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is pigfuck objectively the most attractive person to ever grace this shithole?

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Definitely not.

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who is dr komme?

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knoch is

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an old man

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>brown hair/eyes

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i am the op and this was me here

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its like u've never seen turnleft or something

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toss up between him and knoch

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isnt this turnleft?

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brown hair/eyes is objectively most attractive

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No, that was me.

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naw dude

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first time we get a legit face pic and hes fucking bald wtf

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As much as I hate to admit it, yes he is.

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he's just average
he has no especially aesthetic features apart from slightly sunken cheeks

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It's not really a hard thing to be.

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pigfuck mike and knoch

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>9 posters
>20 replies
Oh boy.

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>9 posters
>21 replies
Oh boy.

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hacker much?

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His constant shitposting and general autism takes his looks down a notch.

Just by going on 4chan, you have to minus a few attractive points. It's a huge turn-off. Minus off even more points if you're a retarded namefag/tripfag. Why would you want recognition in this shithole?

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Idk probably as of most recent posters

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no i am

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1. Knoch
2. Mike
3. Pepyn
4. Doop

Pigfuck is not even worth a mention
we're also talking about character here

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Bitch please

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Doop is quite ugly though

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to answer your question OP, yes i am, no one compares in stature + facial structure

sad thing is these pics dont even do the real me justice, i am probably one of the most attractive people you've ever interacted with.

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nice troll comment

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lol this nigga wears his shit like trash bags just to try and hide his lanky-ass cancer patient build
Fashion factors to attractiveness, so fuck no doubly

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Yeah man for sure

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same faggot who makes the threads dedicated to that ugly fucking isil kid please leave. your autism knows no bounds.

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whose the tall guy, like super tall 6'5"+ euro dude who likes rick. I thought he was turnleft sorry

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I thought it was just all one guy doing it pigfuck??? whats going onnnn

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it's when you post from a phone you imbecile

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he posted this one picture where he looks good as fuk though

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no stance is :)

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tinfoil? attractive? hahahaa

tinfoil has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome

hed be candidate for most ugliest.

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aboriginal thug, lamy, asokone, stance

r.i.p the big australian four

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yeah those guys have their fans in the teenage boy market.

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you responsible for this one as well? love your work but i think you can be more creative

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yes that was also my contribution to this board

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question for mamma dod: does he look as good irl?

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Objectively the most boring you mean lol

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As a scout for professional modeling agency I can confirm that based on what I've seen from this board pigfuck is probably the most attractive from a fashion model perspective. While Knoch is attractive in the traditional sense, his face is far too bland and featureless to be anything more than conventionally good looking.

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As the CEO of a professional modeling agency I can confirm that based on what I've seen this board is now full of uggo trips who can't dress themselves out of a paper bag

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Agreed, you should post your pic and show them hows it's done.

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no, look at these guys for example >>9583468
>>9583414 >>9583312 all brown hair/eyes and they're pretty good looking

blondes, on the other hand, look like they smell like piss

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As a professional power bottom scout with a 99% success rate I have to say that based on what I've seen around this board pigfuck would be the most successful

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meant to quote

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>Oh wow look at my lovely brown eyes
>they r so special and unique
>only, like every one else has them

ok lad

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knoch has green eyes though

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not what he meant at all but continue projecting so u can win arguments

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I have green eyes though

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oh damn his face is a real let down :(

oh I know who is quite hot, tessellate. but I think he is only 5'9"

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Blue/brown master race

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ok so pigfuck is one of the hottest if not the hottest trips/namefags on fa

who are the worst?

stance has to be at the bottom, dude is ginger and looks legit like he aids

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abo thug: ugly greek manlet, poor as well lowering his score by 3 to a dismal 2/10.

lamy: bald, 5'9", poverty af 3/10, at least he is white

asokone: 2/10 facial aesthetics, reasonably tall, white, but again poor and pleb 5/10

stance: ginger, deformed neck 5'8" MAX (met him at bris meet hes really small), fucked skin 1.5/10 because his family is at least middle class

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hani stop messaging me on sufu I don't want to go to concerts with you

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you were at the bris meet?
then all of your opinions= shit

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uuuuhhhh: 5'6" leb, 50kg soaking wet, normal face and has some money and a novice level of taste bringing him from 1/10 to 3.5/10

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someone post hanis latest fit from sufu

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did this fag ever post here?

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yea haha
good times

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his autism makes him 100x less attractive

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Still though would rather be 16 and struggling with fashion on a teen chatroom than 28 and struggling with fashion and on a teen chatroom

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truely dope

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oh you made this? tinfoil was nothing but nice to you lol

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nice hairline. is this that aussie dude who is autistic for jan jan van asscheeks

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other than his hair, what's so bad about that?

