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lose weight

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not fat, just fit is not very good

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nope. that's a fat kid. his arms are all filled in, same with his pudgy legs/kankles

the fit is an entire other mess.

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this. just wear long pants and youll look 1000% less dumb

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Rate pls

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Damn, Zara has gnak hoodies?

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fucking saved before you try and delete, faggot.
you look fucking dumb!

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I know the text is like 2edgy and weak, but I got the shirt sent to me directly by a pretty big artist for remixing his track in a contest so whatever.

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how not to monochrome.

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no no no no!

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vaporpale corewave

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tfw when you don't understand

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get a different color for either the shoes or the shirt and it'll be perfect

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tuck in your shirt

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mfa tier. white shirt, beige chinos, white trainers boring as fuck. putting random labels onto fits doesn't make them cool. fuck you dude.

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this would have looked much better with any other top

is that a studded belt // this fit is horrible

wear different colored shoes and youre good. not bad tho

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you posted this the other day, fag

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more stuff with ma1 for kicks

wearing invisible(tm) shoes

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hopign to convert peoples opinion on my hat :}

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Any recommendations? I'm pretty new to /fa/... (Monochromefag)

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I like the studded belt :^]

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hat ruins this whole thing. would be p cool otherwise

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I was just foolin around man anyone with half a brain would know that. chill man B))

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this is tight
how much did that jacket run you

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loose fitting white or black top, or just an oversize tshirt in white/black/grey/olive

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Im going to be wearing this a lot come winter time.

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Thanks :)

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WAYWT -Nice edition :)

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just tryna help people not look like herbs uknow

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dope :^)

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how's the quality on lad musician?

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and.. a lot.... fortunately i knew what i was getting into because i've been after this specific jacket for a long while


With this jacket, it's phenomenal, the nylon's nicer than nylon stuff from, say, rick that i've handled. However, just like a lot of other japanese brands there MIJ pieces and made in china pieces. i'd have to take a look at more of them to be sure but i'm definitely buying more lad lol




thanks but i like hat sigh

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lad looks great but i'm 6'1 140
is this going to look like baby gap on me?

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I for one like that hat
pants and jacket both look nice overall fit is on point

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thanks brother.


There's a lot of lad stuff that is cropped, true but they do extended hem stuff as well, and the tops don't look too short to me. just don't get sizes like 40-42 i guess? always check measurements.

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bomber is cool, wouldnt wear those trousers with the bomber though

also long hair is cool but looks gay as fuck if you style it that way, some skrillex ass shit boy

t. le magican blue bowlcut magician

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ill keep it in mind magic man

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all ur fits ever have been shit
shut it

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>and your fits nonexistent

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Fwiw, I think your hair looks a lot better like that than when you just leave it down.
Tied up is still best tho.
Hat itself is fine, but I don't really feel it with the fit.

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it's actually just tucked behind my ear and not tied this time--but yeah i'm looking into what other stuff i can do

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so, i caught a qt mirin. this is it bros, i think i ganna make it

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rotate inmage

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your move.

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I don't like the white socks here but I can't think of any better alternatives. Oops.

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honestly a bad fit in almost all ways but you seem like a cool and personable dude

this image has been posted dozens of times; and the only way to prove that's actually you is to recreate the fit with a timestamp which i don't think anyone would bother to do and even if you did you'd just end up looking like a douche

your move

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talk shit post a fit retard
you won't.
it's friday night and the feel is right
i'm about to go out and not going to be bothered by some neckbeard to prove a point
the fact that you said my fit has been posted a dozen times means you're jelly as fawk
i've already said my pz

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Eritrea please leave

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well it's obvious it's not your pic, i hope you got a kick out of telling someone they dressed bad

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Still surprised that you're not gay. Does having a crush on you make ME gay? Oh god

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been hear since knoch days and youre easily the best trip and have the best fits

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i'm no rocket scientist but i'd say ya, probably a little bit lol

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wat ?
i didnt have any black socks left :?(
thanks brah

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w2c bomber

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personally i'd disagree with you, there have been plenty of well-dressed people here, but thanks for the thought anon.

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oh shit never knew you were a nigger!
your fit is pleb bro i rly thought from your posts you dressed better:[

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[Status: devastated]
its all right bro, i will get better

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see you're even so humble and modest. you're the best trip/dressed and you know it friend.

