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How many of you are actually wealthy? What is your job?

/fa related
>Is this a good summer look?

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Theres quite a few rich fags on /fa/

probably more than there are on /biz/ which is quite funny.

not me tho im broke

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no that is a good faggot look

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uh my grandparents are wealthy and i know all the people in the wealthiest area of Dallas if that counts.

I have about 30k in investments right now, and i'm modeling here for my 'job' and about to goto NYC on the 21st to try to get another agency and hopefully a job to move there.

/fa related, no I don't really like the look.

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You live in dallas?

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I have been doing odd jobs for $$

and that is a very plain inoffensive summer look, I am pretty indifferent towards it.

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What is the "wealthiest" part?

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The park areas, mainly highland park.

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I'm a sous chef at a nice restaurant in NYC. I make about $85.000 a year salary, which is pretty darn good for a 25 year old.

Not really rich, but I do have disposable income

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>implying living in poverty and squalor isn't infinitely more /fa/ than being rich

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I'm a consultant physician, I make roughly 235 thousand euros per year.

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>odd jobs


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>85k a year
>Not really rich

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I might sound like a dumbfag but is that something like 235 thousand USD?

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not particularly wealthy compared to my friends but I'd like to consider myself more of a middle class

I work hard by going to university full time, working full time and helping out with running my parents businesses and managing land

I also am an insecure little shit that spends all my money on visvim + japanese brands

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it's canadian slang for being a male prostitute

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It's about 320K in American money

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let's just say it's some tricky business

and no not a male escort, although i'd be open to consider those possibilities since i'm qt as fuck

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do you wear raf simonsand rick owens

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I work 60-70 hours a week.

I have friends who do computer and IT stuff and they make over six figures at my same age.

85k at my age is more than I ever could have predicted, but compared to a lot of the people I know in NYC, it isn't a whole lot.`

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i'm upper middle class, privately educated, parents gave me £20k investments at 18, etc. not that 'wealthy' though

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quel école/université?

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St. On-Parle-Anglais-Ici

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just check for the rate online
dollar is worth less than euro

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i'm not wealthy at all so I have nothing to add to that aspect of the conversation, but there is nothing fashionable about that outfit.

it's not hideous and you wouldn't offend anyone if you were to wear something like that. but it's very boring and kind of uptight and something that a frat-star or a stereotypical country club father would wear.

you won't be doing anything different or groundbreaking by "fashun" standards, and that's ok. you would literally just blend in.

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I earn 12k a year and still have a year left in high school (am 18 :))
How am I doing?

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God i fucking hate highland park

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I make 35k 23 which is not bad considering all of the benefits of my job and I have a job lined up to make 6 figures for lockheed martin

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we all make 320k/yr on

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univ park resident here, why do you hate highland park?

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My family is fairly wealthy, I don't necessarily have complete access to it.

I have ~$100,000 in savings and investments, this is thanks to my parents (as do both my brothers). I have 0 debt after graduating college.

My dad makes close to $300,000 a year on salary, plus a lot more on stocks and consulting... But I'm not sure the exact number. He has a couple million saved.

We own 3 houses and an apartment, 1 house and apt in a wealthy metropolitan area, one large house in the south, 1 in a Scandinavian country.

I am extremely lucky and try not to take it for granted, I never acted like a brat or flaunted money or anything like that. I intend to make enough money so that in the future, I can take care of my parents. The only time I really spend a lot of money is on clothes.

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From my experience, the people there are assholes. And the kids...holy shit

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on benefit

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its kind of true if they dont know you. West Plano is way worse though, because those people arent even actually rich, they just buy a lv purse and try to act like they are.

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currently at law school with a degree on education already

not making it yet tho

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post a fit richfag

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Retail clothes

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My parents earn together around 300k a year, so I'm upper middle class here. I am a full time university student and in between what they give me and what i earn (mostly working on saturdays) I earn 30k a year, which is nice considering they pay all of the bill (insurance, uni tuition, phone) and I get to pay for everything else (leisure and what not). However, local price are very high here, so 30k a year does not allow me to play it like a boss

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Yeah r-rich fag p-post a fit

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dad used to make 400-600k a year. his suits cost less than a thousand dollars and shoes for less than 100$


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85 isn't that much in NYC, mate

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Well, good for him that he can makes all those money even without expensive outfits.

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My parents are middle-class. I joined the military a month before I turned 18 so they would not have to pay for my college. I worked full-time and saved enough money to where I can live off of my savings while going to school for free. I'm not rich but I do have a lot of money compared to people my age (20). That being said, I'm very stingy and refuse to pay >$100 for a single piece of clothing.

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lel fucking leech kill yourself

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sry m8
maybe in my next life my parents will pay my way through everything

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come from poor family
high school diploma
minimum wage warehouse work
12k CAD in bank account
6k CAD in investments

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>fairly wealthy

you mean extremely

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shh, he's humble bragging.