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so... did he become a real patrician yet??

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there's a reason why turnleft never shows his full face

and also there's abolustely nothing /fa/ about someone who lives in god damn new zealand of all places. might as well be in some other pacific island shithole like togo or vanauatu

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you tell me, this is him

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If by attractive you mean:
>addicted to WoW
>abuses his girlfriend
>scrawny and underweight
>spends countless hours on the internet bullying teenagers

Then sure, he's the hottest boy in here

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i bet you did. what makes you need to be rude about people you've never met?

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pfft this guy?

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well at least he doesn't have fucking unicorn curtians anymore lmao

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he only looks more manly/pissed off than the other fags, but is not as pretty as knoch

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no way. so hani is that jan jan aussie freak? hahahah

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the resemblance is uncanny

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there's nothing redeeming about doop doop's face

he sucks in his cheeks in all his fit pics. his face is like a combination of a 5 year old boy and a 90 year old cancer patient. but even saying that he would find flattering. doop doop is just a sad. very vain, little man. at best to be igonored. he is like one of those retards in town, you don't want to look too much at them to make them feel embarassed, but you also don't want to not look at all so it doesn't look like you're igonoring them. pity is a tough thing

>> No.9583621

yeah might not have god tier facial structures but still looks pretty attractive

>> No.9583623

he's desperate and alone

>> No.9583624

nah ur just hating. doop doop is handsome by nearly anyone's standards

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poet is that old guy who went crazy at the end right?
I think i remember him but he doesnt resemble the other guy

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this thread is shit
knoch is and will always be the best looking poster on /fa/ i dont know why its even being discussed
>more attractive than tinfoil

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I hope when Im pig fucks age im not still on 4chan

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his babby face and chip munk cheeks are in such contrast to his fits. do you think he's completely oblivious to it? probably not since he blurred out his face in nearly all his fit pics

but he really is /fa/ incarnate. a lonely high school boy wasting his parents money to look like a clown

if i saw him in real life i would do a double take, have a hearty chuckle to myself, and continue on with my day feeling calm in the thought that at least i'm not that guy

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RT hes got to be like 25

>> No.9583636

blue eyes is most /fa/

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>> No.9583638

A lot of aimless negativity in this thread

I would hate to see what some of the people posting look like

>> No.9583642

maybe it's just the fit of that jacket but it looks like that kid really needs to lay off the estrogen supplemenst

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>not maining Dr Komme.

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adults that post on fashion forums are fucking disgusting. that applies to here, superfuture, stylezeit, unwoven, where ever else. above the age of twenty, arguing with teenage boys about 'fits'? no wonder they all keep it secret irl.

he's improved
traditional qt's

post more hani

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he kind of looks like the little brother of that guy who posts on sufu e0dn90z however you spell it

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yes, he had a freak out because someone insulted his waifu timber (who left soonafter a little more quietly when she someone found her deviantart page and was outted as a furry). he was taking the internet way too seriously at that point and it finally got to him. people say this miss poet, but I remember him well and there was something deeply sad about the man. in his thirties posting on a forum for teenage boys about made up fashion trends like "lunarcore". the worst thing about him was when he would go on those psuedo-intellectual rants about how he was better than the rest of people because he didn't have to have a job (his mother took care of all his bills). another case of a desperate man looking for validation from strangers on the internet

nice to see you've invested in a pass so you can take your samefagging to new levels :)

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>Ctrl+f Birthday
>0 results

>> No.9583673

funny thing is that he's not even a real doctor. isn't he just a male nurse?

reminds me of a friend of mine who used to tell everyone that he was going to medical school (including his gf's parents who had expectations for their son-in-law). then he said he was just going to be a physicians assistant, because they do like the same thing doctors do just with less needless training. then he said he was going to be an EMT because he wanted to be their when patients needed them the most and save their lives.

the best he ever became was a CNA and now he wipes asses and gives sponge baths to old people in a nursing home for $12/hr

>> No.9583675

yea birthday is up there on the qt scale

>nice to see you've invested in a pass so you can take your samefagging to new levels :)

sure i did

>> No.9583677

someone dump poets last post and then dump timber's deviantart furry shit and then dump twerkits last post.

