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/fa/ - Fashion

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Is it effay to leave /fa/? What other boards does /fa/ visit?

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I've been on /b/ longer than I have effay. I'll also go over to /mu/ and /fit/ less frequently.

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/vr/ was good at first, but naturally other video game boards and /b/ leaked in and shat up the place

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/mu/ but I often wish I didn't

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Haven't been on /b/ since i found 4chan and don't plan on ever going back.
/a/ is probably second most visited other than /fa/. God damn is their community toxic.
/vg/ is fun occasionally because the discussions are usually passionate and the more niche game generals are great.
/sp/ to occasionally piss on people's favorite teams.
Very seldomly go on /jp/, /fit/, /biz/ when I'm particularly bored.

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I go to /v/ every now and then.

I try to go to /g/ when they are having a civil mac discussion thread.

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/m/ is my other home board I suppose, along with /mu/. These with /fa/ are my 3 favorite boards I think.

Otherwise, I've been dabbling a bit on /ck/, /sci/ (a lot more now that I'm getting into my major), and I'm trying to go to /fit/.

Guilty pleasures: /b/, /v/, /vp/.

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/sp/ and /fa/ are my go-to boards. I also browse /tv/ and /mu/

when i want to fap but can't think of what to fap to, I go to /gif/

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Only boards I ever browse are /fa/ and /lit/, can someone explain me the difference between /v/ and /vg/?

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Everything else is trash

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/ck/, /g/, /ic/, and /r9k/ whenever I have a really bad day and need to rant.

These and Online Clothing stores are basically the only thing I do on the internet because, even though 4chan's personality is annoying and toxic, it's still more tolerable than the rest of social media sites out there

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/v/ is all video game related content. Its full of little kids and normalfags to the point of toxicity, it also for some reason attracts trolls from other boards such as /pol/.
/vg/ is video game generals. Only threads pertaining to a specific game. More focused than /v/ with less shotposting and more dedicated posters. Thread lengths can scale past 500 before being deleted and some video game generals are numbered and archived.

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/fa/, /lit/, /mu/, /sp/
true patrician's board choice

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/lit/, /g/, /a/, /mu/, and /n/. I occasionally browse the other boards as well. Browsing /b/ should only be acceptable if it's like your first month or two on 4chan.
But yeah idk, /fa/ has been my home board for the past two years and damn, it sure is turning to shit

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/v/. Just came from there. Honestly, they oddly have better taste in clothing than most of the raggy shit on here.

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/o/ is alright sometimes

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I feel as though one can only browse /fa/ for a set time until they become sick of it. It's one of the boards which doesn't really change with time. Sure there will always be newbies coming asking for advice and every season there will be new releases but apart from that there isn't much depth to it. Seems like most browsers are newbies looking for general advice and it's just circulating the same pish.

Boards like /mu/ and /sp/ will always continue to flourish as there is always new content getting posted, always new stuff to talk about and new posters can generally join in on the "community" pretty easily.

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I agree. Especially since the newfriends are way more vocal, such as that they create more threads for simple questions rather than posting in fuccboi general. Lately it seems that the community is more interested in dressing well than fashionably and that keeps the board from evolving. And even when it comes to talking about runway shows during a specific fashion week, conversation is hardly above saying "that looks good" or blatant shitposting

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This+/ck/ and /diy/

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>/out/ is trash

You're wrong

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/mu/ is home board
/fa/ is a really close second recently
/sp/ for cricketing events and wcups
/tg/ for warhammer lore
/tv/ and /co/ for discussing shitty shows I like, both boards are otherwise shit though. Especially /tv/
/diy/ just because. I don't really make anything but I like reading massive walls of texts about making electronics that I have no idea does what

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yea. I used to actively post here for at least 4 years but now I check back here like once every couple of months, mostly for room inspo and inspo.

plus leaving gives you time to reflect on reality and what the rest of the world sees as fashion.

the board has shitted up more than most of the other boards and thats saying something

I check on /k/ /o/ /tv/ and /a/ every now and again too

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if you stay on /fa/ for more than 6 months you literally know nothing about 'fashion'

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/fa/ is home board
I browse /lit/ fairly often
I'm starting to visit /mu/ more to find new music

I'm probably going to leave /fa/ soon. I feel like I've gotten nearly I that can be gained from /fa/ which admittedly isn't much. I just sucks not having irl friends to discuss fashion with, but /fa/ seems to be less and less about fashion and more and more about "smithspo" and like 5 copernaut threads at the same time.

