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Thinking of getting a football jersey, what one would look best?

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Depends on who you support

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>what one would look best
>football jersey
>look best

Doesn't matter which, you're gonna end up looking like you play warhammer 40k every weekend and have bad personal hygiene standards

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looks good on king konnen

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Ghana 2014 cup jersey

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This year's Beşiktaş JK kit looks nice

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Internazionale or Roma home kit

I assume you mean current season

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That gook better take off that arsenal kit

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I like Italy.

but Bayern Munich is pretty good at Soccer too.

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Yohji RM 3rd kit

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Milan's away shirt, shits dope

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Chelsea :^)

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Lazio's home kit is pretty nice if you like light blue.

Make sure you carry a knife with you when you wear it so you can stab any jews you meet.

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cop this one OP

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If its not a team you support why wear the jersey?

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my nigga

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>Qatar air ways
>literally being cucked by muslims

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>caring about football

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Abominable Lions of Cameroon
Most vicious team name in sports history

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If you ever wear a football shirt, make sure you know that it is much more than a piece of fabric. Know a little about the club, its fans and at least one player so you don't come off as plastic.

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R u the guy who wanted a mullet in the hair gen thread?


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If it's not this you are wrong.

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Since when did Hammers have a decent shirt sponsor

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According to the filename, this season.

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Don't wear it outside your football training.

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holy shit w2c

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Best team and best kit

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the one yohji did with real madrid, their third kit

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>Not knowing Barcelona was founded as an English football club til 1899 where it was turned to a spanish football club by a group of Swiss, English and Catalan footballers led by Joan Gamper.
Evaulate your life m9.

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>best at anything
you're a funny guy

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no contest

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All the suggestions so far have been shit. Posting a few good ones.

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are u planning on shooting up a school soon?

are u a naruto fan????

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best of all

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Are footie players /fa/?

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>no France yet

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lol no

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Raf simons dip dye city kit

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If you actually support a team then get their kit, if this seasons is shit then look through the past seasons until you find a decent one.

If you don't actually support a team then you're going to come off looking a complete fool or worse get yourself assaulted.

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>top of Ligue 1
>won Ligue 1 last season
>beat Chelsea in the Champions League
Nigga how are we not?

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get a load of this Chelsea fan :^)

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**patrician jersey incoming**

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Anything Lazio puts out

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>tfw have this with v.persie 10 on the back


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>tfw they're all millionaires

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>>dig it!

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Chivas Guadalajara master race for this season

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Why the fuck do Americans singularise teams. They ARE a good team, you pinbrain baboon.

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Vintage style

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Sums up Mexican women pretty well

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Just the Italians but that's probably obvious why

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>ligue 1
Even keker

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I swear to god braca never had a good shirt in forever , it gets uglier year after year.
Yeah and if you dont watch football dont wear football jersey as you will look like a basic white bitch if someone started talking about football

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Barca* im on phone

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> we
Tell me, what do you contribute to the team? This isn't American sports dumb ass

Also I personally like their home kit better but they both look really good I'm

Also arsenals kit this year looks like shit, last year's was GOAT

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what the fuck? The team is a collective whole. Do you say "my family are"? or "my year's class are"?

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Lol want to know how I know you're American? Literally since the dawn of time team names are plural in non-America. Learn shit before you start funposting about sports you don't know about

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have you seen the new french kits.

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Support a club first then buy the shirt. Wearing a club's shirt not because you support them is just silly. Once you have a team, even if you don't like their current shirts you can even go retro and buy their older ones.

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who parra in here

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lmao messis the goat and he dressing like hes taking the bus to his 3pm bingo game

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So would you say my team mates is good at football? Amerifats confirmed as fucking morons. Don't get me started on you fat cunts saying "I could care less" and why it shows what a bunch of idiots you are.

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fuck that gradient looks so similar to the Matthew Miller one.

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>Getting the 3 star version

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>millions of euros a year
>that messi fit goat

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Hey, their biggest TV channel is called the BBC. You'd assume they would be cucks

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you can only pull off soccer jerseys in america if you're an immigrant. everyone knows white people in america don't give a shit about the sport, so you'll just look like a poser.

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actual scum

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What are you on about? supporters always use we when talking about their team

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the jersey of your favourite team would look best, you fucking cocksucker nigger faggot. pls kill yourself.

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literally guy fieri tier

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>using the kit of a team you dont support
dont do this

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this is the best psg jersey

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this one is good too

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we the club

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The guy in your pic looks like messi but isn't messi
And that's coming from madrid fan

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Usually what I'm dressed in..

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Try walking around with football jersey in a sunny day , im sure you'll smell amazing

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wait for Qatar 2022 and get the Qatar Jersey

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Are they made with Nepalese/North Korean slave labor? You know, like everything else for Qatar 2022

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step up

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Suck a dick,nerd.

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Was it not a Leeds supporter who punched a Charlton Athletic keeper

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it was sheffield wednesday and the guy was actualy a rotherham supporter attending the match in the leeds stand

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Looks like a Rotherham supporter to me

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argentina is best jersey

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>making this big of a deal over a millionaire in top physical condition getting punched

Fucking yuros man

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I'm from Texas
And it's the fans' long-standing tradition of horrible behavior that bothers me, not that a soccer player was punched

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Yes because 2014 brazil world cup was made by unicorns and santa's minions, get over this shit.

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wtf no Yohji jersey

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>mfw I wear my mid-90's Juventus kit in public, and EVERY. TIME. some cunt asks me why I'm wearing a "ref uniform."

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>being this le bum banged
yuropoors keep crying

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wiki page just says it was founded by some swiss english and catalan footballers in spain and mentions nothing about formerly being a british team

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10/10 would punch in the face.

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okay this is just bait now

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that's actually so dope, would cop if I had the money

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best jersey ever

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Underrated Post

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fuk w2c?

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am i considered a bandwagoner for supporting lazio since this season? they bought stefan de vrij and after that I started following them and already completed 5 seasons with them on football manager so i know their whole youth department already lol

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The GOATest

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if you know enough bout the club you arent a bandwagoner, lazio is cool

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>tfw i've met masaro probably about a dozen times back when i still playing soccer

also goat team anon

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Long sleeve is better.

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Solna AIK from sweden

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a bit off topic, bought a long sleeve football jersey with some kind of rubber print on it. anyone know how to remove prints from nylon shirts?

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Barca home
Hamburger SV Home
FC Porto Away
Roma Home
Borussia Dortmund Home
Atletico Madrid Home
Brazil Home
Cameroon Home
Ghana Home