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Hair Advice please :)
Hey guys :) What length of hair should I get, I currently have the mid length hair which has grown from when I shaved my hair on the left. The long haired photo was taken two years ago! haha ;)

>pic related
>which length

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top right

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>dat hairline

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I feel like my forehead is a little big haha!

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do something with your current hair length

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What makes a hairline good?

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tried pulling my hair and it just puffs up back i kinda just look like a jap - delinquent

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Honestly you can pull off all the ones in the OP pic, except for that one there

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but can i pull off a fedora haha ;)

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r u indonesia

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i'm a mix between chinese / cambodian / vietnamese mutt4life

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Enough with the emoticons, pillow-biter

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:( wats wrong with emoticons (>T-T)>

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did you just call me a pillow biter?
>vid related

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pls be in indonesia

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sorry , canada

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Why do you make your own thread for stupid shit lie this you inbred fuck. Delete this and post your stupid non-fashion related question in the fuccboi or haircut general

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Why do you comment on my own thread for stupid shit lie this you non-inbred fuck. Delete your comment and post on some forum for butthurt teens. Try scenekids.com ;)

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>if i reply with emoticons it'll give off the illusion that i'm not buttblasted
dumb fob logic

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u just h8in on the emoticons haha! ;) xD

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stick to either end of extremes(super short or super long)

honestly really dig your long hair though, you should've kept it but buzzcut works for you nonetheless

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I had it in a man ponytail thing most of the time but I don't have photos as it was 2 years ago

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>pic related
it was almost exactly like diz

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>not aspiring to be uchiyama from gokusen

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was actually thinking about dyeing my hair blonde

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I'm 1/4 Cambodian and 3/4 Chinese, so glad I'm not dark as you.

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what's wrong w/ being tan rofl?

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qt taiwanese and korean grills don't like dark guys :^)

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I don't aspire to be the k-pop clone that all these taiwanese / korean grills are into now. I just wanna be samurai-core
>pic related

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asians and blacks are the only people who can pull off a fedora

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fuck these guys were /fa/ as foq

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>was taken two years ago! haha ;)

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what are you implying haha ;)

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as an asian im pretty jelly OP im full viet

will never be /fa/ cause fucked up eyes(one lazy eye and i think asymmetrical too in regards to placement on face) and not to mention shit skin

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jelly of what exactly?

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cheer up earth/lemons

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you just have that alpha asian aesthetic where even with long ass girly hair you still come out looking masculine


im neither of those guys

i dont trip

for reference i look like this monkey

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t-t...thenks sempai

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bottom right or far left

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you look extremely feminine in bottom right, thought it was a girl at first

you ever considered trapping it up?

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I don't play yu-gi-oh so no trap cards haha! ;)

Any thoughts btw about me going blonde?

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>you look extremely feminine in bottom right, thought it was a girl at first
bro, never go out on the pull if you don't want to fuck something with a dick.

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I left my hair in a bun one day and slept over it, was vagabond core as fuck, I can't emulate it anymore.

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Can someone give me suggestions for new hair? You guys are good at this stuff

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For better idea of my shit face shape

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I think the facial hair suits you better, and I like your hair

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quite unfortunate

>> No.8121026

Need a new one though, I have a lot of professional encounter for future potential jobs and I can't have long hair anymore

I shaved because I have to go to work

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The long hair definitely compliments your face better if you ask me. So don't get a short haircut.

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Yeah, how about something like HY so it's long on top but not on collar?

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poses, hair styling and written context are flags for stupidity and faggotry

>edgy, teenage angst pen tricks with a knife

not that anything that transpires above matters, op is an insecure short, feminine jungle-brown.

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i'm 5ft 11 that's decent for an asian haha! ;)

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man some of you guys sure do get buttox hurt! haha ;)

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>tfw 6'2 asian lol suck my raisins, grape you cock suckin mouth breather

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post fit f-word boy haha! ;)

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You look best with long hair. Really cute.

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i think you look best in the top right pic anon

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everybody is voting differently -_-

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Buzz it, then start hitting the gym.

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top right and bottom

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long hair is just glorious

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I said samurai-core not shaolin core haha!

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keep the long hair or get something like that

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u deff look better wif long hair xD

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ffffuuuuu i am so jelly of you
>tfw i wish i was asain
>tfw i wish i was born 300 years ago in japan so i could be full samurai core
fuck u OP you can grow your hair long bun it and just feel all samurai an shit where as i grow my blonde hair long bun it feel all samurai than see im white :(

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grow it oout until you can manbun

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what a sick fucking joke you are

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you dont deserve to be white you little faggot

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being white is dope too! haha!
the good kind of sick?

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also samurai-core should be a thing! haha ;)

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I'm a pretty big fan of your long hair.

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that feel no good barbers near

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Anyone know what this haircut is called?

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It doesn't matter if you know the name, you can't just walk into the barbers and ask for it. It's never this simple.

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I know but a friend of mine has this hairstyle, just curious about the name.

The hairstyle looks really good on him (no homo).

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Dude..Buzz is the best.
Really cool and handsome.

>> No.8127562

the ling ling

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who the fuck are u chinky why u trippin?

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OP would probably look good with my haircut or something similar

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but please dont keep ur current hair lol it makes you look so young. buzzed or long hair look good

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Not this.

buzz or medium-long so you can wear it down/messy or up in a bun

>tfw shooting for samurai core but facial hair too thin/wispy

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