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Can we have a thread like this?

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>every post will be short person next to tall person
>because it's true

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There are some pretty bad pictures of Blake Lively but omfg she looks amazing in this one

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how tall is he
is he a midget

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This photo almost defies belief, and yet it is real.

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5ft4 according to google. So, yeah.

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>at night

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are pony's /fa/?

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actually that's the first one I see of her where she doesn't rermind me of that horse-lady sjp

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this niggas legs look photoshopped

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Girl on the left looks like that annoying bitch from that crossfit video on youtube

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>tall and thin = fashionable

this might be hard for you guys to believe, but short people and fat people can be fashionable. They may not look as cool as tall lean people, but they're starting at a considerable disadvantage. when you see a short or ugly person who looks not too bad, you've got to give some respect, because it takes them serious effort and fashion knowledge to get there.

People who have the good luck to be naturally 6'2 - 6'4 don't impress me so much; they were born into the fashion equivalent of extreme privilege.

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hey fa, can you help me?

I have shoes in a tan color like the goslers in this photo that i wear with office attire, but I don't have a proper dress belt to match it. any recommendations?

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Manlets. When will they learn.

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>fat people can be fashionable
You got me laffin'.

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God I would disapoint her

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>6'2 - 6'4 don't impress me so much

god i can just feel your butthurt, it's palpable

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man this is thought provoking

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>elfmode fucker get out

that always gets me, fuck

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Steve's head fits Ryan's body better than Ryan's own head.

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He looks like Don Draper from the side.

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>Ryan still looks better than Steve

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stay mad, fuccboi. You don't understand style.

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my man steve looks like the dude from mad men

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LOL fukken saved

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>You don't understand style
>Thinks the guy in the oversized polo looks better
k m8

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damn how do you fags get so mad at internet arguments

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He does. Gosling is wearing formulaic trash.

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I think you should take a break from /fa/, all the anti-dadcore rhetoric is warping your mind

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Confirmed wearer of dadcore

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it's too late . . . he's gone

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5ft4 on google means 5'2" irl
you can always count on celebrity-heights as being exaggerated, e.g. the rock had a billed height of 6'5"-6'6" while he's actually 6'2"-6'3"

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>"lol dadcore omg what a loser"
>hypebeast fits all up and down high school halls

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Ive never not laughed at this

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it feels so seemless

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I'm 5'4" I met him irl and he was shorter than me while I was wearing flats.
Midget confirmed

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why did you put John Hamms head on gosling?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure he's like 4,11" but he wears high heeled boots everywhere he goes

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when will they ever learn

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he's a big guy

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>People who have the good luck to be naturally 6'2 - 6'4 don't impress me so much; they were born into the fashion equivalent of extreme privilege.

You sound really bitter. Sorry for your shit genes but you'll never look as good as someone 6'+ and you just have to accept that

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for you

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I wanted to type 5'11'', my bad

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mind blown

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>tfw no 6'1" gf

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Short girls can be qt, those are just ugly bitches

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Lol he's holding them both by the tit
>a true alpha mail xD

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holy shit, he could destroy maysie like no biggie if he wanted to, dude's like twice the height and probably 3~4 times the weight. could lift the girl up with one hand and chuck her over his shoulder not even breaking a sweat. i've seen pics of maysie, she ain't even that short, this is fucked up

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for those of you that are worried, he's 5'5. Not 5'11.

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I thought she was 12 or 13 years old, nigga be 17, she won't be taller than that

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Facial structure isn't style. Yeah, you can look attractive but that's not style. It's just physiology. So essentially you're saying that the jeans, polo, sneakers combination is better than the other.

>making out like you 'know style'

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No, I am saying that looks are 100% of fashion, and therefore Ryan Gosling looks better than Steve Carrell no matter what outfits you put them in.

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What is the source on this .gif? It's beautiful

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No. Faggot

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it's still funny though, he's like full cupping the one on the left lmao

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>5'11 king of manlets reporting in

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It can look cute if the height difference isn't huge. Pic related is 6'2" and 5'9". Imo if your girlfriend is going to be to taller than you 5'9"-5'10" is the cutoff you should be at.

