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Bought a jacket at HnM, found this inside? What the fuck is this fa?

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fuck is this

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I can't believe you are touching it.

Its what trannies use to tuck their dick in between their legs.

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This. Better go sanitize your hands.

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Crotch guard

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no fucking way guys, a leg cant fit in there. NO FUCKING WAY. I fucking rubbed my eye and it itches me now fuck.

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lol pls b troll

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lmao touching tranny croch garde

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Don't listen to this troll. It's one of those masks you see Japanese gangsters wearing. Put it on and take a pic. :p

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Go to the doctor, HIV contact begins with minor irritation and itch. Eyes are very absorbent to viruses and bacteria.

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You two shut up.
This is serious

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but he going put mouth on croch gard lol

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Looks like someone is in for a ride.

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thats used by gays to hold their balls and dick

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Pic or I don't believe you

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Seriously flush your eyes. I don't know why you don't think that was serious. Trans people are very prone to HIV and other Sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

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top fucking kek

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Women use it to stop vag fumes from invading our noses

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idk what the fuck that is but the fact that it was just in an h&m jacket adds to the hilarity

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Best thread in 2014.

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OP, that's why you don't shop at H&M.

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>he's touching a transexual genital restrainment sling

Fucking why would you touch that.

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It's clearly a hat

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>this thread

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slingshot I think

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Oh my god hahahahahhahaha what jacket?

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Its a cool pirate eyepatch! Why dont you try it on, jacky?

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A demin jacket, I found it in the inner pocket.

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try it on op

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it's a penis enlargement device

rub it on your mushroom tip vigorously

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Post a fit

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its a kids panty

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OP here, it's really small. I highly doubt this is underwear.

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>Post it to H&M's facebook complaining
>E-mail it to H&M's customer service
>Have /fa/ like the post
>Hilarity ensues

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Stop trying to give me an erection

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I'm 100% supporting this idea

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maybe it's a miniature hammock of some kind, hamsters and such

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this is probably the best thing to do if you want to figure out what it is also it would be legendary

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No way I am facebooking this shit

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It's probably the lining from a pocket, check the other pockets and see if there's some in there.

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is a micro-bikini for kids

enjoy prison OP

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Erection achieved

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>MFW I feel dirty and in need of watching my hands just for reading this thread in mi phone.

Same here.

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(I was in the watch thread)

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Where to cop? looks comfy

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h&m obviously

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it's a mask used in research centers by scentists to protect themselves against lethal viruses.

RIP in peace OP.

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Is OP kill

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seems like it
may mcqueen sleep by his sidew

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Probably sniffing the tranny cock stains and furiously fapping

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Time to burn all the stuff I got from H&M.

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who the fuck would put this in a jacket

no fucking mercy

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and on this day
we all were


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So what is it really? And if it actually is for tucking your junk where can I get one other than H&M?

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is H&M the official tranny store of /fa/?

i don't shop there so i really wouldn't know.

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>mfw i go to a new H&M that was just built in my country
>mfw signs on the men's dressing rooms tell everyone to use the female dressing rooms
>dressing rooms just have curtains between rooms
>constantly opening them and asking me if i need help
>guy employee wants to help me put on my pants

this store is literally gay

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it's not gay to get a blowjob from an h&m sales assistant if they offer and you don't pay for it.

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it goes over your ears OP

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holy shit this thread made my day

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this was a great thread

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any retailbros care to weigh in on this. why the fuck do you ask me if everything is all right when i'm in there?
do i look so un/fa/ that you think i'm in there to shoot up?

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We don't want you stealing anon

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tranny here. can confirm it's what i use to cover up my balls when i'm being banged in Tibet.

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its theyre job to ask you ignorant twat

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yeah do it faggot

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that's probably the most /fa/ thing you could do in a h&m fitting room

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yes but for what purpose? what need are they expecting me to have that they are there to fulfill at that time?

so, it's just to rattle my cage and let me know you've got your eye on me? all right.

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What's it smell like, OP?

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>mfw my friend was smoking a cigarette in h&m while browsing and all the employees were too beta to even stop him

i was gonna record it and post on WorldStar but then i realized i sold my phone to buy rick

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H&M F/W 2014

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Do what ? Massacre ?

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just fucking e-mail h&m

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Holy fuck OP you have a gaff. Homemade from the looks of it.

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>mfw i get kicked out of stores for eating ice cream
is there anything less /fa/ than that

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>can't eat ice cream while looking at clothes

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posting in epic thread

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i got kicked out of fazolli's for dumping my drink into my camelback container. they said "no outside drinks" and i tried to explain that it wasnt from outside, i just liked the container more.

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rip in peace op :(

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It smeels new, fresh. It doesn't smell like cum or balls or vagina.

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No I am still alive fa.

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Ive seen so much booty at h&m fitting rooms. Those curtains are great

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>yes but for what purpose? what need are they expecting me to have that they are there to fulfill at that time?

most of their employees are slacker kids and so the best way to get them to actually work is to harp on them to talk to customers all the damn time
you will actually be scolded for not basically harassing everyone that walks in

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That's not a gaff. I'm not sure what it is, but it's not used for tucking balls.

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I come from /pol/

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No way, OP's thing is far smaller, and more square.

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That probably wasn't supposed to be there.

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Don't you mean bangkok?