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I'm in college still at an internship making about 40k annually.

Parents paying for everything, tuition, rent, books, food, and cars.

Saving most of my money and spend the rest on fun and cool shit.

Life is good. Not rich, but its good.

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oh shit nigga I'm in Dallas. Buy me shit at four five ten and traffic la

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I come from wall street money and have never worked an honest day in my life. I'm from fairfield county CT so I can only speak to what works here. That kind of fit works although most people would go with leather drivers and a less tacky watch.

Side note: I will not post a fit because you faggots will say it's "Dadcore". People don't get that around here people don't dress based on fashion they dress based on tradition.

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I'm 18 and rely on my parents for money.

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Dad, it's time to get off 4chan.

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I own a business that makes thousands a week but I pay myself less than minimum wage due to so many overheads like shop rent and electricity and stock. So I work 7 days a week 24/7 for less than someone on unemployment benefited makes, this will all be worth it in the end right guys?

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27 year old video game programmer reporting in.
125k a year plus I love video games and programming so I'm pretty much happy as fuck constantly.

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$125k a year? holy shit I pay myself $25,000 a year and I live in Australia where everything is 3x as expensive

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400 000k per year since this year, currently 18 years old. Come at me brah

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awesome. mind sharing your path to getting the job (what degree, internships, etc)

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Unlucky m8.
Why don't you move?
Australia is literally hell.
>sharks in water
>spiders on land
>skin cancer from the sun
>fucking expensive
>government's racist

I did Computer Science when I was 20 and got a Masters degree so that gave a good impression. I also started coding when I was 16 so it was pretty easy learning programming in the course. When I graduated I got an internship in Google so that gave an even better impression but I realized software wasn't very enjoyable to work with so I got a job in video games.

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dont forget south lake, and preston hollow, lake wood is also getting expensive; fellow dallasite here.

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i live on LI and everything is so fucking expensive here

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I make 60k and live with my parents. Not bad for a retard.

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lakewood isnt that rich. Mostly just kids who think they are rich.

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>tfw dad has a 70 ft sea ray he never uses
>tfw I live on it
>tfw i fuck lonely trophy wife like nobody's business

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Canadafag here, my parents are paying my $120k uni tuition, and my grandparents have offered to pay my $100k masters when i finish. i will be doing well without debt

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My parents are both doctors and pay for my college tuition and costs, while I pay for recreation only with what I make over the summer. I'll be an engineer in a couple years and will then be upper middle class.

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>mom makes 140,000 a year
>mfw dad is unemployed by choice

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Not quite wealthy yet.

Buddy and I started a wireless company earlier this year and already en route to make 40k/yr at 21 years old.

The way business is picking up, should be at about 80k+ next year

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>no job
Hittin' that goodwill this saturday.

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My father earns > $1,000,000 a year, but none of that trickles down to me except in the form of free rent and food.

I earn $50,000-55,000 per year, depending on bonus.

The real benefit to family is the support they provide to fall back on and the values they inculculate. Who cares about inheriting in your 60s.

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I can't move because my business is a physical shop and I'm locked into a lease. But yeah I hate Australia the worst thing is that most Australians seem to be under this delusion that Australia is the best country in the entire world and that we have the highest standards of living (we don't!)

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Free rent and food
>mfw I spend 70% of my wage on rent and food

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>video game programmer
>good pay and working conditions

pick one

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>How many of you are actually wealthy?
I'm the poorest man alive
>What is your job?
stay at home son

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Anyone gone from poorfag to rich?

Currently trying to line up an entry level IT job which I'll be making 2k+ a month, and I'll be putting $600 into living expenses, $500 into savings, then invest $500 and have $400 for fun spending.

Once I get a cushion going with my savings though I'll starting investing 1K a month. Does that sound like a reasonable way to become a richfag while working my way through college? Investing doesn't seem too hard if you put in your research.

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Get a fucking job. Put in some effort.

>> No.8499293

Thats not humble bragging fucktard

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>> No.8499338

he's not humble bragging, he's just being humble. don't be so insecure and envious

>> No.8499340

>iOS programmer working in the EU
>making 120k CHF

pick two

>> No.8499402

are you me
>dad makes 180,000 a year
>mom stays home but has a degree in law

>> No.8499421

>mom works for the family
>dad is retired/unemployed

>> No.8499470

Engineers at my work make $70-80k right out of school and they don't live in NYC.

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>stay at home son

full time son here

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I make 12 million a year running an Ecommerce operation in Korea, also make about 4-5 million from modeling. Mostly I'm a stay at home boyfriend though, as my wife makes about 5 million a MONTH.

So many liars ITT.

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i make about 17k/year at 19 currently
average a 25 hr work week
work at a restaurant du

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My family is wealthy, but I am not particularly wealthy.

