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can we get a lunarcore/poet remembrance thread? ill start by posting my favorite poet posts accompanied by some solemn narration that i hope can live up to the poignant prose.

Do you know that secret place behind the cross-section at Water street? It's a little notch, right behind the old Nynex junction box. When the trees are bare and the sky is dead you can see it. It's just a little hole in the branches, right then.
But right now, everything there is green. Nobody but us could spot it on a day like today, the sun high in the sky and the forest humming all around us. A million tiny wings beat out a single chord down in there, but wide leaves and tall grass would keep you thinking otherwise unless you knew better.

One warm night, many summers ago, I asked her how she always knew where to find it. I was hunched over on a rusty Mongoose and wondering which way we'd come. She was walking beside her bike, smoking. The stream behind us didn't seem to orient me at all, like it was snaking back into the forest whenever I turned around. The back wheel of her bike was making this circling metal whine & I would later tell myself as i drifted to sleep that yes, the forest was responding, rising in pitch and tempo.
After a minute she stopped walking and the trees fell quiet. "You have to look for the lights, dummy." The tip of her cigarette made a lazy arc.

"The lights?" I asked. She handed me the bottle then and something turned over in the stream behind us.

"It's the fireflies." She said, turning away. "They're always here, close to the stream."


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>Thousands of hides cut down in concrete walled factories under glaring spheroid lights, the meat's been gone since Iowa and we work with flesh here - long sheets stretched over framework like a gossamer wing, longstanding traditions unbroken even though they thin the leathers every year, even though they reproportion solvents and strip away at our welting.
>The important thing is a notion, the idea of those thousand strides cascading up a steep and verdant hill some miles outside of a dead Pennsylvania coal town, sleep falling on people in far-lit wooden buildings miles below as night falls and we stay here, ensconced in the cradle of a thousand green miles beneath that full grain hope hand-fashioned in a familiar place.
>And a way of life is built like this, a time and a place is anchored like this and entire armies of souls find respite in the purpose and safety of nature's seemingly inexhaustible cradle.

>Breed, hope and learn - you are all approaching something.


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>among my many contributions to the internet fashion dialect was the phrase “lunarcore”, about two years ago on 4chan. I do not have a single greater regret in my life.


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You fucking faggot

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here she is!

mother of lunacore

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ommmggg yaaaassss so cute

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yaaaas ssss love thesssss

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THIS! a million times THIS!

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Bless poet.

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swerve dat lunar swag like what

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kill yourselves

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why does this person have a twinks upper body but a fat dudes legs

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it is not a "him"
and i'd appreciate if you use their preferred pronouns


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so FUCKING brave: the thread

by the way; this thing is amazing and cute of course, but… the neckline is approximately the same size as a human skull and so it’s incredibly difficult to doff and to don and to use the bathroom…. at least not without taking off my hat, messing up my hair, and potentially smearing my make up.

i recall a post that I made about the connection between Giger and the MOODY rompers; but I had never noticed a connection between this romper (from NASKA, but originally developed for STRUTTER) and Giger. And…. to Rick’s very apparent obsession with urine. But here, what gets him going is your inability to pee in a reasonable or timely manner.

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>and i'd appreciate if you use their preferred pronouns
the OP shouldve already made this clear tbfh

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is this a tranny?

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yea i guess i did say him

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ummmmmm????? what fucking century do you think this is shitlord? tranny? TRANNY? on what planet is this OK? its a woman, a woman......

will 4chan males ever grow the fuck up?

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Charlie, please stop posting your own pics.

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whoa... this is a dude for sure. yuck

so this thing actually used to post here?

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That is a demented tranny who used to post here (got laughed out due to being utter shit). Now he/it posts on tumblr at http://mecharirychan.tumblr.com/ where he/it pretends to be a woman.

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dumping more pics from my honey and the queen of lunarcore, shes my bae

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inspire ur trans sisters by being consistently gorgeous all of the time (◡‿◡✿)

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the amount of bigotry and ignorant ITT is astounding, you guys understand that gender is a social construct right???

