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Girl told me today I didn't look my age at all and she thought I was like 7 years older than what I am because of the way I dress.

I said "hope that's a good thing" she said Yeah but not sure if shes lying

Is it?

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Well it depends on where you were, what you dressed in and how old you really are

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who gives a fuck you insecure faggot. she already forgot about your ass and you sit at home questioning some bs a bitch told you so you leave

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Pretty much pic related except with grey slacks and at a clothes store

>inb4 she was complementing me just because I'm a customer

I give a fuck because I'm an insecure faggot

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were you going to work

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I finished work and on the way home went to the plaza to pic up some chinos

im 20 bbtw

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First thing you have to consider is that she might've jsut been a stupid cunt, whose opinion is completly irrelevant and wrong.

If you get that out of the way, you have to ask yourself: do you want to look 20? If not, do you want to look older or younger?

IMO 20 is still very young and some maturity, a more professional vibe can sometimes come a long way in some situations.

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she probably just meant it as a compliment. since ~22 i've been consistently mistaken for 25+ by plens, especially thirsty chumps i wouldn't cos i got them standardz lol.

but this is funny - i'm 24 now, went out in some basic bitch fit and a recently buzz'd head to pick up a cake for my mom, and the dude thought i was fresh outta highschool picking it up for my grad party (which would put me at like 18 hehe), i was like wut.

plebs gon' pleb

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