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ITT.: we describe /fa/ using only one picture.

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wow lol

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>implying qts even want /fa/

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Based off feel threads, most /fa/ggots either have a gf or had a gf.

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>friend zoned nerd

Just goes to show that you can always shave the neckbeard on the outside, but the neckbeard on the inside will remain.

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Who has the shop with the fedora?

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w2c cape

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Sick Yohji fit

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oh my god...

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:) lots of firepower"

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10/10 thread over good night yall

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I'll never understand why high schoolers think this actually looks goods.

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I dont think anyone except this guy thinks it looks good

This needs to qualify as a body dysmorphic disorder

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He is not fat.
Just wearing a yohji suit

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why don't you play a real card game loswer

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>either have a gf or had a gf.
>implying they were nearly as attractive as the girls they get caught up on

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The gayest fit.

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The fire rises.

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Speak of the devil and he shall appear!

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o i'm laffin

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*firefighting intensifies*

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swear this guy is from my physics class

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Steve Jobs, is that you?

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i am not going to stop posting this pic and stop asking me what the fuck is goin on

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that's hot, got sauce?

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She's actually looking very very cool without hair, and they are also going to grow, so I don't see anything bad for her, except that was a humiliating procedure and she was filmed.

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ah shit forgot that faggots trip, remind me

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it was bad for her because she didnt want her hair cut off and they forcibly shaved her head wtf

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who's trip?

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maybe don't star in porn

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the faggot from the picture
its that spotty tripfag who was laughed at some two-three days ago, isnt it?

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One time when I was very young and discovered I could use the internet to fap, and started finding actual porn rather than VS magazines, I stumbled across this video of this fat white chick sucking this guys dick. Halfway through, the guy starts to shave her head. I mean her hair was long too. He just shaved her head while she was sucking his dick. I didn't know what to think. I was scared and confused. Then I realized she probably enjoyed it for whatever reason, and he probably did too and so I thought, well that's ok I guess. I still found it weird and uncomfortable.

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no lol, this is just some drunk oc

could you elaborate on the topic though, this seems funny

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wats oc, I just thought acne spots are kinda specific

that tripfag was shittalking and criticizing ppl etc, and then somehow his pics came out - ginger schoolboy with terrible acne all over his fucking face.

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fuck what was he thinking

jesus christ

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original content

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this outfit is awesome just needs less tight jeans

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So much UK in that pic.

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is he fat or opening a trench coat to cover the pic?

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I'd fuck her.

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>that tie on the left

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this is not funny

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this is actually the admins for the 4chan facebook page

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the fuck is up with her hands

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wtf I don't even

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The picture is supposed to be Aboriginal_Thug

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it's not meant to be funny, it's meant be #enlightening #abstract #specificfeels

not familiar unfortunately, the picture was meant to be a mixture of my observations/generic /fa/ feels

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he's so ugly ugh

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There is more to a man than just his face, so please stop oppressing him. Did you even take time to notice the flame heart on his shirt? We all just want to be loved.

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is that givenchy

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wtf is that tie photoshopped in there or what?

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why is the guy in OP's pic making all these asumptions that the dood has to be a douche asshole based on what he's wearing which in all honesty just looks like normcore to me..
>all that jellysea
>all those assumptions to make your paradigm work..

watch this shit


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w2c Givenchy flame shirt

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oh my fucking god

that really is some unbelievable shit right there

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>the white version of cee lo green
as if that guy couldn't get any more annoying

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This video reminds me about 2 friends that I had in school, one was VERY fat and the other one was like the usual dude. We used to be scumbags and laugh about my fat friend and shit, we used to compare him to a hippo in 4th grade.

Thing is that we were classmates for like 8 or 7 years, and in the last year of highschool the one that was very fat tells me that he had hypothyroidism during most of his adolecense, but yet he was very built (he was kinda fat still, but looked great) he went to tennis court every weekend and worked up a lot, so he was very muscular and had some bitches mirin'. It made me feel guilty about being thin (I'm borderline Auschwitz), but motivated.

On the other hand, my other friend turned lazy and fat in highschool, he used to have a good body and bitches were all over his dick, but in the last 2 years he got SO fucking fat it wasn't funny.

At the end, if my first friend spent all the time he worked up in crying about how genetics and life were unfair with him, he wouldn't have gone anywhere.

No /fit/ tho.

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what was this in response to, some SLP fbook page or something?

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That's almost paralyzing

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moar like these

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>my face... I need to wash my face

Holy fuck.
Benzoyl peroxide fucks you up, I know this.

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what show is this

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are you retarded

>> No.7964457

misfits. it's alright

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>my sick layering weighs the reindeers down
my sides are gone

>> No.7964478

>h-haha yeah... b-black flag are great.. i h-have a 6 pack and nothing d-do...


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>fuck, I think my pinroll is too loose
Every fucking time I leave the house that's on my mind for most of the time.

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I'm baffled at how tha'ts you're first concern when looking at the picture and not that flappy monster titty

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>should i tell her the retail price or the sale price ?
My sides

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theyre clearly russian

>> No.7966705


Add tea and crumpets and you got the UK down.

