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Ill start. Heres some OC.

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I'll give it to you OP, this made me laugh

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God forgive me.

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>balding manlet
serves him right

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that's actually pretty good, who drew it?

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>tfw you have facial aesthetics like the guy in the middle

dat busted nose and tiny rat eyes. i look like a fedora guy with good fashion sense.. aka a tryhard no matter what.

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What the hell is in his hair

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a generous amount of fiber pomade, I'd wager

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dat hair looks pretty animu tier, btw how the fuck his cap doesnt fall off lol.

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so good

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stance looks like mischievous child there

haha cute (。・ω・。)

>that girly writing

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These don't pertain to /fa/ at all, go back to /b/

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>dat busted nose and tiny rat eyes.
there would be a way to at least soften or distract from there features, or at least help blend them into an overall look

somehow I think the key is the hair

perhaps get some professional opinions next time you get your hair cut

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im gonna let my hair grow out a little and go back to wearing glasses to hide my tiny eyes. i remember goils used to say i looked better with glasses, and i always took it as an insult to my natural looks.

will i look like a douche if i wear these?

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hit a little too close to home.

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>i hope no one will touch my hair and reveal my weak hairline
>should have worn blue jeans

oh my god

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every time.. this is me

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>quoting žižek

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I'm this guy but I dress like another of these guys. Pls post some more so I can be complete.

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damn this is old as hell but doesn't kanye mention alexander wang in new slaves?

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who is this supposed to be?

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are you stupid? maybe you praying to wrong gods

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i just realized that the dialogue on the top left isnt him talking. I thought it was a kanye fanboy whos looking to him for inspiration because hes insecure.

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and Don C, Pyrex and Ibn in I Am A God

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v pale

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Depends on your facial shape & features.

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Does anyone have screencaps of that Acme chatroom with the guy who keeps calling him seabass? I can't find it and that shit is hilarious

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>getting so butthurt about people making fun of your meme-haircut that you go home and make a cartoon in MS paint about it

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this is 10/10 and 100% who i fear i'll become though being this intellectually alpha must be great (for ego but awful for view on humanity)

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now this makes me feel uncomfortable

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Your stupid hair isn't cool OP lmao

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>I didn't.

This is everything that needs to be said when someone asks why you're dressed up.

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Those foamposites, shorts and the vest were probably my favourite supreme pieces ever.
If I could afford them I'd buy them 100%

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oc while scrolling down on fb

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>im actually a huge neil young fan


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>tfw I got drunk the other night at a house party where a couple of shitty bands played
>tfw I really enjoyed it and there were plenty of girls
>tfw I talked to tons of people and mutually enjoyed company
>tfw I wore jeans with a flannel shirt tucked into them and a belt with my hiking shoes/sneakers

Nothing wrong with being effay, but it won't make ya' happy.

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thats not oc and you know it

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I saw this Asian foreign exchange student with those foams and the matching jersey. It was actually rather intimidating.

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I bet it's glued on.

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goddamn is this huckleberry

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oh god its real

call da amberlamps

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pleated skirts and knee-highs make my dick diamonds

girls dont have to spend money or be /fa/
just wear that shit and ill bend you over the coffee table

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>large supreme and breaksticks

Anon chuckled softly.

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>just wear that shit and ill bend you over the coffee table

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hey, the point is over there. why are you here?

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>most faded raws of all time

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>pale wave fag and wealth-core meetup

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I wanna fuck that tall redhead

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Fuck.... It me

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Aside from the arrogance this is pretty valid.

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>green trousers elfmode fucker get out

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have some OC

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kek, the scale is probably about right too

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lame af

i am dissapoint

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my sides

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holy shit
>OP walking down street
>sees handsome man with receding hairline look at his manbun and give him a polite smile
>OP looks down and avoids eye contact
>proceeds to go home and make a comic about how alpha he is
fucking betas

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i <£ earth

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hardcore turbo-capitalist red scarfed commie scum

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can anyone tell me where to cop bieber's boots?

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oh wait thats not bieber lol

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i kekd

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Fuck. The pains of trying to be fashionable in SEQLD. Humidity sucks. You northern hemisphere people have no idea how good you have it.

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RIP stance i will always love yu and hate ur enemies

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