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fwiw mirin' that thinkpad+you're a nigger you prolly have a huge cawk.

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Lad musician fw10


ok this is a little weird and making me feel like i have to prove its not samefag

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didnt work lol

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i dont understand what you are trying to say

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fit is on point for sure but damn you bowl legged girl?
i'm guessing you're prolly japanese then?

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these trousers accentuate it cause the ankle zipper goes up almost to the knee, and the fabric falls around the outside of the leg, but yes, i am : )

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nice hair

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ahh thought so. it's the only genetic defect you japs have otherwise you're the perfect race ><

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Anyone know w2c those pants?

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Love it man, id on the pants

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thanks bb <3
that pic is actually around 1.5 months old, now they are way more long because i had been using those hair products women use

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i'm only a quarter japanese but that might be where it come from haha


iirc those were GAP cargoes that were either tailored or pinrolled or tucked into socks, something of that sort

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nope. it's my fit and they were tailored but they are from the UU collection :D

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julius _7 cotton satin motos, thanks man

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do you do no poo?
can you post your routine?

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i do, and it's literally just try not to get it too wet, wash when you start feeling its getting matted or greasy.

if you're getting dandruff your scalp needs better care.

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2/10 not tight enough.

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ebin ;^)-|-<

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good fit, hat looks fine dude

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yeeeeee wearing my CPs at work

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Posted this in one of the previous threads. Got called generic. Opinions? Suggestions?

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DIY MMM paint splats

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looks like shit

(and no1 cares)

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>red pants
>clown shoes

>> No.8692125


Those pants are absolutely disgusting. Jesus christ you dress bad, please, upload a good fit or no fit at all. And i dont mean fashionably good, I mean not some shoe brag, a full fit, there is a mirror to your left, use that you fuckwit.

>> No.8692138

Anon, give him a break they're his work pants, have you ever worked at a restaurant?

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I don't care if its work pants, why post? Its a brag, 'look at my le avant grande shoes xD'. Idc if people post bad fits, they can dress shit, but dont post shoes and be like 'rate my le epic fit'

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lmao like I give a fuck

I don't dress for you or anyone else

I'm wearing work clothes m8, it's boring.

>> No.8692160


loooool I should post my feet more often if they make you this butthurt

and I never said rate my fit u big melon go b2school

>> No.8692161


lol fuck you're so lame

you're a faggot trip with the worlds worst name, clothes, and probably personality.

>I don't dress for you or anyone else

so you only wear faggot pants and black cps? that why they where the only items in your fit? Wow, you're pushing borders.

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>hating on based Chloe

>> No.8692190

They don't fit

>> No.8692210

then why the fuck are you posting it you tard

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just cut your stupid fucking hair already

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shut up

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>implying you can tell if shoes fit by looking at them


...because it's what I wore today. Are you really this retarded?

oh god please stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

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nobody likes tripfags

kindly fuck off

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If they genuinally fit then I'm laughing at your platypus feet, goofy

>> No.8692393

Pants look a little weird but i really like it

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"Perfect silouhette"

"So inoffensive"

"Such nice leather"

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Le Zara goobninja strikes again. Can you please stop with this shitty 2012 Streetwear fits they are played our as hell and yours are especially boring and bland.

>> No.8692429

at least tell me you didn't pay full retail for them.

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looking for more recommendations for what to wear as a top to this outfit. outerwear, shirts, etc.

thx /fa/

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I paid close to a thousand usd

Im from a small village in Lithuania it takes 5 days by rail to get here from the closest city and there's no airport shipping costs 400 usd as you have to pay someone to deliver it personally it takes them 10 days here and back

I saved for close to one year I was planning on flexing on my Slavic pals with le inoffensive le perfect silouhette le Italian leather but I have failed myself

My pa is disappointed with me

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>> No.8692460


of course I did, I don't need no sale.

>implying you're not jelly of my yohji pants

>> No.8692475

W2c pants?

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I was the guy who posted the acid wash jeans yesterday. Hope this gets less hate.

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I forgot to mention I also enjoy milk, white bread and oatmeal

>> No.8692635


looks alright, although the contrast buttons are meh and I wouldn't wear a zip hoodie personally (although that one does seem nice).

what shoes doe this can change the whole fit

>> No.8692649

Like the hat. Like you. Where you from, straw?