>> No.9583678

birthday is very cute as a boy, but not as a man

he reminds me of a kid on the jv tennis squad i used to violate anally after practice. cute enough to fool around with, but not hot enough to turn me gay. and as i've watched him grow up on this board his looks really aren't getting any better. he's getting to be somewhat handsome, yes, but nothing too exceptional

>> No.9583680

Superiority breeds jealousy


>> No.9583681

im waiting.....

dont act like one of you autists doesnt have it saved

>> No.9583682

why dont you do it? youve got it all saved and you have nothing better to do

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this is all i have and icbf finding the rest

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this is the best i could find on warosu on timber but i only looked like 3 minutes (it's funny because when you search"/fa/ 4chan timber" you get a picture of CIA on the first page). i was there for poet's last post. it was funny because i never liked the guy to begin with and seeing his autism erupt like mt. pompei was hilarious. didn't care enough to take a screenshot tho. memories are more important than reproductions anyways

>> No.9583690


this is the fursona thread and subsequent breakdown

>> No.9583693

fuck some stale memes from only a year ago

the hashtags


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>> No.9583698

>tfw contributed to the tumblr crew's ultimate demise by using timber's face pic to advertise tinychat

real hero
real human bean

>> No.9583704

its a good feeling isn't it? I felt the same when I successfully bullied asok, stance and trunks off /fa/

>> No.9583705

watching the breakdown of so many trip and namefags is truly inspiring. hopefully we can do something similar again. /fa/ needs a purge

the way timber draws herself with a crooked eye always gets me. and the self-righeteous know-it-all bitchiness that she describes herself with. it's like pottery

>> No.9583712

tbh it would be nice to have some really dramatic self absorbed trips for drama's sake. /fa/ is a wasteland now, need to fill the void with people who earnestly write things like

>Thanks, brother. Like I said before, I consider you guys my friends, and I'm going to get back to basics with some some solid new threads about 19th century couture and 70's street fashion.

>> No.9583716

OP, these threads are hurtful to me. I realize that;s your intention, but'd like to ask you what spurred this on. I'm going through a bit of a rough spot in my life right now, and this doesn't help.
I agree with >>7090760
I haven't contributed enough lately. I really wanted to see the lunarcore thing rising on its own steam, and so I stopped contributing to it directly. I think that the 'ego' you feel in my posts as of late is a defensiveness that's been brought about by threads like this one. It's either that or a sense of ease that I've grown into - I think of this place as a community, and many of you as my friends.

I don't want to make enemies, but when people put this much effort into hurting me it's very difficult not to respond.

I just want to talk about clothes & style, maybe get a short refuge from the problems in my life.Today someone told me that I treat people kindly because I think I'm better than them. That was the most depressing thing I'd heard in months.

Whatever I did to offend you, OP, why don't we talk about it? This daily hate thread just draws more attention to me and will likely get you banned in the long run. Can't we be civil to each other?

loving the archive right now

>> No.9583722

hey pigfuck, I wanted to ask you before, how did you get into raf and helmut? was it from lurking /fa/ and getting inspired, then researching more into it? where did you get the first idea to look into those two designers specifically

>> No.9583735

you got bullied in school, didnt you?

>> No.9583737

Hopefully pig is next!

>> No.9583741

no, I was a bully actually. /fa/ lets me continue my reign of dominance over teenaged boys

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im pretty sure it started with a favorite designer thread and ct said his was raf simons and someone asked why and he did a brief explanation. then i went to youtube and watched the raf simons ss02 show and the dudes in all white with face masks and flares blew my mind.

helmut lang came a little later, i think void talking about his newly acquired helmut lang bomber prompted me to look at them.

>> No.9583743

don't really want to reveal my name but i did go to the same school as pf (highschool) this was ages ago

him and his mates would always give me a hard time (throwing metal bins at me, throwing sticks, stamping their feet really loud as i walked passed) i'm over it though, it was honestly years ago, crazy how time flys

i remember one time i was sitting at the cooking block and pf (mart) and his mates walked by and yelled at me "CROSS UR ARMS IF YOU'RE GAY!" at the time i had my arms crossed and quickly realized this and fixed it, but it didn't stop them from laughing and making fun of me

tl;dr i was bullied by pf at school

>> No.9583746

cool, thanks

>> No.9583751


>> No.9583752

do u masturbate to the memories of those encounters now as a 25 year old man living in government housing?

