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police? highs or lows? thots?

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i really want these as chucks but with the black bottom as well. any alternatives?

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The canvas gets dirty easily, well it collects dust and cotton bits a lot.

I like how it has the little side flap things.

My pfs look ehh I guess, not too happy on the sole quality though. It shows some minor creasing. i might just have a shit pair.
I got compliments on them though, looks better irl than in the pic imo

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Forgot pic

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they're cheaply made

would cop for extreme discount, otherwise stick to better canvas shoes. although i think the his look rly cool.

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6pm has some for fucking cheap

they don't look bad at all


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I think the center hi gray ones have lunarcore potential

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Which pfs are those

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iirc he added the zipper, but i think the base is preforated white highs

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Nah, they're perf greys
The zipper isn't the only diy addition btw

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Oh yeah, I forgot that the Kosher Kosmonaut wears modified PF's.

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i remember seeing some white with a red/blue stripe thing on some pf flyers. what were they?

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i lol'd

what else did you add rugged man

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im looking for a sneaker w a kinda chunky toe area. im not sure whether to go w pf flyers or jack purcells
help me pls
also how do i size pf flyers

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w2c pants please

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iirc they're dockers scout cargo

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