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your opinion is instantly invalidated

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Really any board that isn't tide to a shitty fanbase, if it even has one/userbase, and genuinely interests you.

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>blog post coming
I know probably no one is interested, but this thread has really got me thinking about how fucking weird this niche hobby is. Has anyone ever given up the whole "fashion" thing and just decided to become a well-dressed normalfriend?
I'm starting to think that may be the best thing to do. It seems like either taking the hypebeast/fuccboi/gothninja route of dressing absolutely ridiculously by normal standards or reaching the level of reverence for fashion as an artform where you're staring in awe at a Haider Ackermann jacket is too much importance put on clothes. It's just kinda weird to make a hobby out of something that is an essential part of everyone's lives. I was just chilling with one of my non-effay friends who is trying to start dressing better, and we started talking about the Kanye collection. He thought the distressed knits was one of the weirdest things he's ever seen--like completely at a loss as to why anyone would ever buy something like that. I'm wouldn't argue that those sweaters are some beautiful masterpiece or anything like that, but they're not weird to me at all anymore, and having such a different perspective on something that most people don't even really think about is starting to make me realize how weird all of this shit is to other people. Obviously someone in tricky ricky looks weird to the avg person but my friend literally asked me if I "fuck with cable knits." idk man i need to get some sleep I can't believe I wrote all that to post on a Burmese horchata recipe forum

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/out/ is home lately
then /fa/
/diy/ (sometiems

I used to go on /r9k/ but since moot killed the bot it hasn't been worth it

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/sci/ is my homeboard
/trv/ is cool
/asp/ has some good martial arts threads
/lit/ is okay
/mu/ is a circlejerk
/vg/ is actually good, although I don't play any games
/fit/ used to be my homeboard 2 years ago, I've surpassed them long since. Now it's shit, full of roidheads and morbidly obese neckbeards

/v/, /tv/ and all those retarded burgereating couchpotato boards are shit.
/b/ was "good" 3 years ago, now it's complete trash.

I only ever come to /fa/ when I plan on copping fashion, which is once a month on average.

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i think it's pretty /fa/ to not use 4chan at all

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I've been here about 8 years, lurked nearly every board at some point. Came to the conclusion the self-improvement boards are the only worthwhile ones.

I left /fa/ to make /fit/ my homeboard about a year ago.

Weight is up, mires through the roof, clothes fitting better.

Lift weights, you won't regret it.

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/fa/ usually
/gif/ to jack off to
/fit/ to troll (they are mad dumb, it's like shooting fish in a barrel)

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/b/ is the most fasionable board

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>mfw people end up taking about what they wear on /co/

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It's ok m8, when I first got here I used to make fun of my friends for dressing like proles and not caring about their appearance. But they're honestly happy wearing their baggy shit and ill fitted jeans.

Over time I realized I'm happy just wearing well fitted quality clothing, /fa/ taught me to be basic, but that still makes you look better than the majority of people.

Although /fa/ has given me a weakness for shoes I never had before.

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/lit/ and /fa/ most of the time, /mu/ sometimes, and /fit/ to remind myself that people are awful.

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Nice and thought-provoking post about the senselessness of fashion, but Jesús i chuckled to the end of it. You just canceled everything you said.

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/mu/ and /sp/, sometimes /int/. The rest of this board is a festering steaming shithole

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/fa/ and /mu/ are my motherboards, but i go through obsessive periods where I get really interested in a topic for a short period of time. so i've been on /lit/, /ic/, and /vp/ during obsessive periods.
/trv/ is my current obsession
/b/ for stupid shit
/s/ when unsure of what porn i want
>tfw board renaissance man

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Every now and then, i check out other boards.
But /fa/ was my introduction to 4chan, and tbh i don't really feel at home anywhere else.

