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Want to change my facebook cover, looking for some /FA/ suggestions

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you can use mine

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>don't smile
fuck i couldn't do that. do you know those situations where you aren't supposed to laugh but then suddenly everything becomes fucking hilarious?

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mine's generally just screencaps from films or the simpsons

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Not smiling is awesome - then you've got the sweetpeas that are into u all like, "why don't u ever smile"

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hard mode is saying "there's nothing to smile about" without cracking a grin

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The only thing I can agree with is head up. That's it.
Also robot walk is a disease (something wrong with spine), so I don't think it is really that important, if it is there.

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I have a screenshot of a K-Pop music video where the group isn't that visible.

Now I can show my love for K-Pop without friends knowing I have major autism.

pic related from Big Bang - Bad Boy

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Just don't, don't do a le may may as cover.
Had to unfriend a few faggots who only posted lay may mays on Facebook and have a mumu cover.

fucking cancer

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fuck is that really what new york looks like

thats so fucking cool

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is this from something or is it just a wallpaper? really cool

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damn i've always noticed girls are more interested in me when i dont smile at all and act disinterested

morning me is a ladies man but then i just get gayer as the day goes on
only to repeat the cycle

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marble is nice

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Bumping for more. (just started Facebook)

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nice one, what show's this from?

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>good goyim designer whore. Let other people dress you and make all your decisions for you. very good goyim sheep

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>be at office
>sit at my cubicle, doing my work
>not smiling
>pull an angry face
>this qt keep passing my cubicle though hers is the other way
>always looks like she wants to start a conversation but then ran away
I guess I was too intimidating.

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Rick or Raf, last time I checked.

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think it was rick

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Had this one for a month or so as cover pic.

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wow lmao I've had the same for the past few months.

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use this black guy

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for all you #sadboyz

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my new wallpaper. thx.

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Thank for your pictures guys

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edgy teen tier

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>(just started Facebook)
youre like 6 years late

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i use this one

it's cool

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this what I use.

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I actually did that recently, just gazing deeply into her eyes.

>But then I lost it.

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back to tumblrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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yes/no, thats probably Brooklyn or queens. manhattan is gentrified af

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isnt that from "bad boy"?

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i should have read your post lol

good one though

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hahaha top autism

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I use my own art works ( yeahhh fine arts uni student!)

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post then

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hahahah its obviously tips for walking @ a runway show u mongs did u actually think ur not allowed to smile irl???

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looks like chicago tbh

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nah bus stop signs here don't look like that
but other than that it def looks like loop area

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no facebook cover masterrace

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im doing this as well currently

i made this

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looks like brihton beach

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its rick fw13

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It would look more sick if you would have paint it with Gerhard Richter. but anyway I like yours.
Hmm I didn't change my cover since a long time so my actual cover is quite outdated. Unfortunatly I can't post them on here, because they are all in .raw and I can't turn them into jpeg atm. If the thread still on tomorow I will gadly post some. (mostly black and white paintings/photographes/drawings)

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I use this

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processing scripts + hex editor

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the only person in this thread who fucking gets it

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im pretty sure everyone realized that it was for models but didn't feel a need to point it out because its pretty fucking obvious and instead talked about tangential topics like normal fucking people without autism or a superiority complex

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or not tho

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eadwor global

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I think it's one of Adam Ferriss' works.

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im flattered

i'll rarely post new art at meth-damon.tumblr.com if you care at all

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Only if you actually listen to it and enjoy

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>i just get gayer as the day goes on

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very nice.

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i dont have a facebook because that is the most /fa/ option

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I use this one as cover, and a portrait of an old man made by Rembrandt as my profile picture.

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I use this

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>using pictures that aren't you as your prof

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This is what I've been using recently.

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i didn't realise it was for runway models
thought it was life advice

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you can have mine

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thats a cool movie.

I have a picture of my all friends and me :)

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>having friends
why are you on fa

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you mean slut right

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Liking Simpsons in a non-ironic sense

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>liking anything in an ironic sense

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>trying this hard

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Being a fag

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I'm almost positive that's Chi town

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>having literal autism

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Reminds me of when I used to live in castle hill.

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lel who would try to use drugs on a runway retard

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I quite like this one

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mine :)

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is ths seriously your cover photo, why dont you have an image that says "im a giant faggot" instead

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euphoric as fuck

being a faggot is /fa/

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used to have this one

don't think people really understood it

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>being this insecure

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Requesting "I'm a giant faggot" cover photo. Any got a /fa/ one?

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>not using your own artwork

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>fucking vierchan rotating the image

that looks hella good bro. What is it of?

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Ty anon :3
It's just the roof of Selfridges taken with a disposable camera

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what are you talking about bitches love albert einstein

fuk u holmes

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it's psychology. not smiling is seen as more manly and trustworthy, more reliable. i don't remember why tho..

also pic rltd is my cover. used to be a screencap from scarface, when the policeman tells tony to smile more

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I'd point to being more mysterious.

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>not using one you made of yourself

it has all my favorite things in it

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I use this, I think it looks nice

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>I've had the same for the past few months


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>art of manliness

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cocoa butter

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>complains about memes
>writes a meme at the end of his reply

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nice. I like the sharpness and the contrast on that boulder.

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I use this, it looks gay af I know

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>it looks gay af I know
why use it then? Makes you look like a right cunt

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