>> No.8499824


Well gee, who would've thought STEM degrees get you loadsa money.

>> No.8499847

My dad invented something almost all of you have probably seen on infomercials. He was middle-class before, but it made him very wealthy. I think he's currently worth around 8 million? Not sure.

I have a trust fund account, but I still work. 30 hours a week in a local independent book store, because I like it. No one I work with knows I'm wealthy. I dress nice, and they compliment me a lot, but they have no idea I probably spend more on clothes in a week than I make in an entire month.

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>tfw you'll never be infomercial rich
>you'll never experience the power of oxiclean

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>Canadafag here, my parents are paying my $120k uni tuition, and my grandparents have offered to pay my $100k masters when i finish.

Holy fuck that's expensive. I got my degree in London for less than a fifth of that.

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Top kek

>> No.8499875

The point is 80k is nothing you fucking idiot. Did you even read who I was replying to?

>> No.8499882

80k just out of school is a great starting salary you fucking idiot.

>> No.8499892

not for stem

>> No.8499898

Okay??? How is that relevant at all. Learn to read, thanks. Fucking retard.

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to most people in the US, 80k a year is a dream.
Even to most college graduates with a BA.

It's also what I spent in the last 10 months on rent.

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I'm poor. I earn about 14K GBP. but I still live at home with free food and board so its 100% disposable.

I think my dad is worth just over a million but its all in property that he rents out. He is retired and lives off the money he gets from tenants.

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so you're both leeches?

>> No.8499910

r u going to school in america?

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>> No.8499914

Wow amazing, dude. Thanks for all that insight. Sorry, I though I was in "Who here is wealthy?" thread not "Who here is middle class?" thread.

The point, if you had any reading comprehension or were capable of acknowledging context, is that $80k is not rich.

No shit $80k is a lot for someone with a BA because a BA is trash.

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Living the dream Anon :^)

>> No.8499924


Yeah so? My mum doesn't mind me living with her for a while.

And what's wrong with renting out property?

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is this you Anon?

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slumlords contribute nothing.

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I don't have a job. My parents have a bit of money, but we don't really talk about it. They help out with things I couldn't afford on my own, like travel (sometimes), tuition and therapy. For the most part, I am responsible for how I spend the money that I'm given

>> No.8499957

so that makes them leeches.

>> No.8499965

>lower middle class parents
>I'm a poorfag with a job at McDonalds
>city has the highest unemployment in the country and is only projected to get worse
>my life is going to suck

>> No.8499966

>OP asks who's wealthy
>plebs rush into to talk about how they aren't
>conclusion: plebs can't read
>uneducated mouth-breathers

>> No.8499967

lel ignore buttmad prole
good job mate, I hope you inherit the property or somehow acquire your own and live a leisure life of a rentier
something I hopefully will do too

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>> No.8499982


Plebs can read, we just want to participate. Also if everyone on /fa/ posts in this thread OP can get a more realistic feel of how many people on /fa/ are wealthy and how many are poser scum like me. Good day sir.

>> No.8499992

Did you know Oxiclean is korean invention? I just learned that.

Did he design the snuggy?

>> No.8499994

"How many of you are actually wealthy?"
No where in says that you can only respond if you are wealthy.
"What is your job?"

Wicked banter there mate

>> No.8499997

No where in it, does it say*

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holy damn yall rich as hell

dad worth about 1 mil + in properties
mum worth nothing (divorced)
i work full time and blow it all on mid tier clothes (neighbourhood, Our Legacy) and nothing

get little support from either
education wasnt important in our family, dad only made his money through sheer commitment to a cause (union) and a rich gf

>tfw working class scum
how i gonna make it

>> No.8500013

I'm about to move to the US from Aus for a bit...I honestly agree

>> No.8500019 [DELETED] 

Did he design the snuggy?

>hahah no. that would be hilarious for so many reasons though, thanks for the good laugh.

>> No.8500026

>Did he design the snuggy?

hahah no. that would be hilarious for so many reasons though, thanks for the good laugh.

>> No.8500031


grass is always greener m8. Where do you think is better?

>> No.8500064

Just tell us what the fugg he invented
I'm not gonna find out who your dad is and email him that his kid posts on the gayest board of a pedo website or anything

>> No.8500076

>I'm not gonna find out who your dad is and email him that his kid posts on the gayest board of a pedo website or anything

No, but I might. (tee hee)

though to be honest probably not, i'm way to lazy and dont give a shit.

>> No.8500079

9,5k/year itt.
So who is wealthy? Definitely not me. But I'm from Russia and its kinda middle class concerning to little town where I live. The average salary in my town is about 6,3k/year so everything not as bad as it could be.

>> No.8500100

why do Russians always sound like angry thugs?

>> No.8500108

why are russian women colder than Siberia?

>> No.8500140

32 year old male
250k a year

1.2 million net worth.

