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No girls allowed edition

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only got w2c replies last time

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Pants are cropped to high and the opening is to bad. Really debt like those shoes.

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are those pants or sweatpant type things? looks great though man really simple but the silhouette/shoes make it look nice

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Let me try this again. Fuck autocorrect edition

The pant crop is too high and the opening would look much better if it were slimmer. Proportions are a little wonky and the shoes are not for me at all. Overall very passable but there are many things that can be changed or perfected in the fit.

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They're wool pants by kva, very soft and loose, incredibly comfy. and thanks :)

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the pants are supposed to fit like that though,
it's exactly how they looked on the runway pics.
but thanks for the input anyway

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nothing wow

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are those guidi boots?
they clash with the sweater and colar top

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viridi anne, yeah i know!!!! good right!?!!

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holy shit, best fit I've seen on /fa/ probs in a long time.

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why are u even here

are u that kid w/ the converse too?

both are fucking horrible kys

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he has a hy so he is /fa/

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thats not a hy, thats an undercut

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I just don't like how it comes together. The top's great, the bottom's great, but they don't relate to each other in any intelligible way, especially with the unique sole and very noticeable creasing on the boot. Maybe without the shirt and with another layer or something? It just seems like the pant/boot combo would make anything involving a piece of sportwear like a sweatshirt seem off. I guess I'm also responding negatively to how dropped the shoulder seam is.

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this would look better if pants were slimmer and longer but i'm hardcore digging the shoes

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talk shit, post fit fuccboi.

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lurk more

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/fit/izen here

how do i into /fa/

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What's the writing on those trousers?

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By eating a calorie deficit

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well put together and tasteful. I feel like the tee should be just a touch longer or the pants just a touch slimmer. really splitting hairs though.


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What the fuck is up with your chest?

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lose body weight

shit looks disgusting as fuck

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For some reason this season raf's cut for this sweatshirt makes the shoulder seam so far from the shoulders.

u___u makes me look smaller than i already am, sigh.

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dressing for the tropics.

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w2c boots

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fucking disgusting

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the viridi anne

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I don't like your chest

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can i never be /fa/ with this body

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Did a little DiY project on a white shirt I had in the back of my closet with some old spray paint I found in my garage.
God I love that sweater so much

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How do you look that bad in clothes? Are you under 5'10"?

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not bad, could be better wthout those 2 huge ass stains
whats dat sweater?

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you've got a good body, but the way you dress makes it look bad. Just lurk on /fa/ a while and learn.

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This doesn't work. /fa/cist already summed it up.

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>being this much of a faggot
No one gives a fuck about your gf lemons

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Proportions, bro

Ditch the sweater pronto and stick with long white tees and it should help

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u do tho :^)

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omg your gf dresses like such a plebeian LMAO

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mileycore. does she have a freakishly long head?

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i like your jacket and your boots. nice gf i got one too

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Nigga I'm gay, and to think I could still probably fuck your bitch. You ugly horse faced gook.

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>I'm gay
lmao holy shit. subhumans smh
naw thats me

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ty. theyre p cool
me 2 :^)

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your girl looks like shit ahaha

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>theyre p cool
yeah what are they?

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She looks fine. Shut up, sperglord.

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samefag smh
timbs and bomber is from h&m :^)
my nigga

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Ah ok. I got that same bomber, I dont usually like timbs but those look nice. Thanks man

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are you hoverhanding your own girlfriend

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mayb m8 i 4get, u wanna fite?

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you make that look so easy

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lel nice webm

i always fucks with ur fits
u rock colors well

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incredibly un/fa/ job

but i admire your honesty

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>broad shoulders
Come here bro

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im manager doe

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Real nice dud

Although the T-shirt is really inoffensive
I can understand not wanting to layer in the heat

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You are very attractive, so you can pull this off

Otherwhise this would be basic bitch

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Don't make youself even more unpopular than you allready are

Just because you got your 4ft juvenile gf to pose with your scraggy ass doesn't mean it's an achievement

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lamo smh hater subhuman i bet u dont have 10k dollaridos car and 4ft girl draped in clothes from middle asian bazaar :^)

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maybe try to work on your core so your chest and shoulders are so much wider

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Spacejew you are my god and inspiration.