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trans women can even get pregnant if this pic is any indication

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beautiful natural breasts are formed to nourish the newborn

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all gender-related quibbling aside, longboards are wack as fuck

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no such thing as gender
but shes transgender
but gender is a social construct
physical appearance has nothing to do with ones gender
thats why she takes hormones to make her look feminine

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This thread is a great example of how trannies are freaks. Please go back to your tumblr echochamber, and drink some bleach.

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trannies confirmed for having no logical coherence.

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insensitive douche, as if a real woman like this would give you the time of day

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yaaaaaasss honey work dat lunar rick swerve

nspire ur trans sisters by being consistently gorgeous all of the time (◡‿◡✿)

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Everyone is a real person. To claim some people are subhuman is bigotry.

ps - The only time of day I would give the "real women" is the time it took to bash them.

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does it get any better than pure trans perfection?

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pls b bait

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you're a twisted hate mongering bigot!!!!!!!!! how jealous are you of her bravery?

to deny the gender she was assigned with at birth by the state and its ignorance and embrace the truth? something you could never do!

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Is that Poet?

>> No.9584617

>file names
Okay, confirmed b8. We good

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gender is a social construct. To claim to be transgender is to buy into heteronormative lies. By claiming to be transgender you are opressing non normative gays. Go diaf.

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probably the prettiest woman ive ever seen, although women really dont exist because the term woman is bigotry in itself given that gender pronouns are inherently socially construced, thats why she wanted to become a woman, because gender doesnt exist.

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denying physical reality is next level trans-stupidity. Where did your father touch you?

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its so nice to come here and pull the rug of toxic masculinity out of this place with scientific logic and reasoning, bigots ae always so ignorant and stupid.

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too pretty for this earth

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another brave soul transitioning from male to female

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wow NOW THAT is a beautiful transgendered lady who can not be trans gendered because gender doesnt exist.

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yaaaasss so pretty <3 as a trans im so fucking inspired by these beautiful girls, although they cant be girls because girls dont exist because thats just a patriachal construct....

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uhhhh the hormones are going to make this beautiful female even more feminine although it is sexist to associate femininity with a certain gender although all trans women want to be more feminine.

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yaaaassss full body pic pre transition, she was a man here

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damn twerk it was mentally ill

>> No.9584711

he is mentally ill. he is a freak.

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who else has been reading poet's reddit posts, these are fucking GOLD

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not hard to find dude use your brain!!

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Classic! Simply...classic!

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pigfuck why did you take off your name to make this thread?

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yeah it is, reddit is a clusterfuck of autistic sorting/layout

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>someone actually went and saved all of twerk's selfies to post them here on 4chan

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what the actual fuck is going on in here

>> No.9585684

meandering shitposting

as expected of /fa/

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just post the nudes i wanna fap

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was poet really dating/sleeping with timber and he left once she got exiled from here?

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kek she looks like the beta nerd kid from icarly

>> No.9585727

is that an anime?

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im sick of le pro-ana sloth girls on my /fa/

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shes not that bad

plus shes the most effay girl here so far

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alright, i take it back

i'm getting some mad keenan cahill vibes from this picture

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pretty sure those are both shopped, pf and gang used to distort her pictures a lot, the first picture of her i found in the archive was this and she looks way different

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she still has the droppy eye there as well, those were all taken from her tumblr btw so i doubt she would upload edited pics of herself on her tumblr

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same ruseposter has been posting her pics as image.jpg for the last three months

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this picture makes me so uncomfortsble why do its arms look like that? why does it have a feminine face but a perfectly flat chest? born male or what is going on here?

>> No.9585820

shut up mom my internet friends say its sexy gosh

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Batlord detected

>> No.9585880

No, poet was cool. This faggot (twerk it (might have been an extra-fucky spelling like twerqit) was her trip IIRC) was just fucking stupid.