>> No.7966719

need more.

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yo what the shit

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even though i know its a lie this is how i picture everyone on /fa/ looks

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In all honesty, those fits are either amazing 10/10 or complete shit 0/10. Real hit or miss. I love the guy in the cape, but the dude next to him in grey looks ug as fuck.

>> No.7966867

>Official Cool Man Seal
why have I never noticed this, good god

>> No.7966882

I think they all look good except that dude smiling in grey, he really ruins the picture

>> No.7966922

yeah, hes a smirking faggot, but his bottom half is impeccable.

>> No.7966933

i agree, some of those fits are goat and some of them are baddd

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>> No.7969071

That picture makes me feel sick

>> No.7969087

u never heard of misfits m8? it's pretty funny

>> No.7969847

w2c left chick?

>> No.7969888

is transmetropolitan worth getting into? I need a new comic series to read and I don't know whether to go into this or Y the last man or something else

>> No.7969921

why don't you do something valuable in your free time
like learning something
just sayin

>> No.7969926

Where can I find more pictures like this?

>> No.7969966

I read when I'm on the train on my way home from work at 2am. I can't be doing woodwork on no subway at 2am, homie.

You're on 4chan, why don't you do something useful with your free time? You can say that about anything.

>> No.7969972

Easily, it's great.

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my sides are in orbit right now fuckin saved

>> No.7969987

guess you have a point

>> No.7970013

Are you reading Saga? Read Saga.
Y: The Last Man is pretty good.
Orc Stain, if you haven't read it, is amazing.
Morning Glories is okay, Sweet Tooth is pretty good, Phonogram is an acquired taste but I really like it.

>> No.7970051

>tfw this is basically me

>> No.7970069

Fucking spot on, the more I think about this the more I realize it's true

>> No.7970130


I love the way his nipples are showing through his sheer t-shirt

>> No.7970137

w2c Hitler

>> No.7970780

limited release bruv

>> No.7972832

>I can't be doing woodwork on no subway at 2am

why the fuck not

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lel always wondered what the other perspective was

>> No.7972942

u cant save pentax

>> No.7972992

why is that?

>> No.7973006

god, thats horrible

>> No.7973037

geosanta wishes you a merry geochristmas

>> No.7973051

Elongated and disproportional limbs were characteristic of manneristic painters of the late Italian renaissance

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He claimed had a parka on and it was windy. We still made fun of it though.

>> No.7973100

what does woodwork require bitchboi?
what does the subway prohibit?
hey weird fuckin sharp tools n shit

>> No.7974844

you either are attractive or yourenot there is no friendzone this is leddit tier concept invented by stem majors who look like michael cera or free willy

>> No.7974862

he deserves to be made fun of if he thinks just dressing better than some guy makes you more desirable than him

>> No.7974868

friendzone is just a crutch faggots use to label their inability to effectively communicate to a girl that they want to be more than a friend. It's a place they put themselves in.

>> No.7974915

Goddamn I use this as my phone wallpaper without the captions.


>> No.7974949

Both fake. Picture is old as dirt and from Krautchan (Germany's 4chan, basically).

>> No.7974963

>It's a place they put themselves in.
Basically. I've seen some over emotional posters angry about using the word "friendzone," implying that it doesn't exist, but the truth is the friendzone only exists if you let it.
As a matter of fact, I posted about that very subject earlier today on my cool tumblr:

If you want to have sex with a girl, don't be her friend first. That is a common mistake guys make. Friendship does not create sexual attraction.
If you are friends with a girl hoping she'll eventually fuck you, you are doing it wrong.
Either hook up with her, or accept that she isn't interested and move the fuck on.

Of course most of these idiots are idiots are still in high school when you can still get away with that lame stuff.

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That fucking jacket is nxtlvl sea punk vaporwave shit. I fucking hate trunks, and the overall fit aint that good, but that jacket is bangin as /fa/

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thats not really true doe
ive been friends w/ chicks 1 day nd they were hopin on my d the next
i dont get how people get friendzoned besides being a self consoius lil dik

>> No.7975481

fucking hungry skeleton claims to bang bitches all the time? you're either lying or a trust fund baby that attracts girls with money. which is it?

>> No.7975738

u bitter bro?
gettin pussys easy

>> No.7975787

I've hooked up with some of my girl friends as well, but that is not the same thing as being friends with a girl with intentions to fuck her.
That is the difference between a friendship and a friendzone.

>> No.7975897

I always think it's not gonna be awkward, but every time I hook up with one of my lady friends, it's always awkward as fuck for like a week

>> No.7975918


Victoria Justice

>> No.7975946

hugo boss

>> No.7975958

saved for new fuccboi general picture

>> No.7975988

ohh, i thought he was sayin that if u have any friends that are chicks you cant bang em
nd i just realized
was meant for

thnx bb, >>7960880 was my inspo

>> No.7978370

You putting such a high value in pussy is the exact reason why pussy is sold for such a high price to you.

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christ i remember the fireman jacket thread

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