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>meanwhile, in the engineering dept

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So very true. Engineers couldn't dress well to save their lives.

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>Diploma in Engineering
>I didn't wear shit like that.
>everybody else did. Apart from some lesgurl from art...

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Fuck off op

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Looks like those designer sneakers fuccbois always post pics of

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Like these right?

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I study mechanical engineering, I don't dress like a total autist

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You keep telling yourself that :)

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yes you do

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I'm 6'1...
I know I dress edgy and spergy (memechrome) but I'm somewhat still above shit like in >>9438164

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rofl, thanks for the laugh.

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>tfw getting bullied on /fa/

I-In 4 years I'll be richer than all of you!

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Yet you'll still look like kmart. Sad.

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>dat reading comprehension
I said in 4 years, I have to settle with stan smiths and levis for now

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I'm in ch. eng, drop into any of my classes and i guarantee you won't be able to tell it apart from an art/phil/business/whatever class. electrical on the other hand...

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doesn't matter if you "study" mechanical engineering, even a freshman can say that. only counts if you're a senior or graduate.

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i wonder how many people frequent both /diy/ and /fa/

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Lmfao good luck getting a job faggot

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dressing like an autist>being a walking meme

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embarassing jacket but everything else is passable

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>tfw grades 10 points too low to get into engi

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i go to a stem commuter school
can confirm 100% its awful
fedora tippers + overweight neckbeards wearing that exact outfit

at least looking >normal makes it ezpz to pick up basic bitches

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Wait what's wrong with this

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haaahhh yea they r nerds

i am so happy to be in psychology degeree ;))))

It's easye!!! Now i am late for a partyyy sorry gtg brb tho ;)))))

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The jacket and lack of any mass makes him look like a worm. Put the hoodie up and he probably looks like a dick shaft.

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I do.
/out/ also

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Doctorate in art history

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You have excellent taste Dr Skellington

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beep beep paging doctor hungry skeleton

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is that a tshirt
it actually looks decent

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You're on the wrong board, tub of lard.

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STEM uniform, Raf/didias is usually what their feet are in

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Shame you wasted all that money on an arts degree, doctor. Nice fit though. Caught me mirin

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>tfw will never have enough disposable income to get a doctorate in art history

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these shoes ftw

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you do

The only people in STEM who don't dress like sperglords are mathematicians. John von Neumann was said to have been always the most stylish motherfucker in the room.

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4th year elec here, saw some dude wear a rash shirt to uni

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What's the print on the shirt? Floral? Marble?

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fuck that model looks shit now but those were dope

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W2C shirt

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number 3

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>on the list at all

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nice, dont clean them

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Autist? No. You do dress like an engineer, though. There's nothing stylish about you.

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You're like my old high school classmate who thought he was gonna drive around in a Lamborghini in 10 years because he was going to study theoretical physics.

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>rash shirt

.. i made $80 an hour doing freelance web development

on top of working part-time for a startup pulling in $200k annually.

it pays to have a B.S. in software engineering

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OG laces and everything.....

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Haha damn biggest fail of the topic

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Software engineering is not real engineering though, so I'd hardly call you an engineer. But I'd definitely say there's more money in software development than in classical engineering.

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>those from the new raf adidas collection?

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mfw /fa/ thinks this looks like shit but they love rafdidas

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it aint raf tho

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>Study BFA: Writing
>STEM people from highschool say "good luck getting a job" "you'll be serving me Starbucks"
>Enter the market at $50k/y working in Fashion Social Media
>Jump up to $80k/y after finding a new job 6 months later at a firm
>STEM people either dropped out and work in telesales, work twice as many hours for half of my wage, or are still unemployed
>Get to wear Rick / MMM / YSL all day

10/10 would study arts again.

I actually catch the same train as a guy who gave me shit for studying a BFA. He works in retail. Fairly lulzy to talk to him and tell him how exp my clothes are.

