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Since wool pants are gonna be pretty big this year I thought I'd start a thread. Any particular good brands? Which colour is the most versatile?

Wool pants general.

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Raf Simons, Acne, Paul Smith, Jil Sander and NN07 all do some nice trousers. For more formal stuff check out Lanvin, Margeila, Boglioli and Incotex.

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I realized today that over half my pants are some form of wool. I'm honestly surprised at how versatile of a material it can be.

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Navy or grey are most versatile.

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Hey dad, how's work?
What you meant to say is gray and black

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I own three pairs of Acne jeans but the only pants I have are shitty poly/cotton ones from Marks & Spencer. I need to cop some decent trousers. What should I get that's similar to the Ace/Max fit of Acne?

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W2C good slim fitting pants for a 6'4 tall gentleman?

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Don't buy Acne. Get some Jil trousers or even Patrick Ervell of you want similar price but much better quality.

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Which Patrick Ervell pants on their website are even similar to these? Maybe I'm blind but I see none.

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I don't know which exact model, christ. I just know that in the past he has put out similar pants to Acnes slim wool pants.

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What's wrong with Acne?

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How do you guys know whats going to be big

I dont understand

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hey son hows school

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this year lol? you mean the last 3 years?

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plebest of all brands. overpriced to shit. literal meme brand. almost as tasteless as SLP.

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>tfw can't wear wool pants because of pets

Is it just wool blended pants that pick up hairs? I need some that don't, the ones in my pic look like they wouldn't pick anything up but Idk what material they are (or even what they are).

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Do you even understand how fashion works?

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Maybe on this board it's a 'meme brand' but they actually put out some of the best fitting/looking basic stuff. Sure the quality isn't the best but it isn't the worst either. They are goat brand for denim/outerwear and a lot of their accessories/leather goods are made in Italy.

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No they aren't everything is made in China. Do you actually own any Acne?
>goat brand for denim/outerwear
Should've just stopped reading there.

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>everything is made in China

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>he fell for the acne meme

stay mad

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>he fell for the anti-acne meme
stay mad

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The vast majority of items that people buy are made in China. Yes.

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>trunks pls notice me

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The vast majority of items that people buy are made in China =/= everything is made in China

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You've not really given any reason for why you like acne apart from the fact that it's the only 'designer' that puts out pieces that are easy to pull off/basic.

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Any cheaper UK (<£60) please?

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You've not really given any reason for why you hate acne apart from the fact that it's the only 'designer' that puts out pieces that are easy to pull off/basic.

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im not that guy but are you an idiot? literally go try on some of their clothes, they're comfortable but they look like crap and regardless of where specifically a given garment of theirs is made the quality is invariably unacceptably low for the price point

if you want to buy a pair of used acne jeans on ebay for fifty dollars that's a different story

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First off could you please answer the question of do you actually own any Acne or not. Second tees,denim,knits,sweats,outerwear, most shoes are made in China. Ver very few items are made in Italy and even then it's in the shittiest and most depraved factories. If you're buying leather goods from Acne there is already no hope for you, so you might as well keep buying your derivative shit.

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>are you an idiot?
Are you an idiot?
>but they look like crap
If you say so.

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>First off could you please answer the question of do you actually own any Acne or not
I won't tell you anything.

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>being this mad
It's like you have reverted to the state of a 6 year old who was told they're stupid.

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I think you're the guy who's mad.

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>>9424642 >>9424675 >>9424678
>>9424680 >>9424684 >>9424686
>>9424689 >>9424694 >>9424697
>>9424699 >>9424703 >>9424704
>>9424708 >>9424710 >>9424712
All me

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ITT: one guy desperately defends Acne to try and convince himself that his dope new Acne Aces were not bought in vain

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I actually don't own anything by Acne.

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Erm m8 most of acne stuff is made in Europe. I've got two pairs of jeans, one is made in Turkey and the other in Albania. I've got a scarf which is made in Italy, tshirts from Portugal and I did briefly own some knitwear which I returned because it was too small (I think that was Turkey as well).

Acne jeans are probably the best fitting jeans I've owned. Tshirts are great as well. No gripes about the scarf. Knitwear was okay, weird fitting was really short. I don't get all the hate for Acne on this board. Maybe you're just trolling?

