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Post what you have. Bonus points for showing us something new

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h-hey guys

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this cunt.

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cocaine bowie is best bowie

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every time I see a nigga in an inspo thread it isn't very inspiring.
why are brothers so afraid to experiment? always boring.

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>dem square toes

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I have to say that "Supreme Love" T-Shirt is quite nice and the pun isn't even that bad

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>black guy wearing dandy
Really experimental

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What are some nice thick looking sweaters like this?

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nice sweater on the right

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w2c pants similiar to the guy to the right or left. Like really dark and skinny with stacks.

Here's some raf qts

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..i-is he homeless? Where can I donate for his cause good sirs?

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Wtf is wrong with your hair
Look likes hairy vagina

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what game is that?

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Looks like chip and dale for nes

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cheers, seems pretty good :^)

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>male crop top
I'm still too pussy to get that experimental.

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HOLY SHIT tell me moar about this

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fuckin nice

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Mad vascular, son! Genetics or something else?

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Can someone post adidas superstars inspo?

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it's called working out+creatine

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he's better with his blonde tips

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That' not his body nor his fit

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No it's not. It's Eating eating eating eating training eating eating eating

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what are these pics from?

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Because of muh black masculine thug stereotypes. Look at kanye west he tries to get out there fashion wise and then you have so many black people say he's emasculating himself. Whites and other races don't always seem to have this problem

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Bullshit, creatine doesn't do shit for vascularity, if anything, it diminishes it.

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Black guys are a lot less self conscious about that now. When I was in high school and wore skinny jeans all of the "thug" types said it was gay and they'd never do it. Fast forward and you got "thugs" like Chief Keef wearing skinny jeans, so now black guys feel a lot more free to experiment. But American blacks are more into streetwear fashion than super pricey shit due to the culture.

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Somebody tell that nigger to squat moar

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Where can a fella like me get this sweater?

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thats literally just a japanese school uniform

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Being left wing is not fashionable

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this contrast between supreme and goof is terrible. it just makes that top look like a target tee

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W2c black cargo pants these days?

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Neither is being racist. Also, being racist isn't left or right wing idiot.

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being racist or at least stereo typing is completely normal.

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I'm using the Traditionalism - Progressivism left right political dichotomy you whig.

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ahahahaha no

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It was a friends piece, I am not comfy with the idea of attaching my 4chan name/persona to it.

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a 3 way alliance of Spain + Persia + Teutons just ravaged my Chinese nation and left the Briton ally barely standing
AOE2 is pree dope

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Who gives a fuck what is normal. What is true and right?
>muh racist culture

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You can be a traditionalist without being a racist faggot. By the way that's a false/stupid dichotomy.

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Nothing wrong with stereotyping. That's natural, though you don't want to judge a book by its cover. Being racist, however, is not and is stupid.

>> No.8329192

Wow. Racists are really stupid with their reasoning.

>> No.8329201

then why does it exist is so many different cultures in so many different types of people all across the globe

>> No.8329224

>tfw hundreds of white men spends thousands on beard implants
>tfw most white males think revealing that you care how you look at all is not "manly"
>tfw white people ran the whol beard/beer/bacon/whatever "manly" meme shit into the ground
>whites dont have a problem with their incredibly fragile sense of masculinity

>> No.8329231

>then why does it exist is so many different cultures in so many different types of people all across the globe
Because people are fucking stupid. Why does the entire world create bullshit gods to worship in hopes of longer crop seasons? Because people are fucking stupid.

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having a job and providing for your family is pretty masculine. how many blacks can say that per capita? top kek.

>> No.8329235

do you know what creatine is or what it does

>> No.8329238

Actually providing for your family is pretty masculine. Where's your point?

>> No.8329262

doesn't make it right.
the leading cause of female deaths in the us is murder comitted by their partners. Doesn't mean we should accept it as some sort of standard

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Please fuck off back to >>>/pol/ people.

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if the outfit was black...

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wtf am i reading

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>Rest in peace wack niggas with your oversized clothes
>Complain about my jeans cause I'm taking all they HOOOOEEES

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Just because it is normal doesn't mean it should be embraced.

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How on earth is it possible to be a traditionalist without being racist, please tell me?

How on earth are two completely opposite things a not a dichotomy?

>> No.8329363

Im in ya bitch mouf but she fantasizin
starin at the skinnies, said its so tantalizin

>> No.8329458

w2c good denim jackets with black sleeves or sth like that

>> No.8329467

>everyone traditionally was racist
>being this delusional
>not knowing shit about history

>> No.8329471

why does new york look so shitty?

I feel bad for you psbello for having to live there

>> No.8329841

Is that Steawtengu

>> No.8330161

He wouldn't be that lean if all he was doing was eating

>> No.8330166

this isn't a waywt you fucking idiot

>> No.8330177


>> No.8330182

You haven't even seen anything else than his bicep, so saying he's lean doesn't make sense. And you obviously know nothing about lifting, twat. Gaining muscle is 20% lifting and 80% eating. Lurk more >>>>>/fit/

>> No.8330189

l e l
i'm already on /fit/ cunt
looks lean to me, how new are you that you can't tell from just his arm?
just saying you were oversimplifying the whole eating thing. don't deny you were

>> No.8330205

You must be the kind of pleb that thinks being lean is equal to being ottermode.

