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This has been bothering me for a while now. Some people seem to have this natural "swag" to them, an effayness without trying to be effay. How do I capture it? What constitutes it?

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being born cool
you are just a sucker

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it's all about how you perceive it
what looks cool to you doesn't to another dude, etc.

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it's called being yourself....

worry about you... and only you

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>how do I try to make it look like I don't try

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They're comfortable in their own clothing and bodies unlike a good percentage of this board.

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"Be yourself" is terrible advice to 95% of people

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only on 4chan

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it's called "Sprezzatura" or confidence

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How the fuck is hiroki namakura's swag effortless? He hustled to make his own clothing line.

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the right combination of nice parents, plentiful pussy, and a sociable environment works wonders in their favor

i just wish i wasn't so damn neurotic

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i feel like a lot of creatives have had neurotic stages

find your passion and get past it, imo

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He talks about this "power" that certain clothes have over others(even if they are similar) and he usually tries to find out what gives it that power so he can recreate it in visvim. I want to know the "power" behind certain human beings. The guy who walks into class and you know you down-to-chill with that dude even though he hasn't sad a word

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W2C sprezzatura? Is it hair, face plus body being effay?

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if you have to think about it, you don't have it

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It's confidence, pure and simple man.

If you feel bad and constantly question whether or not you look good, people can get that negative vibe from you and it kills your look.

back when I first started getting in to fashion and I was constantly worrying about what I wore I didn't really get many compliments because I was constantly feeling concerned and it probably showed on my face and in my walk and in how I conversed

but once you gain confidence everything feels kinda effortless. You go out and you completely forget that you're wearing some "outrageous" rick piece or whatever you're in to because it's just whatever now, until someone brings it up and tell you that you look good and you look down and remember.

I can wear stuff that many people around me would probably find weird on a mannequin but even conservative looking girls compliment me because I just feel good about myself when I wear my favorite clothes and it shows in the way I hold myself.

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