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>implying I buy clothes for quality

If that was the case all I'd wear is milsurp. Most high fashion stuff is made from delicate or exotic materials which don't take a lot of wear.

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They're also made in china from crap fabrics

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You really don't know what you're talking about.

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please stop fighting /fa/

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>pretty big this year

pretty slow for a trend hopper m80

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>Most high fashion stuff

That depends almost purely on what brand and what product you're talking about. A Seraphin jacket that's meant to be buttery soft from the moment you first wear it? Sure, milled calfskin will be crazy delicate. A thick RRL vegetable-tanned moto? That'll take quite a while to break in, much less break down.

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They're out of stock, but varusteleka had some Finnish M/65 pants, that in the lighter, summer variation are GOAT. Managed to get them perfect fit, don't need a belt or anything, and they're jsut the right length. Might post pic later if I have time/find a better mirror and lighting.

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>telling people they can cop a superior product for the same price
>upset when they want to know what that product is

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Acne being a meme is the biggest meme of all, these people jumped on the bandwagon and started insulting the brand when there was next to no talk like this just months before. It's funny.

Acne is far from anything special, but I'm willing the bet the majority of shit-talkers don't even know what it stands for, let alone have actually handled it

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Oh here we go. What does it stand for oh-higher being?
>haven't handled acne
If you honestly haven't handled even Acne you really shouldn't be here.

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But they'll probably go great with this year's trend ;^)

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I actually meant what the acronym ACNE stands for, I was implying that you don't know anything about the brand and clearly I was right.
Don't know why you're assuming I was talking about some silly kitschy rubbish.

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There's a lot of people who are asking where they can get these jeans including myself and you idiots won't stop fighting. Ffs get over it

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Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.

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w2c jacket please (or similar)

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i mean this honestly there are rarely anyb wool trousers that are at that price point due to material. even uniqlo and h&m start around 40 pounds and they're shit.

Tjhat being said dig through sales. I bought what essentially is these for 30 quid at Jigsaw >>9424217, and if you're willing to add 10 or 20 thats cos nwt and the quality is worth about the price.

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criticism for acne has always existed. I have tons of thrifted acne and while the fits are usually pretty good it's all made in Turkey or China and I don't know why anyone would pay top dollar for it. It's been like that since day one. Even now, walk into the showroom, put on an 800 pound coat and check to see it was made in Turkey or some shit.

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Mostly concept and execution. Though Acne's materials and construction are pretty par for the course, they're a lot more progressive in many of their designs, excepting their carry over styles, of course. They've built a reliable business on leather outerwear that is deliberately left of center and make a wide range of footwear that spans from classic, easily worn styles to very aggressive styles that trade heavily on novelty. It's a bit like Alexander Wang; taking very ready-to-wear ideas but producing and pricing them at a contemporary price point so that people who are design-oriented, but not true luxury ready-to-wear customers can get into them.

Nothing wrong with it, just a particular approach to design and merchandising that, for some reason, seems to rub a certain group of people the wrong way.

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I'm selling cdgh from 1995 black wool in size 31 ish for 220$ shipped(i won't be making any money). Really amazing however my style doesn't accommodate them. Only selling here

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Probably not, which is why he asked.

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You might consider getting trousers tailor made.

I buy suiting wool from a local fabric store and give it to my tailor. The trousers he makes fit perfectly - and it's inexpensive (however this will also depend a lot on which fabric you buy).

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Acne sucks period end of discussion.

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how long are they?

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None of these fucks know what they're talking about. Everyone's just guessing, or saying that what they're currently into is the "next thing"

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watch runways for future, whoever the fashion world is hyping up generally dictates the next big thing.

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thanks mate

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i've looked everywhere but cannot for the life of me cannot find any wool pants

not to mention it's made harder by being 6'5

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W2c sandy rags?

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just copped, what do you guys reckon?

Mr Porter's delivery is so good, guaranteed next day delivery and free returns that they come and collect from you

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here's a photo of them on someone way better looking than me
they look a lot more grey in this photo, not sure what to expect

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Look good, best thing about Mr Porter is the packaging

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How do u pull off trousers without looking like a menswear/dadcore autist?