>> No.8330217

damn i was also playing aoe2 just then

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CFDA best menswear designer of the year 2014

>> No.8330611

This one actually got me thinking about how good a dark red, maroon, or bright red could look with cream or basic light brown. Ty anon.

>> No.8330626

omg is that fucking woody harrelson

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File: 1.38 MB, 768x1023, miharayasuhiroknitvtbscarf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's mihara yasuhiro pic related

bai dresses like uninspired shit


Is shuit the best dressed man in the world?

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>> No.8330963

damn is richie rockin rickxadidas lel

>> No.8330969

>implying /pol/ stormfronts are /fa/

>> No.8330982

>jaden smith

>> No.8331052

i don't get the whole hipster boots thing. i mean if you're a skinhead i guess you would look alright

>> No.8331119

that jacket looks comfy as fuck

>> No.8331425

Can someone post the pic of the guy wearing black sweats, white shoes, a slouchy heath gray shirt, with a backpack on? I could have sworn I had it, but can't find it.

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so much garbage
Are you faggots even trying?

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File: 56 KB, 392x588, Canali S S 201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 108 KB, 473x600, Luigi Bianchi Mantova Spring Summer 2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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can anyone post some inspo for dr martens 1461?

>> No.8332254

hate this pic
are you serious? you have to be the hundredth person this week to ask for inspo for the most fucking basic, plain, poorboi oxford. search le archive fuckhead

>> No.8332368

where was that ever said?

>> No.8332372


>> No.8332374

where to buy same jordans as the guy in the middle?

>> No.8332396

>muh limited knowledge of /fa/.

Are these 2015 fall/winter trends?

>> No.8332860

Can someone post pics of the guy with palladiums, self-made cargos and short, curly hair?

>> No.8332871

he posts fits on sufu now, name is cheesefreeak or smth

>> No.8332872

That's oddly specific

>> No.8332878

Newfag here. What are the shoes on the left?

>> No.8332883

u got, dick ovens dunks, then raptors, then raf x addidas

>> No.8332888

Thats right to left btw.

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File: 890 KB, 1280x1707, andy samberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 225 KB, 600x900, LOUNGE-051-copytiny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8332918

oh hey that lunar j00boi; I like a lot of his fits tho

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>> No.8332925

has anyone got the photo of a man wearing destroyed jeans that look similar to undercoverism scab jeans? it is often posted on /fa/, i'm sure y'all know what i'm talking about

>> No.8332943

Post more if you have them!

>> No.8333061

w2c those pants

>> No.8333074

diy shit

>> No.8333086

anywhere I can cop something similar or learn how to diy?

>> No.8333118

this has been the first double breasted suit that I really enjoy. Thank you for this.

>> No.8333121
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is his hand down his pants or is the shirt too short

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>> No.8333225

lol this kid always looks like shit. always.

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>> No.8333934

woody harrelson is /fa/ af

>> No.8333956

I think it's combat/cargo pants with sewn on elastic

>> No.8334014

I think his fits are okayish but his fucking hair and glasses ruin everything imo

>> No.8334140


I love that nigga

>> No.8334154


srsly why are black guys so fucking cool?

>> No.8334286


Pretty much RJ King

>> No.8334528

This guy looks like every Armenian ever

>> No.8335033

Second this, what model + colourway is he wearing?

>> No.8335037

summerfaggot detected

he isnt

every except his shitty rick dunks are zara

asap rocky inspired tumblr fashion newjacks smh

>> No.8335070

who gives a fuck about the brand you stupid little nerd, he looks good and thats all that matters

>> No.8335094

probs b8 but those are like $900 julius jeans

>> No.8335322

No seriously, what's wrong with these pictures in your opinion?

>> No.8335329

Can someone post the fit of the guy in central park with a white T, a flannel shirt and light washed jeans?

>> No.8335330

that is not what most females die from dingus

>> No.8335337

have you seriously never met someone with lean as fuck arms and legs and flabby body?
its called skinny fat
and the guy isn't even big why are you guys even talking about him

>> No.8335408

They're my monochrome idols

>> No.8335490

any1 know where i can get a top like that?

>> No.8335502

this sucks

>> No.8335516
File: 339 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n1u73quro11rt0o28o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8335523

This fit is terrible.

>> No.8335529

don't know whether to like it or hate it

>> No.8335544

Ask >>>/cgl/

>> No.8335565
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/black/ here i remember that back in HS when i wore slim / skinny jeans people were like wtf, now they like 4 years behind and wearing almost same shit that i wore back then.

i do feel limited with what i can wear like i would never be able to goof
"not that i want to beside some geo's"

most shit i wear is streetwear and some HQ basics.
but lately i dont give a fuck anymore.

its also mostly with who you hang out with if you hang out with only thugs of course they will be like
>why are you growing your hear out
>why don't you get the new Jordans XXXXX instead of .....
>Dude i have swag

>> No.8335905


>> No.8337376

And Judenrattegesicht

>> No.8337414
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>> No.8337536

lol strong ignorance or b8

>> No.8337578

>that shirt

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