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/fa/ humor therad

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state of this thread is humourous doggy

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what came first, picture on the right or left

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i had a kek or three

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the kekkening happened

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Does anybody have more "startetpacks"? I like them

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I reckon that could be p sick on a younger guy

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My eyes hurt

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If I'd steal my dads shoes, I'd pretty much have this fit

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this still baffles me to this day

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l m a o

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I too wonder about this

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I work at the mall and sometimes people deliberately buy the most horrific shit we carry. Against our advice, they buy it.

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>not preparing for sandstorm with a stillsuit

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Asokone ;(

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I hope you speak Italian

facebook com / Gemitaiz / photos / a.112706654230.94351.91952044230 / 10152857853604231

>all dem people commenting "Hogwarts", "Star Wars" and "What the cazzo are you dressed in?"

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Can someone post the "I wish I was at home" one with the colorful 80s surfer guy?

I can't find it fucking anywhere.

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jep, more of that stuff

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Anyone have the oioi starter pack?

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interestingly enough, I could imagine this as a skit on Tim and Eric

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>wearing anything not made by Fremen

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Seriously though. I went to the rei with my dad when he was buying shoes and he just picks up a couple things off the shelf that look comfy and tries them on. Then he walked out off the store that day with new shoes without checking reviews or prices online or consulting teenagers on a Japanese cartoon image board.


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this one????

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dumping more

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what's the story behind this?

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progressive normcore

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Damn I remember this thread.

That feel is one I know of.

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a guy on tumblr called hotelmario drew himself and made that and it got popular

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this reminds me of life before /fa/
when it was simple
if only i could go back for a week

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I laughed hard and then I cried hard

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tfw asokone is gone forever

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cringe worthy.

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>dog meme
>in 2014 ?

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Iktfb. Back when you could get anything you needed at American Eagle.

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Sweet, sweet ignorance

Once you take the /fa/ red pill you can never go back

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that fucking feel

"The Normal Jacket"
by Anon

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On Sunday I went to the mall with some friends. I went to try on a coat that I found online for 25% off, and they went to get some jackets. They ended up not having the coat I wanted, but anyway.
>get to a sale on jackets at Sears
>Land's End
>they start trying them on along with whatever noname sears brands
>friend asks what I think of this bomber that is like black 'canvas' but it's pretty much vinyl or something really cheap looking
>tell him it looks really cheap
>everyone else likes it
>he buys it
>looks like shit
Oh well, I'm still looking for a jacket

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fuck this is why I hate shopping with people that have bad taste.

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This is from Ylilauta, a Finnish image board. Shitty translations by me.

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Jesus Christ, finnish language is fucking cray

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spurdo spardaaaa

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hyvät on käännökset

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I thought you were supposed to write in english on this god-forsaken image board unless otherwise specified.

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samefag this is meme-tier humour for 13 year olds and australians

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Some how this hit close to home. As I lie in stone wash tapered denim and fat laced pumas listening to offspring and wishing I could skate. And yes high cut bikinis are THE master race of swimming attire

As a polak I know that sock feel.

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>he's a obese ugly neckbeard

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I get reminded of this when I see people shopping for "normal" clothes.

It hurts so good

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why ar ethey in the middle of the street?

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Thats my dad dude. People like that are pretty common

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i'm actually laughing

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I still buy things at American Eagle sometimes

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Requesting the one in this style with the runner. end with "I bet if I left this party no one could catch me" or something along those lines

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>not shopping alone
how do you shop with someone else? Do you guys take turns looking at shit, how does it work?

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this picture gets me everytime, it is on par with the hypebeastfeel

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Only works on fat middle-aged man with goatie and hairy arms.

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>Is Heineken still an effay beer

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You're in a hypothetical club, this guy passes by you and slaps your hypothetical gf's ass

what do?

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call ghostbusters

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I take my space axe.

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>implying i go to the hypothetical club
>implying i have a hypothetical gf

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I was shopping in Saint Laurent alone and the woman behind the counter was like 'oh you're shopping by yourself?' And then some weird giggle / laugh

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Not behind the counter, she was next to me while I was trying on shoes

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so ..... what?
you feel raped or something i dont get it
why are you going solo anyway?

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I was trying so say that most people find it seriously odd when you shop alone. I for one prefer it, but even going into a shop like that they seem to find it extraordinary to shop alone.

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I was talking to a qt grill the other day and i asked her what her interests are
>"fashion, i love fashion more than anything"
>check her fit
>"i got a job at target so i could get the discount. I get all my clothes there"

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Use sword
"You have no item [sword] in inventory]"
Use sword
"You have no item [sword] in inventory]"
Use sword
"You have no item [sword] in inventory]"
Use Sword
"Critical hit"

Fucking text adventures.

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they are some fuckin goat fits tho u cant deny

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>I haven't sailed the atlantic but I still want to wear red trousers


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Lol I posted this and a few others months ago.

Thanks for making it a pic, didn't realize anybody actually thought it was funny

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I normally do shop alone. This time we all needed coats so we just went into every store and looked at whatever, then waited for everyone to finish up and moved on.

They were hella slow of course, can't pick out the shit from the not shit at a glance

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w2c pointy hoodie like that?

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That's true though.

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Never ever wear red pants, unless you've crossed the Atlantic, by boat of course. It's an unwritten rule.

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>unless you've crossed the Atlantic
Yes, but why, dumbass.

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red pants are fine as long as it's a deep burgandy

burgandy pants + red tee shirt is casual but classy

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unsheats katana
unzips dick

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ovate I think

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Never been on a sailboat pleb?

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>burgundy pants and red shirt

what the fuck

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can't find anything similar but thanks for the name, they have some cool stuff

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>not being shaggycore

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Just answer the question you fucking coksucker, no one outside of middleschool should be acting like this.

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Because no one but sailers used sailing pants and it gradually became something we associated with sailors. Today, "sailors" are usually associated with posh people who own their own boats. The pants are supposed to be worn only by those who have sailed across the Atlantic and sailors from both sides of the Atlantic wear them. In the US, they are called Nantucket reds and they are meant to fade gradually to a shade of salmon pink. It's just an unwritten rule, fucking deal with it. If you walk into a preppy place with red pants, you will be asked if you have sailed the atlantic.

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red* sailing pants

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>It's just an unwritten rule, fucking deal with it.
I was just asking a question and you acted like a petulant shit instead of answering the question.

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fucking white people wtf

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>being offended by the word "pleb" on an uzbek stamp collector's newsletter
why are you even here

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I'm offended that it's so easy for middle schoolers such as yourself to get internet access. Where are the parents?

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>reddit tier image macros

Fuck it, I'm out this thread, have fun being a faggot.

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What the fuck is this guy wearing?

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What's the problem?

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Ever heard of Google?

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Fuck off idiot.

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>being this mad
fuck off fag
I don't even wear red pants

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This actually made my blood pressure rise I think

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Read the whole thing it's worth it

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my sides

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>What's a Tidus

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burgundy pants + black tee, or white teee

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jesus fuck

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