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Sneaker thread. I only saw these now. I think they look interesting but are a tad too chunky it seems for my tastes. What does /fa/ think of them?

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way too chunky for me, but i could see someone pulling it off

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I'm looking at these. Any thoughts?

Cool. I never like the small Adidas tag on the front tho.

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Exactly what I'm thinking. I wish they were sleeker because I'm loving the details. They look so much better in these photos when I first saw them. I was kind of disappointed when I searched for actual pics of how they look when worn.


I personally don't like them. Looks like a mishmash of different styles. It doesn't look as if it was designed with a cohesive end with mine.

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What model of Roshes are these? I can't seem to find them. I know Nike White Label has released this same show in different colorways before but this particular model isn't even available in the new collection.

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Adidas are taking the fuck over

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Really digging what they're coming out with.

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pretty sure it was a country pack by white label, i think those where for france

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Found them. Thanks. Nike Roshe Run NM SP France.

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A bit too ghetto for me for casual wear.

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prefer these

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got any pics of fits with these? when i see these shoes all i can think of are mexicans wearing these with oversized white tees, baggy khakis, and knee length white socks. not judging. genuinely interested in how you intend to pull these off.

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kind of want these, kind of dont :/

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Was planning to use them in the gym, the ones i have now are ugly as fuck.

Haven't seen a fit yet.


Nah, the others have a more tech/transhumanist feel that i like, those are just normal shoes.

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What should I fucking buy

Low top chuck taylors or high top?

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I've been trying for days to find navy New Balance 990, 996 or 420 and I cannot find them in size 10 anywhere.

I'm considering just settling with Stan Smiths for a casual sneaker but god damn why is it so hard to find NB's

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high every time

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stan smiths are great
i love mine

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new balances are lame as fuck

get some jordans

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Would like slim and light sneakers. Is there anything else than Nike for that kind of stuff?

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Can anyone tell me if the black roshes fade colour when exposed to the sun?

I'm planning on copping for the summer.

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could work with like a sport/techninja fit or something

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slim and light like what? Flyknits?

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white huaraches yes or no

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anyone know how clae shoes are? the Nathans look decent

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Has anyone got a picture of roshes that have been worn a lot and are somewhat beat up?

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adi stan smiths or roshes for summer? boutta rock dat der NIKEiD for all-white-errythang Roshe but I dunno if its worth the 120+tax

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maybe for a tech fit, but no for anything else.

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>itt plebs talking about sneakers w/o posting master race ecko sneakers

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W2c pants

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pic related were my first "hyped up" pair of shoes haha

saw them in a magazine and had my mom get them from footlocker

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wtf, how much are u paying for this shit?

looks like random shit youd buy at payless or target

were u PROUD to post ur poverty shoes? bro they look like they were drawn in MS

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Anyone recommend anything from the Vans Sk8 Hi line?

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Anyone know where to cop Puma Jespers? I really fucking want a pair

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These are shoes for infants. Get out of here when you're wearing big kid sizes

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this is fucking disgusting

RIP fa, u pieces of shit

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Should I cop these for winter?

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Feels bad to really take a liking to a shoe after it's sold out. Always kinda avoided Jordans but these are pretty rad actually

I can't bring myself to pay over retail for a piece of clothing/shoes ever, so I'll have to try and catch a restock or wait for a rerelease at some point I guess. Probably just straight up fucked

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whats up Jordan Footwear® representative? how much do u get paid for repping those shitty highschooler high tops?

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hella "caf"
i believe Jordan footwear is great for people of all ages!

By the way, have you heard of the Nike Air Force 1? I would recommend checking out that timeless classic in Nike brand footwear!

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stop fucking w 3 dimensional beings dude

i know u created this universe for us to live in
stop fucking around dude

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finally going to be copping these
should be in the mail in a week so excited =D

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Not sure if you're here to reply anymore but yea.. Something like flyknits I guess. I'll probably end up buying them tho but would like to know if there's any alternatives. Nike seems p played out in every way.

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Just finally found a pair of the old Jack Purcells in my size, been looking for like 2 weeks.
excited as fuck

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geez they're just average sneakers

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u actually gonna wear those? looks like some shit a 7 year old would wear..

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wtf do you wear?
dick ovens clown shoes:edgy edition??

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shit looks dope as fuck you joking?

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reading this post gave me autism

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There are new ones?

Also, I like the leather version better, but that's just me

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you wouldnt know wtf autism was if it started drooling all over you with cheeto dust fingers

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air max 90 independence day. kanye wore them though so the hype is off the charts. you can get them cheaper by just nike iDing some am90s using the red that **isnt** laser crimson (it will look pink). cant remember the name tho.

