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I am curious what will be next efay hairstyle when all the retards start to have hitler-jugend hair

Manbun is atutistic

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>when all the retards start to have hitler-jugend hair
is it 2010 already

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when you go from western to eastern europe you need to set your watch couple years backwards

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bowl cuts

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Why the fuck don't they lace up their boots all the way?

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you just reminded me to go trace the outline of cole mohr's face on my computer screen

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I know it's pretty tumblr-core, obviously, filename but what does /fa/ think about these pastel hair colors on girls like pic related?

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>Manbun is atutistic
lazy ass
embrace your destiny

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not a big fan but my crush has hair like this

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Start growing your hair

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what the fuck are they doing

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Initiating gay sex

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could i pull off beard-dreads


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so that's how it happens

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that's still basically an undercut

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qt as fuck and everyone on /fa/ secretly wants to have a qt tumblr gf

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matt healy :^)

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how do you know if you should bowl cut or not

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>tfw no qt dumb tumblr gf w/ dr martens to laugh at and make fun of with friends when she's not around
>but secretly be completely in love with


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Ewwww, unless you target guys <18

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>claims to be over 18

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My hair is starting to annoy me

I seriously just hate it

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looks good if u dress to match and take good care of it

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Here you go. Enjoy your lack of natural waves.

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Rustin Cohle is perfect.

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Should I cut my hair like the guy from perks of being a wall glower

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damn I'm pretty good at the curve then. I accepted that I'll never rock a hitler youth, but I started styling like rust and love it. Just have to grow it out an inchish more

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I put wax in my hair, but then in a few hours it looks like there's nothing in there. What do?

>shower, no poo. Body temperature water on hair for 3-5 minutes.
>get out, GENTLY towel dry. I don't scrub with the towel.
>run hands through every few minutes hair until dry.

I'm going for the stand uppy pulled back look with lots of volume

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Try applying some sort of styling product in and then blow drying it back to preserve a certain volume and shape. After that, try using a thicker cream product instead of a wax for pliable hold instead. I rarely like waxes except for very specific effects and it's just not that great of an everyday product. Are you going for firmer hold? Something soft that can be re-styled throughout the day?

I think drying your hair will do a lot to help.

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ive got rust's profile

f yeah

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I don't own a half decent blow dryer tho :(

I'm going for matte, soft, more on the natural side. I hate when products make my hair crunchy, crusty, shiny, etc. I want to run my hands through it.

I'll give it a go with the hair dryer later and post results.

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>when all the retards start to have hitler-jugend hair
This happened like five years ago.

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I'm gonna buzz my H Y and grow it long because I'm fed up of doing it.

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i cant deny it sry guise i really wanna fugg a tumblr qt4.20

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the answer is always no

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my hair is actually like not
not so great, it gets really wiry when its dry

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suebian knot is the next lvl shit

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fucking confirmed

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i can see it coming, in fact ill get one but with a fringe because my hairline is shit

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That honestly looks fucking cool, I can't find any picture of modern day dudes wearing that though.

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Introducing the most nxtlvl shit

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Anthony Fantano
then and now

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his current hair is hilarious
it's like a tangent to a circle that is his head

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that's all of us in 10-15 years anyway

male pattern baldness is very common

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