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Why would somebody dress like this?

Is this the goal of /fa/? I'm not impressed

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meant to roll down the boots but i forgot, looks cooler that way tbh

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Because when you have no real accomplishments in life you like to dress ostentatiously to fill the gaping void within your soul

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caught feelings

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Great! Another shitpost!

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sleeves fit weird on jacket, it may be on purpose but i dont exactly like it
i dont think you would wear it if it werent for the rick label
jawns 2 tight aswell look like leggings
also grillboots
cmon man

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Holy fuck he's ugly. He shits on other people for buying stuff for the designer yet wears a hideous purple jacket in every fit b/c it says rick owens

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You're dressing like a gay dad

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I hope you don't leave the house like this.

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He lloks like an ugly version of Ethan Hawke

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Who takes the photo?

His mom?

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honestly everything is fine except the boots. & the fact that the boots and pants look like

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trunks pls go

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I think trunks is cosplaying as trunks from dragonball z

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Boots are fine, pants look like something my gf would wear if I had a gf.

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>girls jacket
>girls jeans
>girls boots
is this what /fa/ has become

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well shit, fashion is about experimenting and finding your own style, who would've known?
hating trunks isn't funny anymore.

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buying a bunch of second hand designer off ebay and throwing it all on is 'experimenting'. No one would hate trunks nearly as much if he didn't trip.

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>girls jacket
What the fuck
Do you mean the colour?

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thats a nice jacket

w2c jacket

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that's what i don't understand, why the trip thing is so important? he actually gives good advice sometimes, why doesn't that justify him being a trip?
and maybe buying a lot of designer stuff isn't sensible, but why wouldn't he buy things, that he likes and try to make them into a fit?

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Rick(drkshdw) 'slab' jacket; it's been dyed.

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its rick ownes?
i dont like it as much now


still w2c tho

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So where can I get this exact jacket?

is it $400>?

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The jacket is Miu Miu, 2010 line

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ya rick jackets ripple outwards when you button them tightly
its irritating af

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>he actually gives good advice sometimes
no, he doesn't. The trip's so unnecessary and it's merely used to seek attention

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You can't, you can get black and dark denim versions
They're not that much, couple of hundred I think

>Miu Miu

Eh, it bugs me too but it's rare that I do so I guess I can live with it
>Want some more zips though

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Dig everything apart from the boots. Shoulda copped some Guidis instead of the BBSs.

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The boots are the Stewart Weitzman right? I was thinking about copping some for my girlfriend, her birthday is coming up.

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I want the Pink.

How much is it

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Honestly the outfit would of been perfect with some chucks

I would wear a different shirt as well tho

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Ask trunks

>> No.7757882

hes not posting

and i cant find it any wear (hehe)

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>The trip's so unnecessary and it's merely used to seek attention
thats literally all its used for. Idk how anyone thinks "oh wow Im so knowledgable. Ill think of a name on 4chan so I can spread my wealth of knowledge. I started tripping on /sp/ so I can find my comments easier. This was before it said (you) if someone replied

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seriously though, if you're not trolling - and if you are it's too late for me to be a decent catch - you can't get the pink jacket, it's a Rick jacket that's been DIY dyed by someone
You can get black and indigo, they pop up on eBay/yahoojapan from time to time

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How do you even dye dark denim to that shade of pink. ;-;

i feel dead inside right now

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That jacket is doing you anti-favors trunk.

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guys i could be a model

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hahaha you have skill

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I actually think it might be a coating, but forgive my vacillation
Ask trunks on SuFu or something, he might give you more details on what it's like or sell it to you for all the shit he gets for it
>i feel dead inside right now
Welcome to /fa/ alright

Very true

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funniest picture ive ever seen on 4chan,
literal laughter came out of my mouth

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He has Dutch ancestry?

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yo dude if ur srs ill take offers

email in field

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lel real talk tho trunks is kinda handsome

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stop dreaming babe

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its poplin, and i think it would have been white originally. they definitely exist but ive never seen one for sale

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he has the face of a 13yo from /b/. it's annoying.

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please please shave

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1/2 fries 1/2 low dutch

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Revolting. Not sure if it's his face or jacket causing me to feel so sickened.

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i want2know what id look like w/ a beard tho

even if i have 2 go thru awkward stages

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weve seen the fits, weve seen the body, but when we gone see that levi vuscheer dick

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Presumably because he likes it.

Post fit.