I just bought my first property too. I live on a 60k a year budget for the most part. It feels comfortable to me.

I don't have a bad ass job, I'm a manager at a hotel. I've been investing since I was 18. I would probably have a better position but the market has been real trash in the US since I've been 18. I started with gold in 2003.

>> No.8500144

Lol, dunno. I'm not thug, I'm software engineer.
Couse of low salary. If all your minds are about saving the family from hunger, thirst and winter sex and relation become a secondary thing.

>> No.8500154

>on /fa/

what's your diagnoses cheesy tits?

>> No.8500159

I thought your dad invented the magic bullet but that guy is worth 600M

>> No.8500177

>tfw own the magic bullet
Shit is so cash

>> No.8500181

Stop being a faggot.
You're like the kid on the block who always played with his new toy and told everyone about it, but never shared it.

>> No.8500183

i am rich

>> No.8500186

I am poor

>> No.8500202


I am alex

>> No.8500207

there is that one lottofag who posts on here occationally, won something like 46/47 million in australian lotto IIRC

>> No.8500210

My parents really aren't wealthy, but aren't poor by any means. They live comfortably with enough disposable income to enjoy things like eating out at restaurants, holidays, funding personal hobbies etc. They are going on a 5 week trip to Spain in September, and are always offering to help me out with rent/money and stuff, to which I humbly decline.

As for me, I'm still at uni and have worked in a well paying, casual job as a waiter for the last three years. I've managed to save up a bit, but have also spent a fair bit (on holidays, etc.). I'm currently on exchange through university in Japan, and i'm planning on extending it to a year, however i've had to pay for it myself as opposed to putting it on my govt. loans, which is fine, as I've got my savings which covers it comfortably. I'm always pretty careful and conscious about my spending though. I should probably invest it somehow

>> No.8500215

how invest

>> No.8500227

be rich, have rich friends, take poor peoples money

>> No.8500230


how take poor people money and not feel bad

>> No.8500234

they don't have any

>> No.8500238

convert to judaism

>> No.8500241

how come you had money and now you dont?

>> No.8500245

>way to lazy

took the time to post

>> No.8500249

Live webcam shows

>> No.8500251

why not free porn

>> No.8500252

From who?

>> No.8500272

My family is poor, except for my grandfather who is worth a few million. I'm not a very sharp, clever, or talented person. I want to become rich and have smart, good children, though. I know it probably isn't going to happen, but I'm going to give it my very best shot. If I fail, then nobody will be able to truly say that I didn't try.

>> No.8500273

can i work for u

>> No.8500276

I'm poor as shit. My parents are immigrants.

I'm currently pooring it up in uni.

>> No.8500281

blah blah

>> No.8500285
File: 421 KB, 700x525, 3fb04cadf276bd28fdb18905beec0d89.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>live on a dime
>one week poor, the next can afford dinner
>clothes are a dream


>> No.8501167

This has turned into a /biz thread.

>> No.8501199

>everybody tells me it's easy as shit to get a job as a Swede in Oslo
>it's not

>> No.8501224

Wireless what you faggot

>> No.8501282

I have about 17k€ and I'm about to enroll in a Languages and Literatures degree. I have no idea what I want to do in the futute but I'll be 24 and broke when I finish my degree.
Am I taking the right path? It's either this or working shit jobs in construction and shit like I've been doing since I left high school.

>> No.8501293


>> No.8501321

I'd gladly do that, but what do I do when my money runs out? I'm almost 22 already and still have no idea what I want as a career. I don't want to be working minimum wage jobs until I grow old, I've met people like that and they're miserable

>> No.8501323

exit life

>> No.8501332

good suggestion but what about the suffering that will cause to my loved ones? Do I need to kill them too?

>> No.8501334

Somebody has to clean the tables at McDonald's.

>> No.8501339

who cares
when your life ends
universe ends too
for yourself atleast
dont be a pussy
and go on a world adventure

>> No.8501352

okay thanks /fa/!
That's a huge weight off my shoulders
I'm gonna be happy and then kill myself! :)

>> No.8501363

buy airplane tickets right now pussy
and post photo/screenschot

>> No.8501708

probably not, what type of business do you own anon?

>> No.8501764

what games have you worked on?

>> No.8501778

>but none of that trickles down to me except in the form of free rent and food
richfag babby doesn't realize how good he's got it

>> No.8501790

разработо так мало? как россияне могут быт /fa с эта деньги?

>> No.8501818

Not sure how much dad makes but know it's over 300,000 a year. company he worked for got bought out two years ago and they paid him a million dollars (obviously taxes took a lot of it). and we live in a 1.5 million dollar house. fucking mom ruins it though. controls all the finances. shops at Marshall's, never keeps a fully stocked kitchen cause she "doesn't like food to go to waist". and has never given me a dollar besides allowance in elementary school and shit. not trying to be a brat about it, it's just when your dad owns two porsches and mom owns a mercedez benz and your working two jobs struggling to cop mid tier shit like silent it just feels kinda bad.