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>her trip

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bump much??

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i never shopped her pic. i did save this classic though.

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Yeah, they're unattractive and their fits are shit, but you lot are being huge cunts about whatever stupid bullshit they get up to in their life. That's newfag cancer. Traps are for jokes and lewd leg photos, not random bashing. Are you on 4chan or a fucking Stormfront forum?

>> No.9586599 [DELETED] 

dont like it?
get out
tumblr boy bitch

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timber had a cute bod tbh

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I don't know why you keep adding that "gender doesn't exist" thing. Who claims that? Gender being a social construct, as in different for all societies and thus not biologically derived, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

>> No.9586612

No hips, wouldn't fuck.

>> No.9586618

she looks like
not fat
but still flabby

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>implying you wouldnt

>> No.9586631

an out of shape preteen boy with gyno

>> No.9586632 [DELETED] 

shut up retard
do you know how stupid you are
>as in different for all societies
in every society since the dawn of recorded history a male is a person with a dick and a female is a person with a vagina

and before you bring them up, hermaphrodites are like people with down syndrome: they're genetic outliers and meaningless to this 'debate.'

>> No.9586637 [DELETED] 

a lot of endocrine problems.jpg

>> No.9586718

why does anyone ever listen to u lmao

>> No.9586889 [DELETED] 

bumping this to the maxim

>> No.9586963

Holy smokes.
Eat more food.
Go get /fit/

>> No.9586969

I just realized this is a woman.

>> No.9587097 [DELETED] 

bump it up

>> No.9587129

damn son the jani must be sucking twerk its limp knob or something, why would you delete the pictures fucking faggot

>> No.9587135

not even the janitors want to see that abomination

>> No.9587167

no, the janitor just automatically blanket deletes all the posts in the thread made by pigfuck whether he had his trip on or not. pigfuck was the one posting all the twerk pics, the other timber ones were her dedicated stalker (different guy)

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why is he wearing a bra

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she* is wearing a bra because to support her breasts that she has in her mind whether they're in the physical realm or not

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>> No.9587183


why is he wearing a beanie and a tank top at the same time

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File: 452 KB, 720x1280, what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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i think it wears the beanie because its losing its hair or something dont think a picture exists without the beanie on.

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tell me about the mentally ill tranny faggot
why does it wear the beanie

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if i pulled it of what it would die?

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File: 138 KB, 720x1280, bludgeon my head in.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it would be extremely painful

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you're a big fag

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for you

>> No.9587208

i find it very unsettling that you have not only saved dozens of this thing's selfies on your hard drive, but have also taken the time to rewrite the filename of each individual one

>> No.9587210 [DELETED] 

you get to rename them as you save them retard

you new to cloud or something?

fucking dumb idiot

post your pic and ill save it rename it to dumb fuck

>> No.9587219

woooa calm down there buster
gonna have an aneurysm or something?
you seem awfully defensive. did i hit a nerve?

>> No.9587222


shut the fuck up fuckhead bimbo trash

captcha fageo

>> No.9587229

sick trips, shame that doesn't redeem your awful attitude
trannyboy lover

>> No.9587245 [DELETED] 

anyone wanna listen to some sum 41 and blink 182

>> No.9587246

where do i sign up

>> No.9587255

id rather be white living in NYC and interested in fiction writing and lunarcore than a wog living in nowheresville Australia
ur never gonna make it pigfucklet

>> No.9587267 [DELETED] 


>> No.9587356

pigfucklet is a nice touch
A+ would chortle to again

>> No.9587389

In the dying breath of summer, on the cusp of my return to a lifestyle of academic servitude and rules, I'd revel in those penultimate final August days by catching dozens upon dozens of fireflies in a glass jar.

My captured prize in tow, I'd make way with some haste to the secret arboreal abode where hazy, humid dreams solidified to corporeal reality.