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Yeah, they seemed to start them shitty somewhere around 2011. Here's all the differences: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/349187-Jack-Purcells-by-Converse-What-a-shame

I like the leather as well, but I'm looking for summer shoes here, plus I like the way the canvas dirties up.

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start making**

>> No.8350866

corny as fuck. you look like a massive hypebeast.

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Damn I had no idea about this. w2c old JPs? Would like to cop one one of these days to compare.

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This is the only site that I know for sure has them: http://www.zelenshoes.com/converse.html?Filters=[Style=[Low%20Tops]]

Emailed the people at their store multiple times, and they take pride in still having the old ones. This are their last shipment they'll ever get though, so when they're gone, they're gone. I happened to need 10.5, which they're out of. Found some other shoe store in Connecticut that had only one pair left, so I ordered them on the spot.

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theyre not the independence day red
theyre the solar red, the ones with the pinkish hue to it, i was thinking about getting the ID ones then realized that its just a reg red shoe,and the solar red is a red that not too many ppl see and its different,
plus the resell on the ID reds are fucking insane so fuck that shit

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how? theyre not independence days theyre the nike air max 90 hyperfuse solar reds which most ppl sleep on and go for the independence day over priced shit

>> No.8350911

MORE corny because you went out of your way to nike ID an overhyped general release that sat on shelves till kanye wore it, and you dont even have the real thing.

its just sad.

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buuuuut i dont want the "real" thing, considering theyre 2 different fucking reds??
i didnt want a regular red shoe thats overpriced to fuck i wanted a pinkish hue'd red thats kinda cool but i can tell theres just no getting through to you cause you think just cause ppl like shit that you dont that you have better "taste' lel

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I did see some of these on eBay (in my size too) so at least there still is a place to cop em. Have these been discontinued by Converse? If so then I might have to act fast...

>> No.8350979


I know Manoas are pleb tier but I have a feeling that they can look cool in streetwear fits
What do you think?

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def cop

>> No.8352149

From what I can tell, yeah.

>> No.8352171

dese da red oktobas?

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My light Crimsons arrived yesterday, much closer the to Independence Days.

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Some of my stuff.

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Super bait. Kanye is not efay stop being so easily influenced

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Opinions ?
I need light shoes for the summed

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Recently copped

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Ponys are pretty decent. You could probably find better shoes but they're not too bad. How much?

>> No.8352412

the equivalent of 40 USD
also it's not black/dark grey but rather black/light grey. minor difference but I think they look better that way

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Cop or not? I'm deciding between these Muji leather sneakers and the Stan Smiths. I like that these look cleaner with no obvious branding and it seems durable from feel with a stitched sole and (supposedly) leather material but I'm not certain of its actual quality. These are also cheaper by roughly $20.

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Forgot pic.

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These look really good.

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I know. I just wish I could find reviews by other people on how it holds up. I got burned purchasing a pair of shoes from Zara before. I know Muji is not Zara and that Muji has an actual reputation for quality but ever since then I've been hesitant to purchase footwear from unfamiliar brands.

Here's a side pic.

>> No.8352962

sorry bud I'm in Argentina, buying them at a store

>> No.8352970

From what I found they should be pretty durable/comfortable. Definitely look better than Stan Smiths too, I'd get them if I were you

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Could you post links to what you found? Thanks in advance, mate.

>> No.8353006

just look up "muji shoes review" and look around.

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anybody know where i could cop air max 1 essentials in this colourway in size 10 UK?

>> No.8353081

Did that already. Most of the stuff that came up were for their room shoes or shoe trees. Found one post about how solid their canvas plimsolls were for just $30 and that's about it.

Anyway, I guess I'll just take the drop and go with these instead of the Stan Smiths.

>> No.8353089

sole looks pretty thin but i'd cop if i could. got a bunch of stuff from muji

>> No.8353090

Let us know how they hold up in future man. They look neat

>> No.8353104

Oh come on faggots. Be useful for once....

>> No.8354687

if they were solar red they wouldve been more pinkish in hue never really knew what crimson was like

>> No.8354946

copped as well
did i do good?

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Yo does anybody have some tips for copping jordans online? I was able to get infrared 11 lows in my cart on sns but when the checkout page finally loaded and i pressed checkout it said out of stock. fml

>> No.8355066

What are the name of that speckled rainbow adidas or nike
It's a runner, w2c and does it have a specific name

>> No.8355069

>fade color
get the fuck outta here

>> No.8355100


its hilarious to get jordans in europe

but for me its:

1. sit in footlocker until release with the name of the shoe already searched
2. refresh the shit out of it until it pops up
3. checkout easy as fuck
4.laugh at angry fags on twitter

>> No.8355143

should i buy the vans x stussy sk8 his?