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Girls in pants make me so thirsty

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too right, I forget i'm poor when I get that big white box and card through the door

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You wear them with less formal items...

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anyone have uniqlo +J wool pants?
MATERIALShell: 100% Wool/ Lining: 100% Polyester

need fit pics.

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I thought it was aesthetics need constant evolution lol

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The goose

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Pants and sneakers. Y/N?

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You be an interesting person and not 15.

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that would be ance

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Extremely long.

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no shit, they make all their pants a 34" inseam... get it tailored

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yeh. uniqlo offer free hemming though.

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very high school prom night tuxdeo with sneakers edgy i dont give a fuck-esque so no.

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29in inseam I believe

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You are able to have pants you purchased online altered at any of our store locations. Please bring your pants with your shipping note and original tag.

Our alteration policy is below.
*Pants Over $20 pre tax are free of charge
*Pants requiring blind stitch or pants under $20 pre tax, are a $5 fee for each pair needing alterations.
*We do not offer alteration services once pants have been washed or worn.

Unfortunately there are some pants that we cant offer alteration services on due to the material.

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Anyone know of any good wool-style pants that aren't made out of wool?

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hhnnnng nice postman!

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Do you realize how stupid the comment you just wrote sounds?

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Well that's disappointing because there are no physical Uniqlo stores in my country. I order online from Uniqlo UK. But thanks for the info.

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W2c cheap woolen pants that can be worn with sneakers and a sweater? Maybe something like wool joggers.

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As this is an appropriate thread, I simply need some trousers that will last, and be fitting for both formal and sometimes informal events, although I doubt I'm going to be wearing them with sneakers. Of course, preferably cheap. Also, are Uniqlo shirts still terrible?

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are they wearable in the summer nights, or spring? or is it just too warm for wool? i don't have any so i'm curios

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uniqlo shirts have never been terrible? especially compared to other mall tier clothes u fuckwit

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what do u thing about this pant
cop or not ?

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You best be joking, nigger.

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How would you say it instead?

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Well one pair are cropped so yes they are perfect.
Next pair are virgin wool and the fabric is super fine and breathable so again very nice for summer.
Next a more relaxed pant with a more traditional feel of wool but the fabric is still fairly thin so I don't expect them to be too hot.
Last I have some wool cargo pants which are very heavy and even in the winter I overheat in them.

So basically what it comes down to is how heavy the fabric is also how they are cut will also help a lot when it comes to heat. But to answer your question concisely yes wool pants can easily be worn in the summer unless you are in some extremely hot and arid environment.

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Wool pants don't have a "style" there is not some universal way that only wool pants can be cut. I think what you meant was texture and the answer is yes there are plenty of fake wool pants out there but unless you have a problem with wool ethically speaking there isn't really a point considering they aren't usually very expensive. If you did mean style you are probably thinking similar to the pants posted ITT which are heavily tailored slim fit trousers any pair of fairly nice trousers and a visit to the local tailor can get you a pair of pants comparable to this>>9424209

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I think navy and grey are the most versatile colors when it comes to wool/flannel trousers. Other colors that are nice are brown and green, especially during autumn.

As for brands, if your budget allows for it, Pantaloni Torino (PT01) makes fantastic trousers with many hand-sewn moments, great fit and good materials.

But flannel is a type of finish made from either wool or cotton.

I agree with this guy. If you're after wool-like pants, buy some friggin' wool pants.

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>unless you have a problem with wool ethically speaking

Nail on the head

>If you did mean style you are probably thinking similar to the pants posted ITT which are heavily tailored slim fit trousers any pair of fairly nice trousers and a visit to the local tailor can get you a pair of pants comparable to this

Awesome, thanks

>> No.9427774

Glad I could help :)

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Someone cop I'm trying to buy some ccp pants

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Wait is that you in the pics or did you take them from someone?

>> No.9427829

Its Travis, guy I bought them from. Honestly if your looking for a nice cdgh cut there perfect, but I'm looking for some cotton skinny ccp and I can't afford both.

