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/fit/ are no help when it comes to diet to loose weight.

ITT Post:
>Current weight
>Goal weight
>Desired aesthetic

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>current weight
>goal weight
could try get down to 68kg maybe
>Height (should probably be there)
6 foot
Trying to lose excess skin at the moment, dont know what to do.

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>283 pounds
>150 pounds
>Less rounded face
It's gonna be a long fucking year

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I think height is worth mentioning here as well
>Current weight and height
150lb, 6'0
>Goal weight
160lb (I have 5lb of fat to shed first)
>Desired aesthetic
flat stomach and you can spot the muscles. low enough bf% to give my jaw its best shot at looking decent

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6'3 57 kg

Desired weight: I don't mind gaining a couple of kg

Desired aesthetic: ottermode

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>current weight
155 lbs
>desired weight
>desired aesthetic

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you'll have to lightly lift to achieve this asthetic.
just a tip.

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>Current weight
135lbs 6' visible abs
>Goal weight
>Desired aesthetic
Health goth
I want bigger arms and chest. something like pic related
Practicing calisthenics and freeskate 2 hours a day.

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I can't gain weight help me
>Current weight
55 kilos
>Goal weight
60 kils
>Desired aesthetic
Less like a skeleton

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>bigger arms and chest
>pic related

what the fuck

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>Current weight
>Goal weight
>Desired aesthetic

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5'9 ish haven't been measured in a while
109lbs last checked prob less
Maybe a stronger jaw idk

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>pic related

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>/fit/ are no help when it comes to diet to loose weight.
stop stuffing your face and go for a run you dumb fat faggot

>current weight
>goal weight
>desired aesthetic
big n edgy

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get out of 4chan, dane

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Eating a 500 calorie deficit, just started lifting. Trying to reach ottermode.

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Jesus twink
Burn more calories than you eat it's really fucking easy.

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>Fine with weight would like abs and chest to be a tad more defined.

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>this entire post


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I'm something like this >>9392044 But with a good posture and visible abs.
SO.... yeah, it's definitely bigger.

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5'9" 5'10" depending on the time of day

120-125lb depending on whether i shat or not

same, but without the belly

be less insecure and dress how i want to dress … punk/goth

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52kg goal

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lel I do run and I eat very healthily - lost 6 Kg since summer.
All /fit/ do is tell you to get big chest and arms.

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220 pounds
194 (for now)
Something like ottermode would be pretty much ideal. Lean but not too bulky.

>tfw un-/fa/ BMI

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190 / 6'3?
91kg / 200lbs

should be around 84kg / 185lbs after my cut for this summer. Should put me around ottermode by /fit/ standards and athletic by casual plebs, seeing as ppl thought i was buff last summer at 80kg / 176lbs. Ultimate goal is Chris Hemsworth, though. Maybe after another bulk and cut.

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quite the opposite. /fit/ advocates strength training mostly, which focuses on core and leg strength a whole bunch. just read the sticky if any of you want to know how to lose/gain weight.

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> Current Height/Weight
6,1" & 174 lbs
> Goal Weight
200 lbs
> Aesthetic
Comfy Jap Americana. Oversized T shirts and sweatpants dont look so good when youre skinny.

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if you can't figure out how to diet in order to lose weight, you should just kill yourself.

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I'm skinny as fuck to the point where you can clearly see my ribs in my upper body but my legs are juicy as fuck. (Although there is always more strength to obtain, of course.) What is my best course of action?

>tfw forearms are bigger than biceps due to martial arts.

It's a skeletal kind of feel.

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what do you do in martial arts that gets your forearms swole? I do hammer curls for mine so they never really have the chance to grow faster than my biceps.

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200lbs is ripped at 6'1"

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How much should I loose to be effay guys?

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I seem to weigh a lot for being fairly skinny at 6,1". I suspect most people who claim to be 6,1" are actually much shorter. .

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Wrestling increases your grip strength because you're grabbing limbs as hard as you can.

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I seem to weigh a lot for being fairly skinny at 6,1". I think most people who claim to be 6,1" are actually a lot shorter.

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You should grow 15 cms.

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this >>9392778
Or 9cm at the least

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>>Current weight
147 lbs
>>Goal weight
160 lbs
>>Desired aesthetic
Charles atlas seal of approval.