>> No.8501819

Not him, but here is some info:
1) Don't use google to translate.
2) 99.999% people of Russia are not fa.
3) Those are very nice money for far towns, while in Moscow/Petersburgh and a few more big cities it is almost nothing (yet there are again people, who are majority, who do less). Moscow flat price is near the same as it in London.

>> No.8501826

And yes, the more expensive the cost of living in the city, the more you do, which is logical.

>> No.8501848

damn, my russian is shit. didnt use google translate ;_; but thanks for thr explanation

>> No.8502210

>getting a liberal arts degree
nigger what the fuck. hope you enjoy being a teacher, because thats the only job you can get with that kind of degree

>> No.8502221

>How many of you are actually wealthy?
eh no really wealthy, $120k a year with other benefits
>What is your job?
project manager at a construction firm

>> No.8502302

it's weird to me reading all these peoples salaries. I'm 20 and I've been on fa for like a year and it seems like this place is just teenagers, there was even a survey saying it was mostly 15 year olds. but then I read this thread..so what's the actual average users age on here?

>> No.8502404

if you have that car then anything is a good look

>> No.8502424

Not at all. Currently living off 300 EUR/month, it's working though. Probably never going to be particularly wealthy either, studying physics atm. No idea what I should do with that. Probably should have studied something more useful and easier, whatever.

>> No.8502525

Start investing your money in a mutual fund, like now. Take $100 from your paycheck, or whatever you can afford to put aside. Do this every 1-2 months, and just invest. I say a mutual fund because they do the investing for you. They always go the safe route. You may not get fat staxx back for a couple of years, but it will build up over time. The money you make from stocks, re-invest. So you put in $100, make $10, put it back in. Now you've invest $110, and maybe you'll make $20 next time. It's a slow process, but it works.

>> No.8502594

so realistically, if I'm 18, when will this bear its fruits?

>> No.8502631

Well my parents have been doin this for me since I was born, I'm 23, and atm have $100k in savings / investments. They put in more than $100 a month I believe, so it may not be in the 6 digits till you're like 35-40, but you could make a hefty sum in 12 years. $40k is better than nothing.

>> No.8502639


pick one

>> No.8502658

I wonder if me mom did same thing...

>> No.8502664


>> No.8502781

they put in way much more than 100$
low to mid risk mutual funds have a return of at most 7 or 8%
If you made 100k over 23 years in mutual funds that means your parents invested a fuck ton of money

>> No.8503048

early 20's

>> No.8503615

Dad makes around 200k dollars a year
Mom makes around 130k dollars a year
Still got everything by myself tho fuck them
Here in sweden its not that much

>> No.8503657

I wouldn't say wealthy but I make about 32k, own a couple of houses, land, paid off my.car. and have about 200k in bonds stocks and securities.
>dad left me most of that shit

>> No.8503777

85 racks a year in NYC is comfortable at best

>> No.8503799

That is alot in Sweden you nutjob. 1.4mill+900k is enough to get you a nice apartment in central Stockholm och just about anywhere here. Stop lying.

>> No.8503827

Dad is a senior consultant anaesthetist making ~700k a year before taxes

No idea where it goes tho

>> No.8503854

>Dad owns 2 import businesses
>Mom goes on house shopping binges, bought two houses in the last 3 years
>idk how much they actually make/have because my dad squirrels most of it away
>tfw had to transfer money into an offshore account so I could get more federal aid for college

>> No.8503863

>own a couple of houses
>teetering on shit tier annual income

I'd rent out one of your properties or use Airbnb or something. sorry for your loss but at least you have some good assets to build upon and better your own life and make him proud :-)

>> No.8503866

disick is funny but without kanyes advice his style sucked

>> No.8503873

Funny, "Highland Park" is the trashiest area where I live.

>> No.8503879

>Ph.D in math
>any job i want
>300k starting

>> No.8504171

>tfw father's assets probably worth ~10mills
>tfw he's the kind of asian father who teaches his kids not to be dependent
>tfw he refuse to buy anything fancy unless I can justify the price or the purpose
how the fuck can I rock dick ovens, nice rollex, or driving a merc?
>tfw have to work minimum wage because of finishing school
good thing tho I have 0 debts and can get education up to master degree.

>> No.8504194

what a cruel father.
why do all the under 30 asians i see drive top of the line audis/bmw/ferrari/lambo/ ?