>> No.9583756

ahah thats some bull shit if ive herd some before...... me and my mates used to fuck with mart all the time

we used to chant as he walked by
mart the fart
mart the fart
his dads so old he built noahs ark!

i remember we made him skitz up in class once and he had an aspie rage and started punching and kicking girls in the shins

>> No.9583760

did you ever see his folder? that huge fuckoff binder he carried everywhere and put stickers on

lads said it was like his burn book and that he wrote down the names of people he 'wanted punished' and once he had some altercation with a teacher and he stood up really slowly and shouted I'M PUTTING YOUR NAME IN MY BOOK

>> No.9583764

sup liam, why don't u put your trip on mate?
fuck you're a loser aye

>> No.9583766

what class were you in?
best thing i can remember is when these girls were throwing little bits of paper at him in class and then one of them decided to slap him really hard on his head. he got really pissed and grabbed the girl by the throat and yelled at her "i treat everyone equally, if a girl hits me im going to hit her back twice as hard" teacher pulled him away though and he started screaming and kicking bins

>> No.9583772

i was in 3E lmao, marty binkicker
i'm pretty sure somebody put that as their yearbook quote lol
that probably was the best thing he ever did, next to getting his ear pierced when he was sixteen
he was so proud of it and the first thing someone said was 'mart got it on the gay side' and the cunt went absolutely insane, i think they had to call his grandmother because he was fiddling with his ear the whole afternoon and the staff were scared he was going to rip it out

>> No.9583777

fake unless PF actually gets doxed with full name

>> No.9583781

who are these semen demons

>> No.9583785

>'wanted punished'

we know it's you pigfuck, the apostrophes are giving you away

>> No.9583787

why would we want to dox him? would you dox a mate?

>> No.9583794

The Human appendix is an obsolete thing, its origins unclear, its purpose vestigial. It waits in silence at the end of some forty feet of gut, role long forgotten by nature, its function a service no longer need by beings that walk this earth, build social engines, build machines and biochemical answers to the psychological hangnails of a species that has long since taken control of this aqueous rock.
It tends to revolt - it is a disgruntled employee rendered redundant by the very diet that grew out brains to a place capable of understanding social dynamics, quantum mechanics, jazz, chaos theory, philosophy and chaos theory.
Ancient graves lined hard with petrified flowers, simple tools fashioned from bone and prayers we'll never hear.
They tell me it was once crucial to digesting seeds, bark, roughage of the breed we no longer encounter. Now a hold-over, it roils in anger at a diet its master could never comprehend. It revolts, a growing band of pain in the lower left quadrant of a woman whose first memory involved an impeccably suited oberfuhrer spooning hot cereal into her mouth like a father in the darkest days of the second war.
They had occupied her little northern town, quartered in bedrooms and basements. She'd sat on the lap of a spotless eugenic enforcer, unaware that her blonde hair and blue eyes were the only thing saving her from a fate too dark to comprehend, cattle cars streaming under an empty promise wrought in steel.
Others were not so lucky. Others in her family simply vanished, despondent idealists working the underground, bombing bridges, slitting brown-shirted throats in the dead of night, dragging their corpses into gutters and storm drains. A family dedicated to resistance. A people that fight. A people that do not go quietly.

>> No.9583797


>> No.9583799

I really feel that the way we treat trunks, in combination with his own proclivity towards inflammatory posting, is what keeps him boxed into the roll of shitposter.
If you give the man a chance and stop using him as a source of derision, he's full of valid insights. As it stands, he gets shit on daily and this thread is posted at least every 24 hours.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

>> No.9583803

For years, I've wanted to find an obscure yet visually appealling logo that could be vectorized, turned into a simple stencil and applied to on of my Julius or Silent LS tees via acryllic spray paint.

I've had my eyes on THIS for a long time. I want it in a simple, dirty one or two color stencil. Can anyone help me out here? I'd be willing to compensate monetarily for the work. It should be about a foot wide.

>> No.9583804

You're gonna get your best sounds by building your own drumkits, pitching your drums down and building your own patches from multiple tones.
The MC 5's sounds get cheesy when you use them too much, so use little bursts of sound, a single instrument among many that plays only a few notes in a longer melody. Other instruments finish the expression.

Strings are gonna sound poor unless you pitch em down and layer the hell out of them. I build 10-chords with my strings. They get rich, full.
There's a track on my soundcloud called sermon that's all 505 save for a few breath samples. Check it out.

Be more specific, I'll help you out.
You gotta think outside the box with this thing, You gotta build a little world. Master patch building. Open your heart.

>> No.9583808

Hey, I really appreciate that. There's a lunarcore track on there called "The Next Frontier". I've actually been assembling the stylistic elements of lunarcore for close to a decade, now. I started with sounds and pictures after a series of vivid dreams about Skylab.