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I feel you and your pic related.
i was literally at disneyland the other day and saw so many poorly dressed people, shit jeans and boring jackets and ugly glasses and shoes, and I thought to myself "I couldn't ever go back to not caring about clothes". ignorance is bliss really, these people care just enough about how they look and they're happier for it. life would be easier if i wasn't so fucking particular about how t shirts fit
read some shit article about kanye's line, it had tweets even like "kanye went off the deep end, wtf kinda clothes this is" "shit i'll buy ripped clothes from the goodwill" etc etc and I thought how desensitized me and other /fa/gs are to "out there fashion". we're over here admiring $1200 shoes and avant garde design and other dudes (especially outisde big cities) are looking down at our pin rolls. I showed a friend of mine the fa as hell thom browne suit i want and he hated it and i realized i just wrote some shit out for way too long on a Bolivian ice chewing board

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I visit /ck/ for the /alc/ threads
Otherwise just /lit/ and /fa/
/b/ har turned to shit a long time ago

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first board:
my main boards through time (oldest to newest):
>/b/, /co/, /mu/, /g/
current boards I actively browse:
>/g/, /fa/, /bleeps/, /a/, /sci/
get actual advice from
>/o/, /g/, /fit/, /diy/
autism pleasure
>/jp/, /pol/, /gif/, /x/, /s4s/
best boards (no particular order):
>/diy/, /out/, /ck/, /tg/, /z/

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Yeah I'm probably going to move more in the direction of wearing "nice" clothes by normal standards. I guess my point was just that looking at something like pic related from Ann D F/W 92 I now see something more than clothing. It's art in the same way a painting, a sculpture, or good prose is art. It's value extends well beyond covering parts of the body religious ideals from long ago determined were "indecent." It has inherent worth.

What makes that weird to me is that not everyone reads or visits art galleries. Everyone wears clothes and it's strange to be surrounded by things that are artless, merely functional things that you look at in a different way.

I guess it's most akin to someone who cares deeply about music. Having to listen to the radio replay some Katy Perry garbage for the third time in an hour must be aggravating. I don't have any desire to "save the plebs" from dressing like shit or anything like that but talking with my friend about that collection earlier just reminded of how must people just wear clothes to stay warm and thinking of them as more than that or as a status symbol is weird to them while my ideas have been so warped that seeing it as anything more than an artistic medium seems weird to me.

Also I had to explain to my friend that you're meant layer with the distressed sweater rather than walk around with your nip poking out of it.

>these captchas with pics of food make me hungry every fucking time hedi would not be proud

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/v/ during espurtz tourneys

>> No.9471700

When you gain more information about a topic, you start to process new information about it differently. You, so to say, see more, and you are capable of analysing the information into a deeper level.
Damn, this conversation is getting really interesting.
And i know right? The cakes are adorable.

>> No.9471725

/x/ /g/ are fun boards

>> No.9471907

/fit/ bcuz
/x/ cause telling spoopy stories is effay
/ck/ bcuz it changes by season even more than /fa/
/vg/ bcuz puzzle and dragons is best game
/g/ becuz effay computers
/sp/ becuz i have a job and have to banter about sports
/lit/ becuz reading is effay
/sci/ becuz help with work
/n/ becuz luv my ride and my bike

Other boards are no good. I've been everywhere

>> No.9471910

other than here

/cgl/- just because i live in an area where most of them live, and i know people irl into that shit who post there

/tg/ - obvious reasons

/k/ - rarely

/g/- rarely

/o/ - home board when i was 16-19ish sometimes check it

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ever since becoming a neet vidya has taken up most of my time so i only go on /v/ and /fa/ now since theyre my home boards even though i hate being here most of the time

from 2008-2013 i was everywhere tho every dang board under the sun but then i realized fashion and video games were the only things i truly cared about anymore so i just gave up

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Plz don't lie on the internet

>> No.9471950

Self improvement boards

I've been all over the place and can assure you, most weebish boards are the fucking pinnacle of internet cultures (on a steady decline since 2010 though), but its toxicity WILL affect your life eventually.

/jp is my only "home board" and even then, I rarely post as of late.

/x is pretty cool once in a while, rp threads make it the worst board overall though
/g is a fucking carcass of its former self (aka consumer electronics board)
/a IS mainstream shit since before Mira Nikki aired, and its niche enjoyable threads are long gone, alongside its best contributors
/pol is p. cool whenever it doesn't takes the site's tropes too serious.
Literally the opposite of tumblr
/r9k is cool until you realize most posts are made unironically, also best echo chamber on the site

There's ton more, but there's no use to rant about each separately

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Please die.

