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are you ready /fa/?

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Put on a few pounds there piggy?

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dr pavel i am cia

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you got fat, fatty

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what r u wearing gayboy

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one for the ladies

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That parka is really underwhming in person.

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Nah tho u should start working out again (I'm guessing u haven't been)

Helmut I'm guessing? New? What are the pants

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helmut lang parka and helmut lang biker pants

this one shows my tiger/panther spirit

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What did ur mum say when u started posing like that

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'that' parka? this hasnt been listed yet, if you're talking about the eskimo one its anything but, the eskimo jacket and parka have been sold but they can only be appreciated in person.

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Your bone structure in your face is dope
but god damn pigfuck, that harline is awful

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W2c godlike body proportion. My torso is too long and I have short inseam.

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Have you ever been photographed professionally? I'm interested to see what you look like with a good camera (or IRL). Phone cameras tend to warp and do a fish eye lens which can distort weirdly, especially at the angle these seem to have been taken at

So please share if you have them, ty

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shes proud of her expressive and kind son.

nice cheekbone shot here, im aragorn and legolas fighting, watchful and wise.

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Did you take that last sentence from some sjw blog?

Come on man!

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my hairline is really weird i have two cowl licks and the right side of my hairline is asymmetrical but the left is quite normal, been like that since i was a child. the camera makes it worse i think.

no i have never been professionally photographed, id be interested to see the results, even though some of these pics look good ive never seen a pic of me that properly captures my face, many people(gfs, friends etc)have told me how shit i photograph/never really looks like me.

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showing off unironically
showing this
oh my

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hey pigfuck what do you think of visvim

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like most trips pigfuck is going through the same motions

this is the "/fa/ is shit" self-implosion phase. poet did the same thing, except according to poet's style he just wrote a parting love letter. this is pigfuck's 'love letter.' thanks pigfuck. good filenames.

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not everyone can be handsome and smart, the world needs cleaners and dish washers just as much as it does galactic adventurers like me.

dont sweat it.

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man i photograph like shit too, still get a decent amount of compliments but it sucks

i think i can count the photos of me that i like on one hand

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"wore this to work today"

>posting this photo more than once

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that man gave my dog aids in the summer of 97 i aint even lying i swear it was him he looked just like that

dudes got a mouth like china doll, id recognise that hideous visage anywhere, ruined my dogs life and everything he did.

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Your body looks awful, OP. Please work on that.

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i wouldnt be so sure if i were you

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r u liquid'tyler?

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Aren't you the faggot that was tellin the girl the other day to "never ever racemix?" Because you're a white god lmfao
Oh god I'm goin to bed man thanks for the laugh

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you think this could get some traction on the meme circuit?

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I know that skinnyfat rollypolly lumpy abdomen will

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look at that bonestructure
my gods, that is beautiful

anyways, done fellating piggie, fellstalk?
literally worst namefag
at least piggie has dome sort of character

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i was born into the darkness

you merely adapted it

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if you english was your first language id think you were literally(literally) clinically retarded

giving you the benefit of the doubt i assume you're just dumb.

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come back when you're fluent in more than one language

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You're very clearly sucking in your cheeks.

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pigfuck speaks abbo, australian and greek

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How the fuck is he not white tho

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it varies bro, i know when you see someone you dont like possessing everything you want(looks, clothes, money, fast cars, cool pets etc) your natural instinct is to attempt to find a flaw and latch onto that, but lets be honest, i am better than you.

accept it, move on, cyber a fat chick from /soc/ if itll make you feel better.

this is my love thread for friendship and sweetness not for insecure poorboys to whine in.

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thats my #1 fan, thats his own personal meme, expect him to come back samefagging as multiple people at once at some point.

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I see, I will watch out.

As a female who thinks ure funny and qt... What do you like in a girl? (Assuming ur straight idk)

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-does anal
-is white
-shuts the fuck up

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white(preferred, mandatory for children)
self aware
racially aware
sense of humor
traditionally minded in some sense
understands that women should be women and men should be men

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you can keep posting old pictures all you like, you're still a pudgy little abbo with widows peaks

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this is satire right
pigfuck is the worst trip this board has of offer

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So when are you gonna dump that mutt of yours idgi

You're a hypocrite

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i just realised how good this pics looks and i got 88 dubs its gonna be a good week boys.