>> No.8504204

i never get this. if he tossed you a few bucks (that you will get in about 50 years anyway) you could do something meaningful instead of working min wage

>> No.8504211

congrats if this is true.
dunno why a phd would spend his time here tho lol

>> No.8504215

its an old troll/meme

>> No.8504217

lol oldest bait

>> No.8504221

you're so new it hurts

>> No.8504229

something meaningful?
working for shitty pay teaches you the value of money and makes you become a bit more independent at that.

kid got his education paid off anyway he's a lucky kid. if he works hard he'll do well

>> No.8504251

I have a trust fund but I can only spend it on college...for now. When I graduate I inherit whatever is left which will probably be around 100k in free money and I'll graduate debt free.

>> No.8504270

>retired dad make 120k
>mom works anyways because she's bored
>live in suburban ohio

>> No.8504300
File: 11 KB, 387x389, cheekbones.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw poor NEET
It'd be sweet if I could stand having a real career. I may have to eventually, since I want a house and kids someday

At least I don't claim benefits/welfare etc.

>> No.8504318

id be so fucking embarrassed if anyone knew lurked this board holy shit

>> No.8504347

My dad's family was legit old money, but his father and grandfather never worked and basically squandered the family fortune. My parents still make over 300k/year combined, and I think they'll still inherit a pretty hefty amount from their parents.

>> No.8504361

ITT: bunch of pathetic spoonfed autists who don't know the value of earning

and probably children (under 21)

>> No.8504401

dam ty 4 heads up tho
yes i dont browse 4chan very often.

>> No.8504417

then get out while you still can

>> No.8504445

Poorfag reporting.
I'm an electrician and make $28,000/yr

>> No.8504494

lol I mean i've been here for awhile but i'm not very savvy with the memes outside of /fa/ and /mu/ (not that i want to be)

>> No.8504499

the phd in math "meme" is on /g/ a lot

>> No.8504513


>> No.8504534

I'm going to. My mom earns 60% f the average pay in this country, pays 38% taxes, has got a house loan 3,5 times her annual salary. I was in the electrical warfare unit for 2 years and now I'm on the first year of dental/med sci path. Fuck yeah!

>> No.8504557

Yes absolutely, but it still shows the power of investing. I'm sure they were putting in a couple hundred to a thousand a month, but still, it added up!

>> No.8504604


Where in LI?

North shore Nassau county here

>> No.8504732


>> No.8504800

Good luck. Super admirable attitude.

>> No.8504953


LA? Chicago?

>> No.8504977

>tfw went on <$5 a day 711 diet for 3 months to save up for sikk cops

>> No.8505047

god damn how?

I'm an electrician and I pay that much in child support every year.

Are you union?
Residential or Commercial?
High voltage or low voltage?

>> No.8505057
File: 270 KB, 752x600, 1381433833489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After looking through this thread it made me realize that everyone hates wealthy people, even other wealthy people. I'm not saying its a bad thing to be wealthy, it just feels counterproductive.

I go to college in the US and with my major I could
make 100k+ after a few years of experience but I don't even know if I want to make that much money.

Money seems like its made so many people into
shit. I'm not really saying any of you are shitty people if you're wealthy, I don't know. I'm just pretty stoned and felt like commenting. Sorry for wasting your time.

>> No.8505110


>r u me right now?

>> No.8505120

>implying <$5 a day is a challenge.
If you cannot happily live off of $60 a month, you need to reconsider your spending.

>> No.8505133

There's only so much wealth a man truly needs, the rest is for showing off.

>> No.8505144

One euro is equal to 1.35 USD.

>> No.8505149

Nigga I'm trying to eat and shit. $60 a month is about two $2 a day.
An organic frozen burrito costs more then that. And that's like 1/5 of my recommended calories if I'm cutting.

>> No.8505172


nigga unless all you're eating is fuckin ramen then
youre gunna be one hungry ass mofo and dont even
act like youre going to be smoking cigs or drinking
coffee cause one cup at starbucks is like 3 days of
food with that logic.

>> No.8505176
File: 227 KB, 750x1000, Christian-Rex-van-Minnen_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my dad spent all of my college fund and my mutual fund that my grandparents saved for me when i was growing up
>hasn't paid back any of it
>thinks he's going to strike it rich somehow

>> No.8505209

>He thinks that's extremely wealthy
Shit son you need to get out of your hood and see the world.
That's solidly well off but not near extremely wealthy.

>> No.8505222

Meh, just don't be a dick.
Accept that you're wealthy/privileged, don't flaunt it, don't push others down, and do something with it. Don't waste it.

>> No.8505243

Well my parents are very wealthy.
But that's it.
I've seen the bank accounts states and they are disgustingly high, well pretty big for a 3rd world country like mine.
Weird enough, me and my family can't get to enjoy that money.
Talking about money in my family is a taboo like subject. I suspect they laundry money. They don't have business or a big stable job, But both of my parents own several houses all over the state. I don't know if they rent them or sell them. But I'm very intrigued.

I live in a big house. I have all the commodity of a 1st world country in a 3rd world., but after seeing a 890k USD bank account state. Of course the first thing I imagine is pair of rick tanks for Christmas.