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>5'9"-5'10" is the cutoff you should be at.

>tfw 5'6"

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Nigger, look at this fucker here >>8614444

If you're not getting it, it's your own damn fault.

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Ok, somwone clear something up for me. A few times now I've, usuallu on other boards, I've see people talk about Maisie Williams as if she's some sorty of beauty.

They're fucking joking, right?

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4 1 2 3

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Only tumblrfags think she is attractive

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She's cute in that sort of mousy way
I'd definitely have sex with her

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that sideways smirk lol she has got to stop that

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3 4 2 1

>> No.8614617

I'm retarded, I meant
2 3 4 1

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yeeeea my boo DiCa show that faggit who's boss

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Honestly if Leo does that not a single complaint can be given. It's fuckin Leo. Even that lesbian chick on the left is wet from him touchin that titty

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5'10 is King, we are Emperors of Manlets.

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mfa pls

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natalie dormer is fucking ugly and she doesn't that stupid pout/smirk every time

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natalie dormer is fucking ugly and she does that stupid pout/smirk every time

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Gwendolyne Christie is so qt when she is not in her Brienne image

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I've met the guy, there's no way he's taller than 5'8.

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There's nudes of her, you know? She did some kind of "art" photos.

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God, Taylor Swift is so fucking gorgeous.

The only thing better than her looks is how much ugly, frumpy tumblr feminists hate her. That brings me so much joy.

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damn yo sansa looking fucking good ay ay mami let me get in there

>> No.8614898

Why do they hate her? Like how do they possibly hate her in particular out of all of the other singers what the fuck is wrong with these people.

>> No.8614929

I honestly don't get it either - she seems like a perfectly amicable person, especially when compared to the wretched whores that Hollywood usually churns out.

I honestly think it has a lot to do with her more traditional ways/mindset and her perfect white looks. Like I know that comes off as some cop-out "they hate her becuz shez better than them!!1" kind of thing, but when you think of how those sorts of people think, it kind of makes sense.

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I'm 6' I'm just sick of manlets idolizing anyone who's tall no matter what they're wearing. Being tall and beautiful doesn't make you /fa/ by default. Fashion is about how you use clothing to maximize what God gave you.

>> No.8615065

that makes sense. could also be that shes 50's and quirky with all her cats and country music and shit. Stealing their niche

>> No.8615183

how short are you

>> No.8615186

look at those fucking heels brienne is wearing holy shit
girl's full on tiptoe mode hodor really is part giant

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when you combine that shaved side of head and jawline tho

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I think she's cute. Probably hottest GoT character after dany. Sansa always looks like she's on the verge of tears.

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>she does that stupid pout/smirk every time

she has fas

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> Potato farmers pose with most successful harvest

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This was my idea. I swear on my mums it was.

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noo my waifu has been smitten

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I literally

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>tfw i'm a 5'10" girl
>tfw i'm attracted to big-nosed manlets

my children will pay for my sins

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>tfw im a 5'10 manlet with a roman nose
whats your myspace and msn bb

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god damn the british have a low ass bar for what's pretty, these are some busted ass bitches

>> No.8615421


I actually like maisie williams and I still fucking laughed

>> No.8615443

you mean color? the color of your shoes obviously
if you mean brands, I would suggest tanner goods.

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>when you see a short or ugly person who looks not too bad, you've got to give some respect

No I dont
I understand where you're coming from, like hurr durr he was born beatiful/a prince/son of a millionaire, he didnt need to do much to succeed

>short people and fat people can be fashionable
>People who have the good luck to be naturally 6'2 - 6'4 don't impress me so much
>extreme privilege

opinion dismissed, please proceed to bio-reactor

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>people using my height scale

feels good man.

>> No.8615496

praise glob

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when will manlets learn

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its photoshopped

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Fat people? No. Short people? Yeah. The only reason we as humans see tall people as good looking and fashionable is because the jawline they have. Taller people have way more surface area to deposit fat so it's barely noticable while a shorter person is definitely not going to have a jawline as good looking due to the fact that he/she has less surface area to deposit fat, making any fat on that person way more noticeable.

