is enough to kill me.

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she still a escort in toronto right?
I fuckin have her nude on my iphone somewhere...jesus need to find them
also I want to fuckin hire her so much...what company does she work for
Such a solid 6 but I want to hurt her pussy so bad

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>potentially fatal
Most drugs are. Handle with caution and don't be a retard, that's a good solution.
Sure, if you can't keep it to sporadic use.
>life-ruining drug
Alcohol ruins far more lives.

William.S.Burroughs used heroin regularly for the last 40 years of his life. He's a famed author.

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don't kill yourself anon :(

why do you want to do this?

at least get high on heroin recreationally for a while before you take a lethal dose if you're set on doing it.

talk to me anon.

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because people die from H all the fucking time even on their first time. even just entertaining the idea in my head has caused me to head so many storys of people dieing in like the last weeks or days constantly now its like im haunted by my desire.. its a weird drug possibly magical.

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you're talking about ppl who started when they were 17-18
It's like coffee to them, they built enough immunity to free nothing when they do coke

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>because people die from H all the fucking time even on their first time
No, they don't.

>being a moralfag
If he wants to kill himself, let him do it. None of your business, and I can definitely empathize with him: the world is a shitty place and you're going to end up in the grave sooner or later either way.

When you start doesn't matter. Heroin doesn't ruin your body.

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>because people die from H all the fucking time even on their first time

They're stupid. Always start off small and work your way up until you figure out your preferred dosage and know your tolerance to opiates.

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>Heroin doesn't ruin your body
Now don't fuck around m8
Even coffee fucks with your heart
There is no such thing as a non harmful drug
Your body can adjust to long time usage of heroin like how a person who only eats french fries can live but that doesn't mean they aren't killing themselves and speeding up death

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i don't know man. like, thank you, truly, but i really don't want to stick around. i'm too much of a burden on my friends and family. a know a lot of incredibly nice people that just don't need my shit. i've considered going out and just living by myself on the streets until something kills me but i've been "planning" that for years now and i'm too much of a coward to do it. my main concern is just getting it over with painlessly and in a way that won't leave my body in some visibly bad state (i.e., hanging) if my family finds me or ever sees pictures. so, yeah, hence the drugs.

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This isn't /b/. I just want to know why he is suicidal. His choice to tell me, I'm not pushing. Killing yourself isn't the only solution to a shitty life. Idk, I don't know how bad he has it. That's why I'm asking him.

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>Now don't fuck around m8
I'm not fucking around.
>Even coffee fucks with your heart
Sure, if you drink 5 mugs a day.
>There is no such thing as a non harmful drug
Never implied that either. I merely noted that heroin (any opiate really) doesn't cause physical harm.

>but that doesn't mean they aren't killing themselves and speeding up death
Yes, it means exactly that. You're not going to die young just because you regularly use heroin, assuming it's not some shit from the street corner laced with fentanyl.

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afraid of needles

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Your family seeing you dead with a needle in your arm is just as bad dude. Please see a therapist. I'm depressed too, I think talking to someone who isn't a friend or family member will really help me.

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>Your family seeing you dead with a needle in your arm is just as bad dude
yeah but he will be dead, so who cares? not him.

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>Your family seeing you dead with a needle in your arm is just as bad dude.
This guilt shit astounds me. Why should one care about what one's family thinks of one's life choices? Nobody chose to be born and nobody is thus obligated to prolong their existence because their relatives are weak-willed faggots.

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edgy teens

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>all this autism

He cares. And most people will care when they see a friend/family just hanging by a noose or dead with a needle in their arm.

>hurr only normies have feelings I'm so superior

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because your relatives have given an enormous amount of their resources, time and lives raising you, and they likely have a powerful emotional bond with you and would suffer incredible pain if you died

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Ya man once someone is dead we never EVER talk about them
LOL it was his choices right? just leave him alone and don't talk about him anymore jesus

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He never mentioned nor denied anything about alcohol ruining lives. I am pretty sure that is well know.

To me, both are potentially life-ruining. One has just shown more of its negative effects because it is easier to obtain.

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again, i really appreciate it, but i'm not really looking to get talked out of it...i'm just looking for an easy way to get it over with. i've heard everything you're saying before. i just don't really deserve to live.

no, that's the thing, i really deeply care about my family, it's just that i'm such a negative part of their lives that i don't want to subject them to my shit anymore. i know lots of people with a boundless capacity for empathy, and it would really stick with them if they saw my body in a bad enough state. ideally i'll be doing this far away from my home, in some spot where i'm unlikely to be found. it's bad enough that i'd be taking such a toll on them by killing myself, i might as well be, idk, polite about it, if that makes sense.

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get some money and get one of these
and do it in the alley at night
problem solved my friend

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kill yourself, it's ok

your family will be sad and mourn for maybe a year or so, but eventually they will forget about you and it will be ok. you sound like a failure anyways.

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people move on with their lives
I see families who had family members die from cancer playing golf and living life

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you want your body to never be found?

that's even worse than traumatizing your family with the sight of your grotesque corpse

if you just disappeared and were never found, they wouldn't have closure, just never-ending dread and pain

doubts are worse than the harshest truths

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>i'm just looking for an easy way to get it over with

Well okay anon. If you have no money pawn some shit. Sell your computer. Go out in the streets and find some heroin. Since you have no tolerance 3-4 bags should do it which will cost you $30-40 bucks. Get a needle at your local pharmacy and look up how to IV heroin.

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My advice is stop giving a fuck about family and don't do it. You sound like you are stuck in a bad loop, get some shrooms or acid on the darknet to get out it and see the other perspective.

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Live with my mom

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Most /fa person, most heroine chic interview, best 2 albums released while on heroin, dopest fits while on heroin