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so is it fah, effay or faa (like fa-shion)

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I call her Fay.

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it's fay

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it's pronounced fuccboi

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--- which is pronounced "fooch" (like "gucci" but the "i" is silent) + "bwa"

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effay. idk why all these newfags think its fay. it's always been effay, dont you guys remember effayradio?

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Let's settle this

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effayradio was never even a fucking thing, you dunce. effay was the main tinychat room.
also, just because the tc room was called effay doesn't mean the board is called effay. i've been going on here since it started and I call it fay. I've been going on the tinychat since it started and i call it effay.

fuck yourself
it is your who is the newfag

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who the fuck says effayshion?


POLitically incorrect





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fah as in fashion

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Why does the bowl cut look so good on non-asians? Is it because the oval head shape gives it a more aesthetic look? Shit, I might get my hair like that, but a bit longer.

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its moo not mew

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you pronounce /sp/ as "sp"...?

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except it's mew

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radio was were the cool kidz hanged out loser

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go to sleep an0

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I say " 'f' 'a' " or effay, but I say most boards as just the letters

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an0 was from effayradio first though

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do these people not realize how retarded they look?

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i say fa
as in
do re mi fa

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do re mi FA so la ti do

I pronounce it this way.

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except it's moo

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effay all the way brobro

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i say m - u
i also say f - a
i prounce 3-letter ones like int and pol, those i say as 'int' and 'pole'

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why does it matter how it's pronounced if you shouldn't be saying the board names out loud under any circumstances?

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"Fay" as well.

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that is a lie and u know it

90% of the time was listening to /mu/ shit, trying to force catholicism memes, and laughing at style videos on youtube

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>"one sec I'm gonna browse FAA"

Thats the gayest thing I've ever heard. It's always been effay as in the letter F and the letter A. Get it fucking right.

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Nope faa sounds better

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nope, just new cool music all the time, expand your horizons, educate yourself

>not being into catholicism

im speechless

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there's no difference between between fah and faa, you linguistic fooshboi

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I pronounce it fah but just because I'm a Slav and we have only one way of pronouncing vowels. "A" always sounds like "ah" and I would sound like pretentious faggot if I read it differently.

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I mean fah like faw or fawh with a long ah sound

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Its all on what sounds more aethetic.

if you think Fay or FAh sounds better than EFFAY you is stupid.

Moo sounds better than Mew

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do re mi fa soL la Si do*

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its 'fah'

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pronounce it as you would 'far'

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>yfw you pronounce 'fashion' 'FARSHION' like some retard
>yfw you realize you ARE a retard

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yeah, me too, m8

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>fa like in far
>because I'm Russian

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Are you really asking me about how to pronounce trivial bullshit like this? How's your autism going?

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And /mu/ is mew. As in the coefficient of friction in physics.

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How do you pronounce "fuccboi" then? I do it like "фухбуа".

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fah sounds retarded

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effay sounds the most /fa/

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