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Should guys ever color their hair?

Also, what is the name of this hairstyle should I ask for it at the barber shop?

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You should never ask for that hairstyle

Guys should only color their hair if they can pass it off as their natural hair color

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>You should never ask for that hairstyle

What's wrong with it?

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It's very outdated/ it looks bad

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What he said. It's outdated as fuck.

It went from being Brad Pitt hair to being every seven year old's hair to being every butch lesbian's hair.

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Guys can colour their hair if they can afford to maintain it (proper products and regular colouring) and have the confidence/look to pull it off. It's always better to bring a picture in for a photo than to try to describe it to a hairstylist

that is a bad haircut, don't get it. It looks good on Brad Pitt because it is Brad Pitt. You are not Brad Pitt. It won't look good on you. If you need haircut inspiration, check the sticky

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the only reason to why that haircut looks nice is because it's on Brad Pitt, if you get it you'll look like something that just came out from a Sum 41 concert

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Yeah but if you get it now you'll be OG by the time it comes back in style in the 20s

Yall fags don't realize being fa means doing something when it's out of style