>> No.8355174


checked out the pureboosts in store yesterday and god damn they feel cheap as fuck

>> No.8355188


fav shoez in thred

>> No.8355191

A mate of mine got some from Size? the other week

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File: 15 KB, 259x371, reef-deck-hand-2-le-blacktan-19576202_set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as new summer shoes?

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Cop? Or actually save up for cps

>> No.8355373

shut up fagget.

>> No.8355481


>> No.8355487


bump for opinions on these

>> No.8355506


Save up, or find a nicer alternative. I'm not really feeling those, i dunno. Look tacky? Yeah. But its your call, by you saying
> "Cop? Or actually save up for cps"

You're already questioning the cop, which will mean you probably won't be to happy once you receive them. if thats the case, get CP's pal.

>> No.8355510


but if thats what you're going for sure. Do it.

>> No.8356102

w2c these?

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Well I want to get a a pair of nice white sneakers, but there a couple other things I want to get too and I don't know if their worth the $400

I'm trying to find a pair of nat standards or something for 250, but I haven't had any luck finding white ones

How about these? anyone know how SELECED shoe quality is?

these are $100

>> No.8356170

Australian adidas website is selling em for $84

>> No.8356220

Where to cop?

>> No.8356229

Nowhere. 2009 model, pain in the ass to find, I got lucky on eBay.
You can create a pretty similar one on Nike ID if youre in yurop or murica

>> No.8356236

Damn alright thanks man

>> No.8356421

Anyone know anything about twins for peace?

Thinking of getting a pair they look nice

>> No.8356444

any inspo on nike flyknit lunar?

>> No.8356474

so ugly

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File: 2.19 MB, 1255x768, Bluebirds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most recent pickup. Opinions on good things to wear these with?

>> No.8356498


the rest are some ugly shit

>> No.8356506

Bad choice on the air bubble colour man. Should've gone for black imo.

>> No.8356694


Anyone know SELECTED I like the way thee look

Also anyone know Twins for Peace?

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File: 70 KB, 750x562, Nike-Air-Force-1-High-07-Blac-Black-Gum-Wheat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cop or not

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got my first pureboost, I think they're not as good as what people rave about

>> No.8357428


>> No.8357761

w2c pants?

>> No.8357832


>> No.8357840



>> No.8357852

If all retailers are sold out try wavey kicks group on Facebook. I get most of my sold out sneakers there because it's cheaper than ebay

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>> No.8358128

Can't decide between Stan Smith's or something like >>8350790. Any other recommendations for something that would look good with black or blue skinnies/slim fit jeans would be appreciated.

>> No.8358162

You people buy the ugliest and most boring looking shoes i have ever seen,

>> No.8358164


and you i'm smdh

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Thoughts? I saw these earlier today and can't stop thinking about them

>> No.8358206

holy fuck w2c, been looking everywhere

>> No.8358208
File: 247 KB, 686x383, butba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about these? Being totally serious.

>> No.8358215
File: 236 KB, 636x422, image23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on these?

>> No.8358238
File: 65 KB, 800x534, 800x534xtom-sachs-nike-mars-yard-sneaker-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.uWoUH_1tg1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

grandpa core. don't cop k-swiss ever

personal grails right here, too bad i will never get them ever

>> No.8358245


>> No.8358253
File: 134 KB, 570x382, nike-air-tech-challenge-2-turbo-green-available-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also recently copped these bad motherfuckers

they're ok but for some reason they remind me of old folks homes and slippers.
not really to keen on this new wave of adis but there's nothing wrong with them
yes, but try for a different colorway. if not those are fine but i know for a fact there are much better powerlines out there

they look like ass in person, my local footlocker has had them sitting for months
always liked these but too nervy to buy them.
cop asap
tbh i feel the same way, some of the jays (1-5) have been growing on me as well.
yes, yes yes
pony has waaaayyy better silhouettes


nah. they bad
i wouldn't but if u like them they're fine

>> No.8358256
File: 51 KB, 736x539, Air Jordan IV Red Toro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cop or not?

>> No.8358257

terrible quality, just letting you know.

>> No.8358293

Fuck, those are sweet

Pinroll some light pants

>> No.8358440

Why so? Could you elaborate?

>> No.8358462
File: 30 KB, 602x400, 2207436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8358527
File: 46 KB, 500x375, KGrHqFqEFGdOTlSBQRb5zeRg60_12-1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8358551

that band is ugly and useless

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