>> No.9472071

Sorry for tl;dr

/mu/ used to be the only board i visited, and what a few people said about it being one of the only boards that can change direction is pretty true, just because there is so much different music and so much more being created. I was on /mu/ when I was 16, shit. I stopped going there about a year and a half ago. I'm twenty now and whenever I try to go to /mu/ I just cant look at anything besides a sharethread because the majority of music that gets discussed is so far away from the taste I developed. That, plus now it really does seem like a bunch of kids, and that was fine when I was in high school but I just can't relate to the quality of discussion anymore.

Here I feel that the level of doscussion is tolerable but I don't get anything new from being here. Its just a source of humor & occassionally answering someones question/advice. The waywts, pretty much the only consistent thing where people post any "original content" are just full of insult and argument.

I still like coming here as a time waster though, its just funny and sometimes I find out about a new brand I might like.

And sometimes I go on /x/ for spooky stuff

>> No.9472074

/ck/ /trv/ /out/ /fa/ /v/ /tv/

>> No.9472093

/fa/ and /a/ proud weeaboo. If I use any other board it's because of a recent event related to the board, a general on /vg/ or just morbid curiosity

>> No.9472111

/v/ for vidya discussion and finding new shit to buy even though my backlog is fucking huge
/tv/ same shit, though it's so terrible most of the time I don't bother, good for seasonal movies, horror in halloween etc.
/sci/ mostly for physics discussion
/asp/ occasionally for skateboarding threads
/ck/ used to be fucking great and it was my 'home' board but the quality has got bit worse through the last year or so, kinda shame it used to be the one actually good board
Then occasionally /a/, /lit/ and /mu/, used to go to /co/ as well but that place is full blown cancer these days.

>> No.9472143

/int/ a lot. /tv/ /v/ and /mu/ are also my frequents.

>> No.9472198

/fa/ /fit /sci/ and /g/

what type of person do you think I am?

>> No.9472214

Apart from /fa/ I visit /sp/, /int/ and /trv/
Go on /b/ maybe once a week

I have literally never visited /a/ or any weeb board. The only animes I've watched were Pokemon and Cowboy Bebop when I was 10.

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>civil mac discussion thread

wow is there such a thing?

also, install gentoo

>> No.9472227

i only visit /fa/, /ck/, /lit/, and /tv/.

most of the other boards dont interest me because i despise video games, anything asian, and anything remotely related to "nerd culture"

>> No.9472232

/mu/, /lit/, /tv/, /int/, /fit/

>> No.9472235

/vg/ for /lolg/ and /fa/ and that's it.

4chan is mainly autistic sperglords but at least /v/ is funny and related to my interests and /fa/ is cool and the people are nice : ^ )) )) )

>> No.9472240

/diy/ sometimes
/pol/ for fun and shitposting

>> No.9472252

Plus /fa/ which has been my home board and is still my main board obviously

>> No.9472255

/fa/ and /biz/ usually, I used to go on /vg/ and will go back the next time I find a game to get into.

>> No.9472259

Instead of creating another thread, i'll post my question here.

Are we (/fa/) the board with the most incomprehensible board culture for a newfag ? If not, which board board would it be ?

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Awww, poor little puppy DOES care about us.


>> No.9472268


why so angry
you know that there are multiple people on /fa/, right?

>> No.9472278

/fit/ ? lmao

>> No.9472286

why the fuck am i talking to myself all the time

>> No.9472287

Stop dancing around and post your lats and traps.

>> No.9472290

what the fuck is that

>> No.9472304

>Not doing lat pulldowns
>What's YOUR excuse

/fa/ggots confirmed for DYEL skelly's with no shot at a heterosexual relationship, so you just shitpost on /fit/ all day

>> No.9472307

go train your legs which dont fit in normal pants anymore with your gay lifting buddies at the gym

>> No.9472312

I remember you, you got rekt on the facial aesthetics thread so now you're covering it hahaha

>> No.9472330

>that face
>that hair
no body can save you from that train wreck :(

>> No.9472339

What the fuck are you talking about? I got one of the highest rated faces int he thread, you fucking idiot.

Maybe the next time you sling accusations, you should check to make sure they're actually accurate.

>> No.9472345

Are you fucking around right now, or are you that retarded?

Last time I checked, "normal" pants aren't skin tight leotards, you elitist sumbitch.

