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Hi, having a wonderfull day?
Come in and tell me how I can improve my level of swaggity or so to say Class.

(I know, I'm a horrible human being for using swag and class in the same sentence.)

So yea Post'n this in hopes of Hairy advice, clothing advice, etc.

Body type : Slim.

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Any health advices such as ways to improve a healthy skin or so to say drink water to shine bright like a diamond, is whalecum as well.

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Well you can start by buying some headwear, like a Trilby (those are easy to come by, but try to aim for the best ones with unique designs), and go buy cargo shorts (beige, not khaki or black)
If you can find a leather trenchcoat online (not at an army surplus store, that shit is overrated) go for it.
Otherwise, cool graphic tees or black shirts with flames are a must.

Footwear must not be overlooked: white socks only, possibly with some designs on them, worn under comfortable sandals, or black Reeboks if you can afford them.

Also, always ALWAYS wear shades

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Don't bother.
Just do something Louis C.K./Steve Jobs-esque.
Make it basic, and make it functional.

No dairy.

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Well, that sounds classy, original and kinda badass but how does the leather trenchcoat go well with sandals or the cargo shorts?

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gotta say, I know where you're trying to go with that, Steve jobs had Class.

I think a smart look would fit me, I like to behave like a arrogant smart ass sometimes.

Any hair suggestions? as you can tell it's pretty long right now, or is it?

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How about some Korean style hoody type of shit, I got them slim body like them Kpop guys, would their fashion wardrobe of casual and bit out of the ordinary not to flashy stuff fit me?

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i mean

you should start by READING THE FUCKING STICKY
its old but still valid

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that's what we here at /fa/ call a perfect combination. the jacket keeps you warm, but the shorts & sandals can cool you off!

my suggestion is to keep yr hair the way it is, and shave your facial hair BUT keep it growing on the neck. that way you can tell others that you dont listen to anyones rules!

gl man :)

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Troll thread; saged and hidden.

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really well actually

they're pretty much required to pull off the look

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Like all people I skip the manual so let me apologise for that and kindly go read that sticky.

Thx for the reminder.

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Thank you for reminding me the value of originality and that you have to give zero shits about others opinion

Might try that shaving method, got lousy facial hair anyway

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Of course

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I hope nobody actually thinks this would look good or have any upsides whatsoever.

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>tfw I wore black Reeboks for like 3 years in high school

Please don't tell me black reeboks are a fedora meme now

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wow fucking kill yourself

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