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Favorite models?

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karliebabe 4 lyfe

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i don't like her face for the same reason i don't like the faces of many other nordic women
it's too masculine

also, her agency shouldn't have had her bleach her hair
it almost suited her when she walked for donna karan, but it looked awful in every other show

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Barbara Palvin

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I typically like darker haired women but I think the blonde hair actually suits her well.

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She kinda reminds me of an older chloe moretz

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lookin like a bond girl

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>you'll never talk sports with freja

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her natural color is dark blonde, and i think that suits her
it's the platinum blonde that i don't like

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Kate Goodling

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>tfw gentleman boner

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pls no

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who is that?

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god damn she is so fucking good looking. like wtf, imagine if she was your girlfriend

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Sasha Luss

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adrianne ho

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nastya did it better

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dem blue eyes

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Ho looks like a tranny.

Also looks like a tranny but not as much.

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her and daphe are my favs

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lets see what you think looks good then m8

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Just looking at the thread

Looks like a retard. Literally.

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>tfw you will never be part of RJ's crew

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lmao shut the fuck up you pussyboi adrianne is perfect on my life i'll fuck you up son

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She has the face of a drag queen. Guessing you like her because you're a streetfag but I have some bad news, she doesn't actually like any of that shit.

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true but how do you figure she doesn't like any of that shit

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Average taste

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Because I look at how she dresses outside of advertisements and publicity events and how she dressed before this all that. Oh, and jake davis, the dude who made her a thing, is a poser who just wants to squeeze money out of your crowd.

That chick looks more average than any of em besides having a man jaw and a bleach job.

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thats sasha luss you twat

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eh... i still think adrianne's cute. also, people tend to change their tastes over time, especially when it comes to clothes. also, that other "bleach job" chick is the other girl you said looked like a tranny

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hey /fa/ could i be a model

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she's beautiful but she doesn't do runway iirc (she's 5'5")

so idk if i could call her a favorite

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>thats sasha luss you twat
......And? Whats your point? Does her name make her jaw less manly? Doesn't look like it. Does it make the rest of her face less boring? Naw.

Oh I'm not trying to say she isn't cute. I mean obviously by regular standards she's gorgeous. Just has a huge jaw and shit that makes her look like a MtF so in terms of muddles I don't think she's so great.

>also, that other "bleach job" chick is the other girl you said looked like a tranny
I know.

Jake davis is a poser for real though and I'd say she is if she was trying to pass herself off as anything but a girl who gets dressed up by other people. Theres a reason hes called fake davis in some parts lel.

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True, but I thought she usually did Japanese runway shows, since their height requirements are different.

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what a harmless looking fellow

I think you would be good for car insurance commercials and what not. Care to make a vocaroo of your voice?

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fuck you're ugly, filtered

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ah, i didn't know that

she's honestly a 10/10 in my book tho, not gonna lie

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she seems so nice too

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maddison brown

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i should model?

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I seriously don't understand how people find her attractive.

I talked enough shit around here, have another 10/10 (cars is usually my go-to but that she isn't part of the domain of this thread)

Line Brems. born in '99

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damn, i didn't know she was dressed by a poser... :( now i'm sad af & copping this tee

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guys, what does it mean when a girl tells me i could model even though i know i can't

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>she is 14

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why do you always look mad in your pictures

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are you tall and skinny

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>any model who isn't my favorite model or isn't downright ugly looks average
luss is a flavor of the month

as far as models go, she's quite plain and not particularly photogenic

i'm convinced that her agency made her bleach her hair because she wouldn't be able to hold her own without that little quirk

it looks terrible on her, but it does make her more noticeable

wow, i knew she wasn't tall, but i didn't know she was that short

agencies have a tendency to exaggerate heights especially when models are on the short side, so i wouldn't be surprised if she's an inch or so shorter than that

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goddddddddd, that tooth bothers me way more than it should

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she thinks you're creepy and dark. leave her alone

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a ton of models are that age

watch "girl model", really interesting documentary on casting and the modelling industry

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Yeah she walked for the Tokyo Girls Collection in 2011/12 , I guess now she sticks to editorials and video catalogues because I haven't seen her lately.

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yeah, but my face isn't model standard

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I love her too, bru.

