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what does /fa/ think of j-fashion?

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is often pretty spot on

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Like I'm just looking at the clothes on that link and they all look really fucking nice.

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my bro went to japan and apparently people just wear whatever they want on the streets, like weird stuff from costumes, but not in this overly aware north american sort of way. more like in that weird "japan feels that this is totally saturated and normal" kind of way.

i like japanese streetwear though.

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Do you have a picture of what you're referencing? There's a good chance he was just seeing professional cosplayers on their way to photoshoots or something.

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uh oh

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effay doesn't think too highly of yes style/fabrixquare etc. also they are Chinese iirc.

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but why? is there a better place that's strictly a japanese company selling japanese clothes?

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A lot more fun than other fashion.

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Yes, tons. Are you new to fashun or something?

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Acceptable for Japanese people. Not acceptable for westerners

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all fashion in the far east is just clueless asians grasping at straws, trying to emulate us americans fashion. Hence why most of it looks so terrible and thrown together.

>pic related

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forgot pic

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>fit an asian frame

Hey guise, I happen to have an asian frame and also possess some of these clothings from my very early beginner days. Want me to demonstrate that those clothes look shit on an asian skeleton, too?

Not that I'd like to be on that info pic, but I'm willing to bring sacrifices for the sake of education.

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Hey buddy, Rei Kawakubo called. She told me to tell you to do some research and not be racist.

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this is what plebs say.

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i-is this a troll thread?

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Sorta? I've always just been a well-fitting jeans and tee shirt or hoodie kind of guy. But I see how good some of these clothes look, and know I can pull off the look. I kinda want them.
I frequently go between USA and Japan. Does that count?

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>us americans fashion.

i think ur confusing burgers with clothes m8

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no you fat weeabo autist, now fuck off >>>/a/

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someone's in a bad mood

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I'm 150 pounds
I'm half Japanese, work in Japan 9/12 months of the year, and have family here and in the states.
I'm a mechanical engineer you dumbass.

I do enjoy anime though. Because fuck me.

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comme de garcons has never been good. Obnoxious branding, avant garde /cgl/ shit and basic shit like converse all stars rip offs , leave little to no credibility to rei .
fun fact, she was never trained or studied fashion, so dont talk like you know anything.

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nah, go ahead, and please post a fit. That it all, gl with your purchase.

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Well I'm obviously not buying from yesstyle after seeing that picture. Instead of being a dick, did you want to point me in the correct direction?

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I would if I could. But I'm afraid your best bet would be to stick with the "legit" brands or try and research what they are actually knocking off.
Can't be of much help here, mate.

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Well thanks for at least cheering up. Don't forget to have a good day yo.

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weak bait

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no, all off those are bad considering 2 out of 3 of them sell fakes from chinese taobao.

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Love it.

I went to Japan last spring and wore whatever the fuck I wanted and no one cares or even looks at you. Feelsgoodman.

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OP, Japanese fashion is fine, but clothing from shitty Japanese brands isn't.

Yesstyle will be the end of you, I can almost guarantee it won't look good.
The images they use are purposely misleading, they use lighting tricks to fool your eye, they pin up the clothing too.

Just don't...

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grill? pls be in... wait, fuck, I'm not even in London.

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Yesstyle isn't Japanese babe.

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yeah girl, not the qt in pic unfortunately :<

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Some japanese streetwear can be cool!
I like this tumblr, the dude who runs it post a lot of cool pictures, mostly from fashionsnap and 1ldk.

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w4c everything?

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Probably Vintage shops.

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I would say Grimoire, but my friend told me it was mostly female items there , so idk where the guys are shopping.

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>us americans fashion
gr8 b8 m8

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this thread need some nxtlvl shit

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where 2 cop similar shoes?

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carpe diem

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This coat is so fucking sick, I can't seem to find a shipping vendor though. Anyways, do you have any more interesting japanese streewear tumblrs?

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Love it.

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wear 2 cop similar coat

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>what does /fa/ think of j-fashion?
Ever inspo thread is 99% nip streetwear, so pretty highly.
Just not cosplay shit, but even then everyone here is starting to dress like an astronaut hunter, a cyberpunk kid, a black ghost, an anime character, etc.

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I want to berry my face in to everything there.

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das korea tho

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no its japan, iirc its for an adidas campaign. you must be confusing them with 2ne1

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