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When the fuck did she take it down?

What will I fap to now?

ITT post your Blas

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>ITT: post your fats

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i have a vid from like 2 years ago where she fucks her self with a cable remote, then proceeds to cut herself/lick the blood off of her wounds

and a bunch of screen shots of her cutting her stomach/legs where i asked her to

all poor quality though

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upload pls

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I followed her tumblr almost daily until the day she took it down.

What a poor soul. I hope she finds peace

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i hear from her exboyfriend (he post here) that she died due to suicided

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Her tits weren't bad.

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youre the fucking king sieg

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she is RIP:(

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she was never suicidal

her ex was tryhard

kept trying to say she was 17 when she cut herself, and did all that cam whore stuff for slater to get everyone to delete it (like that dumbass excuse tripskank used to try to get it off of google, but they knew it was bullshit which is why its on google images) but she was 19 going on 20 at the time(she is21- 22 now)

slater has like hours of footage doing all sorts of stupid shit

funny thing is, he was fucking her (23 at the time) so if she really was underage he'd be going to prison

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bitch charges 300 an hour. Nobody paying for that fat shit

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Some anon posted a torrent link a little while ago with a creepy amount of pics from Facebook along with her real name, etc.

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Brit scum.

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u jus mad thats not ur willy

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A little bit. I'm a sucker for girls with daddy issues

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You bet I am.

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Post more hardcore pics.

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ok...someone give me the story of this. I see her posted a lot.

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this please

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Blah was an emotionally damaged female who used to trip on this board. She's a bit fucked in the head so she cut herself for attention and posted a lot of sexually explicit pics on her tumblr which has been deleted.

Oh yeah she's also a hooker and lives in Toronto. Some other trip on here fucked her once a long time ago

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a sweet girl who likes to make men happy with her beautiful body

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I swear to god if you don't post that right now I'll hunt you down. I have a thing for blood. Fucking do it.

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Someone please tell me what's the name of that one tumblr with this pale girl with huge, perfect titties. She's a weaboo, has a cat (cats?) and posts a lot of nudes, oftentimes commentating with "My body is really cute today" and such.. in a bathtub, in front of her mirror, on a bed...
Can't remember the damn link and I could really use it right now.

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bumping for nudes

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please my dick is hurting

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gotta be somewhere. any nudes cmon

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so innocent

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So innocent.

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Nudes are in the .rar file here: >>7759544

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she's 18+, r-right...

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I sure hope so. Now you're making me second guess it.

If she weren't I don't think there would be so many pics.

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thank you, based anon!

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Just downloaded and scanned, its legit.

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That would be total boner killer

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I just want to relive the days of fapping to her tumblr but the pics in that rar aren't enough to get me off ;_;

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that's all on /rs/

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yeah that's what we're talking about
demonbreast.tumblr.com but if you didn't get the idea, she deleted it

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No, judging from the pics that isn't her.. or at least I hope so.

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Yeah, it wasn't her. Remembered the tumblr.
She is so perfect, dammit.

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She was my very best friend for 8 years, and most of the photos you guys post on here...she's underage (about 15). Just wanted you all to know that.

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