>> No.9583809

trunks sporting a comb over in his latest sufu waywt fit

fucking embarrassing :/

>> No.9583810


It says diagnostic radiography student on his polo

>> No.9583811

im just posting poet posts, dont sweat it

>> No.9583814

yea I know, was just trying to be topical

>> No.9583816

hey i am sorry, trunks needs to be unbanned

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>> No.9583819

is he banned from here? I thought he was harassed off

what did he do?

>> No.9583820

Fucking hell that posture

>> No.9583822

no idea, i just know hes perma banned and he cant reset his ip

home boy needs to yoga

>> No.9583825

holy crap i forgot you are a homo
when you have sex does it smell like shit?
are you a top or a bottom?
how does it feel to dress like shit
how does it feel to be known as the gay guy in the office who dresses like shit
how does it feel knowing ur probably gonna die of aids?

>> No.9583826

Do you seriously do yoga? I know you talk about it and stuff

>> No.9583827

can tell his crown is totally fucked as well, no volume at all in the back. comber over in the front. wide ass femme hips, twink everywhere else

max beta

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Thousands of hides cut down in concrete walled factories under glaring spheroid lights, the meat's been gone since Iowa and we work with flesh here - long sheets stretched over framework like a gossamer wing, longstanding traditions unbroken even though they thin the leathers every year, even though they reproportion solvents and strip away at our welting.
The important thing is a notion, the idea of those thousand strides cascading up a steep and verdant hill some miles outside of a dead Pennsylvania coal town, sleep falling on people in far-lit wooden buildings miles below as night falls and we stay here, ensconced in the cradle of a thousand green miles beneath that full grain hope hand-fashioned in a familiar place.
And a way of life is built like this, a time and a place is anchored like this and entire armies of souls find respite in the purpose and safety of nature's seemingly inexhaustible cradle.

Breed, hope and learn - you are all approaching something.

>> No.9583831


>> No.9583836

yeah objectively the most annoying person around, even le reeee isn't as bad as pig once he gets going

>> No.9583841

this is really, really bad prose. damn
what was wrong with poet..

>> No.9583851

>adults that post on fashion forums are fucking disgusting. that applies to here, superfuture, stylezeit, unwoven, where ever else. above the age of twenty, arguing with teenage boys about 'fits'? no wonder they all keep it secret irl.

Fully agree. Your post makes me wonder if you're an oldfag who browsed this board when it was added to the site and now are past your 20s and realising what a futile money sink fashion is and what scum all the fags interested in it are.

I still like clothes but I never, EVER bring it up irl and this is my first post on /fa/ since probably 2010 or earlier. I get this sinking feeling in my stomach every time I lurk here (rare) or some other fashion-specific board that humanity is fucking doomed with such witless consumer morons in their mid to late 20s, 30s, even 40s populating the first world, still obsessed with high school status type bullshit and epin internet fashion maymay culture.

Swag. Swag. Swag. So steezy, fuccbois and basic bitches need not apply.

Also on the topic of the thread the dude in the pic looks average and Slavic, his hair's receding also, lol, lolol.

>> No.9583855
File: 417 KB, 1600x1375, 1411016012783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pseudo intellectual manchild

Do you know that secret place behind the cross-section at Water street? It's a little notch, right behind the old Nynex junction box. When the trees are bare and the sky is dead you can see it. It's just a little hole in the branches, right then.
But right now, everything there is green. Nobody but us could spot it on a day like today, the sun high in the sky and the forest humming all around us. A million tiny wings beat out a single chord down in there, but wide leaves and tall grass would keep you thinking otherwise unless you knew better.

One warm night, many summers ago, I asked her how she always knew where to find it. I was hunched over on a rusty Mongoose and wondering which way we'd come. She was walking beside her bike, smoking. The stream behind us didn't seem to orient me at all, like it was snaking back into the forest whenever I turned around. The back wheel of her bike was making this circling metal whine & I would later tell myself as i drifted to sleep that yes, the forest was responding, rising in pitch and tempo.
After a minute she stopped walking and the trees fell quiet. "You have to look for the lights, dummy." The tip of her cigarette made a lazy arc.

"The lights?" I asked. She handed me the bottle then and something turned over in the stream behind us.

"It's the fireflies." She said, turning away. "They're always here, close to the stream."

>> No.9583866

should dump all this shit on a blog. this is like watching a car wreck, so horrible but can't look away

>> No.9583868


>> No.9583873


dumb fuck lol

>> No.9583876

housands of hides cut down in concrete walled factories under glaring spheroid lights, the meat's been gone since Iowa and we work with flesh here - long sheets stretched over framework like a gossamer wing, longstanding traditions unbroken even though they thin the leathers every year, even though they reproportion solvents and strip away at our welting.
The important thing is a notion, the idea of those thousand strides cascading up a steep and verdant hill some miles outside of a dead Pennsylvania coal town, sleep falling on people in far-lit wooden buildings miles below as night falls and we stay here, ensconced in the cradle of a thousand green miles beneath that full grain hope hand-fashioned in a familiar place.
And a way of life is built like this, a time and a place is anchored like this and entire armies of souls find respite in the purpose and safety of nature's seemingly inexhaustible cradle.