In the soft luminescence of the fireflies glow within that tree-bound shelter, I unscrewed the jar and removed my anxious phallus; thrusting the heat of my teenaged lust inside. Dozens of insects imploded with each thrust, creating a bright, tingly paste and it never took more than a moment for me to release my liquid adolescent urgency into the graveyard within.

By the summation of my sophomore summer, no less than a hundred such jars lined the walls of that treehouse.

Now a grown man of far more complex taste and desires, I often reminisce about those days; stroking the tip of my half erect penis while draped in the finest menswear the planet has to offer: CCP, Harden and BBS.

But no matter how much joy these fineries bring to my new life as an international male model and entrepreneur, I somehow always find myself longing for late summer afternoons and the fireflies...


>> No.9587440 [DELETED] 

i appreciate this

you really nailed it

>> No.9587447 [DELETED] 

did anorak write this

>> No.9587454

This is fresh OC crafted in appreciation for the entertainment you have brought me with these recent poet threads and your infrequent fashion-oriented threads.

>> No.9587472 [DELETED] 

oh i know its oC, but it takes someone intelligent to so deftly capture the hilarious baroque purple stupidity and self satisfied smugness of poet's prose/stories. that and the fact it was actually witty + funny - theres not many people on /fa/ capable of that level of satire so i assumed it was anorak, especially using trunks in the name field.

whoever you are i appreciate you.

>> No.9587503

"the beta nerd kid from icarly"
you goddamn well you know his name look at the filename

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File: 2.80 MB, 2852x1651, dumbfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Trunks is what you wish you looked like and your jealousy couldn't be more obvious.

Hey, maybe bullying the guys you're jealous of will pay off one day, huh?

>> No.9587522
File: 1.94 MB, 3000x4000, resize your images fuccboi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trunks, for reference
dude's as dumb as a brick

but if you won't admit that his looks are genetically superior to yours in every way, you are delusional beyond compare

>> No.9587528 [DELETED] 

I am happy to announce I've voted for the feminist party in the swedish elections. The verdict is presented tomorrow evening, and I hope Sweden can show the rest of Europe that there is a force to be reckoned with in the fight against the recent surge of fascism which has been so prevalent in this years EU election. It makes no sense to not have a feminist party in parliament given how much knowledge there is in feminist theory that is yet to be applied to the rooms of power. Intersectionality for the win. I am really curious to see how things will turn out. Not only is feminism and the concept of intersectionality an accurate addition to socialism, and a necessary tool in connecting the dots between different forms of oppression and maintaining a critical pov on power dynamics, but it is also in line with the necessary steps we need to make as a culture in becoming green and ensuring the future of human civilization.

I have given it a lot of thought, and there is something to be said with the amount of resistance the feminist movement is meeting, and how it has been continuously kept out of the rooms of power. Every bit of skepticism and resistance only further proves the importance of injecting new knowledge of what effects sexism has on the way politicians govern.

This is a huge subject, and it's hard for me to write just one post about it, but let's suffice to say I am excited about finally being able to perhaps witness what the theories that have previously been reserved for the classrooms in universities being applied to society in a grander scale. This is just what the egocentric individualist discourse in media needs. Solidarity. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! SHARING IS CARING!<3


lets just make this a liberal fashionista cringe thread

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File: 73 KB, 1469x1098, 1 cunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your reading comprehension really fucking sucks if you think my post was a criticism of trunks. we're friends.

big old clit

>> No.9587539 [DELETED] 

fuck yes, we're going to have to have unwoven cringe generals

>Well, Heidegger just keeps looking like a more and more terrible human being, doesn't he. Ugh--just... ugh.


>> No.9587543

other than sharing a mutual interest in internet funposting, i cant really imagine what you guys would talk about, or even have in common for that matter. outside of repeating 2nd hand anorak posts and stuff hes read on sz, he seems a bit daft

>> No.9587544 [DELETED] 

friendly internet acquaintances is more apt description

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trunks is still more attractive than you.

ugly mongrel.