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Just remember these are autists that would fail at anything that isn't math or coding.

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WTF why is architecture so high

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>law student
>get absolutely styled the fuck over by several other students
>feel inadequate
>consider suicide

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Shortage of construction projects and the fact that only one architect is required for a typical utilitarian project. Most--if not all--the calculations are done by civil/mechanical engineers and technicians.

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This goes to show being skinny isn't /fa/

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>things that dumb people actually believe
people with low IQ always convince themselves that they are "real life" smart as they cannot accept that there are smarter people than them.

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What sort of stuff did you do during uni to pad out your resume?

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I would go gay for you

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doing physics at uni

the standard of fashion is so terrible that i literally wore a pair of ripped sweatpants and a military smock to lectures for half the year and no one even batted an eyelid

there is a girl there who wears a felt trenchcoat and a top hat. absolutely haram.

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>doctorate in art history
bachelors STEM students are better qualified than you, despite your amazing fit.

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you showed that bastard. now careful he might stab you. better stab him first with a frozen shit; that way the evidence melts away.

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lmao which uni m8?

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>the only jobs are mcdonalds are fast-food related

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Why would any of the latter half of your sentence occur?

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Goddamnit I feel so out of place all the fucking time being a compsci on this board

Stop bullying me everyone Jesus christo

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It's like playing tee ball with you.
>What are social skills Alex?

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>tried to be /fa/
>wear boots and lifestyle sneakers
>uncomfortable as fuck
>go back to wearing basketball shoes
>comfy as fuck
>never going back again
>from now on will only wear running shoes or basketball shoes and build my fit with them as a core.

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>based dad talked me out of psychology

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>mfw my former general manager at wendy's pulled in over 50k /year

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If you actual think this entire board like Raf Simons x Adidas you're silly, you yourself are part of the board and you don't like them--this opinion is fairly common amongst /fa/ browsers, especially for newer iterations.

And, if we're being fucking honest with ourselves, those look nothing like any Raf Simons x Adidas model--they may be running shoes, and the majority of Raf Simons x Adidas may be based on running shoes, but that's where their similarities end.

Just hold tight alright?!

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u got nice fits

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w2c decent flannel shirts?

uniqlo's are all kinda weird rn

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meanwhile in my province, among the "big 3" campuses is a tidy wave of kids who care about who's wearing what and who's hanging out with who


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ITT insecure social sciences majors

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yeah would rather have kids who dgaf versus everyone caring.

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Too bad that if it's actually true, you'd be in the extreme minority

The fact of the matter is for the vast majority of people, if you can (have the ability & grades) get into STEM at university, why not study that shit and have a much better chance of pulling good income at graduation instead of hoping for insane opportunities like yours to make 80k on a writing degree a few years out of college. Either you are downplaying the massive amount of work that you put into networking (which requires a different skillset in and of itself) and working your way up your field, or this literally just somehow fell into your lap. Pie in the sky type shit

IIRC most S&P 500 CEOs are engineering majors, followed by MBAs. Evidently it takes a lot of math and coding to get to the top of these corporate ladders

But really, at the end of the day who gives a shit what you study in uni as long as you can hack it in real life

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>Event Management
I was strongly considering doing that later in life. That is a hugely self-motivated job field, though. You can't just go to school and start working, so I guess it makes sense that it's on that list. I imagine it's fucking hard to make a career in that.

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>graduate w/ bs in biochemistry
>go to med school
>graduate with $150000 worth of debt
>residents make $60k working 80+hrs/week

>> No.9441569

Better qualified for what STEM may may man?

>> No.9441577


Blogging and Social Media moderating for the Uni.
I also got an internship with a fashion house where I did corporate comms for a bit. When a graduate job opened up - my intern director spoke to the job person (they knew each other) and I was inserted in.