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It doesn't seem to me like you're able to grow one yet so imo you should keep it short until it grows thicker and faster

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ask ur dad

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hi trunks

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Fuck I didn't know there was a white poplin, I've only ever seen the indigo denim and waxed black denim versions too
Is it dyed or coated? It's pretty sick, did you not want one of the more subdued ones?

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there is no way this isn't photoshopped, r-right guys? I don't get it is this seriously trunks

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Why do you think he has such weird fits? It's to disguise it man, see through the veil

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its just dyed. i cant even find a pic of the white poplin ones, i think theyre pretty rare. and nah i bought it just cause i liked the colour, if it had been a diff colour i prob wouldnt have bought it

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More like because the internet likes it. Full meme shoe row.

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trunks, I suggest you shave your beard and grow your hair long.

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you mirin my 10/10 bod, jelly skeletonfag? you think a body this perfect has to be "photo shopped"? think again.

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Right, like anon above I was wondering how they'd managed to dye the denim so well (when I was still thinking denim)
Fair enough mate, if your DBSS were that shade you'd have a dope a.f. fit
goodnight prophet!
>cheers for the discussion, as always

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im gonna do the opposite lol

hair is lame

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night man!

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From the look of that, I would assume the shower dispenses zyklon B.

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levi vuscheer did level in the looks department once he shaved his head, oll nappy headed

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Nuuuu :( But you look so good before. How about just the shave?

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which haircut did u like

i had

long hair, shitty
emo hair, shitty
beiber hair, shitty
skrillex hair, shitty
hy was ok but finnicky
and i like bald the most so far

havent tried a beard yet

ill prob end up with beard+bald if i like the beard otherwise stubble+bald like pic related

i could grow hy again but tbh i didnt like it that much

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stick with shaved head in all honesty, you should feel blessed u actually look good with a shaved 90% of the population cant pull a buzz off

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should i shave my eyebrows tho

>> No.7758059

naw 3far

>> No.7758062

should i shave my dick and balls

>> No.7758067

yes truth be told, trim at min

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should i shave my back

>> No.7758074

if you look at the top right of his head, you can see where the person messed up.

>> No.7758076

shave your foreskin stubble bruv

>> No.7758079

bald and clean shaven looks best on u imo

>> No.7758082

how can u kno that tho uve never seen me w/ a real beard

no one has


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buy a fake beard and post a fit with it on ;^)

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w2c fake yohji beards, does farfetch stock them

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these come up every time i search for rip van winkle shit


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cop sister

>> No.7758134

oh wow i can actually smell the baby dick from that pic

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looks good imo

>inb4 >trunks

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mad nips bruv

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That's pretty cool man.
Verklaart waarom je zo knap bent.

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why? the colours don't work together. middle class white girl boots. i don't feel any sense of cohesion in the choice of items. it's just terrible. i'm pretty sure it's a joke actually.

>inb4 stp hatng on trunks guys ok

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trunks u shortstick
stop lying about your height fucking 4'8 piece of shit

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It looks like he's on his tippy toes

but that's from the shadow caused by his other leg

>> No.7758303

>ruining the bad troll
troal gonna get u bruv

>> No.7758322

get a darker jacket and wider jeans, ultra-skinny doesn't fit you at all.
Also shave that ugly stubble

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I am actually okay with the fit, its just those boots that kill me

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smiltered biltered lmao :^)

>> No.7758567

is this guy for real

>> No.7758569

hahahahah kanker

>> No.7758576

omg jij bent de hoogste rang van fakkuboyi

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Jongens, ik schaam me nu echt zwaar diep om geassocieerd te moeten zijn met dit walgelijk ondermens.

Nederlands zijn zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn.

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godverdomme, toppest lel

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I kinda like the fit. Is trunks really tall? His door looks tiny in comparison.

>> No.7758691

>what is perspective

>> No.7758696

Yes, but even with perspective in mind, it still seems like a short door.

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I've asked in the past for trunks' address.

Thank you for this. I have family in canada that I visit. Gonna kick the shit out of trunks and burn his house down.

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haha friezen zijn echt het slechtste nederlandse ras

>> No.7758985

Geen wonder, wat een kankerlijer is het toch ook. Jullie allemaal. Tata's.

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trunks at least shave your fucking head more often
bald all the way looks okay, buzz cut looks like shit on you

>> No.7759098

Ik kanker je in je gezicht met mijn vuisten als je niet oppast.

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shoes would look better if he wasn't wearing jeggings

but honestly looks like womenswear to me

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for real though basedprophet is the ugliest fucking trip on thisboard

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ty :)

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Trunks is style god fuck off haters

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