>> No.8692661


hoodie looks gay, black buttons are fucking the shirt up

no shoes

>> No.8692667

thanks, im wearing som generic grey low top sneaker, thinking of getting cp's tho

is this some reference im not getting?

>> No.8692690


just try to not do the white shirt/black jeans thing too much imo cause it can look too "contrasted" with certain environments

CPs are always a good choice for a simple sneaker but as you know people get upset if you pay full price for them lol

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>oh god please stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

every fucking post you make is embarrassing yourself with your absolutely horrible fits, shitposting and lame trip. Smh, i dont care if people trip, just dont shitpost in the WAYWT with your 10 month saved up pocket money Common projects and retard pants.

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>> No.8692843

pants are terrible

you were so close

>> No.8692882


imo looks pretty good although the shoe game is lacking. MMM high tops would look sick with this fit

hey if you could stop shitting up the thread that'd be great, as you can see I'm actually helping people like >>8692690 and >>8692635

unlike you plebe

also lmao it takes you 10 months to save up $400? you should do like I do and already have the money fucktard

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>what is reading comprehension

Also, you're advice and taste sucks.

You have no idea what you're talking about, pls. Anon.

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this is what balenciagas look like btw

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>shitting up the thread, again

when will you learn?

>> No.8692929

He's right that you're shitposting

He's right that your taste & advice are usually shit

>> No.8692934

are you seriously this bothered about somebody else wearing shoes you dont like? maybe his advice is shit but at the very least he's trying to help people out while you're just shitposting

>> No.8692936

Didn't expect you to sound like this trunks.
Enjoying your chicken nuggets?

>> No.8692945


This is why I post with a trip so people that really hate me can just filter me and be done with it, but the guys that chose to not filter me and yet continue to throw shit up on the board don't make any sense to me cause I do try to help out.

lel u like my CPs brah? YOU LIKE THEM?????

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Why the fuck did you shop your shoes?

>> No.8692948

lol nothing on straw

>> No.8692950

why do all the trips have such high and effeminate voices as opposed to the namefriends (mike)

i dont even want to hear what knoch sounds like because its probably gonna be disappointing

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>> No.8692973


>> No.8692980

cool :)

>> No.8693028


ayy lmao

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sorry just passing by dont mind me haha

>> No.8693054


Everyone admitted your dress shit and have taste equivalent to a shit, legitimate shit. Idc if you post or not you dickhead, just post a legit fit or don't post at all. your faggot 'LOOK AT ME LE SHOES' fit, attention whoring trip, and bragging photo is just solid evidence that you crave attention on a Russian stop image board.

>> No.8693065

>david byrne in a coal mine

>> No.8693116

now i know to disregard your advice lol

>> No.8693123


goooood fits

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felt like wearing shit today

>> No.8693136

Knoch has a pretty deep voice. There was a vocaroo years ago of hm spelling his name.

>> No.8693146

Canvas sneaks look like clown shoe on big feet m8 ruins fit

>> No.8693148

That first fits not me. All arenas should be burnt.

>> No.8693152

>not having him on skype

>> No.8693184

W2cop comber

>> No.8693319

i think its nice. at least not that faggot ninja allblack shit

>> No.8693328


>> No.8693331

id on shoes

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supreme/asos/levis commuter/vans

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>> No.8693582

looks like thrift to me

>> No.8693605

id on jacket pls ?

>> No.8693615

Like all Supreme clothing then.

>> No.8693625

tbh this is probably the funniest thing i've heard on /fa/
thank you based trunks

>> No.8693627

this would b gud if u popped ur collar

>> No.8693632

Oh god this is so disgustin pls kill urself..

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>> No.8693638

Those Rick pants?

>> No.8693677

post fit fudgeboi

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same as yesterday, just reposting
feedback would be appreciated


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>> No.8693700

what is tied around your waist, def not needed cause without it fit is cool

>> No.8693703


>> No.8693705

ID on bomber and shoes?