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well aren't u a qt

>> No.8318458

r those lisa frank stickers on ur bed

>> No.8318463

yes i am. thank you

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yeah lol

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hey asok

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mom pls
stop taking pics for your internet friends
im hungry

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All hail asok has returned. Seriously though you pull of that look really well.

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I like your fits but I feel like they're all the same

it might be the ankle break tho

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two plebeians sitting in a tree


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I dig it man

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sherk lookin homo. kill urself u queer. lmao i can hear ur fag ass gettin pound by me over here :^)
i didnt kno crimson chin was going threw chemo

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>fag boy gettin this mad

i aint never seen an uglier faggot in my life

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10/10 tornado mop

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My most boring outfit yet, mostly just to test my first go at webm conversion

>inb4 comments on my autism dance ;_;

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y u pounding his ass boy?

I spotted you in the mall today btw

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that sweater looks v good m8. good fit.

looks good from whats visible

looks good

hair looks gr8, fit is kinda cool.

ye on the safe sid.

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also lacoste reversible

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oh shit i thought u were dead serious i was gonna say come up to me homie i had something sharp 2 stick in u ;)

>> No.8318578

Wait, you said something about ugly

Oh shit nigga

Actually laffed

I won't even post a pic of your face
Don't want that shit on my phone

>> No.8318584

lmao cock lover plz go away. u dumb looking queer. if u lived in my country u would have committed suicide by now :^)

>> No.8318589

plz kill urself like the rest of u inbreds do in the US.

subhumans pretending they have rights smh

>> No.8318597

this ugly nigga be rating other men on the internet

how the fuck u gonna talk shit

a grown man who looks at dudes on 4chan

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Wow sure didn't miss you lemons

>> No.8318614 [DELETED] 

i miss getting u guys mad lel those 2 weeks i was banned cuz leisure reported me

i didnt kno calling u bald and pointing our how big ur ears+chin are got u that mad :^)

>> No.8318617

whre r u from asian flame brother? :^)

>> No.8318619

When did Waywt's devolve in to a lemons vs lamy shit flinging fest? This is just embarrassing.

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U mad cuz im stylin on u?

>> No.8318630

earrings and fit make you look like a faggot hypebeast

>> No.8318631


where fags are treated as what they are. freaks and lesser beings

i liked ur flame ass better when u would always try talkin to me on here saying u wish u had my bag. lmao i was always like "why is this dumb lookin cock sucker commenting on my shit"
+my fits are leagues better than yours

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fire fit doop

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dont ever talk shit again flamer

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Why are you so mad you gook slant eyed manlet?

>> No.8318652

I like those shorts. Bike seems nice too.

>> No.8318653

>implying i get mad when nerd anons talk shit

trolling u folks in 1 of my many hobbies

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>tfw these are the nerds that browse fa

>> No.8318656

Lems got molested this year and is lashing out

>> No.8318658

what the fuck is even going on in here.

>> No.8318659 [DELETED] 


That lemons bitch is a gook mad manlet, manlets will never learn and his face is fucking potato shaped lmao, poor kid is also brown, a brown potato shaped gook, how couldnt he be mad as fuck

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where's the t-shirt from and what size (tts or sized up)? i really like how the shoulders are dropped but the length is normal

>> No.8318662

this is the gayest fit i have ever seen

makes sense from a fag lord

>that face

>> No.8318665

are u actually gay doop doop?

w-will you b my bf ;_:

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>> No.8318671

great, but lose the socks, get hi socks, or get super no shows

>> No.8318672

imagine this ugly caveman face with a cock in its mouth. yuck

>> No.8318673

ITT tripfags posing as anon

i cant wait till doop doop catches the virus :^)
u homos are gonna get whats coming 2 ya

>> No.8318678

issey miyake bag? i like it except the shoes
doesnt ona ni mean female masturbation in japanese? if so, webm?

>> No.8318679

Asok? Looking very good, man. I've missed you around, thanks for the inspo.

