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no thanks

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>Dressed by his mother
>Outfits copied from catalogs
>Branded as stylish

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wow the most overexposed tumblrstagramterest child of the world!!!

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utter shit

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Is this different kid?

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That little cunt has better hair than me. What the fuck do you know about life you little prick, why do you have hair that I've longed for.

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Best 4chan reply of the day. I also have 4 year old hair envy now.

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putting a 4 year old in clothes that are not good for tree climbing and dog chasing is child abuse as far as i'm concerned

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He isn't stylish/hasn't got any taste. The only thing is that his mother has money and time to spend on looking at dadcore magazines and coppying stuff for those.

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I feel like an idiot but what is dad core?

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My kids will be dressed either basicbitch or normcore.

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Anything not edgy.

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It's a term that /fa/ confuses with menswear.

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go to the bookstore and pick up a copy of gentleman's quarterly or esquire to learn what dadcore is

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>another case of a child being whored out by his parents

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So...is just everything except Rick Owens dadcore now? Aren't all the running shoes that get hyped here dadcore too then?

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>salmon shorts

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Everything that isn't goth ninja. So, ya know, most clothing people actually wear and not just covet on a shitty forum.

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Kid would propably want to dress into Batman onesie or some shit.

>Moms living through their children

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>not recognizing nantucket red

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No. Dadcore is just the shit you can see in gentleman's quarterly or on r/mfa/

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That's a category of potential clothing so large as to be nigh indistinguishable from everything that isn't a few select /fa/ approved brands. I'm not trying to shit on goth ninja or whatever, since I like a lot of it, but the world of fashion is so much broader than what is /fa/ approved.

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no, because that still allows for things like "goofninja", techwear, jp streetwear, etc, things which /fa/ is certainly still a fan of. i think those labels are stupid, but they illustrate the point

the #menswear fauxprep lookbook bullshit in the op post was largely abandoned years ago, and rightfully so

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I would like to interject for a moment.

You're confusing dadcore with #menswear, which is a modern twist on traditional menswear with a focus on quality and attention to detail. The opposite of dadcore.
Dadcore is ill fitting jeans and shirts with clunky mall shoes. If you go to your local bar/pub/tavern you are gonna see more men over 30 wearing washed wranglers and mossimo polos than you will Brooks Brothers.

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thats a silly definition; what contemporary style of menswear isnt
>a modern twist on traditional menswear with a focus on quality and attention to detail

fashion doesnt exist in a vacuum

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>was largely abandoned years ago
Except it wasn't. Sure, here on /fa/ it's out of fashion now, but far more brands (good and bad) make clothing that looks like this than what is /fa/ approved. Maybe it's not what you're into (and I certainly don't like all of it, or even most of it, myself), but to just label everything that isn't a part of a few niche aesthetics as totally off limits has really shit up this board.

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>tfw no 4yo rick son to be a goofnigger with

If you don't think having a miniature version of yourself is dope then get the fuck out of my face

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They're the same thing. They've always been the same thing. Dadcore is a reactionary slur used by the goth followers to silence anyone that doesn't want to talk about Rick knockoffs.

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>mc ride
Why are you such a hanger on? That shit was stale like ten months ago.

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>raybans on everypick
A kid whose mother has a bad taste, and there are actually a billion of the same others in existence would be more proper title.

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have you looked at the pictures in the op post? i guess maybe a case could be made for some of the high level #menswear thats worn by old money europeans and peacocks at the pitti uomo wall, but instead its shit like pastel yellow rolled up chinos with boat shoes, half those pictures are literally miming a lookbook hero who wears h&m head to toe. This look almost universally looks like shit unless youre a southern prep or a mewling retard who actually reads buzzfeed-like lists like this one

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>differentiating one Luxotica brand from another
Ultimately, if you're not wearing vintage AO or Ratti (and maybe B&L), you're doing it wrong, so you may as well give the kid a break.

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I'm not saying anything in this thread looks good. I'm saying the /fa/ aesthetic isn't the only thing in fashion, but /fa/ doesn't really allow for talk about anything else. This is weird, given that most of the high fashion world doesn't look like what /fa/ wants to wear. Dadcore, menswear, or whatever just happens to be one such aesthetic.

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Now you have to re-read what I have typed and realize you have overactive imagination

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Its amazing how she manages to fuck up every single look in such subtle little ways. The shit washes on half the jeans, the fuck ups with the layering, the way she picks horrible earth tones, this shit isn't stylish at all.

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>using your child to make money off of advertising
what a piece of shit.

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>spamming your garbage website again
fuck off

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that fit is shit though

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person who dressed that kid should be ashamed of themselves. probably some overweight mother

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