I had the ability to study STEM. I studied physics / chem / programming at high-school and did very well. A STEM course was even my third uni option in the unlikely case the other two writing gigs filled up.
But it's not what I wanted to do with my life. I love communication and saw myself being more valuable in comms than maths. And hard work isn't relative - anybody in any industry can be "lucky" providing they apply themselves and push further than is expected or what is comfortable.

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im suprised film was not on the list

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Simply being employed is a pretty damn low bar to hurdle. Someone who ends up at McDonalds is, in fact, employed.

>> No.9441785

dope fit tbh

>> No.9441788

looks like ervell granite print

>> No.9441808


What the hell is animal sciences? If it's vet then this list is bs...

>> No.9441817

it aint raf tho

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If STEM fags for once embraced the idea they are plebs and know shit about nothing outside their specific field of study they would be nextlevel as fuck.

But oh well, they all want to be "patrician", ladies mans, "alphas as fuck bro" and badly try to dress like art majors as if art majors would be the be all end all top of the food chain, and not only that, they shit on said art majors calling them maximum projection adjetives.

Face it you are a pleb, why is it so hard concept to grasp you only know about that demanding thing that is enclosed on a incredibly narrow field?

I for one will steal your style, make it cool, and in a couple years you will be trying and PAYING to dress like me while I am trying to dres like you at your worse, most ignorant day.


>> No.9441853

Well that's actually me, and I'm majoring in financial economics B^)

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nigga stop projecting

its not like art majors magically dress fashionably, you just have some weird view on the world

many STEM majos dont give a fuck about clothes, and that is fucking fine. fashion is not for everyone.

and the same thing goes for the subject you are studying. the only thing you are achieving here is looking like a mad 15 year old kid that is trying to justify something

>all those people arguing about income in their fields

studying something for money is not /fa/ by any means

do something you like, and you will be happy and thats the only thing that counts

who cares if you get to write for magazine x and suck tricky ricky's cock every other day or if you make 193132921893128931289$ per day by smashing a microscope on a desk if you hate your job

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>mfw I'm going to kill myself if I don't get into medical school

$150,000-200,000 starting or bust nigga, I'll be the only Pediatrician dressed in Rick.

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Studying economics, gonna get into development banks or the IMF. Got contacts. Once I finish my degree i'm gonna be /fa/ niggas.

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>surrounded by drunk fratbois who wear cargo shorts and polos every day

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dope fit, shit subject
could have gone for a fine art at least

>> No.9442233

>failed 2 years of my economics degree because of partying, drugs and mental illness
>failed 1 semester of commerce degree because of drugs

starting my next semester of commerce majoring in corp finance and accounting. lets hope drugs fuck off away from me :)

>> No.9442244

how do you fail a business course?

not show up?

shit you don't even have to show up that often

just once to prove the name isn't fake

>> No.9442299

Fucking bet you live in Aus.

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your frats wear cargos?

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>econ not on the list

>> No.9442858

cyber bullying isn't real, close out of this tab newfag

>> No.9443072

>some of my best friends are geography majors
>I'm a math major
>they're probably going to be more successful than me because they have charisma and are likable

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Yeah, idk what the guy was thinking, those thing are the worst shit unless you're surfing

>> No.9444261


Are you one of those who can wear only basketball shoes and tracksuits because evrything else too uncomfy?

>> No.9444337

its funny how you people think that just going to a nice university is going to get you loads of money, formal education is just one factor in being succesfull, i finished first year of mech ing. and im going to study fashion design and patternmaking this year, i could have stayed in eng. but it wasnt for me so i simply decided to stop doing it coz it made me miserable, in the gap year i earned a ton of cash by doing freelance graphic design and photography, i also tutored some first year engineers in the use of PLM software (NX more specifically). the point that im trying to make is that you can have a double doctorat in some STEM field and still be way less sucesfull than someone who simply has things figured out and is versatile. studying something just because its "employble" is the dumbest thing you can ever do, so do yourself a favour and go study something that you actually want to do in your life. besides just having a job doesnt mean shit, some of my older friends that have engineering degrees have jobs and the workload and resposiblity are huge while the pay really isnt that good.

