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What's your excuse for not having a thick, full beard as of 2015?

Having yet to hit puberty and low test caused by a sedentary NEET life aside.

It's like you guys don't want to have any pussy.

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gr8 b8 m8 I r8 it 8/8

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that guy would look so much better clean shaven or just with a non faggot beard

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Great 4chan meme dude!

No wonder you can't grow a beard out of your worthless skinnyfat body. Should've done some sports instead of browsing a buthanese structuralist film forum.

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low test brah

>growing pubes on face for girls

lel what a beta faggot

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100% of women like a guy with a nicely developed chin, but less than 100% like a guy with a beard. so, if you have a good chin and then cover it with a beard, you're fucking up statistically. consequently, beards have become synonymous with weak-chinned motherfuckers (and double-chinned motherfuckers) who use facial hair to cover their shame. so not only might you run into a woman who just isn't into beards, but you add on women who dislike it because get why a large percent of men wear a beard: to cover their facial shortcomings.

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I cant stand anything more than 4 or 5 day growth. Ironically, I can't really go clean shaven either because i get ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and overall redness no matter how much preparation I use before shaving... I'll go clean shaven once or twice a year for special occasions but otherwise I use a dulled set of hair clipers on my face every other day to trim it perfect 3 day growth that is just hardly visible but still conservative enough to blend in.
>Added bonus of looking pic related is that I look older, and more masculine with the stubble bringing out my jawline.
so far, haven't had a job that complained about it. And i've done white, blue and pink collar work.

I figure that once I finish college next year and get a real job, I'll try the straight razor method a shot. Hopefully less is more. (referring to blade count)

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are you me?

i have the very same issue and the very same solutuion

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Wow, ISIS is fresh to death.
W2c epic meme-o-brow.

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I've had a pretty big beard for maybe 9 months now. I hate the whole beard-culture manly lumberjack trend but we don't really have that in my country so it's not so bad.

I'm starting to get a bit bored of it but I'm worried about how I'll look without it, I get compliments about it ALL THE TIME from complete strangers.

call me a narcissist or whatever but it's nice when people compliment you and I know I'll lose that if I shave it off

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"beard-culture" is something which exists only on 4chan. There's got to be a reason for all those compliments, it means it suits you.

If you shave it off you will embrace taking the risk.

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The original post of this thread is a meme too.

Seriously though, I pity you. It appears you won't get any pussy without the beard. Sounds like you're ugly as shit underneath your beard.

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>beard culture only exists on 4chan

False, it might only exist on the internet but there are definitely conservatives catching on to liberals appropriating a working man look. Pretty sure theres even a facebook based on basking the fake lumberjack look or so my friend told me.

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It's never really bothered me. Anyway, guys that have a ton of facial hair at a young age are way moire likely to go bald.

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>"beard-culture" is something which exists only on 4chan.

Yeah no. It's all over the place. Stores and sites selling beard shit like antique shaving equipment, even t-shirts with stupid beard related slogans and shit etc are popping all over the place.

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You said it brother.

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pretty sure that antique shaving equipment would be the opposite of "beard culture"

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I wud but I'm a girl XD XP

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lol so randum XD

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beard is the most retarded trend ever, it is not hygienic, rather unconfortable. I have a lot of facial hair and I wish I could get rid of them because I have shaving twice a day to look decent.

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>not hygienic
Sure its not if youre too retarded to take care of it. Spoiler alert you underage inbred: you beard shouldnt be in your mouth.

Some people look good with a beard, others dont. And by taking care of it the probability that you will be part of the former group is way higher. Most people simply cant be bothered to and look like complete toosl.

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>What's your excuse for not having a thick, full beard as of 2015?

I would be immediately fired from my job

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What exactly is your job. Because I can think of barely any field where a well groomed beard gets you fired.

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most if not all fastfood jobs require a no beard policy because of hair dropping in food. Some places get by this by forcing you to wear a chin net

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beard is for people with poor facial features

>> No.9405618

>fastfood jobs
You have different things to worry about than you looks, thats for sure.

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I just threw up

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he was talking about beard oils, combs, and straight razors to shape the beard

>> No.9405644

OR people who can grow a beard, a beautiful one.

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it's just a fad like hair metal hairstyles and bell-bottoms. you'll look at yourself in 20 years and laugh at your hy+beard combo

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> it's the equivalent of a little black dress
> it's a brightly coloured square in use to brighten up my outfit

Learn to similie m8.

Also, 30-40 pocket squares?
Nice one, are you going to start hoarding socks too?

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Lots of office jobs, emergency services, army, navy, air force, any other job where a face mask is mandatory for health or safety.

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Show us an example where the beard is well groomed and complimentary to the face then.

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i shave my head, call it hitler youth if you want to

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please tell me your not the terrorist wannabe in the OP picture.

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I am an employed, non-degenerate.

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>tfw shit beard genetics
>practically no hair growth on cheeks or neck
>sideburns, chin and mustache aren't dense at all and look like pubes
at least I've got great features that need no hiding, but beards do look cool

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Finance. Can't pull off a beard unless you're in your 50s. Too unprofessional

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because it's not 2014 anymore

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low test

low test

>low test brah

low test

low test

low test

low test, probably the lowest ITT

low test

low test

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huffing was always that one drug that I think "why?"