>> No.9427832

They look awesome but I have no money atm :(

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Cos or Asos

>> No.9429279

How can anyone jump on this trend so late? I swear this board is full of the most hopelessly out of date fucks I've ever seen. Do you all live in Midwestern dirt pits or something?

>> No.9429294

W2C black cropped tapered wool pants? Like these:


I know Yohji and CDG are known for it, but where specifically can I get pants like these?

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CDG for sure mine are from CDG black

>> No.9429336

It depends on the style you want. Almost every brand and designer out there is making cropped pants right now but if you want a looser and more billowy look in the waist and thigh like in those pics you'll want some certain brands. Yohji and CDG are obvious answers but Rick also makes some really interesting cropped pants.

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You mean the last 3 centuries, right? I cant think of a single era when wool pants didnt work.

>> No.9429412

like this fit alot, have more?

>> No.9429416

With the pants?

>> No.9429427

Is there a cheaper alternative to these pants?

>> No.9429467

Pants don't even fit

>> No.9429469

>pants with sneakers
And here I thought /fa/ couldnt become any more retarded. Jesus christ.

>> No.9429562

>muh fashion rules

>> No.9429581

What are you on about?

>> No.9429589

Crop doesn't go with the proportions here, its all off. Maybe if they were longer or if he had boots. Fairly easy to see

>> No.9429594

Boots would look like shit here, I can get behind a slightly longer pant though.

>> No.9429631

also look like they fall funny

>> No.9429658

so what do i wear with sneakers? nothing?!

>> No.9429676

Thanks m8

>> No.9430208

Go for it?


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w2c pants?

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Thinking of copping these, thoughts?
w2c similar?

>> No.9431413


>> No.9431461

w2c something similar? I'd really like some slim wool pants.

>> No.9431503

What is a jacket like this called?


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Decided to give it a try, r8 the fit

>> No.9432161

It's pretty difficult to see the texture of anything in that picture.

>> No.9432162

I'll provide another pic later then

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File: 1.35 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cop or not? They're half price

>> No.9432172

too baggy imo.

>> No.9432173

Holy shit why do they billow out around my ass so much, they're my size?

>> No.9432177

Yah it's wierd.. It even says they're skinny fit and theyre my size

>> No.9432197

Guess the design itself is fucked up. Don't cop obv.

>> No.9432204

Looks like you're wearing diapers. Don't cop.

>> No.9432214

w2c socks?

>> No.9432253

Yea I have those. For $50 I'm satisfied. Nice cut, fabric is a little scratchy. I sized up one bc I lift.

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File: 2.00 MB, 1872x3328, 20150209184810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay here it is? Is it too daddy-esque, so to say?

>> No.9432363

The wide legs and long sweater makes your legs look short. Might be the angle though.

>> No.9432966

most dads dress better than that

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>> No.9432976


>> No.9432979

all shit, even the colours? really

>> No.9432985

it is a cool fit, the frumpiness is very urban

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Im not cracking out the iron for one fit.

Topman, actually. Which I found suprising

>> No.9433005

no i meant that the wrinkly thing you got goin on is cool

>> No.9433051

oh, i see. Thanks man

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File: 1.08 MB, 2018x2595, 003-fred-astaire-theredlist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The real question here; pleated or flat front?

Imo the only reason pleats went out was because so many young guys were insecure about dey dick and needed some tight fitting trousers. Pleats give you comfort, and the wimmin a nice suprise

>> No.9433284

I think grey and more taper would be better.

>> No.9433288

Looks good. You could probably take mostly the same clothes and dress them up as well.

>> No.9433325

What does that mean

>> No.9433360

what are they called? Might cop

>> No.9433367

The only label on them says "skinny fit", they were £25 down from 50,

They also do a light grey flecked with black colourway

>> No.9433388

You were what sneakers were made for. Casual, sport-ish outfits. A tailored pair of woolpants can work with sneakers, but those sneaker are far from being casual.

The shit linked in this thread, white grey sports sneakers or fucking New Balance look ridiculous with a fucking wool pants. You look as retarded as a guy who wears a pinstripe vest without a fitting pants. I get it, youre underage and have no sense for fashion. But one day you will realize how fucking retarded you looked.

>> No.9433668