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jesus christ...

do people actually take him seriously?

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>implying RSxSR isn't effay
>implying white isn't effay
>implying Stan Smiths aren't effay

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he looks like a father on vacation to hawaii

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Raf is pretty effay imo

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he looks good in that context,gives him that just got off work artisan vibe
change of short colour and he'll be better

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ehh a lot of fashion designers actually dress like shit themselves, i guess when your entire life revolves around designing clothes you just don't care about such trivial thing as what you yourself are wearing...

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>I just realize I missed Paris fashion week

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There's still a shit ton of stuff left, it's only just started

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What have I missed? If I remember right, most of meme (of course not actually meme, but you get it) designers like Rick, Raf, Demeulemeester are shown at the beginning.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
10 am LUCIEN PELLAT FINET Voir invitation / See invitation
11:30 am En attente / to be confirmed Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
12:30 pm CHRISTOPHE LEMAIRE Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, rue de Turenne
1:30 pm 22/04_HOMMES Palais de Tokyo, Galerie Haute
2:30 pm CARVEN Voir invitation / See invitation
3:30 pm Y/PROJECT 18 rue du Faubourg du Temple
4:30 pm WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
5:30 pm VALENTINO Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, 11 rue Berryer, Paris 8e
6:30 pm HAIDER ACKERMANN Voir invitation / See invitation
7:30 pm JULIEN DAVID Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
8:30 pm RAF SIMONS Voir invitation / See invitation

Thursday, June 26, 2014
9:30 am 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
10:30 am ISSEY MIYAKE MEN 5 place des Vosges, Paris 4e
11:30 am KOLOR Palais de Tokyo, Saut du Loup
12:30 pm RICK OWENS Palais de Chaillot, 1 place du Trocadéro, Paris 16e
1:30 pm BAND OF OUTSIDERS Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
2:30 pm LOUIS VUITTON Voir invitation / See invitation
3:30 pm BORIS BIDJAN SABERI Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
4:30 pm DAMIR DOMA Voir invitation / See invitation
5:30 pm YOHJI YAMAMOTO 155 rue Saint-Martin, Paris 3e
7 pm DRIES VAN NOTEN Manège du Grand Palais, Cours la Reine, porte C, Paris 8e
8 pm JULIUS Lieu en attente / To be confirmed

Friday, June 27, 2014
10 am JUNYA WATANABE MAN Voir invitation / See invitation
11 am MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Voir invitation / See invitation
12 pm ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Couvent des Cordeliers
1 pm HENRIK VIBSKOV Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
2 pm JUUN.J Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
3 pm KRISVANASSCHE Halle Freyssinet
4 pm CERRUTI Voir invitation / See invitation
5 pm COMME DES GARÇONS HOMME PLUS Voir invitation / See invitation
6 pm GIVENCHY Voir invitation / See invitation
8 pm BERLUTI Voir invitation / See invitation

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Saturday, June 28, 2014
10 am KENZO Voir invitation / See invitation
11 am SACAI MAN Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, rue de Turenne
12 pm SONGZIO Palais de Tokyo
3 pm DIOR HOMME Voir invitation / See invitation
4 pm WOOYOUNGMI Espace Vendôme, 7 place Vendôme, Paris 1er
5 pm ICOSPHERE Cercle de l’Union Interalliée
6:30 pm MIHARAYASUHIRO Voir invitation / See invitation
8 pm HERMÈS Voir invitation / See invitation

Sunday, June 29, 2014
10 am OFFICINE GENERALE Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
11 am LANVIN Voir invitation / See invitation
12 pm NO EDITIONS Cour des Beaux Arts
1 pm AGNÈS B. 15 rue Dieu, Paris 10e
2 pm RYNSHU Palais de Tokyo
3 pm UMIT BENAN Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
4 pm PAUL SMITH Bourse du Commerce, 2 rue de Viarmes, Paris 1er
5 pm MELINDA GLOSS Lieu en attente / To be confirmed
6 pm THOM BROWNE Voir invitation / See invitation
8 pm SAINT LAURENT Voir invitation / See invitation

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What's that site again? Going to look up in warosu, but if you give direct link, I guess it would have been much easier (if it is that site with actual calendar).
And it seems I did not miss much. Thanks.

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Well, I found it myself.


Anyway, thanks.

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>these people decide what's cool and what's not

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shut up OP you probably worship this faggot

>implying rick owens ever doesnt look like a complete dickwipe

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>le edgy quirky two different socks and bucket hat guy works for Vice

how surprising

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This collection was awful.

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One of his best collections in years.
Raf did it again.

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>youtube search:
>raf simons
>upload filter: today
>see this

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>dat music
>dat "intro"

my fucking sides

>patent leather

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Where to watch Raf's runway?

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>Louie Veetang
>pour la vie is French

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I'm not big on racism but when Raf is making these shoes do you think he goes "yeah this will look good on black teenager ASAP mob fuccbois"?

You can just see that the shoes weren't made for him, same with Rick Owens I think.

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I don't take anyone seriously. Life is a joke

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>he says Louis 'Voutaing'
Holy fuck, Louis Voutang.

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I doubt Raf even designs these anymore. They probably just get changed every season to fit to the color scheme and materials of the runway stuff.

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I am googling as hard as I can.

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It's a huge fucking shit show, whoever designed the shoes with his name on it just vomited the fucking velcro straps on the colorful adidas theme trend they have going on.

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This is the goal of fashion

become so respected in the fashion world that you can wear fucking anything and people still worship you

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Lol monochrome stan smiths and rehashing his fucking RS and obscur indie looking patches, fuck him

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Lol then the motherfucker tries some Hokusai and asian inspired print T-shirts. Sure to sell to little shits and don't know their shits.

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Is this fashion week for men or women

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Women's resort is closing now. Spring won't be until next month.

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anyone else having trouble right clicking and saving pics from nowfashion?

i get the drop down menu, but it doesnt say "save pic"

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i screenshot and crop each pic individually :/

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>inspect element resources

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Is it that hard?

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