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the opinions of legitimate 4/10s with genetic disorders matter little to me.

btw why you using report bots? you know thats against the rules :)

>> No.9587561 [DELETED] 

btw i saw your thread, is everything oK?

>> No.9587563
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this 4/10 is still smarter than you :)

>> No.9587567 [DELETED] 

>Since we've briefly touched on Judaism, I'll up the Philistine contingent and just mention that "vulnerability" has nothing to do with it for me, I can respect other people wearing clothing for psychological protection but have never done anything of the like myself, and that despite my love of coats, I'm infinitely more at home in ungodly humidity (New Orleans in summer is soooo perfect) than I am in this rotting perpetual tepid Vancouver drizzlemist.

>PS this may be nonsense but what I heard in (Christian) Sunday school, by way of an explanation of the no-mixed-fabrics rule, was that it represented the purity of the Jewish race in relation to Gentiles, and was a symbolic warning against diluting their religion and mixing with the outside world, as of course they repeatedly did, golden calves and all. I had no idea about priests' robes and temple curtains being made of this material, but a la the sacred/profane tip, perhaps it's some symbolic weaving-together of man & god, the spiritual and the mundane.

unwoven is a goldmine

>> No.9587577
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why are you so jealous of better looking men faggot?

Is it because you are a 3.5/10?

why do you feel the need to overcompensate for your inferior genes?

>> No.9587588 [DELETED] 
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>the crowd ushered into the big red top tent
>thomas was eager to see the freakshow, it was his first time and hed never been so excited
>the crowd took their seats
>the lights turned out, all was dark
>thomas can barely contain his anticipation
>hes trembling with excitement
>the lights burst on, illuminating the entire room
>on the stage, once empty, now stands a conductor

>”ladies and gentlemen tonight we have only the FINEST and most TERRIFYINGLY repugnant freaks for your enjoyment!”

>the crowd however is most interested in one freak, the fabled PCOS girl
>suddenly they begin to chant in unison


>thomas joins in, the entire 500 strong crowd has began to create a cacophony of sound, the tent begins to shake at the mercy of their lust for the famous freak
>the ground begins to shake in unison with her footsteps - she comes, beckoned to their call, the crowd settles, eagerly awaiting their prize
>she emerges, 200lbs of bodyweight and 50lbs of clit, waddling out brandishing a full beard, a hideous hooked nose and am imposing anime collection.

>all those details seemed irrelevant to thomas however, it was what she was pushing in that gilded wheelbarrow that he and the crowd had come for

>the biggest clit the world has ever known

>she stopped, scowling at the crowd who were at this point clutching for their handkerchiefs, the stench of the foul voluminous clit was enough to kill a man if he strayed too close to its blood red body

>thomas soiled himself all over his new pantaloons, he didnt even notice, all he could think about was that BIG OLD CLIT

>finally the hideous creature known as PCOS girl ripped off the herringbone blanket that had masked the heaving mass

>there it was, the biggest, baddest reddest clit in the entire world, it looked like the starchilds head from 2001 only red, surrounded by visible stench lines, covered in sweat and yeast

