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Is it possible to get permanent wavey hair? I have thin straight hair and hate the look of it. How can I get the wavey messy style? Gel just makes it look fake.

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1. kill you're-self
2. fuck ur mom
3. ur ded
4. god gives u an other chance so u become borned again
5. ????
6. maby u have wavey hair
7. maby u profit!!

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thats not very nice.

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im in the opposite position

I have wavy/curly hair and I wish it was straight

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Get a perm. But then everyone will know you're gay.

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straight hair is boring. I like the messy look of wavey hair.

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you can have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more hairstyles with straight hair

curly and wavy limits you

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My hair is super thin and straight. Probs the worst hair you can have.

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Sorry but you will NEVER have the same waves as someone who was born with them. Accept your straightness and enjoy it.
I have curly wavy hair and I wanted straight, but I realized after many haircuts, irons and different products that it will never be the same as someone's who was born with it.

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>tfw I have delicious Aryan curls
>you will never know this feel

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Ya I have really wavy, curly, thick hair and I can't do shit with it

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yeah it sucks, this is me in the pic, either it's fuzzy and dry looking or you put product in it (conditioner, leave-in conditoner, wax, anything really) and it becomes greasy looking

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when you get out of the shower, dry your hair then comb it so it becomes a bit straight, then put on a hat (a beanie of some shit) for like 20 mins. It kills the tight curls and makes it more wavy like

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Stop using shampoo and just use water dude. Your hair will get thicker and healthier. Just scrub it well with your hands so it doesn't look shiny from grease.

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don't put shit in it. Washing your hair with water is enough, don't shampoo more than once every two weeks. Though the first weeks will be bad until your hair "recovers" from all these chemicals which shouldn't be there.

Also fogret the comb, style your hair with your hands if you're curly/wavy.

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I do the no poo thing. I wash my hair like once a week with shampoo. My hair gets really greasy looking. I prefer baths than showers so I dip my head in the water and give it a good rub which should be good enough...but it still looks greasy

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>Tfw luscious, dark brown / black hair
>Tfw every time that I go to get a hair the hair stylist complaints how thick it is
Bitches on my dick cos' my hair be luscious.

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this is how I used to form my hair back before I discovered product

I put a beanie on, spun it sideways, took it off, and had a pretty good side part

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old hack found on /vr/

1. kill urself by impaling shofar into skull
2. choose jew in the loading screen before it finishes loading
3. born with curly hair for at least 80 years!

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>tfw hair is so lusciously thick and curly even straight men compliment you
we made it