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Despite the emerging trend of "lumbersexual" and the whimsical belief that facial hair makes one "more of a man", it still holds a stigma of unprofessionalism and poor hygiene. Take that, along with the fact that not everyone's face is made for a beard, better or worse genetics for facial hair, and it's not feasible for everyone.

The "low test" argument is invalid because the demographic you're describing with said "low test" are the ones who relish a bearded look. Most people who sport a "full, thick beard" are neckbeards who found MFA and discovered personal hygeine, or insecure men who are more than likely closet homosexuals for Dan Bilzerian.

Clean-shaven will always be king. Maybe your beard is acceptable at your small-time, liberal company with no dress code (read: self-respect) and doesn't even sit in the Fortune 1000, but not the majority of the world. You think you look like the guy from 'Fast n' Loud' but you're just another average looking twenty-something, hiding a complexion riddled with blemishes and acne scars under a patchy rug of greasy facial hair.

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>thinking beard = high test
lol I know narrow-shouldered short betas who can grow beards and built athletic alphas that don't (yet, in their early 20s). If you're browsing /fa/ you're most likely the former

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Nice bullshit. I am a lawyer in M&A and no one gives a shit about me having a beard. Neither does anyone at major banks. Theres a difference between looking like a homeless guy a properly groomed beard.

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keep spouting memes

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>desiring to work for a fortune 1000 company

international mega corporations are the past. you're a late-adopter alive during the sunset of capital power. enjoy your dress code, though.

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because beard makes me look like shit
>pic related, same bodyfat in the two pics but clearly the beard makes me look like a fatass

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It doesnt make you look fat at all. You simply have shit beard genetics and end up with a neckbard + pedostache.

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I don't want to shave my beard just because of lame shit like this

>> No.9406119

I've seen the thumbnail for this reaction image a few times and never opened it. I had the idea that I didn't like the image.

now that I've actually taken a good look at it I'm fucking glad I did

that's great

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don't want to take the time to look like an elegantly disheveled mess just to walk outside and look like everyone else.

beard culture is legit cancerous.

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>international mega corporations
>implying that a company has to be large to be in a Fortune ranking

Did you skip that class at community college, Anon?

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I couldn't grow a beard if my life depended on it. I think it's my native american blood. Thick hair atop and never going to bald almost makes up for it. Also only have to trim up my burns and stache once a week is pretty nice. Being sedentary doesn't stop you from growing a beard... Case and point, neck-beard faggots.

Low-test, androgyny, whatever may be the root, I can explore spiritual sides of myself that other monkey ass hairy men won't ever have the opportunity to. Hendrix, Bowey, etc.. are gods.

Trends are cyclical, smooth and proud is a mans natural state. Classics never go out of style. OP is an ego-faggot.

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>if you dont have a fully grown beard ur not a man
>i love aubrey plaza
>i make awful jim halpert faces when i take pics of myself
>i wear beanies

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cause I look like shit with a beard, imagine bearded barbara palvin thats pretty much it smh

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>screenshot of first 14 in Fortune 500
>implying it solidifies a point about size of workforce in Fortune 500

Do you always stick your nose in places you have no knowledge of, or do you love being wrong?

>> No.9406924


do you not understand how rankings work or do you expect me to screenshot all 1,000 companies?

here, let me explain rankings to you, you child: the top ranks in any ranking system represent the epitome of those qualities and attributes for which that ranking system selects. therefore, the top rankings of the Fortune list are, by definition, the epitome of what it is to be a Fortune company. therefore, Wal Mart in 2014 is a better representation of what it means to be a Fortune company than any other company.

do you understand now, with your minuscule cranial capacity?

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He makes good coffee tho

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I can't grow one

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Excess facial hair makes me look homeless

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the purpose of a beard is to cover a weak chin or neck fat. if you have neither of those problems, don't grow a beard.

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You talk like you have an associates. Must feel bad, being a nobody at an NPO.

>> No.9407105

good rebuttal you definitely clashed with my points 10/10 i am decimated.

>> No.9407138

stopped to glare/bertstare at him after every paragraph

>> No.9407140

Except you went through the effort to make a point that literally had nothing to do with what I said initially.

You blindly grouped all Fortune-ranked companies under your "international mega corporations" label, adding something else that really didn't fit, and sealing your autistic envelope with a metaphor. All in all, despite the fact that I pointed out to you that not every company had to fall under that label you pressed onto it.

But no, that just couldn't slide. You had to deliver me a screenshot of the first 14, to really emphasize the point that a brash generalization couldn't be made more clear...by wait...more generalizations! After I pointed out your mistake, you responded with a long-winded explanation as to why your little summary made perfect sense, all despite the fact you still ignored what I was trying to convey.

To that, I "rebutted" with general sarcasm and a fair presumption of your education, simply because you cannot get around your thick-headed belief as to what you were actually talking about.