By the way, just as a quick pro tip, girls like tight glutes and quads, which you CANNOT fucking get by not doing leg workouts, so I think I'd rather just stick with my 10 dollar basketball shorts then wear whatever the fuck it is you guys find "fashionable" nowadays.

>> No.9472349


>implying /fa/ doesn't have flaming hummuseckshuls all over the damn place

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OP here, went to bed and you guys picked up the thread. Cool. So, how do you guys feel about fuccbois that buy rick and other designer shit and wear it horribly? (I'm looking at you, trunks)

>> No.9472380

4chan's been a pretty good resource for self improvement recently, /fit/, /fa/ /ck/ for me. Trying to get into /int/ and /sci/ though, and /lit/ for when I'm bored.

>> No.9472398

I visit /r9k/ sometimes to remind myself th8ngs could be worse

>> No.9472414

>/b/ was "good" 3 years ago, now it's complete trash.

newfag. /b/ was never good

>> No.9472416

i lmao every time i check out sufu's waywt for this very reason

>> No.9472417

>/s/ when unsure of what porn i want

Is watching porn /fa/? I dunt think so

>> No.9472418

so why did you cover it

>> No.9472428

Because I didn't want you /fa/ggots drooling all over my pic

>> No.9472429

lmao at your wrists wtf...

>> No.9472432

what an insecure beta bitch boy

is your test low because you're on a recovery cycle?

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Literally holocaust DYEL mode.
he's trying to flex/rotate them to exhagerrate the size of his arms/forearms but he is fucking tiny and probably a manlet to boot

>> No.9472488

Are you even fucking trying right now, Chief?

I bench 2 plates like you do 1.

I squat the equivalent of 2 large men for WARMUPS.

My wrist flexors are small because they're NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. It's IMPOSSIBLE to grow your wrists, you stupid sumbitch.

My forearms, on the other hand, allow me to climb fucking mountains with ease.

Try doing all of that in a fucking tuxedo. I'm sure you can't, but I'd just like to see you try.

>> No.9472496


Trust me, dude. I know actual homosexuals who wouldn't even DARE to associate themselves with you snobby rich bitches.

You guys know literally NOTHING about hardwork and effort.

I spent three years getting happy. You spent three years choosing the right type of blazer to go with your crocs.

>> No.9472633

/int/ but lately the banter is being replaced with /pol/-tier shit and it's cringeworthy

Also /mu/ and /ck/ if i'm feeling it

>> No.9472643

Main board: /lit/

Subs: /trv/, /int/

No more: /tv/, /fit/, /b/

>> No.9472644

damn, I guess i'm stuck with skinny forearms forever

>> No.9472653

/fa/ and /lit/ sometimes (but rarely) /fit/ and /out/.

>> No.9472659

should be a comma between /lit/ and sometimes.

>> No.9472671

/sp/ is my main board when the nfl is on. now I'm lurking here most of the time

>> No.9472702

Started out with /b/ when I was 14 until I got Gf at 16. Long break. At 17 I was browsing /mu/ exclusively, later got into /v/ as a substitude for /b/. At 18 or so I decided that my fashion sense should match my taste in music, by then I abonded /mu/ for rym. Since then it's been mostly /fa/ for me. A few months ago I got interest in /lit/. In process of compiling my literature and philosophy starter pack.

I often don't feel like visiting a board when I exhaust the topics and have aone kind of epiphany on that subject of interest, some state of mind that stops me from compulsively consuming information and making lists of things to purchase

>> No.9472723

I was introduced to /b/ like 8 years ago, but i haven't gone on there much since 09-10. I like /fa/ a lot been here since march of 13, and ive always visited /k/. Lately I've been into /o/. And ive always liked /d/ and /gif/. /fit/ is bookmarked but i never spend tine there. And i used to really like /ck/

>> No.9472727

/g/, /biz/, /gif, /fa/

>> No.9472736


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/a/ is my home board
Aside from /fa/, my side boards include /g/, /mu/, /lit/, and /jp/ (for Kancolle threads)
I don't visit /fa/ as often as I used to, after awhile you start to realize what you like and start to gather your own tastes, learn where to look for clothes, etc.

