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/fa/ humour thread

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you're mom humor bread XD

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le ebic meme XD

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to les people of /fa/

I announce [s4s] takes power on le /fa/


chek my dubs XD

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mods pls ban

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*le MOOOOOT! face*

time to suppress information right Joot?

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>tfw my friend posts a may-may from /fa/ onto his facebook profile

the kid even wears a flecktarn parka

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Oh God please don't, I fucking know this.
Shane if you're here go fuck yourself.

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Was that based off a particular fit? A few of them come to mind but I can't pinpoint it

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my friend posted the party pic with the mfa dude standing in the corner

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>holy shit is that a monk? hahah come on babe let's get away from this freak

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No, but it's been replicated by two anons.

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i don't get it

what's funny about this?

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this reminds me of the pics you see of people in public dressed in black metal shirts/corpse paint

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There's nothing funny about it, it's just pathetic.

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i fucking love that jacket. tried it on the other day, debating on copping.

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slick fit

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>posting pictures of your clothes on facebook
people really do this?

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Thank you baldchan

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It's trying to be something you aren't.

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He doesn't even own it, that's the best part.

Don't forget monochramatic.

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Also just so we know.

>this is who steals posts/jokes from /fa/ to post as status's to his cool net friends
>this is the face of a 5'4 manlet who can't afford Richard Owens clothes

Good fit?

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That's just a guy staring into nothing like a retard.

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>Raf swimmin's
erry time

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o i am laffin

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Holy shit.

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buzzcut duckchan?

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Anyone have the denim Dan one?

>looking good Dan
>thanks Dan

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Was last summer's week long obsession with sand inspiration the equivalent to this summer's palewave?

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What is this supposed to be? People who subscribe to the "jap streetwear" aesthetic?

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I think it's the founder of vivsim

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hiroki nakamura

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Thank you. That one went right over my head.

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Someone post the guy on his sink

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sides phone home

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>not bending your leg sleeves

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got any more /fa/-/fit/ shenanigans?

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unfortunately no

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nvm found a couple more

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/fa/ in one pic

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Some of his best work.

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That's revolta.

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>tfw it was me who made the image, sent it to a FB friend, he posted it to his page, I screencapped it and now it's here

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I don't think I look Asian.

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na that was just a joke

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I fucking love these but always feel bad.

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It's just two normalfag kids, nothing funny about it

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im gonna sex on you baldchan thank you

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Poor slavs don't count

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this one is the best

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Pretty sure they posted and made a big deal about themselves.

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Damn for a second i thought I spied the same shirt

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they might be wearing yeezys

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You posted that stupid fucking picture on Facebook? Haha holy shit good one you really got me I forgot Facebook is the epitome of fashion and knowledge. When will people here admit to themselves I'm better than all of you, and that I look a million times better than that stupid as "inspo" pic. Get a fucking life you dweebs.
>yfw I'm buying you away with my knowledge

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Haha, that's my pic, he must have gotten it off grailed. Sold now though.

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Chill out man it was a joke with a friend, I didn't post shit.
You're so defensive man, you're like King Joffrey in GoT the spoiled little bitch who ends up getting fucked.

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haha that kid looks like a total dweeb
nice /fa/ humor photo man

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>mfw I just realized it's not two people with the exact same phone in the exact are thread looking at the exact same post

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is it the "die cus scum" guy/girl?

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Get fucked cunt
>all of your faces when you come to realize I am your supreme being and should be treated as such

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Alright man I'm glad you enjoy yourself.

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i've saved the picture as it is on an other thread
So i'm not the guy who posted on facebook

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lol gj you've transitioned into lemons

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Stfu I'm better than that stupid little gook. I know I look good, I know my fits are stellar, I don't need you fucks telling me otherwise. He was just an insecure bitch who was all talk. Not me though I'll find k up any of you, especially you stupid Australians. I swear to god if you ever compare me to that little shit stain ever again you'll be sore for weeks.

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its called bending fuccboi

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>trying this hard to be a meme funny guy

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You don't fucking have the right to use pics of cosmic, bitch. He's a legend 'round here

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why is birthday so cringe worthy? first he tried to be a serious trip with real fits which all looked like garbage, now he's so reviled he's tried to embrace it and be a memetrip like pigcuck or something but he's just awful at that too

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this is like when he moved to the city

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dude was wearing a fuggin patagonia jacket though.

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one of the few in this thread that actually made me laugh

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