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>> No.8318685

just follow ur fellow mates lead and kill urself already

its not ur fault u love suckin cock. blame ur mother for doing drugs while she was holding u. im hiv positive she did judging from ur face :^)

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>im hiv positive

>> No.8318693

doop doop aka shrek u have been throughly rekt

plz go

>> No.8318695

your arms are chubby

>> No.8318696

I don't thin you notice
But nobody likes you

You would think somebody with such a huge head-body ratio would notice
I mean come on, you can't be taller than 5'6"

I couldn't even see you if you stood in front of me you insecure faggot
You can't compensate by buying 1000$ backpacks

Also your timberlands should be burned
Don't try to be black you little shit

>> No.8318697

lol can the samefagging and trip dropping stop

>> No.8318699

nice fit asok, are the jeans tapered enough below the knee?
left leg is a bit wonky

not really feeling the high waist on the pants, layering a cardigan or something would balance it out better tbh

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you look like shit lawrence. fuck off already you're just getting worse and no one wants to see your poor ass mall fits over and over you ugly faggot

>> No.8318710

great as always

what do you do with your dong tho

>> No.8318712

>being this mad
>thinking i care if anons on 4chan likes me

lmao smh fags are born with lower braincells. how does it feel having ur family especially ur dad think ur a disgusting cock lover freak?

>> No.8318716

w2c shoes?

>> No.8318717

it's not a bag
it's a fucking entry level plastic bag that's jst 300 bucks

>> No.8318718

Nice, very clean and basic but I dont like the shoes
Like /fa/cist and the rest said boots arent the best here. I think it still looks nice tho
Dont like this at all, and your not that attractive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sweater is way to tight around the waist. Pants look cheap and fit poorly aloso they need to be ironed. Lastly put on some shoes if your going to post a fit.
Shoes are so out of place. Top would be fine if the tee was a scoop neck or plain crew, but then you get to the shoes and it all falls apart.
Looks kind of interesting. Black boots would work well here.
>youll never mop as well as spacejew
Individual pieces are ok, together though U dint like them.There is this weird negative space in
your midriff because of the cut of the shirt which really makes this look grandma-core
Jacket looks to small otherwise nice
Grey tee would look better, but everything fits well and it still looks fine
Front view would be helpful. Right now your fit looks like just another "hip" 20 year old
Liked these when they were first posted still like them now
Stay strong love, I will be with you no matter what. Very homo

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>mopping without gloves in a work area clearly for food prep


>> No.8318727

>its not a bag
>its a plastic bag

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>mfw u rate guys while looking like this

>> No.8318732

some old hiv positive dudes will go for him just because he's young, so he'll find someone dude

>> No.8318733

a faggot calling someone else a faggot

>> No.8318736

hope so. i want them all to die as soon as possible

>> No.8318741


what was that thread. i see that gronk gettin posted everytime there is a flamewar. did he post some pictures thinkin he was hot shit but was ugly n weird? or what?

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theres a 50's rock n' roll event in my town

I need new shoes, maybe mono black converse hi's but people see them as girl shoes and I dont know if i'm confident enough to wear girl shoes
ya kno?

>> No.8318747

>maybe mono black converse hi's but people see them as girl shoes

wtf are you talking about

and why are you doing a pirouette

>> No.8318751

I wear white converse high - I only see girls wear them normally. Theres nothing girly or wrong with wearing mono black converse high

>> No.8318760

Holy shit were all of you raised by crazy religious hicks? Let people live their fucking lives your never going to see each other. Also I really hope you guys aren't like this in real life because I know at least where I am you would get beat up for talking like this.

>> No.8318762

where i live fag apologists like u would not only get beat up, you'd get beat to death m8. choose your next words wisely cock sucker, ive got my iptrace ready

>> No.8318764

lol is that your normal foot stance?

>> No.8318766

>implying that fags arnt the most disgusting sub species on earth

smh smh thank god for giving them the virus

>> No.8318767

k b im rdy

>> No.8318768

>choose your next words wisely cock sucker, ive got my iptrace ready

>> No.8318769

dont u gotta meetup with some old fags u met through the internet?

>> No.8318772

i am just glad that i live in a country where homos are treated unequally

youd think theyd be pretty boys but doop doop honestly looks like a caveman

>> No.8318776

doop doop i think u need to gain like 50lbs and go full on bear daddy mode and top little twink sluts. the twink bottom boi style u have now isnt working for that huge face dude. and its only gonna get worse as u get older

>> No.8318782

I got mine for $20 a few months back from Jackthreads but they are sold out on there so it looks like this is the only place to get them.
They are pretty nice for how cheap they are I've worn them pretty much every other day for the past 4-5 months and they haven't fallen apart yet.
I wouldn't size up or down they fit pretty true to size

>> No.8318785

>I couldn't even see you if you stood in front of me

thats cuz youre sitting on some extra inches tho

>> No.8318788


>> No.8318792

>wanted to post fit first time
>only shitposting

maybe tomorrow...

