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God tier body inspo.

Fuck off musclefags from /fit/.

Skinny men with toned abs are the only people who can become effay.

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kinda wanna get /fit/ but don't wanna lose my /fa/ skinny 6'3 appeal mang.

How do I get ottermode when I can't swim?

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>implying that guy hasn't been lifting for at least a year and running a bulk/cut cycle

Spooky skeletons please leave.

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Otter mode refers to the body type, not literally being semi-aquatic.

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bench press, push ups, and crunches

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>high test

/fit/ detected

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>having gifs of pornographic material
>unironically watching filth

This isn't /fa/
go back to /mfa/

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the trips speaks a lot, but that sounds pretty weak? like obv i'm no /fit/ expert but however I see the routines they do to become "shredded" and what you stated sounds like nothing?

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>Being low test

webm related it's you

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this was literally my face

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Your the one with the opening of a double twink extravaganza saved as a webm.

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>you will never be shia

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SS + GOMAD then

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> implying he doesnt lift
> implying he didnt bulk then cut
> implying op is a fucking skellington who never even touched a barbell

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child bearing hips >:(

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the goatest

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if you tried to have sex with him he'd break in half. cute but don't touch

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how much should i weigh (at 6ft) to start lifting to look like him
somebody tell me how to get this

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probably around 120lbs

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Just lose most of your bodyfat and you are there

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enough so that you don't strain right away, but start feeling it after ten or so reps. lifting large weights fast gets you bulky muscles, lots of slow reps of a smaller weight gets you lean muscles

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you're a retard. how skinny are you? I guarantee you're either skinnyfat or a self-hating blob
I'm 110 lbs and weighing this much is fucking awful, it does NOT look good and it doesn't feel good when people ask if you have health problems all the time.
it might look good without clothes on (barely) but once the clothes come on it's a different story, even XS t-shirts won't be filled out at the arms and long-sleeves will look like shit too

it's terrible
fuck you for being so gullible, you'll realize once you've gone through this phase that this shit isn't healthy

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wait i can't read lol