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>tfw too poor for real /fa/ stuff

uniqlo, nike and new balance usually what im dressed in

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>those $155 knockoff geos

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theyre nice

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Jesus how I know that feel

Zara, H&M and misc. no-names what I'm usually dressed in

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don't wear this shit >>9201729

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if you're more confident in cheap ass clothes than in designer clothes you'll look better in cheap ass clothes

the exception is poorly made cheap clothes like acne,apc or toj

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tbh im broke as shit but pull it off pretty well
those "no name" brands that hit mark down because they aren't hyped are pretty key, i have lots of mii, misua, mij etc. stuff from alot of the warehouseesque shops around here that get rid of barneys and nordstroms overstock

besides that i cop on yhjp and know when to swoop on grailed for my grails

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Sruli Recht, SS, Uniqlo usually what I'm dressing in
We're all gonna make it bruh

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cross NB from this list and you'll be good

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L.L Beaaaaaaaaan

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you're not too poor. You're too lazy and you don't care enough.

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>says the upperclass suburban white kid in prep school

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you sound like you live off of daddy's money

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>tfw too poor to afford new designer clothes

>have to resort to second hand and on sale shit

I j-just want to be able to afford you Takahashi ;_;

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>nicest piece is some yohji y-3s
>wear them so much they're going to fall apart eventually

what will i do then...

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dont rely on expensive brands to look good
expensive stuff is more satisfying sure but isnt neccessary

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>tfw copping expensive clothing doesn't fill in the void of no gf.

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Yahoo Japan you newfuck.

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It's unfashionable to care about the cost of what you're wearing as long as it looks good on you.

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get them repaired?

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Nothing wrong with that.

Y-yes it does

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Nike is easily mid tier depending on the pieces, don't feel bad OP!

Wearing NB CRT300 as we speak too, feels good man

If you actually take the price tags off your clothes, worry more about function and look - not price! Only /fa/ gives a fuck.

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tbh buying new in the store is overrated

feel good device for those that have money

if you dont have money isn't there a thrill in copping things at absurd prices?

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considering the dunks, I hate myself already because I know I'm going to buy them.

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