>> No.8318793

because I like to pretend i'm a pretty ballet dancer

most people do see the hi's as girl shoes, at least in my age demographic

might cop

i'm actually duck footed irl, dunno why i stood like that

>> No.8318794

fucking rekt

>> No.8318796

post fit

>> No.8318799

>most people do see the hi's as girl shoes

no, i dont think most people are retarded

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Sorry for the bad quality - first time posting

all black converse low
Levis 511
some black sweater
Lagerfeld Bomber

Can you give me some advice?

>> No.8318831

i think you'd be surprised

>> No.8318844

so cute. do you have a tumblr?

>> No.8318847

what he's trying to say here is lets see the back

>> No.8318863

Fine for your first fit but definitely work on finding your own style.

>> No.8318869

w2c pants?

>> No.8318871
File: 45 KB, 599x449, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8318875

not feeling the fit on the jeans below the knee
the break is a bit weird

def try to integrate greys and whites into your wardrobe

>> No.8318894
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do I look like jerry

>> No.8318895

ur hairline is running away from ur face

>> No.8318897

bald fag

>> No.8318899


>> No.8318902
File: 23 KB, 318x400, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that hairline smh

ur fit is shit how can u talk shit

>> No.8318903

shitty fit even for you

>> No.8318907

callin others pleb when u look like this

>> No.8318916

shit fit
shit hair

drop ur trip

>> No.8318956
File: 2.32 MB, 2948x2324, waywtt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8318963

please be in my dreams

>> No.8318966

c'mon ethel
u can do better

>> No.8318970

cant believe u made the effort to take a pic then edit and post it online when u look like shit. also ur balding badly u ugly loser

>> No.8318972

lel what a poor arse looking house, can't ur parents afford more? also arent u like 20 years old? and still live with mum m8? smdh kids on 4chan heh

>> No.8318973


boring cunt gtfo

>> No.8318977

maarc? or someone else from effay

>> No.8318978

rude cunt gtfo

>> No.8318983
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oh the shoes

>> No.8318990


shoes look bad, without the pair your outfit is good

>> No.8318991

Stand up straight.

>> No.8318993


and btw, you have a cute face

>> No.8319003

haha lemons pls go with your huge chink head

>> No.8319010

lets see the back

>> No.8319013
File: 262 KB, 732x872, more shoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would these be any better? don't have many that will work with rain


>> No.8319015


>> No.8319018


In Tallinn?

>> No.8319019


yes I think its a way better with this shoes

u can also buy some low dr martens, can be cool on u

after that, u can marry me

>> No.8319021

try something that shows ur feet

>> No.8319033

ape arms

would lick asshole

very solid fit, shoes adding fancyness, pants classy but chill, tshirt doesnt offend. not sure about watch, think black leather could be dope as well

upperbody reminds me of a shaved gorilla, fit sucks but i guess with that body cloth rarely fit well

friendly looking, like it

gf shoes are awful with that sweater, wait.. no they are just plain awful. not feeling your shirt but everything else is okay-good 6.5/10

interessting fit, dont know why but i like it. think a minimalistic/monochrom fit would suit you impressively good


awkward fitting sweater, anorak and pants are good, second pair of shoes are definitely better, hübsche schnute

>> No.8319041
File: 149 KB, 566x850, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

basic as always

>> No.8319063

what a fucking cock head

>> No.8319066

I'm not fucking balding faggot. I have a high hairline it has nothing to do with going bald. If you actually had any idea on going bald and what actually happens you would know this, but you obviously don't have a clue about the subject you're talking about....

P.s at least I'm not a pathetic internet troll like you

>> No.8319070

>being this in denial
>being this insecure to reply to anons taking shots at your ugly ass
top kek

>> No.8319072
File: 138 KB, 538x672, IMG_20140603_220707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


busted lips wrapped so firmly around this aussie cock ur even trying to impersonate me, smh

life of a manlet

>> No.8319073

I find you quite sexy. turn around and let daddy see the butt.

