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Lunarcore general thread. I personally would love to see some shoes that fit in with the aesthetic.
inb4 palladium,af1s, etc

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>go to winners with gf cause we're bored
>find a pair of palladiums get excited cause theyre on sale
>tfw find out they're blk pampa hi's and not baggy canvas 's and they're not my size..

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Is this lunacore

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looks like oldmilitarycore to me but feck it I'd rock it I love milcore yo

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What Flyers are those?

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I want to say centre hi's??

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wtc hood on the right

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the perforated faux leather center hi

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It might be the removable hood on Showa 5 model raincoat (1930 raincoat)

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Is this real life
Unless I didn't find the right shoe, these can't be this cheap

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Would it look silly to wear pf flyers or palladiums with my julius cargos? Trying to put together a lunarcore fit and the only lunarcore shoes i usually see are those two

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schmid distressed white highs.

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Would these work in a Lunarcore fit?

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the grounders look pretty cool too imo

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Too bad summer is on the way

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The guy on OP pic is like one of 3 people on /fa/ who can actually dress, not all these ridic threads a la >>8059678

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not when you live in /k/anaduh lel

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wtf yes it is. maybe not in nunavut.

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Are those the same colorway as in the OP?

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yeah man. that shit looks cool
maybe with some cargos or something that puffs out over it

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nigga what did we tell you about those piece of shit glasses. They ruin every fit you post.

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you realize thats not him posting that and that all his new stuff doesnt have the glasses.

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ugly nerd fukka arent ya m8?

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how is this uniqlo pocketable parka for lunahcar

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its fucking shit m8

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damn, Ive been looking for good jackets

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nah his have a zipper

unless he added that??

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Shit's neat, might cop and try to work into a fit

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this looks like a white grocery bag with a hood

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Image is a repost but I'll post my attempts to work this into a fit tomorrow

I think I'm gonna order a surplus MiG suit to make the laces on the sleeves

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Are canyoning boots lunarcore?

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>cutting up a MiG suit

Nigger, just do it yourself with paracord and shit.

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Nice meme :^)

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forgot pic

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nigga a mig suit is probably cheaper than paracord

you can get chinese MiG pressure suits for like 20 bucks from surplus

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Oh, a Chink one, that's fine. I thought you meant a Soviet or East German one, would have killed you because of it.

w2c Chink MiG suit, btw?

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I saw them cheapest on some british milsurp website but I don't have the link

There's a bunch on ebay around $30-40 that come with a neat satchel for storage

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I have these if you want to buy them.
UK Size 9, fit true to size, only worn three times (they're very resilient, perfect condition).
$100 (£60), they were £89 to cop.


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But I can order those same boots new from the palladium website for like $90

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Yeah, vapor/metal.

Also selling white bomber jacket, spacechan or curly hair lunarcore guy has the exact same one.

Condition is as new, haven't worn it out of the house once so it's great quality.
Size 42 (Small), fits me with a 32-35 inch chest.
100% polyester lining.
Padded, too.

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Don't think so mate. Try converting and using your correct region, do the checkout.

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not every fashion movement has to be a -core you omnisperg

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m88, I just ordered a pair a month ago

they're $85 new

I would cop bomber though if it was bigger

how new are you?

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Alright sorry, I wasn't aware, I copped mine last year.
I'll lower the price I think.

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Usually lunarcore looks retarded but this is actually kinda cool

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how new are you?

this picture is old as fuck and is posted in every single lunarcore thread

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I used to come to this board a lot for a few years but around the time lunarcore started to become a thing, I stopped coming here significantly

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just because someone doesn't have encyclopedic knowledge of the day-to-day workings of a 4chan board doesn't mean he is "new" necessarily
<3 god bless

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you can't be fashionable if you don't mentally document everything ever posted on /fa/ you fucking casual

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Do people not realize that lunarcore is the same as dressing like a bum only with a cool sounding name?

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I own white pampa hi's an I like 'em. I feel like what makes lunarcore stand out is the amount of texture in an outfit but I think it can be overdone and that's one of the reasons I didn't get baggies. Also, wearing them up, they go pretty far up your shin.

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There's low baggies

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i copped em for $65 but that was on sale
anywhere I could get a L or even XL of this jacket?

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People don't realize it because it's not true

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nah its true

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post fit

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its 9:40 nigga im not gonna dress up just to take a picture for some guy on the internet because he thinks that if it's bad, it'll somehow prove that lunarcore isn't the same thing as dressing like a homeless vietnam vet

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>not having fits saved on computer

>> No.8083242

>it'll somehow prove
haahah that's why the "post fit" response is stupid.
As if he would even think your fit was good, but even if he did what would that prove?

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Tempted on that jacket how does the small fit? Any sizing issues

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Nvm didn't read the post. Im dum af

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dude, why you gotta be a cock and shit up the place. I hate techwear but you don't see me going on those these and telling everyone they look like yung lean wannabes.

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*those threads

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i just started lurking in /fa/... and I never knew that my style had a name. it turns out its lunarcore... and I actually stole the style from some of the homeless and ghetto area people i met from when I was living on the streets.

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what sorta pants would be best doe lunarcore. should I go for cargo or just get gray jeans

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check out maharishi, pretty good pants
>gonna post my same pic I posted like 3 times already

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Where can I get those cargoes?

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Not >>8083318 but holyshit, thank you Maharishi is beautiful

>> No.8083787

Never heard of maharishi before, thanks for the mention, they have some neat stuff

cargos are common because of the military/workwear aesthetic but it's not like they're required

mix it up and try interesting textures or something

>> No.8083816

maharishi a shit

>> No.8084107


Do they make poor quality pieces or do you just not like them?

Looked through pretty much everything on their website, I think I found true love.

I just wish they weren't so expensive. Like even an ipad case or pillow cover is like $50 and that's the cheapest thing they sell.

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>homeless vietnam vet
This. You guys even have a subsection of lunarcore called "exmilitary"

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