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you're a total retard, lol

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fucking manute bol

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Take Developmental Psychology nigga you ain't shit

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>tfw 5'6
>tfw tallest girl ive ravaged was 6'0

believe in urself and money!!

>> No.8615673

lmao freshmen taking some retarded courses and flaunting with it is the worst shit ever

fucking JAWLINE

mhm buddy sure


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which one?

>> No.8615682


You wish, it was probably like wrestling with a kid she had to babysit

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Yeah dude you have no idea what you're taking about

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i agree but would do terrible things for and to irl sansa.

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good looking tall person> average looking tall person > good looking short person > ugly tall person > average looking short person > ugly short person

i'm a manlet and even i know this is true. also, short bitches go for tall ugly guys if they can't get with a good looking one because they're insecure and being with a taller guy makes them feel better. average height girls usually don't give a fuck what height and above average girls obv go for taller guys.

>> No.8615911

p.s don't be an ugly short person. if u are, i'd spent all my paychecks towards rectifying that situation. physical appearance is important if you're living in a city. if you live rural then who gives a fuck.

>> No.8615941

looks like any other aussie girl here

you all need to travel more

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1 2 3 4

>> No.8616538

I can feel the jealousy through the screen

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You've never into MDMA, have you?

>> No.8616693

king of insecurity

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its like an undergrad at texas a&m again

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Try going to Six Flags without seeing over 100 people wearing those blue superman shirts

>> No.8618833

This is the WORST fashion trend. Can anyone explain to me how this came about in womenswear. I hate it so fucking much and every fall/winter for the past 5 years I have to keep seeing it year after year after year. FUCK I am so FUCKING angry.

>> No.8618952 [DELETED] 

>yes but he isn't a nigger or a beaner, so I still value the manlet over the others

>> No.8618985

/r/ing the series of pictures where an un/fa/ girl is walking out of a door and tons of paparazzi are taking pictures and she oblivious that karli kloss is right behind her.

>> No.8619019

>man I'm so tired of summer I want to layer
>winter comes
>hell yeah time for sick fits
>all these basic bitches come out of the woodwork


>> No.8619034

it's not a fucking fashion trend. not everyone takes your hobby as seriously as you do. tbh these girls probably enjoy their lives more than you do

>> No.8619072


>tall people are attractive not because they're tall but because being tall makes their jawlines more prominent

Almost everything you said is false and stupid.

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File: 137 KB, 1023x681, Karlie-Kloss-Main.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inb4 someone makes some dumb comment about clones

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ten out of ten anon

>> No.8619173

topkekeke oh my fucking god

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there's nothing /fa/ about this pic but still....

>> No.8619188

what is a sense of humor
she looks better than karlie manface kloss anyway

>> No.8619190

what the fuck, is this genuinely accidental? are americans really this bland?

oi, I remember an event where students from various countries participated. me and my mate snickered at the American team when we noticed virtually all of them wore nearly identical white low top kicks.

>> No.8619207


>are americans really this bland?


Canadians are the same

It varies by region, but in any determined area, you have like a 95% chance of encountering packs of basic ppl all dressed and rooking same

>> No.8619210

And now I know what Frankie Muniz would look like in a dress.

>> No.8619217

Is that SFU?

>> No.8619222

oh man kill me

>> No.8619227

wait She's obviously just joking around

pretty funny actually

>> No.8619274

More like 5'7" and 7'7". Nonetheless they're both manlets. Amirite?

>> No.8619339


good lord in heaven

>> No.8619344

>lesbian detector
>99% accurate

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>> No.8619358

looks like messi with big tits

>> No.8619370


>> No.8619371

I don't even know who's supposed to be the effay ones and who the uneffay

>> No.8619375
File: 82 KB, 360x278, mybrain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't unsee

>> No.8619388


check your privilege

while i check those dubs

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File: 2.00 MB, 352x240, 1405285094123.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 3.58 MB, 200x198, 1312557315645.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is getting out of control

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>tbh these girls probably enjoy their lives more than you do

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This thread has everything

>> No.8619716


this is my fetish

>> No.8619896

Hot girls are your fetish?