Breed, hope and learn - you are all approaching something.

>> No.9583880


go to bed poet

>> No.9583881

the balding manlet returns
how's spending 4 hours a day on sufu posting embarrassing pics in ur dirty vans

>> No.9583882
File: 2.03 MB, 400x225, le duck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pigfuck dude, give up.

You are so not relevant to this board anymore that it hurts. Don't pretend like you aren't shitposting as hard as you can so everyone still acknowledges your existence, ALL trips on /fa/ do this as soon as they realize nobody cares about them anymore. You are old news, just like Trunks and Tinfoil.

You are certainly trying harder with your super /pol/ memes, but the only people you are getting is all of the underaged fuccbois who are new to this board and take everything seriously.

Your ruse is so painfully obvious that it hurts. I wouldn't be surprised if you just samefagged your own threads to make it seem like "EVERYONE HATES ME EVEN THOUGH I'M RIGHT"

Pretty much the equivalent of a teenage girl in high school crying about how daddy doesn't love her.

>> No.9583886

Poet are ur feelings hurt man?

>> No.9583887

i miss the hashtags and people getting ethered left right and centre

>> No.9583889

nah i like clothes and im eighteen pretty much at my absolute cutoff for using /fa/. youre right about scum, i 'met' maybe five or six people on here that i didnt hate. the majority of people on here are bitter weirdos that nurse deep seated hatred for words on a screen

pigfuck and his poet, timber thing , the anon screaming about tinfoil and so on. real life people spending their actual real life time writing tirades against temporary internet presences thatll never interact with them outside of a website. thats why you've got to get out before youre an adult. a teenager doing this kind of thing is whatever, theyre young and dumb. pigfuck should have a job and goals, and im not even going to rip on him because it just makes me depressed.

on topic:
attractive trips: carebear, knochensack, berry, pigfuck, tinfoil, pepyn, birthday, tesselate
ugly trips: straw tengu, the new girl, prince ahmad, the trans girl

>> No.9583891


lol u mad cunt?

just coz im famous on the internet and youre not

post more pics of your indonesian cleaner gf's ass

>> No.9583894


>> No.9583895

He is one of the only tripfags posting that I respect in this board. I think knoch knows better than him, but pigfuck is definitely better looking (I'm not implying knotch isn't).

>> No.9583896

i haven't seen pepyn in a while did he rip

>> No.9583898

he does samefag, all the time, he's been caught out numerous times for it too


>> No.9583903

>daily pigfuck rape thread

got everything a guy could need

>> No.9583907

Poet is dead and he is never coming back

Then there you go

What a joke, at least Birthday was fun to watch crash and burn. This is just sad.

>> No.9583908
File: 53 KB, 531x298, 1415095302322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pf face is too long in proportion

>> No.9583913

so much samefag
pls stop pigfuck no one likes u lmao

>> No.9583915
File: 195 KB, 380x540, 13651900042872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you think it'll take for martin to leave lads?

>> No.9583916

Actually janitor has confirmed he doesn't. He also said trunks definitely does, a lot.

That's more than likely you doing your imitating schtick and pointing fingers at him because you ALwAYS come in and say that same stuff > it's the quotations!!!! Even though plenty of people do that haha caught!!!

I'll save everyone some time, here you are again: >>9583903
You become very obvious over time.

>> No.9583917

ur bald and short, no one is jealous of u mate :^)

>> No.9583918

Guys, I really want to reply to these posts but I just can't access those emotions right now. I haven't been able to for a day or so now. I'm sorry.

>> No.9583919

I also suck a LOT of cock
that helps too

>> No.9583922
File: 89 KB, 638x854, 1423929733807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9583924

Ah the obsessed autist is here.

