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Can somebody please post the rest of these? Particularly the #lad ones, if possible. I need more.

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pls, I don't have many but I'll dump later when I have time

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one of my favorites

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This one always get me every time.

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gonna post it of fb m8? :)

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>race me right now
>if I ran now nobody could catch me

I die everytime

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Are there any of these for current or past trips. I honestly would love to see some for people like turnleft, tinny, pigfuck, trunks, mother maybe even Birthday.

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oh my godddd i am dying

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other related fashion jeks

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pick-up bball indeed...

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the lad ones are my favorite

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fuck that shit, someone post the rest of these.

lost all but one!

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you know what, i think /fa/ has the best board culture. it is hard to understand at first but once you spend a couple years here and really get what is going on, there are endless laughs here

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>Kanye whirled as he heard the door slam.
I am already lolmao'ing there is no way i can make it through all of this

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this wasn't even the best one.

There were so many good ones, I want to read em again

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Lmao. I been here for maybe two weeks and i die everyday im here. Thanks /fa
You bring me much laughs.

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This one always gets me.

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Lmao what's this supposed to be?

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Hahahha, yes. I didn't think I'd see anyone else know this guy

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He's been all over /fa/ and /fit/ for the past year probably.

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do steve carrel and ryan gosling actually hangout or were they shooped into the same pic together.

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ugh I hope these guys don't really exist

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it's from a movie. Some romantic comedy. It was actually pretty good. I forget the name

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Crazy stupid love

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i love that picture.

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i read it every morning after waking up

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piss off buddy


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No idea who this is suppose to be but this is the closest feel guy to what I think.

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Pretty sure he's representative of /fa/ drones.

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These guys bought jcrew.

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This hit too close to home ;_;

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I gotta agree, lurked a couple years back and pop in occasionally, /fa/ is funny as fuck sometimes

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File: 317 KB, 1200x1200, http%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F491eead7c6d7135f83d9fdf5e7674342%2Ftumblr_mum2qq4mDa1r9np2bo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just leave this here.

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Personal favorite

Also is gothninja a real thing outside of Japan and this board?

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Given the huge numbers of brands and stores that carry that style, I have to assume this is asked facetiously.

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I have never seen goth ninja once in public and I live in socal.

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>damn those guys must be really sneaky

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almost like


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Given that you have Barney's, Union, H. Lorenzo, and Satorialoft to name a few, it's definitely being worn. Given the heat, doubtful it's worn in heavy full looks, but it's all around you. Also, if you don't associate with people who have that taste/lifestyle/budger, it's easy to imagine why you don't see/notice it. It'd be like me saying I don't see guys wearing hand-tailored suits in SF, but I don't have any friends in finance, venture capital, wealth management, or law, so it'd be ridiculous to extrapolate and say that the tailored customer doesn't exist.

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well, uh, i don't think sunny southern california is exactly the #1 place to find people in layered black outfits...

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probably because its like 500 degrees there u dumb spic

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/fa/scist why do you even bother replying to posts anymore.

we both know it's just a revolving door here.

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tips fedora to the lunar eclipse #2004

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Are you telling me I went all the way to SF and did tourist bullshit when I could have met you? This inst even the real /fa/cists trip code though so this might all be a ruse but next time Im there where could i find you?

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Posts aren't just read by one person and if even one person gets something out of it, it seems worthwhile to share and discuss. There's a selfish reason, too. Talking about things spurs me to think and read and, if nothing else, helps me articulate how I think and feel about things in my own life/work.

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I don't know what this means.


Tourist shit can be fun. Even I don't get tired of riding a ferry or drinking an Irish coffee or walking to the Presidio. It's good to not let yourself be jaded and to just enjoy yourself.

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you probably go to scum/lower and middle class places. in big cities especially, area to area the population differs drastically.

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Go wear your diaper faggot.

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I'm fine doing most stuff but if I have to walk pier 39 or the Golden Gate again I might lose it. What stores would you say are a must visit then? I didn't have any time to go shopping at all since i was there for a holiday weekend.

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What did you want to buy/see?

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I didn't buy anything which made me sad. I walked down a street with Prada, Dior, Zara, Burberry. I only got to stop in Dior because I was with my mom and she wanted to see inside. Besides that nothing, I've heard there is an Arcteryx store which I would be very interested in.

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i lol'd

>> No.8810063


Try leaving Union Square for more locals-oriented neighborhoods like Valencia, Hayes Valley, the Castro, Fillmore, etc.

>> No.8810070

Awesome thanks I'll check those out next time I'm there which hopefully should be somewhat soon.

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Favorite thing I've seen yet. Don't know why I love it.

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fucking lol'd

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what the fuck is going on why does this namefag have fucking hearts next to his name

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>was getting wasted part of your plan

not bad

without realizing it i read this whole thing in a dude bro voice with reverb

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Feelguy's (Feeldog's?) ears both frighten me and burst my sides

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/fa/ his in the bottom 5 lowest average iq of all boards, same tier as lgbt and mlp no doubt

i am glad u feel like u fit in =)

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well duh that's the point of being a ninja

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I bet Casey made this

>> No.8810949

"Why not just run home?"

Best part hah

>> No.8811035

i got something out of it, thank you.

you're still a cunt though

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manaman wearing manamans threads

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so funny

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anyone got a link to the video where some guy humiliates his crying girlfriend on the phone and at some point mentions that his threads are doing Iron Man numbers?