>> No.8319076
File: 1.35 MB, 2296x2592, 5.6.14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First time posting a fit, playing it pretty safe.
Feel like I'm going to get immediately recognized by someone I know irl.

>> No.8319077

Bretty good m8.

do you have tumblr?

>> No.8319078
File: 1.08 MB, 1073x631, e7cd5a9e725210cc3d90cbcf5217d7e0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


dude have you seen this? lmao mad manlets

>> No.8319079


>> No.8319081

Thanks man, please follow back. You're really hot and dress really good, are you gay?

Pls be in canberra

>> No.8319083


>> No.8319088

Would get on my knees and lick your ass clean.

>> No.8319089

you look so frail and delicate, if i walked pass you in the street i would do my best to not bump into you as it might seriouslly hurt you.

>> No.8319090
File: 2.30 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been a while since I last posted, not sure about this shirt with this jacket

>> No.8319091

nice vans cockhead

>> No.8319092
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>> No.8319095

spacejew? i tought you were a banker or some shit, damn du

>> No.8319096
File: 2.12 MB, 320x214, 2261862_o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



they will truly stop at nothing

remons I feel bad for you, this is just sad

>> No.8319097

Get a life lamy, you're on here way to much. Go out and do something productive with your time seriously....

>> No.8319100

You're just pathetic dude. You're on here all day same fagging and shit posting. You're supposed come on here to get some fashin advice or maybe post a fit, not make it your life. This isn't Facebook go talk to your real friends kid.

>> No.8319101


i dont think its that manlet lmso


>> No.8319102

Im not on here all day at all actually cock head. I come in here for a couple of hours in the afternun to post fits and do exactly what u said. fuckin idiotic newfag

>> No.8319107

vans are nice and i'm poor, thanks

>> No.8319116

Lamy and lemons samefag half the posts in the thread to talk shit about eachothers terrible outfits and make the same tired comments about hairlines and faces over and over

You guys must seriously be no older than 16, and I really hope I'm not wrong about that

>> No.8319118


dw it's just lemons

I like vans


hIlarious :^D

>> No.8319119

better look at jacket and flannel

>> No.8319120
File: 118 KB, 640x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm retarded and can't delete posts on iphone

>> No.8319122

Wow you sound way cooler than me bro, so cool. Fucking stupid idiot

>> No.8319130

Try hard

>> No.8319135

i'm not sure why I really dig this

good job m8

>> No.8319160
File: 201 KB, 637x850, _19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8319171

bretty good mane

>> No.8319192

hey arent u that fat piece of shit who's running the fuccboi spreadshit ?

>> No.8319194


also did u read the fucking thread boring ass attention whore
at least the other chick dressed well..you look generic as shit
and wtf is with the ugly bed spread

>> No.8319196

marry me pls

>> No.8319198

u look pretty cute

>> No.8319199

fight me cunt

>> No.8319209
File: 914 KB, 200x200, tumblr_n5bmqaXEKb1rq171wo1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8319231
File: 1.51 MB, 1088x3044, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8319236

fuck didn't mean to reply to that

>> No.8319237

Really gr8 m8. What's your tumblr?

>> No.8319238

Your proportions look weird

>> No.8319239

>those fucking leggings
regret in 3 months bet on it

>> No.8319247

present from gf, regret already lel

>> No.8319256

I bet she's laughing at you just as much as we are fag.

>> No.8319264

I r-really like this.

Please be in canberra.

>> No.8319266

Aight then, what are some nice casual black pants that aren't denim or chino? Something that would go well with my roshes.

>> No.8319279

jeans made for guys

>> No.8319285
File: 189 KB, 720x960, 787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8319286

>Something that would go well with my roshes
just but on those skinny sweats that everyone wears

>nice casual pants
>with an athletic shoe
why do you guys do this?

>> No.8319318
File: 165 KB, 720x1227, IMG_20140605_224243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8319320
File: 822 KB, 2322x4128, 20140605_143748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weather is god awful today. Dry and dusty, hold me /fa/

>> No.8319323

wow. i basaicly dont like a single outfit itt and god damn do you guys have shit posture. no matter what your clothes look like. if your body looks like shit you appear like shit.

>> No.8319329

talk shit post fit

>> No.8319341

can't be as god awful as that fit

>> No.8319347

How to fit a 200cm (6'6") frame?