>> No.8505264

Honestly at that point when you have so much suspicious money you get tied down by it.

>> No.8505269

>Dad is a mechanic at a factory
>Mom cleans houses

In spite of this and being NEET I have had a completely comfortable upbringing.

>> No.8505282

>thinks 300k/yr is "solid"
>other people should get out more

>> No.8505291

I feel for you if you think 300k is an astronomical figure.
Cheer up, you'll make it there too one day ;^)

>> No.8505301

You probably don't know it, but you actually are much better off than most of the spoiled brats itt.

>> No.8505330

why would one family need 3 houses and an apartment?

>> No.8505335

>got a job in video games
Whats that like? I heard it was very stressful
also where are you from and whats the salary like

>> No.8505339

dude, go out, or travel to some big city
travel to some fucking london, where 10 mil net worth is middle class

>> No.8505351

>what is investing
they probably rent a couple of them out, and let them appreciate. common sense 101

>> No.8505395


tfw In my current job it would take me 30 years to earn 300K

(Different annon btw)

>> No.8505403

You can make more than that on minimum wage.
Do you work a super shit job, part-time, live in a poor country, or what?

>> No.8505404

and some poor kid in zambia or some shit would have to work millenia to make what would take 30 years to you.

>> No.8506091

slipped my mind for some reason

>> No.8506098

I'm studying Aeronautinc Engeneering. I will begin in October.

>> No.8506107

I will be lucky if i will get 30k€ or 35k€ when i will finishing studying. Fuck You.

>> No.8506205
File: 363 KB, 2172x2172, 1400449441311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my father is a physician and is very frugal.

>tfw waiting for my inheritance

who else knows that feel?

>> No.8506250

I fucking do know that feel

grandmother and mother

grandmother has a shitton of relatives and is too kind towards them

I have a younger sister

I just want a couple of apartments to rent and live a leisure life of a rentier

>> No.8506255
File: 1.02 MB, 2957x2041, hemi_anech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not wealthy, however...

I study engineering physics with a MSc in Applied Acoustics. My breed is quite rare, and the field/business is growing rapidly.

After I graduate in one year, I'm planning on moving to Dubai and work there for some time. Dubai's having an expo 2020, it's craycray down there and I have contacts making 7-9000 euro/month.

>> No.8506263

>tfw working class

>> No.8506295

bullshit what are you doing on 4chan

>> No.8506336

My (step) mom and dad both work for the government (Germany) and they both make about 120k€ per year. This said they barely go to work because public service and politics.

>> No.8506434

not really. His parent make a decent living. nuffin special.

>> No.8506444

Business to business communication and sales. Fairly arduous and dull work but $55kAUD straight out of Uni is good right?

>> No.8506450

kinda. my parents live on welfare but I go to a really good college.
The average starting pay is around 70k and 150 in three year time..

I am somehow a bit mad at my parents for being poor and leaving all scholarship fees for myself when others have a easy ride..

>> No.8506452

Are you not driven in the slightest to help others less fortunate than yourself?

You admit yourself that you're extremely lucky to have had the life you've been given, yet you don't seem the want to share that luck.

I don't begrudge you, I envy you, certainly. Be a good person anon.

>> No.8506465

>yet you don't seem the want to share that luck.
cocktip, are you implying he should share his money with others?

>> No.8506473

I would recommend donating to various funds that offer scholarships to people seeking assistance with University/College funding.

But that's just me.

>> No.8506478

26 yo
Took out a loan from a relative and bought a bankrupt factory 2 years ago. 70 employees, $100K monthly revenue.
The factory now employs 200 people with $1 Million monthly revenue.
I literally bought any shit I want and write it off as R&D expenses. $1000 jackets isn't going to make a dent on the company's account. I have VERY good relationships with shitloads of online stores and they're always happy to reserve or mark values down for me when shipping.

AMA /fa/

>> No.8506492

forgot to add, roughly 13% net profit. Already made roughly $1million in profit since Jan.

>> No.8506555

What kind of jobs do peoples parents have ITT that they make more than 100k a year? STEMmasterrace or?

>> No.8506576


Both of my parents are school principals. Each earn about 110k before tax.

>tfw they have plenty of money to spoil me but only give me money for things I can prove that I need.

>> No.8506581

my dad is an engineer who is now the president of a large industrial factory. only makes around 200k USD yearly tho

>> No.8506593

self-employed entrepreneur or whatever you want to call it. found a network of schools, preparing kids to language exams, graduating exams, helping with uni admissions, that kind of shit. but I had a pretty good start, my family wasn't super rich, but my mother worked hard.

was very hard to decide that I dont want to pursue education/traditional career and do that instead too.

>> No.8506686

what does the factory make?