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15 but yeah

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youre skinny and decently attractive

or theyre just really drunk

i did keto for a few weeks and looked super anorexic and a ton of girls said i looked like a model

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or better yet, model files on youtube

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don't worry man, she was just making you feel better about yourself

how did you respond?

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She's 15 now. And she doesn't really model anything. Her pictures just get passed around tumblr and people fap to them but you won't see her doing walks or ads. much So yeah. One of those models. The ones who aren't good for anything but fap material for ugly thirstfags.

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trunks I kno ur Canadian, what are the duties on goods bought in uk?

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oh man, why the fuck would you do keto

I bet you went to an open call after those few weeks

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Can I be a model effay?

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i wrote back "hahaaaaaa, i know i couldn't but thanks"

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she actually does a lot of work

mostly for stores but also runway


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god you have a gross body

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She'll easily be karlie level, she's already 5'9 at 15

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Girl model made me sad. Japan always uses those types of girls for their smaller shops.

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i lol'd :)

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oh this was over text? interesting

did she say "you can model" or "you look like a model"

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Remember this bitch on good morning american whining about how industry ppls said her legs were fat. Looked up pictures and her legs really were fatter than pretty much all the other models. Tough shit bitch guess you'll have to go slut it up for Uncle Terry some more if you want work.

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anything under 20$ you dont have to pay, otherwise its the same no matter what country is shipping into canada

a lot of times shit doesnt get charged at all, but if you want to know the exact price, go on ebay and find a random garment thats the same price and is using the global shipping program, it will show you the price. but its weird, i think brand new stuff makes you pay more than used, and gets picked off by custom more often, it has something to do with insurance. often if you email the store or the person youre buying from they will mark down the package as being worth 5$ so you dont have to pay.
thats actually a quality shop

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on facebook, we were talking about photography and she said "you could model btw"

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japan are such whiteaboos

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pls effay tell me i can be a model

i am 6'7" btw :]

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i'd never heard of bassike before, but their women's line seems much better than their men's

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>She'll easily be karlie level

you're embarrassing yourself

that was the today show

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she thinks you're hot but is playing it off as an objective observation. I tried doing that to random girls as well ("Do you model? No, seriously, are you with an agency or anything? You could make alot of money").

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u disgust me

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This makes me uncomfortable.

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Mark my fucking words m8

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15 eh? Let's hope her jaw stops growing soon.

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that is by far the best photo of her

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oh god this is great
please, please continue

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how many people on here can say that they aren't interested in models at all

i don't understand the obsession

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their mens line isn't terrible but the womens is much better yeah

after looking at the bassike autumn 2014 lookbook maddison brown quickly became my favorite model

if youve got tumblr you can follow her at http://maddbrown.tumblr.com/

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could i possibly become a model?!


I am 6'5" btw XD

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she prob. won't get taller

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I'm also not the biggest fan of her andro chin, but I think she can make it big

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For Huggies maybe.

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hahahahahahahahaha. looks better than the original

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this is my favourite model
hint: its me XDDDDD

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sylvester ulv
paul boche
mariacarla boscono
obv not leaving my waifu freja erichsen of htis list

original taste do not steal

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WHY MUST I LIVE?????????????????

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>women with strong brows

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Andrej Fucking Pejic

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>no francisco

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Edie :3

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Min Neger.jpg

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Snejana onopka

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he has a hairline of a god

>> No.7724042

Yes man, you're fucking beautiful. I believe in you.

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tfw I wish I had ur body

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>favorite model
Myself. I've done some modeling, taking a break currently and looking to get back into it next year.

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How is there an argument her transformation within a few years is insane she has the cutest broken english

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Post pic

>> No.7724123

Nah, I posted in a WAYWT a few days ago. I'm not a fan of posting myself. Yeah yeah, I know. Contradictory to being a model and all.

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sasha luss is the ultimate boring pleb choice

>> No.7724914

Sasha Pivovarova is love.

>> No.7724940

wtf how

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Malnutrition and cigarettes

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More like testosterone and makeup.

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Your head kind of looks deformed a bit, trunks. Shave off that stubble I hate blond beards. You have a pretty nice torso and legs tho. satan trips.

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>no shoulders

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