>> No.8811215

it is what it is

>> No.8811234

>fucking sideman
>not going carnival


>> No.8811243

So what do you do when you buy clothing that's expensive? I always just bought whatever because I didn't give a shit. Can you wash it after one wear or is that a bad idea? I feel weird not washing my clothes after I wear them once

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>is she double taking me?
>i'm gonna look away and act aloof

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>> No.8811305


cheers man. good fun

>> No.8811319

sides phone home

>> No.8811364

>Girls looks at me
>I look away and act uninterested

>> No.8811394

who's seen tinfoil's must recent one
fucking brilliant
cant rip on the foil tbh he made this shit what it is

>> No.8811441


I do this too. Though I'm starting to force myself to keep looking. Can't bring myself to smile yet, but it's getting there

>> No.8811455

who is simon

>> No.8811462

he likes to do drawrings

>> No.8811465

i don't own clothing that /fa/ would call expensive

as long as it doesn't smell and it looks clean, why not save water and time and wear it again?

>> No.8811474

ahaha oh what the fuck

>> No.8811497

>should i tell her the sale price or the retail price?


>> No.8811529

Same man.
Best of luck ay

>> No.8811533

I'm fucking crying

>> No.8811535


fucking hilarious

>> No.8811563


were gonna make it bro

>> No.8811566


>> No.8811571

yeah we are

>> No.8811582

>going reading
>going X

why the fuck do people talk like that

>> No.8811600

my name isn't simon but i like to do drawings

>> No.8811626

top kek.

>> No.8811645

>5 years old
>Wearing a nappy

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>> No.8811715

This thread has inspired me to get off my lazy arse and make some OC


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>> No.8811802

He put the shoes on the wrong feet

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just made this

>> No.8812034

so much this, People got to understand that. 50% is shitposting, 20% pure sarcasm, 10% pure autism and 20% of actual advise.

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Took me a second, I haven't seen that vid in months.

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what about this?

>tfw sigue sigue sputnik haven't done anything in 12 years

>> No.8812096

>he's not wearing white tee and nike cortez
lame meme m8

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>RIP Nujabes

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>> No.8812166

Not really. /fa/ culture is pretty low tier and the userbase is too fluctuating to develop a real identity. It's just a mishmash of boring memes.

>> No.8812268


fuck you :(

>> No.8812290

fucking hell these #lad ones are great


>> No.8812295

holy shit lmao.

>> No.8812339

kill urself

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>thanks, it's "la nuit de l'homme"

>> No.8812485


No u

>> No.8812504


I do always end up coming back here, and it's not for the waywts.

You might be right.

>> No.8812520


Damn dude, I was there in the threads when they finished making that one.

Lunarcore was the most fun I've ever had on this board.

>> No.8812525

>those disgusting nike flyknits added to infograph
/fa/ is over

>> No.8812550


>doesn't notice CPs are called geos

Think it's mildly sarcastic, buddy

>> No.8812574

lol it is simon

>> No.8812768

Someone post the effay weaboo one please

>> No.8813588

underrated post

>> No.8813611

file name is perfect too!
Always had strange names

>> No.8813735

I loled hard

>> No.8813777

jusus christ 10/10

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>> No.8814484

I'm sorry :c(

>> No.8814640


>> No.8814662


>> No.8815597

>see the latest Haute Couture from Chanel
>at the end of the show a model weaing a dress for pregnant women from the Victorian times
>fucking Karl Lagerfiel wearing SLP skinnies apear walking like a drunk man
oh Karl you´ll always impress me

>> No.8815605

>it's la nuit de l'homme
holy shit, i'm feeling hard

>> No.8815907

fuck off tumblr faggot

>> No.8816050

what's this all about?

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this one?

>> No.8816229


anytime i see people like this i just want to start pointing at them and taking pictures with my phone and just start making a big scene in general. and then when they ask why ill just be all 'here's all that attention you wanted faggot'

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>> No.8816484

these are great.

My mum always said I could just talk about people's outrageous clothing, which was right. They want the attention so you shouldn't be scared to show it.

>> No.8816972


>> No.8816996

>tfw no qtp2t waterproof gf

gets me every time

>> No.8817001

>tfw I catch myself doing this retard shit with my legs

>> No.8817013

every ausfag i've ever gamed with ever
p funny

>> No.8817022

yeah, what the hell man.
no laughs were had. RIP Jun :(

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i'd wear j crew if it wasn't the same price in pounds as it was in dollars

>> No.8817327

Anyone have the MC Ride one?

>> No.8817615

the text stretching on BENDERS gets me every time

>> No.8817656

>supervisor at jack wills

>> No.8817956

I know damn

>> No.8817983


awk do you get bullied by these guys ? :(

>> No.8818154

>i bet he can't even waddle

>> No.8818176


>> No.8818265

Who is this? I seen his face posted on /fit/ a lot and I want to check out his channel.

>> No.8818876
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are there any more like this?

>> No.8818887

Lold. But needs more psychotic rambling and homophobia

>> No.8818942

bitch looks like the first Angel they fight in NGE

>> No.8818943

/sp/ & /fa/ are too overpowered

>> No.8818995

/fa/ version:

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>> No.8821664


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File: 47 KB, 500x485, swag class.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.8821698

Fucking lol'd.

>> No.8821720

Can someone make a version of this where the top row of pictures are literally autistic or perhaps downs syndrome children, id even settle for 11 year old vaporwave yung lean marks

>> No.8821725
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>> No.8821745
File: 70 KB, 450x300, 16052841-man-smiling-while-reading-newspaper-before-work-in-kitchen-drinking-coffee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get some real mocs, oniisan

>> No.8821764

Seconding this

>> No.8822154

pls dont ban for quality post.

>> No.8822215


/sp. /fa/, /ck/ and /ic/ are god-tier boards.

>> No.8822220

they're not shooped in the same picture together, but their heads are swapped over

>> No.8823788

underrated post

>> No.8825110

jolly good kek

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