>> No.8319351

Yeah, I'm really not feeling that fit man.

>> No.8319366

w2c shoes

>> No.8319457

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen aber ich komme aus Estland


Okie thanks for the help and I'll think about that one!

Danke and yeah it's longer at the back and stuff looks a bit less awkward in motion

>> No.8319481

> not recognizing rafs ombre

>> No.8319494

I love how hard you've been trying to fit in

>> No.8319496

how do i know when pulling black on navy like this is acceptable

>> No.8319506

w2c shoes & pants?

>> No.8319524

omgggggggg GOAT wtc wtc wtc

>> No.8319536

Wow this is the best fit I've seen on a WAYWT in half a year, gj

>> No.8319544

Mirin dem lats
But seriously, try dumping the sweater, it ruins your preportions, show off your biceps, wear normal tees etc it's the only way /fit/ can even get close to /fa/

>> No.8319559
File: 113 KB, 594x796, o2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol hey u bunch of faggots

>> No.8319565


i want to lick the soles of ur shoes

>> No.8319568

yeh i know

>> No.8319569
File: 22 KB, 640x480, 1392711877829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8319571


oh shit im sorry for your loss

>> No.8319611

since when did /fa/ have so many tripfags

>> No.8319616

is it sad that I get some satisfaction in knowing that you are heavier and turned out to dress like a broke-ass kim Kardashian?

>> No.8319619

>i'm not inherently cute nor interesting
>so im going to go on tumblr and search for a personality

>> No.8319620

when the sun started to get hotter

>> No.8319623

im not heavier u dumb shit, its the way im sitting, ur thick as shit

>> No.8319628

i think ur qt bb

>> No.8319631

>ur thick as shit
from the looks of it you're the one who is thick gurlllll

didn't know the way you sit increases your BF % by 15+

>> No.8319634

i just have one question
why half ass the trip
now no one will no if this was samefag or

>> No.8319638

the ass was fat

>> No.8319642

>im fat and ugly so im going to pretend to have a personality by insulting females who wouldnt sleep with me if i paid them

>> No.8319645

>removing your trip to pretend there's someone to back you up

Kek gg

>> No.8319648

>who wouldnt sleep with me if i paid them
you'd be surprised at the number "gf material GRILZ" you kids lust after that would for surprising low amounts of money

>> No.8319652

what are those? clark desert malis? if so post more pics, and a review. im interested in buying them please.

>> No.8319709

I hope hookers make you feel better about your utterlu undesirable looks and personality

>> No.8319710


>> No.8319713

she wasnt even using a trip you dumb fuck

>> No.8319739

Nice fit man

>> No.8319833

Ö hai red shirt girl. Post that pic again for reasons

>> No.8319841


>> No.8319909


lemme cum on dem thick thighs bbgrill

>> No.8319958

They are the forever21 black jeans I think they are the 20 dollar ones on their website. They are slimmed down around the ankle so I didn't buy them this skinny.

>> No.8319959

laziness is a bitch

>> No.8319989

thats the grossest marshmallow man looking hoodie I've ever seen

>> No.8320281

Your girl dresses about as generic and plain as your haircut, also your boots are fucking disgusting 10/10 would swap for Geobaskets...

>> No.8320613

kill yourself retard yes the tripfag is samefagging without trip to compliment this chick, how does your pea sized brain even work. stop shitting up every thread

>> No.8320622

cringeworthy, like most things you say. gtfo shittrip

>> No.8320733

>dvw geen vrienden om samen /fa/ mee te zijn

>> No.8320736

they're dm's

>> No.8320738

Is Sensei een Nederlander?

>> No.8320746


kill yourself bitch

>> No.8320760

Ja, wie is er in voor een nedermiet?

>> No.8320768

Cool, uitstapje naar Antwerpen ofzo moet wel lukken na de blok.

>> No.8320781

please do, your trip is accurate as you probably know. no one gives a shit about your existence

>> No.8320860

w2c pants

>> No.8320921

goed idee

>> No.8320924

Weet gij of User nog steeds in Antwerpen naar school gaat toevallig?

>> No.8321058

nee geen flauw idee, ik weet alleen dat pepyn in antwerpen woont en dat eurofag ergens rond rotterdam woont

>> No.8321600

>read the sticky

>> No.8321891

w2c sweater?