>> No.8693717

>h&m bomber from this s/s collection

>> No.8693736

awul hair and shoes
u look like an autistic kid tryna look like an anime character
fucking awful wtf man
cool mang
drop trip
kinda cool but kinda fuccboi

>> No.8693746
File: 1.00 MB, 2448x2584, IMG_3951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw shoulders 2broad2b effay

>> No.8693753

Shoes look great
Everything fits but it is a bit boring
Although if I didn't know better I'd think you were fat with that top. Maybe opt for a button up or a sweater or something if that is a case
Shoes are nice as shit though

>> No.8693758

>HM bomber
Why is it that everyone looks good in the HM Bomber except me fuck my life maybe I should have sized down
Gr8 fit though, since nobody responded

>> No.8693760

Basic as shit
Do more pushups and get your chest stronger
Iron your fucking shirt

>> No.8693761
File: 239 KB, 376x554, Skjermbilde 2014-08-23 kl. 18.26.37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8693764

Thanks for the tips.
Also, if I were to iron all of my shirts i would never do anything else.

>> No.8693765

you should keep browsing for a while

>> No.8693770

I have been browsing /fa/ for ~1.5 years on and off. I just took most of the opinions with a grain of salt.

>> No.8693771

post pic, oversized bombers look way better than correctly sized ones. :)

>> No.8693780
File: 716 KB, 1085x3263, IMG_1419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8693783

>that watch
>that pants fit
>those shoes
i am enamored.
w2c shoes?

>> No.8693792

Wow really? It's my first time posting on /fa/
Shoes are bass derbies it copped at marshals for 40$

>> No.8693800

its not bad, its really casual and it looks nice.
most of the faggots on /fa/ are big enormous queers though, just take what you like and ignore what you dislike. biggest no-no on /fa/ is buying into the stupid fucking zipper and urban ninja styled clothes
but it looks like you're on the right track

>> No.8693806
File: 228 KB, 960x720, IMG_1269[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

make your cuffs look like this, wear either black or non showing socks and i think that would be a very good basic fit. :)

>> No.8693818

Too much salt gives you stomach cancer. And apparently style cancer.

>> No.8693840

proportions seem off
top and bottom clash, and leg silhouette too small compared to top
seems boring. The top is too small for you, and i'm not a fan of the design. pants are fine, but they look bad tucked into your sneakers
palette is a little weird. the beige with the white? It could definitely work if you chose some other colour shoe. The pinroll doesn't look the best, especially with a looser thigh. shoes are kinda uggo too, what are they?
not bad! I like the cardigan and the pallet. not a fan of the shoes.
I don't like the contrast zipper on the hoodie. the pant colour is kind of mismatched and ugly, the boots could be good but it doesn't work with your outfit
i almost like this. I haven't seen a fit with roshe runs that I like, but this is close.
you can't fool me with that tilted mirror, I know you're a manlet.
not a fan of the hoodie, but I like the colour of it. Pretty good
really don't like the pallet, I like how everything fits here.
I don't really like the pieces you're wearing. I would like the fit of the jeans if you got different shoes and ditched the jacket.
Not a fan of the shirt over the t shirt, especially with grey over white. the pants seem okay, i don't really like the vans.

>> No.8693844

you look like a box. You are narrow as shit. Your shirt is shit. You are fat as shit. Your hips are big as shit

>> No.8693845

fucking #REKT

>> No.8693853
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>> No.8693880

>studded belt
down syndrome
perfect example of how mfa dresses

>> No.8693881

That's not how you roll sleeves.

>> No.8693936
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Nxt lvl comfy layering

>> No.8693942

Trunks pls post your deldar in the WIP thread on /tg/ I wanna see your color scheme.

>> No.8693947
File: 1.53 MB, 3264x2448, e9ef5f13-01bc-42e2-950f-f5a4f3992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First waywt post, been lurking for a while. Apart from the boots all of the stuff was from high street retailers. Kinda wanna test stuff out before spending loads on nicer stuff. Sorry for shit picture, pls b nice (in the middle of losing weight so if I look a bit fat that's why)

>> No.8693953

Would be better with a shorter shirt. You look like you're wearing a small dress

>> No.8693967

please do this more often

>> No.8693984
File: 645 KB, 540x850, Rassam_DRAW_20140823_133404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8693990 [DELETED] 




>> No.8693991

2006 emo bandcore

>> No.8694006 [DELETED] 


>> No.8694018 [DELETED] 



>> No.8694030

>huuurr goth ninja is autistic go full menswear

>> No.8694041
File: 1.17 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0056[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was initially unsatisfied with the fit of the pants. Instead of returning them I just decided to see what they would look like rolled up.

I think they're ok, could be worse. Let me know what you think about the fit in general.