>> No.8506861

we're in the fashion industry, that's all I can say

>> No.8506887

>doesn't answer a question

I hate faggots like you who are all secretive about where they work. You're an anonymous poster on a japanese anime image board for fuck sake.

>> No.8506889

Ooh I like this game
Let me guess
You make clothing?

>> No.8506907

/fa/ confirmed for richest board

poorfags plz go

>> No.8506913

lol not trying to be secretive but there's literally only 6 factories doing what we're doing in the country I'm in. Mine is the only newcomer. It would be really easy to identify and I'm not risking that here.

No, we're a bit more upstream than that. Can't compete with China on garment manufacturing atm

>> No.8507333

he has 100k$ in savings
his dad makes 300k$ plus "a lot more" on stocks and investing
his dad has a couple million saved up
they own 3 houses

>uh, nothing special

My family doesn't own any house, my parents have about 20k saved up, they're still paying their two cars and their house is rented. They're considered middle class.

>> No.8507880

watch for rogue kanye wests

>> No.8507995

my parents are rich and provide for me.

>> No.8508031

>not a single proof in a whole thread

>> No.8508359
File: 76 KB, 640x998, prooffa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

told you. 26yo. AMA.

>> No.8508391


>> No.8508406

There are times when I wish I was autistic enough to do IT or engineering. Being a filmmaker is amazing but I don't make much money because of all the bureaucracy and it really limits me sometimes.

>> No.8508410

>/fa/ - trust fund babbies
this makes the fact that all the fits in WAYWT so horrible ever worse

>> No.8508459

lol I wish I'm a trust fund baby. Only slept for 2 hours tonight doing cost analysis. Good thing there's a new Acronym drop. much reward

>> No.8508469

I made 21k last year. About the same this year (part time paramedic ftw).

I still saved about 3k into my travel fund TFSA. Spent 3 months in El Salvador and going to Iceland this fall.

Spent about $800 on clothes and $2-300 on comics. I'd say $2-3k on booze. Maybe $800 or so on new music gear, an amp, a sampler, etc.

Who the fuck needs to be rich? And I supposedly live in an expensive city.

>> No.8508472


Straight up LORDING my nizzle!

>> No.8508484

>niggas with no money act like money isn't everything

>> No.8508511

I dunno man, I've got more money than I know what to do with. I don't have a car, which is a big part of it. I'd probably be happier making ~30k/year because then I could kick my roommate out and rent my house by myself and turn her room into a music studio, but other than that I don't need more money.

>> No.8508519


You should post some maxximalist as fuck fits in the WAYWT to show plebs how it's done like a baller.

>> No.8508521

you dont need more money YET.

>> No.8508524

wrong board m8

>> No.8508534

I'm moving up the seniority ladder, paramedic-wise, so in 3 or 4 years I'll be making 30-35k. And that's if I don't upgrade my training, which I'm planning to do in the next year or so, in which case I'll be sitting at 40-45k to start, probably around 60k in a few years.

So by the time I'm 30 or so I'll be making 50-60k/year, which is fine.

>> No.8508569

haha I did actually, a couple of times. I'm not a show off irl so I never wear crazy pieces. Pretty much lame expensive basics only. Nobody needs to know my pants cost $800.

Seriously though, in my experience, the only people who shows off are either an entitled trust fund little brat or deeply in debt.

>> No.8508572

>not saving for retirement and building wealth for your kids

people like you are why you're poor

>> No.8508603

agreed. exactly why I said he doesn't need more money, YET.

My entire family works hard, we own at least 11 properties and a couple of business in three different countries. 2 more restaurants and a couple of properties planned for next year.

Never at any point any of us ever said,"I don't need more money." That's poor people talk.

I felt compelled to reply because I can't believe that there are actually young, smart, fully capable people out there who's satisfied with making 50K a year.

Hell, my mother spends that much on handbags every couple of months.

>> No.8508626

Euro is obviously worth more than the dollar, America is pretty much a third world country

>> No.8508648


>having kids


>> No.8508667

My parents make like $140k combined and seeing them struggle when our family was younger is motivation of sorts

I'm going into my 3rd year of comp sci / econ and am making $18/h at a telecommunications company, I can't imagine making even double my current wage and having to pay for my mortgage/car/etc

>> No.8508692

> I was autistic enough to do IT or engineering
actually tried this. have my bachelor in IT.
too bad it seems I'm not built for it.

>> No.8508700

>either an entitled trust fund little brat or deeply in debt.
dem 30k millionaire lol

>> No.8508716

I'm the guy who posted that proof above.

You're doing great, man. I only made $11/h in college working in a chinese restaurant, killing and cleaning crabs.

>fucking pro at murdering crabs now

>> No.8508864

skrong par

>> No.8510326

What type of formal education do you have? Do you reckon it helped you? Or maybe even hindered you?
Can you give a ballpark estimate of the cost of buying the factory? Probably not, but I'm curious as to what kind of money you need.

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