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why are white people so lame and corny?

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Ok guys, after about 4 months of lurking I've decided to make my own starter BASIC /fa/ fit. Going for a relatively budget one.

What I'm getting so far:
NB420 black colourway OR Black and white roshe runs (need advice on which would be better)
Levi 510's since I'm a really skinny guy.
Plain white crew neck Uniqlo tees
MAYBE a heavy knit sweater since its cold as balls and I handle cold weather terribly. I'm just not sure how well it would go with the fit and what colour to get.
And a plain black parka. I need help deciding on one, hopefully less than 100 pounds. Thanks in advance

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because we own everything and don't feel the need to impress you apes

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ooooh cracker is having a fit over here lmao

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Because we don't care what anyone thinks about us. Only materialistic niggers think you do (because you have retard level iqs).

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culture and community is solely based on religion and has not progressed beyond that
has to copy other cultures or cling on to the inventors to feel justified

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anglos and scandis bring the rest of us down
italy best european civilization

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LOL best at stealing from the Greeks. Italy has never had an original idea in their entire existence.

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Why do black people thinking inventing a dance move is substitute for creating modern society?

To answer your question seriously, it is because white people are the "norm", so they are by definition lame and corny. The more radical you are, the more interesting. Why talk to the middle class well-to-do guy when you could talk to a governmen- building-bombing, cocaine-snorting rebel.

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where were u during the renaissance

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italy was only good during roman times

now theyre just farmer peasants and thugs


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