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Is it only possible to look good without makeup if you have good genetics? Would surgery help?
t. needs both

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take that neanderthal the fuck outta here

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Of course, just be a guy

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she still looks good

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she fucking doesn't lmao
blinded by fame

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Normal people don't have photoshop filters and fancy lighting following them around IRL, you know that right? Even Justin Bieber or One Direction or whatever gay models you're into don't actually look like they do on magazine covers or the gay porn sites you watch

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actually you are the blinded one.
like >>9287193 kind of said, that is what a normal human looks like.

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no but everyone i see around school/work/anywhere looks better than OP's pic

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Psychological bias.

Here's a picture of a random crowd of people from a news article. Would you say these average people look better than Cara?

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Guy with grey hair in the middle looks almost model tier, the rest are old ladies and fat people

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dis nigga tho

also, horrible pic, since its low low def and iq

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>Even Justin Bieber or One Direction or whatever gay models you're into don't actually look like they do on magazine covers or the gay porn sites you watch
and you got all that from one post? someone's mad because his waifu just got insulted. lmao.

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She's not supposed to be a normal human being, but a super model.

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gray hair trend in 2015
you heard it here first

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carafags please leave

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Supermodels are just ordinary people too.
The same thing applies to any famous person - musicians, actors, presidents - they're all just people who were just lucky enough to be successful.

A couple of years ago, I actually stood like 1m away from the president of some European country (Ukraine?? can't remember) but he's white, has a wrinkly face and he's really fat (anyone know who???), but yeah, they're normal people just like you and me dude

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most of those people are 30 - 50 years old and work office jobs

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Are there any pictures of models without ANY make-up?

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>people are not identifying a common photoshop filter

Fucking idiot airheads on this board, no surprise.

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nah, i actually have a better job than graphic designers like you who are paid pennies for a worthless skill

probably only 0.1% of "professional" designers and art students have any talent that's worth money and i doubt that includes you

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>Supermodels are just ordinary people too.
except they're not. they have superior genetics. which is why we admire them.

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holy shit wtf is wrong with you dude? why would you even think he's a failed graphic designer and belittle that entire profession because someone mentions a photoshop filter?
this is the second time you've assumed all kinds of things about an anonymous poster. insecure much? or just autistic.

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Has she no make up at all there? Also I hope this doesn't sound like shifting goalposts but the image should be high quality and in good natural lighting. More like >>9287557

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Nigga what, who said I was a graphic designer? I'm not.

Also, where does someone who enjoys fashion media get off on saying that graphic design is worthless? Who do you think makes those pretty fashion pictures you like to post on a chinese cartoon image board look pretty?

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yeah, those are the 0.1% that are actually employed

the other 99.9% are either working at starbucks or trying to sell shitty logos on fiverr or odesk for $10 to pay the bills

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and also nobody cares about graphic designers

like i could pick a random fashion pic and you could name the model, and the fashion labels, maybe the photographer if he/she is well known

but nobody cares about the nerd doing photoshop gruntwork or the guy who plugged in the cables for the lighting

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They may be made of flesh and bone and have 99.999% the same genetic make up as you or I, but celebrities are not "regular people". Regardless of their rise to fame, be it commendable or not, their lives are far from normal.

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Oh my god celebs look just like the rest of us.
My whole life has been a lie.

How does it feel to be 15 ?

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Jesus Christ you're a fucking repulsive human being. What an angsty little fag.

inb4 calling me >>9287629, I'm not him, just one of the many anonymous posters who think you're ridiculously autistic

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It is possible to look good almost always, You just have to know how to play the game with shit you'd been handed

+ exercising both mind and body and good diet and hygiene helps alot

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You lost your point here, Cara is famous for her appearance. Politicians, musicians, artists, etc generally aren't (at least not primarily, given we do have some faith in the general public's appreciation of other aspects of life.)

So a Slavic president isn't necessarily going to be a gorgeous person, but a supermodel is supposed to be. Very literally, their job to be.

That all said, the editing/photography of OP's pic would make anyone look awful, and generally Cara is pretty and rather unique in the face. Though really her status is mostly nepotism and luck.

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One thing you must understand is that most people look way better in real life than in pictures.
Compare what is comparable.
Photos vs Photos
and not IRL vs Photos

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>Is convinced that success, something that takes hard work and some luck, is entirely based on luck
Enjoy not making it in life, faggot.

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That's sort of missing the point. Most people look decent in natural lighting; it's generally flattering light. People and especially celebrities wear makeup because they need to maintain their image of beauty under any lighting conditions, even unflattering ones. That's what's going on in OP pic: no makeup -and- ugly fluorescent lighting.

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He was the one my eye was immediately drawn to, too. Fuck, he is dapper af.

Yeah, a lot of people are conditioned to not find women who aren't wearing makeup attractive because the culture is such that they pretty much wear it 24/7, so it's jarring when they don't.

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Why does harry potter have long blonde hair in that photo?

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>That's what's going on in OP pic: no makeup -and- ugly fluorescent lighting.

Not to mention the fact that someone increased the contrast and ran the image through a sharpening filter so all her skin blemishes were made clearer

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oh u mofo

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Dude anyone has seen better looking girls on the streets who aren't wearing makeup. Cara is fucking ugly, even when caked in make-up and photoshopped to hell. Normal human being my ass, she is a solid five.

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wtf she looks so manly here

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i'm sorry lol
no offense intended to struggling liberal arts majors

I never said that that success is COMPLETELY dependent on luck. You're delusional if you think it doesn't rely on luck at all though.

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