>> No.9472793

/out/ is alright I suppose, it got me into wanting to go camping and stuff

I suppose /g/ is nice too, but only if you like technology and you're okay with seeing faggots argue (who am I kidding, you're on 4chan... of course you wanna see faggots argue)

>> No.9472808

I left /mu/ in 2012 to browse /fa/ exclusively
then I started going to /lit/ when I grew out of /fa/
i still go to /tv/ sometimes cause it's fun and i like young actresses

>> No.9472810

I like your hair
I like your body
I like your eyebrows
I want to fuck your c o c k

>> No.9472854
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I go to /co/ alot
also /mu/ and /diy/

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Lets see how many of the boards that I visit that I'm a certified pleb on

I'm mall-tier


Books that are too long intimidate me, which is why I haven't read Dostoevsky or Critique of Pure Reason

I'm not a STEM major

I read more capeshit than alt stuff

Here, I'm a pretty big guy

>> No.9472889


don't worry he's not worth it

>> No.9472891

I mostly visit /lit/, rarely /fit/ or /fa/.

But what I've seen so far /b/, /int/, /a/, and /tv/ are the worst boards.

>> No.9472918

I browse /mu/, /tg/, and /sp/, and lately I've been browsing /o/ a lot more, how fuccboi am I

>> No.9472990

Visit /a/ all the time
/vg/ on occasion for /lolg/, but I don't play as much anymore
/fit/ because funny and also trying to get a little built
/tg/ because the stories are great, although I don't play tabletop stuff/
/x/ sometimes because spooky stories are cool
Then very very rarely I'll go on /int/, /b/ if I'm super bored, or /ic/

>> No.9474133

/fa/ and /mu/ are currently my main boards, and they usually cycle with either /co/ or /tv/, both of which are maximum comfy.

>> No.9474212
File: 65 KB, 736x964, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

biz is the shitties business forum in the world
you would get better money tips from a homeless guy

>> No.9474226


You sound like a horrible person, of course you won't care but still man-you should. Life's a lot funner when you're not trying to be a try hard cunt.

>> No.9474227

I go on /fa/ /tg/ and /mu/ in that order.

ignorance is bliss friends

>> No.9474230

thats a fucking awful comparisson

of course you'll will get better money tips from a homeless guy, homeless guy is proberly the best advice on money, as he has done it so wrong so next time he will make sure he doesn't fuck up,

u cant compare a business forum to a homless guy advice because homeless mens advice are rare as fuck

>> No.9474232


>That fat face

No, THANK YOU, anon.

>> No.9474237

/biz/ has some really smart people on it actually....
per their advice made about 22k in the past 9 wks.

>> No.9474238

Biz isn't much worse than effay honestly. There's certainly less shitposting but there is an equal level of ignorance in the majority of posters. But in every few threads there's great advice, and its always nice when someone that actually has a profitable stable business comes in and gives some tips.

>> No.9474261

/pol/ relatively often
/fa/ sometimes
Very rarely /o/ and /g/.

>> No.9474298

/sp/, /mu/, and /o/

used to go on /vg/ for /gsg/ but I haven't been interested in paradox games lately

>> No.9474401

in that order

>> No.9474410
File: 1.31 MB, 1920x1040, 1415567587110.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its odd to see so many sc/out/s, usually when put /out/ as my most visited board i get a lot of ridicule

>> No.9474453

I frequent /b/ because I'm weird

>> No.9474454

tell me more about it

>> No.9474464

>Critique of Pure Reason
It's convoluted in it's language and requires alot of concentration. Can't recommend
If you have trouble focusing on reading, read nonfiction and fiction at the same time. 10 pages of this and 10 pages of that. Limit yourself to these 10 pages a day and sooner you will want to read more, you will exponentially increase the number of pages read per day
you know nothing

>> No.9474471


>> No.9474481

>the candy-ass /fit/tohumpbbc itt
can't be real

>> No.9474504

>be me

>> No.9474520
File: 13 KB, 198x346, 1418346098060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[s4s] /tv/ /ck/ /trv/

these are the most effay boards to visit

>> No.9474535
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Sucking dicks on Craigslist

Me too

Except any advice from knowledgeable people is so rare that you're better off using any other business forum in the world.

>> No.9474633

>homeless mens advice are rare as fuck
u wot m8 they spend their fucking days giving shit advices to anyone

>> No.9474673
File: 869 KB, 735x886, 1424345693541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speak english, /fa/ggot.

>mfw /fa/ is DYEL as fuck

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