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Does anyone have a recommendation or suggestion for a leather perfecto similar in cut to the Saint Laurent perfecto?

i.e tight arms, short sleeves, cropped

Schott seems too big. Willing to spend upwards of 700


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leather jackets are investments
save some more and get a SLP one later
trust me
leather jackets form around you slowly as they age and get beat so you're gonna want a high quality one

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Or you could get it custom tailored to your size, I know Schott offers that if you send your measurements or go to a dealer/store near you

You may also consider Lewis Leathers

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is SLP even worth the price? Has anyone tried it on/how's the quality and fit?

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def worth the price
leather is insane
obv half the price is a markup bc name
they fit bitter on tall skinny people
i suggest you DONT order online
go to a store

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schott is just as good

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So if you want a good looking leather jacket you have to drop 5 grand.

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does 5'10 and skinny work :^)

yeah I've tried on Schott but not SLP and the quality was great, it was just really boxy on me, but a custom fit based on your measurements would be really good

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of course not

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there's SLP riders on ebay for like 3-4

also depends on the fit you want

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i'd assume it would
prob a small
keep in mind that these jackets are supposed to be at or just above your waistline

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then why does /fa/ say the only jacket worth the money is SLP, and you should buy it new so it forms to you?

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>good looking leather jacket
>SLP rider


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You're dedicated to negativity. Ew.

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its boxy because its brand new and stiff, 6 months of wear itll be loose and cushiony and fall nicely

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because they don't know shit and always think expensive = better

it's true in this case, because it's SLP, but you applying this concept to everything is retarded

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I agree with what you're saying but do you mean SLP is worth the dosh or not?

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half of the price is beacause of the name and shit, but yes very good products

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>it's true in this case, because it's SLP

but what about the people that want to be fa but can't put down 4-5 grand because they are in a rut and have no way of saving up

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Yeah OP, SLP is a good start.

Alternatively, go to a local leather shop/biker shop and try some stuff on. See what you like or get something customized.

My "Perfecto style" jacket is fantastic, keeps me very warm when riding my Vulcan 900 Custom. It's a local brand as well, made by an old WWII vet who opened a leather shop after the war.

>inb4 effay epic may mays about "hurr lether is dumb"

If anyone paid attention to fashion week, you'd see their come back was strong this year. Glad I kept mine.

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fitpic of jacket i'm interested

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leather jackets are timeless, and always will be. problem with them is that there are a shitload of bad fits outthere, not just on /fa/ etc. but in the real world from average people. pulling of some SLP leather you need a very specific bodytype for example

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That's basically it. Everything worth it starts at $1k

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true they're a very strong statement but you can go wrong pretty easily

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Some Japanese brands make great perfecto jackets.

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