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>he hasn't fucked tibetan monk trannies

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it's one for children

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gotta love those monk ladyboys

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Better fucking run and hide OP. partyvan is setting you up for some kiddie diddling bullshit

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/lgbt/ says it's not >>8674317

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>It smeels new, fresh. It doesn't smell like cum or balls or vagina.
>smelled it
>muh sides

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anyone else zoomed to check for stains?

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Way to ruin the thread, faggots.


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>It's an egg cradle! Chicken farmers carry about fifty of these in one hand and they set one egg into each cradle.

Literal slave laborer making jokes by putting their shit in jacket pockets top lel

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your friend sounds awesome

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toasting in epic bread

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so did anyone figure out what it really is
looks like a mask for little girls in bangladesh working in collapsing faactories

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It's a cry for help from a child in H&M slave labour.


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>OPfw it has ebola

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Looks like one of the 12-year-old slaves at the H&M sweatshop dropped their mouth guard thingy.

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It might not necessarily be for putting your legs through it.

Maybe you put it over your dick and then take the ends of that and wrap them together behind your balls so that way your dick gets pushed back with your nuts and then everything is tucked in together.


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i don't think you know how penises work

>> No.8677505

I swear to god if you don't post this shit on h n m's fb your the most beta fag ever

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I dunno op it looks way too small, but it does look like a gaff.


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it could have been put in the pocket by just some activist trying to protest against the way hm gets their clothes or something

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This. OP, you have to post this on H&M Facebook page. You HAVE TO.

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>It smeels new, fresh. It doesn't smell like cum or balls or vagina.

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best thread of 2014

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mods sticky

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actual LOL

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lmao im dying


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i guess lgbt has confirmed is must be a shitty mask the sweatshop slaves wear so you should really post this on h&m's facebook.

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how would you know how a vagina smells

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I was here.

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This makes sense.

Could he make money out of this?

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cos i fucked your mom

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LOL! i trolled you!


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dubs get

>> No.8678781 [DELETED] 

trolling is a art

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it's a mouthguard for the factory workers

it's small because it's for children

>> No.8678801 [DELETED] 

fettucini fettucini
op got a tranny thingy
now i shall get the dubs

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close 1 m8

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Oh my god it all makes sense now. I am dying this is too good. Please post this to Facebook.

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OP where was the jacket made? Bangladesh?

>> No.8679158

Posting in this thread is the only reason I have to keep going

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This. You should really post this on their Facebook.

>> No.8679325

it's an eyepatch OP put it on and take a pic

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>> No.8680991


*tips flatcap*

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>>my sides

>> No.8681066

OP did you order it or buy it from the store?

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even if it's not a tranny panty, there's still a good chance that facemask has H7N9, masks don't just randomly drop in jackets

>> No.8681374

Fucking do it OP!

>> No.8681408

This thread is GOAT. Seriously, post this on their facebook! inb4 massive shitshow

>> No.8681485

this thread got capped on /r/4chan already

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It's probably an improvised face mask from one of the garment workers who made the jacket.

(from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8469977.stm)

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I fucking kekked so hard

>> No.8682142

thats exactly what it looks like

>> No.8682146

this shit isprobably like when someone stitched "SEND HELP" in some primark clothing tags to fuck with people

>> No.8682160


or when that guy hid "send help" in those shitty decorations because they needed help

>> No.8682175

OP you need to go viral with this it will be hilarious and H&M will shit bricks

>> No.8682275

Everyone needs to spam H&M's facebook/website/emails/phone lines about this.

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>> No.8685126

"Help! Im trapped in a bubblegum factory!"

>> No.8685172


>> No.8685226

op if that really is something that ties h&m to a sweatshop you can get famous as fuck if you expose them

>> No.8685231

>separate dressing rooms for men and women
do you live in Iran or something

>> No.8685282

Did you tried tasting it OP?

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I used to go into Zumiez for sweatshirts and shit and now I can't because of the immense amount of pestering I receive from the 20-something dropouts that work there.

Just let me look at clothes you fucking tools.

>> No.8685305

>bored at mall
>walk into zumiez with old supreme camp on
>dat some supreme boy holy shit
>employees freak out over supreme of all brands

>> No.8685315

maybe it's a message
>herp us prease

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masketta man

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>> No.8685327

>Chinese people wear facemasks


>> No.8685336

somebody post this on HM's facebook if OP doesn't want to

>> No.8685349

you do it faggot

>> No.8685405

fuck you faggot I don't want to look like a faggot

>> No.8685409


Any chance this is a swatch from the jacket?

>> No.8685429

someone please post it on h&m wall

>> No.8685438

Honestly it is probably this.

>> No.8685467


Here we all are making jokes when it's actually a cry for help after little Pingu died of overexhaustion in Hell and Mauritz's Chinese garment factories

>> No.8685558

I love capitalism

>> No.8685603

Is OP alive???

>> No.8685786

>this store is literally gay

That's why I shop there.

>> No.8685824

>It smeels new, fresh. It doesn't smell like cum or balls or vagina.

>> No.8685833


>> No.8685841

Post it on their facebook and demand they execute that worker for tainting your clothing with their 3rd world germs

Tell them it gave you tuberculosis and you want free shit as compensation.

>> No.8685980

good quads

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>> No.8686579

loving every laugh

>> No.8686582

cause it probably isnt real lol

wish it was tho

>> No.8687269

if you roll over H&M clothing it will just tear apart

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>> No.8688223

This could be a sweatshop mask. Are you not going to post this on their facebook and expose it?

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so why hasn't this been stickied yet?

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