If anyone should be perms banned it's this faglord. But then half the posts on /fa/ would be gone

>> No.9583925

no I can tell you for certain that he's not the original :)

>> No.9583929


lamy you bald cunt

abo you wog poof

stance ya mums a massage hooker slut

etc etc

too bad ur the real wog pf ;-)

>> No.9583930

>lunarcore is not a synecdoche for fashion.
I'm not even sure what you mean here - That this little niche is not part of fashion as a whole? Oh really? Do you get to decide that? Does it even matter what it's a part of, so long as we're having fun and getting noticed?
I said this the other day - 'Lunarcore' is just a linguistic shortcut to describe outfits that would otherwise require a paragraph or so to properly contextualize. That's it. That's all there is. There's no movement to rail against, there's no ethos to decry, there's just a bunch of clothes that all fit a certain description.
Again, I ask you - what kind of a problem could you possibly have with people discussing this? It's harmless.

>> No.9583932

>Actually janitor has confirmed he doesn't. He also said trunks definitely does, a lot.
you post this in every pf thread and it's a lie and you know it
you're an even bigger autist than pf or his stalker

>> No.9583937

It was a long time ago, I'm not going through the archive but ur free too. He said that all the posts people thought were pf samefagging were from different IDs. But that trunks not only samefags but starts arguments with himself under the guise of anon.

>> No.9583939

I didn't start the bald slurs against you, but we do have eyes you know. Your height is not something you can objectively deny. Don't know what you're on about with the other blokes. Fuck off, attention whore. You're embarrassing acting like this at 22 years old or however old you are. You're a full grown man.

>> No.9583940

Very simple - while adhering to the standards of tasteful and civilized behavior, cross every line that cannot physically hold you back. Do what your heroes do. Just try.
As long as you have that warm, well lit place to come back to, you're going to be fine. So put yourself out there. Simple as that. When that little voice tells you not to be silly, that you can't ever do THAT... make it a point to do just that. Or at the very least, try and fail miserably.

It all boils down to accepting the inevitability of failure and misery, tbh. But it's in accepting those things that you become truly free of them. It's paradoxical like that, and it's why you see mystical & spiritual leaders talking about the 'illusion of suffering' from time to time. I mean, if you take the paradigm far enough, then pain itself is an illusion, a paper tiger.

>> No.9583943

lel r u friends with stance and abo?
they're fuckin fags m8.. (so are u but)

>> No.9583944

We climb to the the roof of the warehouse by following the steel struts. Pigeons roost in the darkness below us and the sun shines down through broken panes in clearly defined rays.
When we reach the top I pull her up with one hand and she steadies herself with an arm around my waist (nylon rippling there).
The wind roils in off the water and whips at our faces, she begins pointing out tankers and container ships. The gulls arc lazily overhead, a feeble sun shines and for a minute I forget about how we're supposed to get ourselves back down.

>> No.9583947

is there any new oc of this shit from poet posted in unwoven or wherever he hangs out these days? this shit is gold

>> No.9583949


I can remember walking home alone on strange nights in foreign countries. Perhaps I'd just met a new girl, put up some wheat paste or made a bunch of money, it doesn't matter. I'm walking back to wherever it is I sleep and even the buildings seem so tiny and trivial, the sky up above is an endless row of rasters and everything is in its place, lights in the distance scrolling parallax and I am just a pixel here. I am overjoyed that I don't have to wake up in this place forever, that I am leaving in several weeks, that this empty gas-lit parking lot and infinite row of housing towers are not something I am ever likely to see again.
In that moment of course, they are beautiful, all of them, rows of steel and glass, housing the millions in discrete extra-urban residential blocks. I am there, skirting the sidestreets, homeward bound, cherry point of a joint dangling in the dark as my heels echo up the stone.

>> No.9583953

its just archived posts on waruso

>reminder that there are retarded goobs on /fa/ who are/were legitimately impressed by the 30 year old man posting fanfiction tier drivel on the fashion board.

>> No.9583961

You're falling into a very tricky creative pitfall. You're trying to maintain complete control over how the audience processes your work (in this case your choices). This is an understandable mistake to get caught up on, I made it myself for years when writing songs. I would over-articulate my ideas because I wanted people to only take it one way - my way, the way I want.
Over time I realized that there's an incredible amount of wiggle room in the psyche of the human animal and that nobody will ever really understand why you made the choices you did in the same way that you will.
The best you can do is to reach a middle ground by adhering to or at least acknowledging the presence of certain aesthetic & stylistic standards. When you work with certain standards you gain the benefit of being able to communicate with more people than you normally would. Standards, norms and unwritten rules are tools that level the playing field. People may not understand your art, but if it's pretty to look at then that's usually good enough. Mere self-expression becomes communication, becomes a dialogue.

TLDR - It sounds like you're trying to maintain control but losing it in the process. Do you look okay to you? Fine, then.

>> No.9583966

Just checked out unwoven.org and half the people write like these old poet posts. Very sad.

