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>Tfw come to find out some grill you're talking to is talking to someone else behind your back
>Tfw you've reached the point where you don't care, you just move on after cutting communication off.
>Messages me multiple times asking what she did and if we can be friends
>Don't reply at all and just smoke a bowl while reading a free copy of Angels and Demons I picked up at a yard sale yesterday
>Oh and I got fired yesterday too from a department store

Meh feels general.

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why would you be upset some girl is talking to guys other than you? she's not even your girlfriend, why would you cut contact over something like that

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>is talking to someone else behind your back
What the fuck nigga

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>talk to some girl
>we chat every night
>she finds out I fucked my dog a few days ago
>cuts contact between us completely

we weren't even dating and she gets upset about something like that? honestly girls are from another planet

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are you a non native speaker who for somereason thinks talking means fucking?
otherwise this shit doesnt make sense

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Well, that was the icing that let me see she wouldn't be good girlfriend material in general. If she hadn't of done this, I feel like something else would have happened

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Ok now I see where I fucked up in the post that made everyone confused lol

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explain bro im here to listen to all ur problems. hope ur talking to more than 1 grill

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of course I have back ups in mind dude.
>Abusive relationship past
>Drinks and smokes a lot
>Craved attention from anyone who wanted to give to her

I realized I only wanted her cos everyone else did and once I had her I lost interest so you win some and lose some I guess

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How does this relate to fashion


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>finally made it
>asian qt3.14
>been hanging out actively for a bit over month or so
>already talking about what to do next times when hanging out
>suddenly starts somewhat ignoring me barely replying
>planned to hang out yesterday but she gives some weak excuse why she can't
>welp, back to my miserable life I guess

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It's fucking 7:35 in the morning, stfu

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KEK fuck off bro, effay is a family we help brothers out.

Is helping a fellow bro out effay?

I vote Y. E. S

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>liked a girl, still do to some degree
>she's way more rich than I am, travels all the capitals of Europe whenever she wants to
>marries an even richer guy who's twice her age, gets pregnant with his son, gives birth
>meanwhile, I'm still a middle-classed university student with not real career prospects
>calls me up one evening, suggests we meet up, since it's been a long time
>meet up, dink wine, laugh
>invites to a high-class fashion show, VIP lodge and all
>I agree
>mentions her husband is also looking for a golf partner, offers to get me a high-level membership at the local golf club
Mixed feelings about all of this. Not even attempting to brag here, receiving gifts like that makes me feel inadequate and pathetic. I'm thinking of refusing just to maintain dignity.

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>hissy fit over the grill not locking herself in her house, wearing a burqa, burning her mail and using you as a mouthpiece
>"of course i have back ups"
ok anon

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It's a golfing membership man, take it and see where it goes. If something blooms, think of through this perspective. Knowing his wife personally might have helped you get a foot in meeting the dude, but at least YOU'RE putting the work in to maintain it right?

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There are better books than angels & demons

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Go read Lolita with your head down somewhere pretentious fuck

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I did like the book in general and the ideas surrounding faith and the use of a God for our means brought good thought but I simply cant bring myself to LOVE the ideas being brought together by an incredibly unrealistic "action packed adventure"

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>Tfw I've have ordered a bunch of books suggested by /lit/ and have yet to read any of 'em.

I'll start after Angels kek

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just fucking take the benefits you idiot

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>be an 18 year old with the appearance and mentality of a 15 year old
>Go out to a house party Saturday night
>Party was super chill, most of my friends from school were there
>met new people
>didn't bother too hard about talking to these white girls
>had a few pulls of weed for the first time
>didn't feel different really
>got a huge Kebab with some qt's
>got a bus home at around 2

I wasn't ballin with my niggas because they were all on valium

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retarded ape, u have the mentality of a 15 year old because you're a FUCKING nigger

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hahahahaha what?

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I'm so gay I'm a fucking flaming idiot and take it up the ass

OP here

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wow op u r so gay

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What if I said I wasn't OP

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ahaha smoked some weed and got the munchies... I saw ASAP rocky smoke weed once n he got the munchies so I knew that would happen ahaha it was trill the kebab was epic damn I guess that's what happens when u smoke weed u need a epic meal to satisfy the munchies ahah too bad my niggas were on Valium would of been trill if the squad was there to get high with me and get munchies instead of stealing their alcoholic mothers pills ahah trill man

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god bless u x

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you really are a fuckboy

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might as well go do it man
it might help get a better career

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404 your life dud

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Why's every1 so mean? Be nice.

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Tfw promoted to head designer at Rig Owns clothing

good feels general

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I knowhow you feel, receiving things without feeling like you worked for them can be difficult.

But just take the offer man.Go golfing with her husband, use to expand your network. Talk to everybody, casually. Once they know your name you can get into what you do in life.

You might get a nice job out of it.

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fucking autism

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heh big fan of "greentext" "feelerino" stories too


take your stupid fucking elliot rodgers feels and stuff em up on the containment board shithead

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It's the fucking internet, hide the thread and fuck off

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ahh yes it is so nice to have an "original" feel thread on /fa/ where we can share our specific "OC" feels instead of going over to a board dedicated to it

id rather discuss the subtle nuances of my feels on clothing versus everyone else
forget /r9k/ right guys

lets just have a le fashion feels thread where we talk about our failures in life and inability to keep a woman

le fashion feel general???

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tfw u will never sleep with sleep deprived caf while he spoons u and streams it on tinychat

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pretty sure this is a meh feels thread lol