>> No.9587590

why are her eyebrows trimmed to diff lengths tho

right one is a half inch longer than left

>> No.9587593 [DELETED] 
File: 1 KB, 64x64, 1396186877454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it was all thomas could do not to feint, never in his life had he seen such a repulsive, repugnant thing, it was otherworldly, some lovecraftian nightmare made real by a mad, hedonist god of slime and refuse.
>many members of the crowd did feint at the sight of the BOC, a woman to thomas’ left fell to the ground and was crushed under the feet of the fast maddening audience
>women shrieked, cried, bawled, men howled in agony and terror, gnashing their teeth and clawing at their eyes. those of weaker constitution shat and pissed themselves, many who by now had been driven to madness began to eat the feces that was filling the room.
>thomas was fixated on the giant mass, the seething, heaving red planet.
>PCOS girl had just begun her mad spectacle, her babylonian ritual of sodom and death
>she placed both hands on the clit and began to writhe them to and throw, this way and that, they passed over and up and down the filthy fleshball, slipping and clapping as the sweat and yeast formed a deadly paste.
>the clit began to tremble and undulate, expanding in mass, higher and wider did the terrible red ball climb, its musk doubling in potency - a man in the front vomited up a bloody mess before collapsing, dead.
>it was then thomas knew that he hadnt come to a freakshow at all, nay’ this was a sacrifice.
>the synthesis of sweat, yeast and precum metastasized, horrible sickly yellow yeast tentacles sprung formed on and around the clit.
>they reached out into the audience, entwining and coiling any that they came into contact with in festering serpentine grip of death.
>as the sickening orgy of feces, death and sodomy went on around him, a filthy yeast tentacle slithered its way to thomas who was still transfixed on the ritual that would be his ending.
>as the tentacle creeped up his leg and into his mouth. the only words that came to him as he met his fate were ‘thats a big old clit’

>> No.9587594 [DELETED] 

you'd have better chance of getting a rise out of me by calling me an 8/10, at least that might hurt my feelings a little.

>> No.9587603
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>> No.9587607

i like how all these ugly chicks on /fa/ talk shit on the internet

but if /fa/ were a house party they'd be the sloppy drunk ugly chicks people are nice to to get with the 1-2 cute friends they came in with

this troll master chick reminds me of some chick the host would pretend to walk out to a cab but just forcably throw towards a pile of trash bags out front and leave her until he wakes up

literal dumpster bitch

>> No.9587613
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See how none of these guys resemble apes?

>Studies have shown that facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) is associated with testosterone-related behaviors, which some researchers have linked with aggression. But psychological scientist Eric Hehman of Dartmouth College and colleagues at the University of Delaware speculated that these behaviors may have more to do with social dominance than outright aggression.

So you're probably genetically predisposed to racism, eh?

more testosterone = more aggression

Explains a lot, actually.

>> No.9587616
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i like how ur ugly ass can talk shit, too memeboy

>> No.9587617 [DELETED] 

shes the obnoxious ugly bitch that gets so drunk and depressed at a party after enduring 3-5 rejections from every man she throws herself at that she passes out in public.

rather than be helped into a taxi or bed by caring bystanders people dump beer on her head, piss on her, shit on her, pull her pants down and expose her fat ass to take pictures of.

hell ive witnessed it first hand. ugly women with low self esteem and a chip on their shoulder, the world is a cruel place for such wastes.

>> No.9587627
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>> No.9587631
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muh jelly

>> No.9587634

you guys have my address and full name
and a defunct phone number you guys even have my academic info thanks to UC systems publicly making shit aval.

feel free to stop by with any complaints or comments....make sure the kick my door in so castle doctrine defense triggers

>> No.9587639
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your tears are delicious~~~

>> No.9587641
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>> No.9587644
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got ya both filtered~~

>> No.9587652
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>> No.9587795

Thanks, maybe I'll write another one in the next unwoven cringe thread.

>> No.9587861
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dat ass

>> No.9588188

Handsome man white supremicist, more at 11

>> No.9588235 [DELETED] 

88 dubs

>> No.9588824
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>> No.9588894


no way "that thing" can be woman

>> No.9589237


>> No.9589240

fuck off virgins

>> No.9589927


>> No.9590292

what were these posts that got everyone so riled up was it pigfuck again

>> No.9590298

pigfuck + some dude that saved every single twerqit selfie

>> No.9590312
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>> No.9590342
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>> No.9590362
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>> No.9590375
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>> No.9590398

how the fuck does she have so much rick?

>> No.9590427

she? she? thats a man mentally ill faggot. lots of people here have rick kid, sorry kid, sorry bye , sorry not

>> No.9591492

implying you're allowed to die

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