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what is your opinion on drinking mineral carbonated water, 2-3 liters a day? :)

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its not quite my tempo

>> No.9544333

drink cum instead


just get a filter and drink normal water

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why? any science behind that? I like cold sparkling water.

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filter is good if you want fluoride and other shit removed from your water, more important if you live in a city and places that have high amounts of chlorine(az for example)

tonic/carbonated water can have sugar + other additives like salt. the more natural the better, you want less when it comes to water not more.

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you're getting fat and the high UV in Australia is completely fucking your skin. you easily read as 30-35 years old but you are no older than 25 (still living with your parents but)

pathetic and embarrassing tbh :^)

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dont forget to rate and subscribe, the revolution is coming, this blog will be the center of it, the nucleus, get in on the ground floor.

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I used to worship u pigfuck, i always thought you were the aesthetic and racially consciousnesses savoir of this board. All your posts were so verbose, articulate and well read. But now, you are turning into yet another skinnyfat memespouting vapid tripcancer. How can you do this to me, to us. How can I ever love you again without abs.

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looks like shit (so do you)

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eww nice mole. get that shit lasered off dude

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3 new posts and no ID change, i knew you'd be back my love.

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tbh dude i actually dont find you endearing at all and mostly creepy and weird that you're so obsessed with me and talking to me in my threads. i know like most crazed fans of celebrities you probably think we have some connection but in actuality we(my chill crew of cool dudes) just think you're uber sad and ultra weird.

its a scar btw, got it in a bar fight.

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just say racist, "racially conscious" is some hardcore fedoraspeak

>> No.9544376

this one was mine mate:
keep up the paranoid delusions though

highly doubt you got that scar doing anything remotely social or cool, but whatever

>> No.9544382

racism has negative connotations to the laymen mind.

>> No.9544384

yeh i got the scar sitting on the bed it appeared there and it hurt heaps


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funny that

i wonder why

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4 c h a n

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probably got a stone flicked up from mowing ur dad's lawn or some shit u ugly poofta

>> No.9544389

zog media brainwashing.

yeh and shes fallen from grace, lots of cucks and, sjws, redditors and tumblrettes now frequent these halls

just look at this retard

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Cry more you ugly degenerate :)

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>chill crew of cool dudes
no one cool lives in rural NSW u dumb faggot lol

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just updated my blog, check it out.

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awww little pigfaggot is getting defensive. how cute. just like the good old days huh freakshow? who's daddy's little attention whore? who's a good little attention whore faggot?

good to have you back gay cunt :^)

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damnnnn are u like 30 years old? get a load of this old try hard

>> No.9544409

>just sucked off a wog, check out (how gay I am)
ftfy gayboy

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yo what the hell? bump much? cant let this badboy slide, gonna need a bump asap


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U have good facial aesthetics but for somebody who is so critical of hips and waist you're fat as fuck.

>> No.9544427

dw im starting an all purge diet
teeth be damned

>> No.9544429

lol wtf is wrong with u ugly fag

ashamed that we're both aussies

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hey can someone with some photoshop skills make a cool montage of all my fits with some of my best and funniest quotes sort of blending in with the overall montage itself, thatd be tight will be paying in bitcoin.

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like this but cooler

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i love how everyone is butthurt, keep on going

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don't be fooled, literally 50% of the posts in this thread are pigfuck samefagging

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that's a big belly

>> No.9544459

jesus christ why does this blogger have his own thread. back to /b/ with your epic high school racism

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for you

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hey I'm really sorry but i only made one of those posts. your grasping at straws here man.

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I love that pigfuck has been made so paranoid by the constant bullying that he associates every derogatory remark with one single person.

You need to log off for a few months, pigfuck; for the state of your mental health if anything.

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getting a nice amount of followers on my tumblr, this is positive. i like this a lot. check me out @

hipsterrunoff called it the best blog of the millenium.

>> No.9544517

hey pigfuck what are your thoughts on the Belgian designer 'Ann Demeulemeester', specifically her menswear and her ever Internet-popular mens footwear?

Also are there any new (~last 5 years) collections you like?

Thanks keep fighting the good fight.

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follow me on twitch tv/ hottwinkxbox

should be able to help you out on there

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Cool cool love you bro xoxo

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"how to talk to your teenager (about fucking dogs)"

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