>> No.9583969
File: 2.40 MB, 956x2380, 1000percent satisfied.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most of what's available for our consumption is shit. Once you see that there's no real going back, I think. Barring nervous breakdown or some vast reassembling of personal values, the mall will forever be off-limits to you. This doesn't mean there's nothing good left for you to wear, just that you're forever equipped with the knowledge that there's something better. Be grateful, you've escaped a shitty paradigm. Most people you see on the daily will go cradle to grave wearing crap. Can you imagine that? Isn't that an awful fate, to never drape your body in flowing quality, to never walk out the door 1000% satisfied?
You've escaped that. It may be rough going for a while but you'll end up living to a higher standard in the long run. As in, throughout the remainder of your time in this place.

>1000% satisfied

>> No.9583976

>reminder that there were at least 10-30 people who went out and bought palladiums because of this retard

>> No.9584023

Hey pigfuck, always wanted to know if you think gaming is degeneracy.

>> No.9584032


>> No.9584043

you're degeneracy lol

>> No.9584047

>itt pigfuck getting wrecked from all sides
>tries to switch the attention to poet
yeah nah you swarthy little unemployed manlet, you're 27 years old and are on 4chan, the home of teenage boys 24/7

>> No.9584050

>yeah nah you swarthy little unemployed manlet, you're 27 years old and are on 4chan, the home of teenage boys 24/7

While I agree with you on pig getting cucked here I don't think 4chan belongs to the teens. I think they need to fuck right off.

>> No.9584054

Aren't you ever worried when you try to get a real job someone is going to find your identity and posts on a Chinese cartoon image forum and submit them to your boss?
You realize this happened to Trunks and he lost his contract with Haven because of this right?

>> No.9584059

>look at me I'm such a special little snow flake because I have blue eyes
Who gives a shit? At the end of the day the colour of your eyes means jack shit. Someone who's attractive is attractive regardless of the colour of his/her eyes and someone who's unattractive is unattractive.

>> No.9584061

>Someone who's attractive is attractive regardless of the colour of his/her eyes and someone who's unattractive is unattractive.
and pigfuck is NOT attractive.
Confidence may cause attraction but it doesn't make you attractive.

>> No.9584062

>You realize this happened to Trunks and he lost his contract with Haven because of this right?
lmao he never had a contract with haven(this is for the audience, i know you know you're making this up) trunks is friends with a guy who works for haven and got the gig as a favor.

sorry not sorry

>> No.9584063

tfw would be the 10/10 trip on /fa/ but I don't have enough money

>> No.9584068

As someone who knows Trunks on a personal level I can say you're full of shit. Why do you think he doesn't post here anymore? It had nothing to do with everyone harassing his girlfriend, and everything to do with them sending out his hate-posts to all potential employers. Yes he was friends with a photographer, but that puts your foot in the door, not food on the table. He still lost those contacts because of this and will have to start over with a new image.

>> No.9584069

Why? If you're attractive and can make walmart brand look good then you belong here. We'll show you the way, teach you what we know about quality and fashion, but ultimately it's up to you to decide what you like.
Post a fit fuccboii.

>> No.9584070

we don't need another trip kthnx

>> No.9584071

the haven empoyee was not a photographer, he stopped posting because hes perma banned.

again this is for the audience.

>> No.9584074

you do not know what youre talking about dude, I'm friends with Trunks IRL

>> No.9584078


>> No.9584081

typical pigfucker response

>> No.9584088

He doesn't post here because he's permabanned you freaking retard

I can't believe you are actually making shit up like why even

>> No.9584093


>> No.9584098

omg someone remembered me

>> No.9584100

>making shit up
dude I've known him since grade school.

Youre the one making shit up.

>> No.9584102

For on the far right looks fucking stupid.

>> No.9584115

those are pictures of a 15yo boy, his fits are better now

>> No.9584124
File: 57 KB, 1280x720, wsimg.232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he cucked this man so hes ok in my book

>> No.9584125

someone is getting jealous of trunks' modelling career ^_~

>> No.9584128


>> No.9584130

Friendly reminder for pigfuck.

If you click target, just give up. You're never gonna be anything buddy.

>> No.9584134

thank you for this david

>> No.9584139

this is getting boring now
pf: enjoyed the poet posts
everyone else: I enjoyed the calling out of all the ugly fags who have ever tripped
it is getting tired now, let's try and keep things jazzed up shall we?

>> No.9584142


>> No.9584153
File: 580 KB, 597x933, slater17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that isin't slater just some other type of gook

yeah he did hardcore i heard but there is too many newfags on the board now for anybody to even know who that is so it doesn't matter

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