To your defense (which you couldn't put in words because I assume you do not understand them), is that yes, the Fortune 500/1000 is ranked based on revenue. You pointed it out that Wal-Mart is a prime example of this, but you fail to recognize that every company in this ranking, isn't globally-operated with tens of thousands of employees. Again, it's all based on revenue alone.

Really read through what I'm saying here and let it sink in. I'm just trying to help, I don't want to make you feel inadequate.

I'm going to make tea, but I'd like some to drink will you craft up a response with greentext and weak verbal assaults.

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lmao brah you still don't understand my point do you. it doesn't matter if the actual traits that fortune selects for are not global operation and number of employees; if the traits it does select for result in a list of companies that, by an overwhelming majority, are global and huge then it is accurate to describe fortune companies as generally having those qualities. when people talk about fortune 500 companies they are not referring to the 3 aberrations in the list, else they would just refer to those aberrations directly.

step up your fucking game

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So what was your point to begin with? (late-adopter, all that jazz) If said companies are so successful, why aren't they the ideal employer? Why is the stigma behind classic, white-collar business such a turn-off for you?

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the social contexts that allow large corporations to be successful are changing. it's a way of business and life that is coming to a dead end. because it results in situations like greece and iceland (and similar stories with different results all throughout latin america and africa and asia). there comes a point where people reject coca cola and the imf, reject international debt, reject wal marts over local industry.

>> No.9407237

That's such a hard belief to grasp based on pure economics, though. I have no hold on what stays and goes (honestly speaking, in anyone's current lifetime, this shit doesn't matter) but you're talking about a change that won't happen in large power countries for at least this generation's lifetime. It's just no fesible.

In those smaller countries, yes, maybe this could happen soon. But even in their own respects, you'll probably never see this happen.

>> No.9407246

you're probably right about that

>> No.9407257

Not like it's a hard thing to accept, it certainly won't change your life or your children's life. It's more wishful thinking.

But real talk, beards are overplayed and gross bruh.

>> No.9407272

I don't think it's wishful, it's just far-off. Iceland has already essentially said "fuck this shit, we're freezing foreign capital into our economy and there's nothing you can do about it. debt? fuck debt. fuck you."

i don't care about beards one way or the other, i mostly forgot this was a beard thread while we were talking about economics and shit.

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Man beards are fucking everywhere now and it fucking sucks. I'm attracting all this "OMG BEARDLOL" attention from people who just want to make a meme of it when all I want is a warm fucking face and a disguised fucking jawline until I can find JUST how low my bf% has to be for my wide-as-fuck cheekbones to start doing their fucking job.

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You probably work in a third tier city like Austin or something. That shit doesn't fly in professional places kid

>> No.9408129

beards got played out in 2014 dipshit

>> No.9408175

>played out
>he thinks /fa/gs emo 16 year old twigs that clone each other are the pinnacle of what is cool

>> No.9408189

>What's your excuse for not having a thick, full beard as of 2015?
im not a jew, muslim, orthodox priest, redneck, or a hipster

>> No.9408866

>represent the epitome of those qualities
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehm, no.

I really cant be bothered to explain to you why a fortune 500 ranking sazs literally nothing about a company, especially in terms of dresscode. Stop to talk about economics when you lack any knowledge about it. Next youre going to tell me that US companies are so big because they are significantly more competent.

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nice Boston bomber chic in the first one

>> No.9409098

Si un jour on m'avait dit que je verrai Médine sur /fa/ je ne l'aurais pas cru.
Je me souviens de l'époque où il était gros.

>> No.9409200

How about using less pressure or replacing your razor with a safety razor? I don't personally use one myself but I know of no one who does shave with a safety razor and also still gets about razor bumps and the like.

>> No.9409677

C'est un des terroristes qui a attaqué Charlie Hebdo? :^)

>> No.9409802

ebin :DDD

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>> No.9409872

you're totally right, the companies on the top of the Fortune list definitely do not represent what it means to be a company on the Fortune list

you can't be that full of it, c-can you?

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where the fuck do some of you people live where you're so isolated from fashion trends?

This is like people claiming that noone wears Rick irl.

Actual western cities are overflowing with these lumberjack bearded cunts.

Heaps of them actually have manbun + lumberjack beard.

These people have no self awareness/shame so you can't really feel sorry for them or anything.

>> No.9409920

Only in shit flyover states. Go to a real city and you won't see any beards, because, well, ya know, they're fucking over.

>> No.9409959


beards are hitting peak trend, and in the sense that peak trend kills the "cool" in things, then yeah beards are uncool right now.

but beards will never "be over". that's like saying shirts are over. pants r over m8. having a haircut is over. wearing boots is over. eating food is over.

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Iceland is tiny and nobody cares, and Greece better lube their collective anuses because they are going to get the fucking of a lifetime within the next few years. The short of it is if you live in a civilized country that actually matters megacorps are here to stay short of a communist revolution or other serious upheaval due to technology or whatever.

>> No.9410013

>nobody cares

the foreign investors who have millions of krona frozen in icelandic banks care

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