>> No.8694048

is that a pinkerton shirt

>> No.8694051

I think it looks nice, more pics

>> No.8694057

I mean better pics
cuz I'm not sure if it's just your shitty camera making it look neat

>> No.8694071


>> No.8694079


>> No.8694090

I copped it on their website for 25$ I think

>> No.8694111

alright thanks.

btw your fit is meh Im not really a fan of the button up

>> No.8694115

nxtlevel af

>> No.8694127

No problem :-)
So should I just lose the button up?

>> No.8694150

Yeah I'd do that.

>> No.8694172

Thanks for the tip. Just the pinkerton shirt, cuffed chinos, and sk8 lows wouldnt be too basic?

>> No.8694209

i fuck with it, good stuff, keep at it

>> No.8694219

>broad shoulders

I think you mean hips kek

>> No.8694403
File: 1.86 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0058[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont have any lighting in my house. Im at a grills house now trying to cop gf.

>> No.8694427


Meant for this guy


>> No.8694434


>> No.8694443

hat is not the problem, it's the overall amount of zippers in this outfit.

>> No.8694453

Is this a still from a new nic cage movie?

>> No.8694479

gl with that fit bro

>> No.8694496

Yeah it would be, actually, but you clearly can't afford designer so it's fine du. Stop stressin'

>> No.8694502

If you like the layering tee, distress it. Other than that, lose it.

>> No.8694508

Would be far better without the NB's. Look disgust tbh. I honestly don't get the appeal, save for a few models, but find new trainers and it's fire

>> No.8694515
File: 1.27 MB, 2322x4128, waywt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8694568

where r ur shoes, anon :^)

>> No.8694653
File: 348 KB, 856x1141, fit3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related. I'm in the middle of seamripping off the swooshes, I've done the inside ones already and it's working perfectly. I haven't finished yet and I wanted to see what they'd look like after so I did a shitty shop in MSPaint. It'll look pretty much the same, if not better.


I honestly don't know ATM. I'm away from home for a wedding and left the shoes at home.

>> No.8694703
File: 100 KB, 540x960, 10352564_885699698125260_4885261125195826294_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8694732

2015 here,
the new trend will be open bottom, top buttoned.
Much like the cholos

>> No.8694736

>Supporting nike
I hope those shoes are old, m8. I would legit avoid you in public if I saw you.

>> No.8694880

Should be squatting

>> No.8694898

these all really really suck

>> No.8694899

v cute, v nice

>> No.8694981

wtf lmao

>> No.8694993
File: 149 KB, 520x636, 13366886957008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My hair looks very close to the picture. Im guessing im gonna need a haircut ?

>> No.8694995

where are the kanye x apc fits?

>> No.8695017


this is b8 right? if not; lose the hat and tie

>> No.8695023

if asian no

if not asian yes

>> No.8695029

dope fit altho i really hate you beard but thats just personal taste

>> No.8695044

i don't know why but the bomber really makes you look overweight and not like a cool over sized fit way.

>> No.8695072

i dont get all the hate.. i like it and your hair is dope
dont like the shoes, layering seems off, pants could be tighter, cool hoodie tho
not a fit
needs boots. p cool cept cap
try again
hate it
start over
dope! could use some better shoes tho. nice dubs
not bad, what shoes? is that a sieko watch?
not my style, but you pulled off what you were going for
great until shoes. i'd go with boots or something less formal, doesn't really gel with the rest of the fit
nothing fits right
great cept shoes
lose weight and the socks/sandals
trying for too much at once, choose a look and go with it
not feeling any of this, especially from the tie around down
as stated before you need better shoes, some y3 honja lows or something, rest is fantastic
shirt is shit and hair is abso ridiculous
jacket and hair is nice, lose the hoodie and change shoes, also
no offense, but i truly hate it and you should probably shave
dont bother posting pics like this
1995 called bro, they want their clothes & style back
shoes would make or break it, but not bad, though boring

i'd post a fit but im just hanging around the house with a tshirt shorts and slides

>> No.8695080

Im arab. So technically asian, but for this purpose, I guess half asian.

>> No.8695104

Oh wait i should probably add that I have white skin, not brown skin (syrian)

>> No.8696361

good shirt. pants looks ok, fit is a little weird. lose the bracelet unless it's of sentimental value. need shoes for my full opinion

>> No.8696368


didnt specify which bracelet lmao, i meant the gold one. also nice beard

>> No.8696461

italian immigrant/10