>> No.9444344

>Aircraft maintenance engineering
>mfw lowest grade on 50k already
>I'm 20

>> No.9444362

the jacket is fine except for the long dick owens esc pull strings

>> No.9444378


There's a Chinese doctor at my med school's hospital who always wears Rickidas hoof shoes.

>> No.9444382

>people acting like anyone cares about your salary
doesn't matter if you don't got sick fitz

>> No.9444389

enjoy ur anal probes lmao

>> No.9444404

There are people who actually enjoy engineering work and don't do it just because it's employable and comes with a good salary. You're just trying to find reasons to put yourself above people.

>> No.9444432

No you fucking dunce, events management is on that list because events management is applicable to a job in mcdonalds - it's not a list of degrees most likely to leave you unemployed

>> No.9444658

Oh certainly, you don't need a certain degree to be successful. There are plenty of people who can make life their bitch with a degree in basket weaving studies, or no loan debt and no piece of paper at all. classic examples steve jobs, bill gates, etc etc.

But if you do need a degree for some reason, maybe success does not come intuitively to you, or you don't have a nepotism job lined up, and you happen to be planning to get a job with mostly your diploma, and you're paying a truckload of money to get that diploma, why not maximize your profit to loss ratio?

That's what stem does.

>> No.9444733

did i say that no one enjoys engineering? go buy yourself some reading comprehention
that is not at all what stem does, that is what your social and networking skills do, a formal education doesnt mean shit unless you have the skills to actually put it to good use

>> No.9445297

>all these people trying to justify their lives on fucking 4chan

look do whatever you want. the fuck you gonna concern yourself with the opinion of someone on fucking 4chan.

for all you canada fags, or ontario fags, my friend (actually my childhood friends older brother, but were bros too) went to schulich and got recruited to fucking ernst and young right after graduating. 4 years of accounting he decided to quit and go to UofT. i cant remember for what but i think it was physics. he gor his CA and everything, but literally hated his life. it wasn't for him. he hated it in school but figured the money would justify the work, and for him it didnt.

take from that what you will, but i honestly think happiness should really be your prime objective in life. money doesn't necessarily equal happiness.

>> No.9445348

>things people say to justify pursuing shitty degrees

>> No.9445490

>a formal education doesnt mean shit
have fun being hired as mechie with graphic design and photography experience!

>> No.9445576

>cargo shorts

pick one

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>a formal education doesnt mean
>reading comprehention

>> No.9445667

if everyone in here is rich/about to be rich then why are the waywt threads so unbelievably horrible?

>> No.9445704

because they buy expensive clothes and think it will go with everything

>> No.9445714

>thinks hes engineer
>[citation needed]

You'll end the same place your fake list says

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I am the exact same opposite, everyone at my faculty dress like shit

>> No.9448869

Honestly I think the sneakers kinda throw it off.

>> No.9448913

That's why I think the HS system in North America is shit. How do you expect a kid at 18 to decide what he wants to do for the rest of his life?

HS needs to either provide you the guidance you need (through well-designed curriculums, courses, activities etc. ) to make an informed choice at graduation (i.e. trade school, CC, state, ivy colleges, military, work etc.), and not leave you without recourse if you don't decide to pursue tertiary education. At present US high-school system accomplishes none of these

>> No.9448943

What a great outfit, damn. This is a 9/10 for me. If I had half of this guy's sense of style, I'd be set for life. I would've gone with some black loafers, though.

As for the STEM degree circlejerk, I want to share my experience after graduating.

STEM degrees are great, really. They carry more weight in the job market, for sure. One can pull up the numbers and certainly say that a Mechanical Engineering degree pulls more cash than a Psychology degree. It's not rocket science.