>> No.8620198

top laugh

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File: 59 KB, 634x686, stegosaurus on the beach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8620881

webb has such better proportions than manute bol

>> No.8620953

>over compensation for being 5'11 and wearing ridic boots to look taller

So insecure

So beta

>> No.8621031

You americans care way too much about height

And uncircumcised penises

>> No.8621054

Can't tell if she's aroused or just fearing for her safety

>> No.8621097

>Gives us the precious!

>> No.8621107
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>reverse search this image
>right girl is first result

>> No.8622256
File: 65 KB, 300x300, 1369584102237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>defending short people
>defending a useless piece of stinky salami on the end of my wang

>> No.8622268
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>> No.8622288

Circumcision is totally useless

>> No.8622291

not true. they are much more aesthetic.

nobody wants to have a dick tat looks like an elephant trunk

>> No.8622309

this really goes to show that if you're in shape and you dress well facial aesthetics don't really matter.

>> No.8622318

This is true

And there's nothing wrong with that

>> No.8622333

>they are much more aesthetic.
not true. I'm not sure where you're from, but I don't think having scars running across a color-miss-matched cock is very aesthetic. Just my two cents.

>> No.8622352

They also house a ridiculous amount of nerve endings
>you'll never feel sex like I do
Also don't you amerifags have to use lube when you have a wank lol what a hassle

>> No.8622361

I'd actually like to live in an area where people dress like shit. Standing out and getting bitches would be 9000% easier.

>> No.8622368

>scars running across
You can barely see it as a scar and your skin adjusts to the >color-miss-matched

>>you'll never feel sex like I do
Sex is already amazing dude I can't really be missing out on that much
Also if you've been circumcised or uncircumcised all your life how would you know what feels better?

>> No.8622376

self correction:
the color doesn't adjust amazingly well but it doesn't look like some scar across your stomach like a liver transplant

>> No.8622388


>tfw I didn't know who the Blonde was and had to google

>tfw I thought the blonde was meant to be the ugly one

>tfw the brunette is way hotter than the blonde model girl

>> No.8622391

Because it's a fact that circumcised people don't have as sensible penises as uncircumcised do.

>> No.8622410

>sensible penis

>> No.8622419
File: 199 KB, 562x684, 1345327110109.doctorflip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>telling me my dick isn't as sensitive
>it's a fact

>> No.8622536

I don't fucking care, I haven't slept in 38 hours.

>> No.8622551


you cult of celebrity idiots forget that normal people joke around sometimes

reminds me of that retarded kid in a pokemon sweater in elementary school who called everyone around him "idiots" because he never knew when they were joking

>> No.8622562

Do you just hang around in the nude in public or what

>> No.8622568

the "sex feels better" thing is a myth.

>> No.8622573

are you implying that cutting off extremely sensitive skin causes no difference in sensitivity?

>> No.8622574

Pretty sure I see that kid posting on 4chan every day.

>> No.8622578

lol. I don't want to get in to this debate but how can you begin to think this is a good argument?

>> No.8622587


>> No.8622588

ayy, circumcision is easily one of the most stupid things americans do. "uhh yeah let's circumsize my kids because mine is cut too, and my grandpa cut it too, so it's kinda makes sense because everybody does it"

you are literally mutilating yourself for no real benefit. in Europe only jews get circumcised for ancient religious reasons. Foreskin protects your dick.

>> No.8622598

Why has this thead turned into a circumcision argument? I thought I was browsing /fa/ not /b/

>> No.8622607

You just roll it back and it looks the same

>> No.8622610
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this thread is almost the whole of 4chan in one thread

>> No.8622700


See that's what I'm talking about

>> No.8622767

You found your way to the wrong website, buddy

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>> No.8622964


>> No.8623332


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