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so every since I started dressing '/fa/', I've started being approached less..
like now when I go out barely any qts even talk to me ;_;
back when I used to wear mall tier shit..like f21/modcloth bs it was so much more easier..

is this just happening to me..or is anyone else going through the same thing

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you're probably coming off as a faggot. or a tryhard.
probably a tryhard faggot.

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you do you
don't worry about the plebs

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post a fit

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When will you fucking people learn, you come here looking to dress nice for pussy you are in the wrong place. Holy shit every time some fuccboi posts this shit a baby dies

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bu..but I don't want pussy....

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Where do you live and are you dressing appropriate for that area, you might just come off looking like a douchebag

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you might not be dressing as good as you think you are, you might appear less approachable, ppl where you live might have no taste, ata might have never approached you to begin with, could just be a bad streak with no relation to how you dress

lots of possibilities kid

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ata = qts

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how the hell are black high rise skinny jeans douchey..?

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Tryhard. Also, are you skinny?

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the only reason I wear high rise is bc I basically have almost no boobs but a small waist and don't want my body to look like a 12 year old boys..

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make ur titties look like their almost gonna fling out n ur good

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if anything, it allows you to meet more interesting people and those who respect your personal statement through clothing

it's just that these people are rare and concentrated in certain areas

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are you a girl?

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theyre probs intimidated by you

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the type of guys who randomly cold-approach people aren't really interested in your clothes so much as what is underneath, right?

being /fa/ isn't supposed to make you look more approachable, it usually does the opposite.

also check your privilege whore

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It might have something to do with your age. I don't know how old you are, but if wearing mall clothes gets you hit on I'm guessing not very. Dressing /fa/ may make you seem inaccessible.

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>Dressing /fa/ may make you seem inaccessible.

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I know it seems crazy, but it's the truth

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No, I didn't say it was crazy, I've actually always wondrered it. Not trying to blow myself, but I'm tall, slim, have contrasting hair/eye colors and have always been fairly /fa/, even more so now that I no longer live at home (I go to uni in another state from my friends/family) and can wear what I like. I always see girls with guys who wear loose jeans, t-shirts, Vans, etc. and they're also not as good looking as me. I used to think girls didn't talk to me because I was too tall, but now I'm thinking it may be because I might come off as too much. You know what I mean?

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>too much

i like that choice of words.

i'm gonna sound like starfucks on this, but to an extent, relationships are about control. it's intimidating to be partners with someone who can outmaneuver you in many aspects of life

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you're not bad for a trip

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when i wore lots of topman and asos shit and ugly fucking five panels i would get a lot of compliments

now that i don't dress like a fuccboi i can't remember the last time a stranger has talked to me

i think i need to pleb down my dress with some labels and logos and trendy shit so i'm not as intimidating or weird

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Lol, it took me a couple of seconds to conjure what I was trying to say into something easy to read, too much fit perfectly. I have never seen a girl at my school who was as /fa/ as I am, or even some other guys who may not be "/fa/" but they obviously know what they're doing. I'm not uncomfortable with myself, I think I may almost be TOO comfortable in some way. People aren't used to seeing someone who does as they truly please.

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>I always see girls with guys who wear loose jeans, t-shirts, Vans, etc.

i don't have this problem much

there are a lot of non-plebs in my city/at my school, but i'm just too afraid to talk to them

i've been friends with losers for so long that i don't know how to make friends with or hang out with interesting people

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i think of it like this:

why would i want to be hit on by a pleb? being fa doesn't stop that from happening, but it weeds out a lot of the bad apples

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>these feels cannot be real
But honestly, I feel the same way sometimes, like just the other day i was at a coffee shop and my phone died so i literally had nothing but my thoughts and i said to myself, "what do i look like to others? obviously those in the know probably think i'm stylin', but to the average eye i probably look autistically out of place or like i dont belong" and then i remembered that my internet trips would approve of my fit and i went to get my charger so i wouldn't have free thoughts again

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It is rewarding to not have to pander to people.

Sometimes it's a bit discouraging in that you can't find like-minded people, but i feel that people that do their own thing are ultimately rewarded in one way or another



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the new clothes might be changing the way you act outwardly / carry yourself. also if the clothes are OTT for your context (and make you uncomfortable) this will only make it worse

dress to impress but don't overthink it and overcompensate. also stay confident and smile @ everyone, even if you think you look stupid

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>also stay confident and smile @ everyone
Not OP but I have this problem.

I don't hate people but idk, shit is just hard.

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r u me

i don't have the inspirational quote about poet's passing but have this instead

i look very goofy happy so i try not to smile
like i objectively look better angry

i had braces but i was born without some adult teeth so my smile is kinda wonky and not great looking

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yeah it can be really hard. if you're feeling heaps self conscious walking thru busy spaces though it can be a massive tension relief just to smile a bit

sometimes i just imagine this tool from mfa and his perpetual smirk and it helps

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Over-confidence is usually intimidating to most people. It's hard to find the right amount of confidence that you don't come across as cocky or intimidating, but so little that you look weak and pathetic.
Alot of people compliment me on my confidence, but generally most of it comes quite naturally.
My girlfriend says she loves the way I stand and walk.

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i fucking hate that guy

and it kills me to realize that he probably slays pussy

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but not so little*

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our perceptions of others' sexual lives are usually false and distorted

it's not worth getting worked up over, homie

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This is true. When I do receive compliments I feel that the other person wouldn't be saying this just to be nice, but that they genuinely find the way I put myself together "cool" or nice. Oddly enough, being an 18 year old male, most of the people who hit on me are 35 - 50 year old women and gay men.. The men know I'm not gay, but honestly I feel like I fit in more with gay guys than I do with straight guys.

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yeah i hope so

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w2c the hoodie

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