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I can't wait until I'm 30 and I can just dress in really cool menswear shit, and just mess with colors and textures and cut and shit. I'm sick of trying to look cool.

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cool is the wrong word

I like stuffy, old textures like this

Like what professors wear

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Tweed, nigga

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Tweed refers much more to the texture and content of the fabric than a specific weave, though tweeds are most commonly found plain or twill.

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Same here. I'm way too skinny to ever fit in a tweed jacket, and it seems like the nicest ones with the flecks or lines of red, blue, green, yellow are always like size 50.

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sometimes i feel like i should become a professor and just dress nice and live a comfy life

like collin farrel in the tom ford movie

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i actually need to dress more menswear to work, m going way too streetwear

anybody care to post some info? not overly mfa but a mix betweent the two

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wait collin farrel and collin firth are two different people
i thought collin farrel was james franco

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>I can't wait until I'm 30
Turns 30
>I wish I were still in my 20s

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30 is the new 20 anon

just wait til ur 40 then ull want to end yourself

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>waiting until 40

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Unfortunately, George Falconer was a professor in 1962. Nowadays, most professors aren't tenured, are never going to be tenured, and are beleaguered by tyrannical administrators. They don't wear suits. They can't afford to. They can't even afford the books they assign. Long story short, if you want to dress like a professor of old, get into university administration. Have fun getting teased by all the brohams in your undergraduate business classes.

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damn this guy is having a blast. im here sitting behind a computer and arguing with strangers

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i know anon

it's just some fantasy i have that will never be reality, professors get paid shit money and im not about to get into teaching out of all things

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>not wanting menswear and suiting to die

literally pocketwatch outdated fedora-tier wear

I'm glad new businesses being more casual is killing this crusty old garbage style

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those three look like mongoloids. fuck off with your shitty ironically poorly fitting pants

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Dipshit thinks he's smashing the patriarchy by wearing a V-neck T-shirt with a shitty off-the-rack jacket.

Yes m8 you're ending the evolution of western formal clothing by dressing poorly at your shit job.

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put a hipster beard on any of OP pics and the 'really cool' style looks like a bunch of precocious twats looking for an organic vegan 'eatery' or some shit. When I get old it's velour head to toe bitch.

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I'm nearly 30. I feel the same way. I'll be done with long hair or wearing anything besides button ups or just t-shirts and jeans.

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did that a few times - get bored, go back to subculture style, get tired again, it's just the life of a consumer that enjoys clothing

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The fuck are you on about, OP? Just get a tweed M65 jacket and you won't look like a professor.

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