One thing that a lot of people are missing, though, is the need for excellent work experience. I don't mean flipping burgers, or working retail, or doing some campus job. I mean doing an internship over the summer, with a respectable firm, and working hard enough to earn a letter of recommendation from a manager. The number of university students, STEM and Liberal Arts alike, with menial work experience is astounding . . . and downright disappointing.

Employers will look at quality letters of recommendation, which are letters from managers. Letters from lecturers are a dime-a-dozen. Why? Because they haven't seen you in the workplace, besides that, they've already written hundreds of these things for other students. Employers want to know how you handle yourself under increasing demands, how you're like when you don't want to work, how you get along with other people, if you're trustworthy, etc. Even a letter of recommendation from your retail store experience carries more weight from your MECH 482 professor.

Another things student need to consider is developing a marketable skillset. It's been mentioned here before, but effective communications skills will open many doors for you. This goes along with being able to sell. It doesn't matter what kind of field you're in, you want to know how to sell. If you're going to work in an engineering firm, you'll need to learn how to sell your ideas.

>> No.9448949

Yes yes yes yes yes. STEM degrees are great but at the end of the day all degrees are worth shit without relevant work experience and people skills

>> No.9448977

I cannot stress enough how useful sales experience is. If you are doing research, and you were to apply for an NSI grant, you may have to do a presentation in front of a panel. If you've learned how to sell yourself, and your ideas, they would award you the grant. The best engineers in my firm, the ones who make real money, are the ones who have worked sales internships. These guys are the real drivers, they are proposing (i.e selling) projects to the highest bidder. The guys with no sales experience, the guys who have only worked on their degree (and only have worked campus jobs), are the ones chained to their desk.

It's been mentioned in this thread already, but programming skills are highly useful. I'm not too great in this field, so I won't say much.

Web development and web design skills are important as well. Again, this is not field, but employers are looking for this.

Foreign languages are very, very important. The number of students, STEM and Liberal Arts alike, who don't care about learning/ know a second language is astounding. A second language opens a lot of doors. I would encourage students to learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, Tamil, Mandarin, or Russian. Now the guys in my firm are trying to learn Portuguese now. Secondary languages are hard to learn for sure, but they *do* pay off in the end.

I could ramble on, but the point is:

A degree by itself is useless. If anything, it just adds a few lines to your CV. Students who are looking to build up their CV must have valuable work experience, contacts (who would give you recommendations), and marketable skills.

>> No.9448979

students are supposed to dress shitty. their priorities are their studies.

>> No.9449024

you know america is in the shit hole if people think the only way into the middle class is through STEM degrees

~$60k median income for an electrical, mechanical or aerospace engineering graduate.

which is roughly $10,000 more than the poverty line

if you factor in student loans, an engineering graduate is in poverty for ~5-10 years after graduating

>> No.9449032

>which is roughly $10,000 more than the poverty line

Except you have no idea what you're talking about?

>> No.9449046

So wait, what many of you are saying is that a STEM degree doesn't cash out. Then what would? There are few degrees that are actually better than a engineering degree, if we are only talking about having a degree.

>> No.9449051

>aerospace engineering graduate
>not a part of stem
>recommending aerospace anything when nasa is all but shut down

>> No.9449056







>> No.9449062

Was talking to a girl and shes like "I bet youre a business major". Asked her why, told me "all the business majors dress well". Im econ/math....close enough.

>> No.9449067

>this autism

>> No.9449070

i think the point is that no degree will automatically get you a good salary without work experience, good references, etc.

>> No.9449078


Well ofc, but that's for every degree. I don't think it's any easy to get a job without any of that ì. Also, now every engineering college has mandatory programming classes, for example I'm getting a degree in elec engineering and just gave an exam on Java and C

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>> No.9449146


>tfw doing this right now

It's hell.

>> No.9449148


it's not worth it trust me.

>> No.9449193


I never said the degree was more important than networking.

networking and social skills are necessary no matter what degree you have. The major is a different factor all together. They both matter.

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